It's great that OEMs are using the Play Store to distribute apps to their devices these days. However, Sony might be taking it a little far with a trio of new apps for Xperia devices. AR fun, Ninja, and Sticker Creator exist now, and no amount of wishing will make them go away.


All three of these apps are ways to add stuff to your pictures within the Sony camera app. AR Fun includes lettering and various objects... like fruit for some reason. It also has facial detection. Sticker Creator lets you turn parts of your photos into stickers with which you can jazz up your other photos. Then there's Ninja, which has the ability to add ninjas to your pics. Yes, just ninjas.

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Are all of these ridiculous? Oh yes, quite. Is Sony responding to a large contingent of users who actually want this sort of experience? Probably. It's a strange world we live in.