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Featured App

Stocks IQ - Stock Tracker

Today's roundup is brought to you by Stocks IQ - Stock Tracker from HandyApps. The latest version of this stock portfolio app adds some significant new features, including a revamped user interface that combines the Watchlist and Portfolio stock view into a single screen. Investors can see the daily and overall performance of individual stocks, personal portfolio performance, and individual notification settings for each stock. Of course it still has all the standard tracking and history features, and now the app comes with two themes. Stocks IQ is a free download.


Enhance your stock tracking experience with Stocks IQ - a free, simple and yet comprehensive stock price tracking and portfolio management application designed for Android. Easily search for stocks via stock ticker symbols or company names, add them to your trading portfolios and start monitoring your stock quotes and portfolio performance. Create watchlists to monitor stocks in the stock market that you do not own but are interested to either buy or short sell. Add stock price alerts so that whenever your stock hit specific price targets, you will receive a timely notification. Stock news alerts can also be created so that you can receive news notifications for your stocks at your preferred time and frequency.


Google News & Weather

Android Police coverage: Google's News & Weather App, AKA The 'Genie Widget' Gets A Massive 2.0 Update And A Full Play Store Release [APK Download]

Google's News & Weather app, known informally as "the Genie widget," isn't technically new. But the app recently received its first major update in years after being posted to the Play Store, so it's worthy of your attention. The revamped app has a new Holo interface, more robust views for individual stories, a new scrolling widget, and new sections for local and curated news. The Play Store listing isn't accessible for all devices or in all countries, so check out our coverage post for an APK download.


Your comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather.

• Coverage from 65,000 publications
• Simple swipe-access to categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Sports & Weather
• Tune your layout with any of 60 country-specific editions, homescreen widgets and personalized news sections such as 'Hollywood', 'NASA', 'Fashion', or anything else that catches your fancy
• Tap any story for a deep selection of viewpoints, including in-depth articles, Opinion, and local perspectives


Android Police coverage: HomeTube From Chris Lacy Is A Kid-Friendly YouTube Player With Customizable Content Settings

Most kids have an amazing capacity for figuring out standard consumer electronics, but if you'd like to keep your kids safe and endlessly entertained while locking down your phone or tablet, HomeTube is here to help. This app makes a big, toddler-friendly interface out of YouTube, which can't be closed or deviated from the given search term. Your tyke gets to browse umpteen billion videos on YouTube, and you don't have to worry about them accidentally changing the language to Portuguese.


Looking for an app that will keep your children occupied for a few minutes so you can wash the dishes in peace? HomeTube to the rescue. HomeTube transforms your Android device into a safe, child-friendly haven where kids have instant access to watch whatever YouTube content they want from a list of content you deem suitable. Child-friendly navigation allows kids to switch from watching a Curious George video to a Spider-man or Dora cartoon without requiring you to navigate them to the new content yourself.


Android Police coverage: [Update: 1500 More] Boxer Email Comes To Android For $9.99, But We've Got 500 Promo Codes

Boxer is a pricey but acclaimed alternative to Gmail and other mail clients, recently ported over from iOS. Most of the extra functionality is tied into the swiping menu, which includes canned responses, an integrated to do list, and support for external social and cloud storage services. Support for Gmail and all the usual webmail suspects is built in, as well as manual accounts for IMAP and Exchange.


Boxer is a faster, smarter mobile email app that adapts to the way you work. Boxer supports your Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, AOL, Office 365, IMAP & POP3 email accounts. Boxer connects you to your favorite services like Evernote, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Dropbox, and Box so that you can get more done in less time. Upgrade to a better email client today. Download Boxer for all of your Android phones and tablets.

Ask Me Anything - reddit AMA

Android Police coverage: Reddit's Official Ask Me Anything App Hits The Play Store As Promised

Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" (AKA AMA) sessions have become a minor cultural phenomenon, allowing random Internet users to personally engage with everyone from celebrities and politicians to That Guy At The 7-11. Ask Me Anything is Reddit's first official Android app, and it's designed to make participating in an AMA session without a computer much easier. Right now you can see active sessions and post questions, but you can't actually host one yourself.


Discover "Ask Me Anything" interviews with everyone from movie stars to astronauts to artists in the official AMA app from reddit.

  • Keep up to date with all the latest AMA interviews
  • Ask a question when someone is marked as ACTIVE
  • Get notified when popular AMAs are trending
  • See every answered question in an easy-to-read format perfect for mobile
  • Vote questions and answers up and down to help prioritize the best content
  • Explore diverse topics like Entertainment, Science and Politics


Stop Log ☆Root☆

Android Police coverage: Stop Log Can Disable All Android Logs On Your Device For Enhanced Privacy And Performance (Root Only)

Root users, this one's for you. Stop Log lets you disable each and every app that's reporting into Android's logcat system, thereby saving a few resources and no small amount of possible privacy violations. If you don't know what a logcat is, you probably don't need this app. If you do, and want to stop anyone from accessing yours via ADB or other more powerful options, Stop Log is a free method for doing so.


Stop Log let you disable all Android loggers and it may help your improve your:
System performance
Privacy by avoiding any sensitive data leaks

Tested on HTC M8 running Android KitKat, but it should support any Rooted device running Android 2.3+.

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Android Police coverage: Blinkist Arrives On Android To Cut Popular Non-Fiction Books Down To Tiny Bite-Sized Reads, 3 Months Free Through Stack Social

Blinkist is a service that edits out the filler of popular books and distributes them as tiny, bite-sized essays for reading on the go. Now, you won't find the latest Dan Brown thriller in there - Blinkist is designed around non-fiction, mostly for business professionals. (And since they tend to be pretty busy, it's not a bad idea.) The app and service require an $8 a month subscription, but you can get rebates for quarterly or yearly charges.


Most of the world’s knowledge is hidden in books. Blinkist unveils it in a beautiful, concise, and eminently usable format: blinks. Download our blinks straight to your phone and glean a book's insights & ideas in just 15 minutes. Tailored for your mobile lifestyle, each of our blinks can be read in no more than 2 minutes. Whether you want to make the most of your waiting time or learn something new on your daily commute, we support the pursuit of continuous learning even in the busiest of schedules.

Bring! Shopping List

Android Police coverage: Bring! Shopping List Comes To Android, Complete With Wear Support

By now we're used to seeing Microsoft apps in the Play Store, and while they tend to stick rigidly to the Windows Phone aesthetic, they're usually pretty solid. Bring Shopping List one-ups all of Microsoft's previous Android efforts by including support for the latest tech, namely Android Wear. The interface uses big, friendly icons to track and dismiss your shopping items, the better to see them quickly as you zip between the aisles.


Bring. allows you to create a shopping list in seconds. At a glance, Bring. informs you which items still need to go into the shopping cart. And thanks to the automatic sorting, shopping is a breeze. Bring. focuses on your family or shared flat. You can share your list and send push notifications regarding your shopping trip with Bring.. This way you will not only know what is missing at home, but also who will go shopping. This saves time and money. Changes within Bring. are instantly synced to all household devices.

WiFi Solver FDTD

Everyone's got that one room or corner in their home where the WiFi signal just sucks. With this app, you can see exactly why, thanks to SCIENCE. WiFi Solver shows you how the walls and other obstructions of your home affect the WiFi signal, so you can find the best possible place to set up your router. Ingenious. To get all the info you'll need, the app requires you to use your puny human legs and set out a few tests to "map" your floorplan.


With this app you can take a floorplan of your house, set the location of a WiFi router, and simulate how the electromagnetic waves propagate. This is based on a recent blog post 'Helmhurts' at www.jasmcole.com, which was featured on io9, Ars Technica, the Daily Mail, Scientific American and many other blogs. This app uses the 2D Finite Difference Time Domain method to solve Maxwell's equation on a Cartesian grid. An example floorplan is included in the app.

Blood Donor by The Red Cross

Android Police coverage: The Red Cross's New Blood Donor App Lets You Find Blood Drives And Schedule Donations, Then Reap The Rewards

The latest Red Cross app puts the service's most dire need on the forefront of your phone. With the Blood Donor app, you can see where and when local blood drives are being held and make an appointment to donate. Once you give blood, you can track your donations, share them on social media, and claim discounts from Red Cross partners eager to earn your business. In some cases, you can even see when your blood donation reaches its final hospital destination to help someone else.


The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. Donating blood and platelets is easier than ever. Find nearby Red Cross blood drives, schedule appointments, earn rewards from premier retailers, follow your blood’s journey from donation through delivery (when possible), and create or join a lifesaving team and track its impact on a national leaderboard.


Do you have trouble getting up with a normal alarm clock? Do you crave the attention of strangers, and wish to fulfill this craving in weird and unconventional ways? Then Wakie is for you. You set your alarm for 8 AM, and at 8 AM on the dot (your local time) another Wakie user calls your phone. Your groggy and probably unintelligible conversation will last for exactly one minute, after which the two of you will never speak again. Then you can call someone else to "pay" for the service. Strange.


It’s easy, fast, and totally free. Set an alarm for 7:00am and you’ll get a phone call from another Wakie member at 7:00am. The calls last just 60 seconds — you’ll hear a warning at 50 seconds, and the call is automatically disconnected at 1 minute. No awkward goodbyes, no long conversations — calls are quick and casual. You can also choose to wake someone up yourself, too. Please note: Wakie is fully available in US, UK, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. In all other countries users can wake someone up, but can't set alarms for a while.

Acompli Email & Calendar

Acompli is like a mobile version of the Windows edition of Outlook, combining email and calendar into one interface. If you don't appreciate flipping between your two most-used business apps, it could be worth a try. The app includes support for Exchange and all the biggest web mail services, plus Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive for file storage, with the option to "send" files without ever downloading them first.


Acompli automatically triages your inbox for you, surfacing your most important email. Less relevant email is placed in your “Other” inbox. Also schedule emails to return to your inbox at a later time. Switching between your email and calendar apps is now a thing of the past. Easily view your calendar, share available meeting times, schedule meetings, get reminders, and more, all tightly integrated with email. View and attach any file from your Email, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts with just a few taps.

Month: The Calendar Widget

There's nothing wrong with a nice-looking Calendar widget. A few of the options in Month line up nicely with the new Material Design standards, but the widgets are varied enough that they should fit in with almost any theme, skin, or ROM. Standard calendar and agenda widgets are included.


Month is a collection of beautiful and useful Calendar widgets. View your calendar events, friend’s birthdays in over 70 beautiful themes. Supports lunar calendar. Fast, modern and intuitive UI. Made with love ♥

Detective Droid

Pay attention, developers. Detective Droid sounds like a noir mystery set in the Star Wars universe, but in fact it's a tool that lets you see which apps are using which software resource libraries. It doesn't do anything deeper, but it will give you a good look at what libraries might be useful for your own projects. Detective Droid doesn't require root or permissions, and it's free with no in-app purchases.


Detective Droid is here to help you investigate what libraries are being used inside applications that are installed on your device. This makes it really easy to see what other developers/companies are using to develop their applications. Detective Droid requires no permissions and works on Android version 2.2 and beyond. Detective Droid is available on Github: https://github.com/michaelcarrano/detective-droid


PR managers, we know you're reading - you never stop sending us emails. Here's a tool just for you: something that monitors your brand (or really, any search term) across social networks and the greater web. If you want to feature people hyping your product or client, or want to respond to people complaining about it, then Mediatoolkit is here to help. Surprisingly, the interface is also pretty swanky.


Track relevant mentions of your brand across the web and social media in real time. Mediatoolkit is a set of award winning tools that browse the web in real time and deliver relevant content suited for each user. We use complex algorithms and predictive analytics to discover meaningful content and present it in a way that provides an insight and adds value to business executives and PR professionals across the world.


Android Police coverage: Metromile Brings Per-Mile Insurance And Car Stat Tracking App To Android

Metromile merges the various car stat apps that we've featured before with an auto insurance service. The app monitors your driving via the standard ODB interface and reports back to the company for exact mileage, potentially saving you some dough. The app does the other now-standard reporting stuff as well, but unfortunately, it's only available in California, Oregon, Washington, and Illinois at the moment. At least the monitor gadget is free.


The Metromile app helps make car ownership easier, less expensive, and more enjoyable. Review your driving stats, get insights into your car’s running condition, and even find your car if it’s missing. After you sign up for an account, we’ll send you our “Metronome” device which plugs into your car’s OBD-II port.

  • Analyze your MPG, fuel costs, and other driving stats over time
  • View detailed stats for every trip
  • Diagnose car troubles
  • Contact a Metromile mechanic to answer your questions
  • Locate your car if you’ve forgotten where you left it
  • Get reminders to move your car if parked in a street sweeping zone (SF and Chicago only, for now)

Samsung WatchON Plus

Android Police coverage: WatchON Plus App Brings The Galaxy S5's Revamped WatchON UI To The Galaxy S4 And Note 3

Not much to report for this one: this new app brings the newer Samsung WatchON interface seen on the Galaxy S5 to the older Galaxy S4 and Note 3 devices. The newer app should support all the standard Samsung "smart" TVs. Interestingly, the old app hasn't been removed, so you still have the option if you don't appreciate the new super-flat UI.


Here comes a new WatchON, it's WatchON Plus for S4, Note3 users. It gives you an enhanced UI/UX to discover, search, enjoy and share linear, on-demand and even free web contents in one place. WatchON™ is all the entertainment you love on all the screens you watch. Pause and Play then Watch your favorite entertainment content from one app in every room

Ollie by Sphero

The Sphero folks are back, this time with a smartphone remote control toy that looks like a miniature trash can. But there's method to the madness: the Ollie is designed specifically for faster "driving" and a wider variety of X-Games-style stunts. The Ollie app is the only way to control the toy, so you'll need it to start playing. It won't work with the older Sphero models, and vice versa.


Ollie - The App Controlled Robot Driven by Adrenaline. and YOU. This is the app you need to have ultimate control over Ollie. Visit gosphero.com to learn how you can obtain an Ollie if you don’t already have one. This app’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to quickly begin driving Ollie inside, outside, or wherever you want to experience fast and furious hard-driving action. Once you've started the app, simply touch your Bluetooth enabled device to Ollie to make the connection.



Android Police coverage: Toymail Launches Android App That Lets Parents Talk To Kids Via Animal Walkie Talkies With Funny Voices

Toymail is a toy that's halfway between Chumby and Furby. It lets parents leave voice messages on the little plastic mailbox critters, allowing them to communicate in a friendly and interesting way when they can't be around. Parents can even apply voice modulating filters, so they can "act" like the animal avatars that the toys represent. There are a few interactive functions for the $60 gadget as well.


Now you can send mail to kids' toys. You simply record a voice message using the Toymail app from your smartphone, hit send, and our Mailmen™ toys will speak them back in a funny voice (or your voice if you prefer). Kids can reply to you right from their toys. Whether you are away on business, in line at the grocery store, or living in another part of the world, you can now stay connected to kids through play.

Live Wallpapers

Weatherback Wallpaper Beta

Never get bored of your wallpaper again. Mix your static wallpaper with the weather effects for a beautiful and artistic experience. Weatherback Wallpaper is the perfect Android app to add a realistic and beautiful look to your current theme. Just think about rolling over first thing in the morning and seeing the weather with a glance of your phone. The weather automatically updates as it changes outside and is extremely easy to integrate with your wallpaper, whether it is your phone or tablet.



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