Unified Remote is one of those apps that lets you control everything. Everything? Everything. This app lets you control everything... that's on your PC. You can use it to toggle volume, handle videos, pause music, move the mouse, and jam on the keyboard. It's a universal remote for your computer that runs on your phone, and with the beta, it now runs on your wrist as well. Developer Unified Intents has managed to move much of the functionality over onto Android Wear.

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The team have tasked itself with porting over all of the phone app's features to the watch without producing something that's godawful to use. Yet since Wear apps are somewhat of a hassle to get to without something like Wear Mini Launcher installed, the team has created a permanent notification that can open the app or prompt wearers for a voice command. Swiping over will then reveal a set of quick actions.

You can get access to these features through the Unified Remote beta channel. For the full scoop on what's new, you can get a detailed explanation at the source link below.

Source: Unified Remote blog