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Featured App

Stocks IQ - Stock Tracker

Today's roundup is brought to you by Stocks IQ - Stock Tracker from HandyApps. The latest version of this stock portfolio app adds some significant new features, including a revamped user interface that combines the Watchlist and Portfolio stock view into a single screen. Investors can see the daily and overall performance of individual stocks, personal portfolio performance, and individual notification settings for each stock. Of course it still has all the standard tracking and history features, and now the app comes with two themes. Stocks IQ is a free download.


Enhance your stock tracking experience with Stocks IQ - a free, simple and yet comprehensive stock price tracking and portfolio management application designed for Android. Easily search for stocks via stock ticker symbols or company names, add them to your trading portfolios and start monitoring your stock quotes and portfolio performance. Create watchlists to monitor stocks in the stock market that you do not own but are interested to either buy or short sell. Add stock price alerts so that whenever your stock hit specific price targets, you will receive a timely notification. Stock news alerts can also be created so that you can receive news notifications for your stocks at your preferred time and frequency.


Hangouts Dialer

Android Police coverage: Dedicated Hangouts Dialer App Hits The Play Store With Phone Calling Functionality And Google Voice Integration [APK Download]

Google Hangouts can finally make VOIP calls, at least in the United States. In order to take advantage of this new feature, you'll need the Hangouts Dialer app. It's not really an app in and of itself, but it adds a dialer and contacts roll to the existing Hangouts app, and the shortcut will take you straight to the standard dialer interface. Now, if only the actual voice and video calls were a little more reliable...


Now call any phone number in the world from your Hangouts app using your data connection. Download and install the Hangouts Dialer to activate phone calling functionality in the Hangouts app. After installation, you can access all phone calling features directly from Hangouts or use Hangouts Dialer for a shortcut to the dialer screen in Hangouts.

● Make phone calls from the Hangouts app (and all calls to other Hangouts users are free.).
● Connect with your Google Voice number to make VOIP calls in the Hangouts app from your Google Voice number.


Prime Instant Video

Android Police coverage: Amazon Updates Its App To 5.0 With Instant Video Streaming App, Access To Entire Digital Catalog, Including The Appstore [APK Download]

Sweet jumping Jehoshaphat, Amazon has finally enabled video purchases and Prime streaming on all Android phones and tablets. The primary Amazon app (previously limited to shopping) now has access to videos and the Amazon Appstore. But in order to actually play those videos, you'll need this add-on app as well.


The Prime Instant Video player enables video playback for the Amazon app for Android phones, available from http://www.amazon.com/androidapp. Prime members enjoy unlimited streaming of more than 40,000 movies and TV episodes at no additional cost and both Prime members and non-members can rent or buy from our catalog of hundreds of thousands of videos, including new release movies and current TV shows.

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Amazon Appstore - Prime Instant Video

Noyze Volume Panel

Android Police coverage: Noyze Is A Sleek, Customizable Volume Panel Replacement That Doesn't Require Root

Noyze replaces the rather uninspired Android volume panel with something much more customizable. Users can select the layout, theme, and style of the panel. It can even hide up in the status bar, making sure not to get in the way of whatever app you happen to be using at the time. And best of all, Noyze requires no root or special permissions - just about anyone with 4.3 or higher should be able to view it. The app is free, though some themes are only available in the $1.59 pro IAP.


noyze is a free app that gives you complete control over your device's volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root, a custom ROM, or XPosed. Just activate noyze in Accessibility and enjoy. It comes preloaded with tons of settings, including master volume (sync all volumes), long press actions (next/ previous track or launch a shortcut), themes, and much more. If you've got a device with broken or jammed volume buttons, noyze allows you to disable them. Once again you can listen to music and get notifications.



Android Police coverage: Horizon Wages War On Vertical Videos With A Little Help From Your Accelerometer

Whoever created this app is an AP-certified genius. Horizon uses your phone's gyroscope to make sure the camera is always level for videos, and more importantly, always shooting in horizontal mode. How much resolution you can squeeze into that shifting video frame depends on your camera's megapixel rating. You can even use the tilt of the phone to zoom in or out of the auto-stabilized picture - very cool. The free app is in demo mode, but it only costs a dollar to unlock unlimited videos with no watermarks.


Horizon lets you record horizontal videos no matter how you hold your device. Hold it upright, sideways or even keep rotating it while capturing, your captured moment will always stay horizontal. You can add filters, shoot with the back or front camera and share your creations. Ever felt you had to rotate your device while recording a video? Do you often end up with vertical videos or videos in wrong orientation? Enter Horizon.

123D Catch

Android Police coverage: AutoDesk 123D Catch Uses Dozens Of Photos To Create Interactive 3D Models Of Whatever You Want

It's been said that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This AutoDesk app probably isn't magic... but it's pretty close. Use it to take photos of an object from all angles, and it will stitch them together to make a digital 3D model. Everything from a cardboard box to a human being can be captured. The models you create can be shared, and even exported for use in the AutoDesk desktop suite or other modeling programs.


Use your camera to capture people, places and things around you as amazingly realistic 3D models. Capture friends, sculptures, buildings or anything else you can photograph. Automatically transform them into interactive 3D models that can be shared with friends, family, and an ever growing community of 3D photographers.

• Turn your photos into realistic 3D models by taking a series of photographs from different angles.
• Be guided through the process of capturing all angles of your subject with the Integrated Photo Compass.
• Capture 3D portraits of your friends, museum displays, architecture, plants, cats or anything else you can photograph.
• Share your captures with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Email and SMS.

Comedy Central

Android Police coverage: Comedy Central Releases Official Android App Complete With Full Episode Streaming And A Channel Guide

In other respects, Comedy Central is usually pretty advanced when it comes to streaming, so it's a bit surprising that it took them this long to get a trendy Android app. Like other cable apps, this one incudes streaming episodes along with a verified cable subscription. A few of them don't even need that - you can watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and South Park for free. The app description says that Chromecast support is coming soon.


Looking for Comedy Central full episodes? You found them, and now you can watch them on your Android phone or tablet. Get the latest episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, South Park and @midnight, plus other shows. There are hours and hours of funny stuff to watch: log in with your TV provider to access everything, including Tosh.0, Key & Peele, Drunk History, Nathan For You and more. You can also kick back with great stand-up specials, archive shows (including Chappelle's Show) and full seasons of returning series.

Ultralingua Dictionaries

Android Police coverage: Ultralingua Bookshelf Is The Ultimate Dictionary, Now Available As An Android App

Ultralingua is a dictionary app, and not much more... but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. In addition to no less than 35 dictionaries in its IAP library, it has offline access for each and every one of them. Multiple languages are supported, including most Romance languages, Russian, and Mandarin, and languages can be combined for translations. The in-app purchases will add up quickly if you buy a lot... but not as fast as buying paper books.


Download Ultralingua, the amazing bestseller that gives you instant offline access to 35+ dictionaries from leading sources like Collins, Le Robert, and Vox (via in-app purchase). Instant smart search, automatic verb conjugation, and number translation make it easier to express yourself anywhere you go. The Ultralingua Bookshelf includes our English Dictionary and Thesaurus for free.

• 35+ comprehensive and authoritative dictionaries
• 35+ comprehensive and authoritative dictionaries
• Searches as you type – no waiting for results
• Understands misspellings and conjugated verbs
• Updated slang, idioms, regional variations and usage examples
• Search history

Bleep (alpha)

Android Police coverage: BitTorrent Publishes The Bleep Alpha Peer-To-Peer Chat And VoIP Client On The Play Store

BitTorrent, Inc. is a company with good reason to be concerned about privacy. (Ahem.) And if you're as concerned as they are, you can try out their new alpha chat and VOIP client, Bleep. It uses peer-to-peer connections and unique identifiers for contacts, so in theory, it can't be snooped on by a third party. The current app is a little barebones, but it works on Wi-Fi and mobile, though you may incur some hefty data charges for calls.


Bleep, currently in alpha, is a private messaging app by BitTorrent that lets you make voice calls and send text messages over your wi-fi or cellular data connection. Bleep is a peer-to-peer chat client, meaning there’s no central server that can see your messages or metadata. What metadata is Bleep designed to protect? Metadata like who called or messaged whom at what time (for how long). We are doing our best to protect other data as well but the above is our main focus.

Fresca Radio

Android Police coverage: DI.FM Maker AudioAddict Releases 'Fresca Radio' App Aimed At Latin, Hispanic, And Caribbean Music

Fresca Radio is an online music service tailored specifically for Latin American styles. According to the description it's focused on Latin, Hispanic, and Caribbean music in particular. The app itself comes from the makers on DI.FM, and at the moment, all of its features are available for free with no in-app purchases.


Listen for free to 40 channels of the best Latin, Hispanic, and Caribbean music on Fresca Radio. Each channel is hand-programmed by a music curator who is an expert in that style of music. Fresca Radio features classic channels like Bossa Nova, Bolero, Salsa, and Bachata along with a full selection of other Spanish and Portuguese music. Visit us online at http://www.FrescaRadio.com to learn more.

Dynamics NAV

Android Police coverage: Microsoft Releases Dynamics NAV Android App For Enterprise Adoption

If you don't know what Dynamics NAV is, then you don't care about the Android app that ties into the service. If you do, you're probably thrilled that you can now check your Q3 budget allocations from your Android tablet. (I don't know if that's really a thing that Dynamics NAV does. Business business business. Numbers. Is this working?) You'll need both the 2015 version of Dynamics NAV and Android 4.4.3 to use the new app.


With Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Android, you get the familiar Dynamics NAV experience in a fresh and modern interface designed for touch. Dynamics NAV is a business solution from Microsoft that is quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambitions. Dynamics NAV helps businesses manage their financials, supply chain, and people and to create experiences that delight their customers.

Adobe EchoSign

Android Police coverage: Adobe Releases EchoSign App Into The Play Store So Android Tablet Owners Can Put Their E-John Hancock Right Here

EchoSign is the e-signature service from the same people who make Acrobat, so you know it will always be easy and cheap to implement. Ha ha, couldn't get through that one with a straight face. But EchoSign does allow you to sign documents that support the standard on your Android device, preferably with some kind of stylus, and you can get signatures from other people if necessary. If you've ever had to work with EchoSign, you'll think of this as a blessing.


Adobe EchoSign lets you e-sign documents, send documents to others for signature, track your documents, and get e-signatures instantly with in-person signing. EchoSign is your mobile companion for Android, and is optimized for tablet devices with 7" and 10" screens. Conduct business transactions on the go. Adobe EchoSign helps you eliminate tedious paperwork, close business faster, and streamline business processes.

Timy Alarm Clock

Timy Alarm Clock does what it says on the metaphorical box. It's not really any different from Android's built-in alarm or the various manufacturer skin versions, except for the fact that custom alarm tones take the form of tiny, adorable animals that snooze until they wake you up. Then you poke them until they knock it off. The alarm volume can be adjusted independently of Android itself.


Timy Alarm Clock will help you avoid accidentally turning off your alarm clock and falling asleep. To dismiss the alarm you will have to disturb some funny characters. Main features: Multiple alarms. Three cute characters to annoy: Cat, dog and bunny, with three difficulty levels. Wake up with your tones or songs. Repeat option. Snooze. Independent volume control.


And here's an alarm clock with an even more minimal interface. It's got all the usual alarm-y features, with the "quick nap" option being the only real stand-out. This one's OK to skip, unless the radial design of the KitKat alarm clock bothers you (which is a fair complaint, I must say).


Bright new level of alarm experience. Easy to use and pleasing for the eye.

New kind of setting of your new alarms.
Quick nap option for easy afternoon nap.
Some predefined alarms for even quicker alarm setting.
Minimal style for clearer experience.


ABODO is yet another apartment hunter app, but at least it's a pretty one. This listing service includes a UI that's made specifically for mobile, complete with search filters, a built-in map, photo slideshows, and other useful stuff. Phone numbers link into the dialer app, making a quick call to check on that pet policy (dogs 15 pounds and under, are you kidding me?) easy as pie.


ABODO is the app every renter actually wants. One that finally makes apartment hunting effortless instead of agonizing.

  • Search apartments and houses for rent
  • Use intuitive, map based search
  • See 1000's of exclusive listings
  • Email or call landlords directly
  • See real time availability

Glympse Keyboard

Glympse is a service that allows you to share your location with friends in an impermanent and fairly safe manner. Glympse Keyboard is, depending on how you set it up, either a quick shortcut for a Glympse link built into your current keyboard, or a completely custom keyboard with its own Glympse button. This won't appeal to anyone who doesn't use the service, but for those who do, it's a nice option.


Quick Send - this option is compatible with your current keyboard, allowing you to send a Glympse without interrupting your flow. Once enabled, simply hold the designated keyboard change button on your current keyboard to switch to Quick Send. Set the duration of your Glympse, tap “Create” and the link is pasted into your message and your normal keyboard returns. Full Keyboard - for the power user, this option replaces your current keyboard and ensures even faster location sharing. Compose messages as usual, and when you’re ready just press and hold the “G” key to create your Glympse.


Have you ever been on a video call, then had the other party instruct you to point your phone at something to demonstrate it? Sup is basically that experience boiled down into an app. Use it to (consensually) tap into the phone of a random stranger, using the swipe controls to indicate which direction you'd like to see in. The service is anonymous, but each session only lasts for 10 seconds, so don't go looking for anything particularly deep.


Supping someone is asking them to share their camera for 10 seconds, so you can jump into their eyes. And it’s all interactive: swipe right and tell your friend to move right, swipe up and tell them to move forward. You can even ask for a live selfie. Nothing is saved, it’s super fast and you're always surprised at what you see. Check it out.



DICE is a ticket service specifically for entertainment in London. English AP readers, don't say we never think of you. Primarily focused around music, the app allows you to search for shows and pay for them on your phone. A waiting list feature gives you the (slim) possibility of getting into a venue that was previously sold out.


DICE has tickets to the best gigs in London with No Booking Fees. We can do this because we're 100% mobile and have worked hard building great relationships with top artists, promoters, clubs and venues. DICE is also highly curated by some of the best music brains in the world. They listen to everything since life’s too short to send you to bad gigs. And because we have great relationships with artists we often get tickets that no one else can get.

The Voice Official App

The Voice returns to television tonight, in case NBC's constant assault on Sunday Night Football audiences didn't clue you in. I won't pretend to know or care about vapid TV talent shows, but apparently this app lets you vote and tweet, or possibly vote with a tweet. There, NBC, I talked about your show. Now can you please limit your dumb promos to once a commercial break? Listening to Gwen Stefani try to be likeable is worse than any William Hung performance.


Put yourself in the coach's chair. With this all-new companion app, you can hit your own red button as you watch the blind auditions on TV, make your pick for battle winners and steals, tweet the coaches, then share your choices and see what fans across the USA are thinking. Write and post your tweets straight from the app and see what's trending. Get the app that puts YOU in the coach's chair.


Android Police coverage: Motorola Adds Four New Apps To The Play Store For The New Moto X—Moto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services, And Moto

Moto's new X for 2014 is even now making its way to early adopters. As with the original Moto X and DROIDs past, Motorola is publishing most of its unique applications to the Play Store for easy updates. "Moto" is a background app, not exactly notable but essential for the others below to function. Currently these apps are only available on the Moto X 2014.


Your Moto phone adapts to you, not the other way around. Your Moto phone is even more responsive and personal. It adjusts automatically, like reading out texts while driving. It reacts to motion, like opening the camera with two quick twists. It responds to your voice. It notifies you at a glance, so you can see important messages.

Moto Display

Android Police coverage: Motorola Adds Four New Apps To The Play Store For The New Moto X—Moto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services, And Moto

Moto Display is the new name for Motorola's Active Notifications, the little notifications that pop up on the Moto X and 2013 DROIDs even when they're turned off. The updated app includes the ability to see and preview multiple notifications at once, as well as see a more typical list of incoming alerts, from any app on your phone. You guessed it: it's only for the Moto X 2014.


Moto Display gives you what you need to know, when you need to know it—without waking your phone. Information discreetly appears on the screen, so you don’t have to turn the screen on to look at the time or see notifications.

  • Slide left or right to view multiple notifications.
  • See information on more than three notifications and get direct access to each.
  • See day/date and battery level while touching the notifications.

Moto Actions

Android Police coverage: Motorola Adds Four New Apps To The Play Store For The New Moto X—Moto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services, And Moto

This little app enables the Moto X 2014's fancy new gesture actions, which use infrared sensors to dismiss calls or alarms like a Jedi. It also holds the twisting camera launch functionality that's already available on last year's model.


Interact naturally. Moto Actions responds to simple gestures without you having to touch the phone. Simply wave your hand above the phone to silence calls or snooze alarms. Or, open the camera with just two quick twists of your wrist. Moto Actions is currently only supported on the new Moto X (2nd Generation.)

Motorola Sensor Services

Android Police coverage: Motorola Adds Four New Apps To The Play Store For The New Moto X—Moto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services, And Moto

Here's one that appears to be for the new Moto X's unique sensors, or at least for the updatable OEM firmware. Keep it installed and updated to make your Moto X 2014 happy.


Motorola Sensor Services allows you to keep your Sensor firmware updated to allow for the best phone experience. Note: Moto uses this service. Keeping this service updated allows you to benefit from Moto’s latest features.

HTC Lock Screen

Android Police coverage: HTC Adds The Sense 6 Lock Screen To The Play Store

Another week, another few separated apps for specific Android manufacturers. This one is the custom Sense 6 lockscreen for the HTC One M8 and other recent hardware. The initial update doesn't add much, but it should let the manufacturer update the software without waiting ages for the carriers to issue an OTA.


Swipe right to BlinkFeed, swipe left to Widget Home and swipe up to previously used app. Frequently-used information such as notifications, clock and weather are also available on lock screen. No need to unlock and type in password every time for these applications.


This is an app from Samsung that's designed to keep your work email encrypted and separate from your personal email, all without requiring extra setup from the IT department. Only users with a Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4, plus a Microsoft Exchange server for work email, can use it at the moment.


As a professional employee, you can take control of your mobile device for work and play. My KNOX is a fast and easy way to get access to your work email and key business apps without requiring IT admin support. My KNOX separates your work from your personal life on your device. This provides a secure and productive way to access work email and apps while also protecting your personal privacy. Personal apps and data such as photos can be kept private from your company.

Live Wallpapers

Papercraft Live Wallpaper

Inspired by promo images of Android L. Realistic 3D lighting with shadows and ambient occlusion. Create as many different color combos as you like. The folded paper sweeps onto the screen, and changes every few seconds. Tap the paper to see it flatten out a bit.

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