Tactical strategy is an interesting hybrid game genre, combining the thinking and placement of a strategy title with the turn-based combat and slow burn improvements of an RPG. AntiSquad Tactics is the first original take on squad strategy we've seen in a while, and unlike games such as X-COM, it's designed for mobile first. But what might interest the purist gamers in the audience is that AntiSquad is available in both a free-to-play and a premium version.

The game is structured in pretty much the same way as its contemporaries, with only a slightly cartoony mercenary aesthetic to differentiate it from, say, Final Fantasy Tactics. Position your troops one by one and explore the stage, seeking out the enemy and/or your objectives. You'll get a good mix of operatives, from the well-rounded leader to heavies, snipers, and demolitions experts. All of them can be trained and upgraded with new skills or simple improvements, using cash earned while playing the game. AntiSquad Tactics has a story, but it plays out in static comic book-style images, and can be safely ignored. You'll get 30 missions to shoot through, but sadly no multiplayer options.

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OK, all you commenters who say you'd happily pay for the same game if it didn't have in-app purchases: it's time to put your money where your mouth is. The basic version of AntiSquad Tactics uses the familiar twin-currency system - regular cash drops frequently, but doesn't do a whole lot, while the really juicy upgrades require gems, which are rare unless you pay for them. But the $5 AntiSquad Tactics Premium does away with the gems, opening up all the same content but dropping the "prices" and letting you get at it with regular gameplay.

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This dual setup is excellent, not only because it lets standard gamers buy the "Full" game they want, but because the free-to-play version functions as a de-facto demo, so you don't have to drop five bucks on a gamble. You can download both versions via the widgets below.