Google does a lot of things right, and Gmail is generally one of them. Sometimes, however, you just need a little more from your email experience, and Boxer wants to provide that. It takes the basic Gmail app's functionality – like swipe to delete/archive – and builds on that, bringing even more usefulness to this kind of gesture.

Android Police would like to remind you that email cannot speak. In the event that it does speak, Android Police urges you to disregard its advice.

The real benefit of Boxer is clearly the right-swipe menu, which offers quick access to things like Evernote, canned responses, and todo list. It also offers Dropbox and Box integration so you can quickly attach a file stored in the cloud.

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Update: Well, that was fast. It seems all the codes are gone. Sorry guys.

Update 2: Boxer just hooked us up with 1500 more codes. Get 'em!

Boxer is in the Play Store now for $9.99, but if you're quick on the draw you can sang it for free. How, you ask? By installing the free version and using the promo code AndroidPolice on the signup screen. This code can only be used 500 2,000 times, however, so once it's been used up you're on your own. Good luck.

Update 3: Looks like you can give 5 people a free license to Boxer Pro after unlocking or upgrading your own copy.

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Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, and musician. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6- or 7-string, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • challenge_accepted

    Worked! It's case sensitive for anyone that tries it.

  • Ajb.esquire

    Thanks Guys!

  • Ed Mingelhoffensteinbergerman


  • Ofrine

    Wait, so should I euthanize my faithful email?

  • http://tiboine.com/ Tor Ivan Boine

    mailbox clone? or is mailbox the clone?

  • BiggiePhat

    Server is broken. Says it can't safely connect

  • Terphouf

    Thx AndroidPolice :)

  • http://dystopis.blogspot.com Tito Doni

    Let me try this first

  • http://socialexandru.tumblr.com/ socialexandru

    I´m in!

  • Charles Sweeney

    Yeah buddy! It jus tworked for me! Thanks AP!

  • Leonard Wong


  • abhisahara

    "...Sang it for free..." or "Snag it for free"? :)
    Thanks AP

  • http://carstiboy.blogsport.eu/ Carsten

    Thank you! Got it. Do you know if I have to keep the app on my phone or if the code has unlocked full functionality for my Google Account forever? (Othe rphone, reinstall etc)


      So you did the same as me, took a freebie for no reason.

      • Ordnas_selac

        could you share a code for us then>

        • RMBRKFLD

          I would if you could, looks like I can only share to contacts.

      • http://carstiboy.blogsport.eu/ Carsten

        Err.. what do you mean? I often switch ROMs and devices, I just wanted to know if I can use this app on all of them or if my code will be worthless after changing the next time. I didn't just get it for fun if you meant that, I want to use it actually.

        • RMBRKFLD

          Calm down dear.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      It attaches to your Google Account.

      • http://carstiboy.blogsport.eu/ Carsten

        Thank you! Great!

        (Also: are tabs from gMail available (like social, forums etc? Only thing missing yet, otherwise great app!)

        • Charles Sweeney

          No, sadly there are no tabs when linking your gmail account, it's all one inbox. I'd have to say only having used it for the past 10 minutes, it's annoying I have to select to auto download pics for every safe contact, read email's subject lines are still bold and the unified inbox. I do like the Unread tab tough, it's really nice.

          • Juan Amaya

            Hi Charles, could you send me a code?

          • Andy Stetson

            Try the AndroidPolice code again, they unlocked 1500 more, was just able to snag 2.

  • Byron


  • MrJamesBrown

    Also you get 5 codes to share too :)

    • Martin Nutbeem

      Be nice if someone shared the love :(

    • Andrew Palmer

      Would love a code please!

  • Charles Sweeney

    Nice that I get 5 free copies [of the Pro version mind you] to give out to anyone I choose, very well played Boxer, well played indeed!

    • Scott

      Please? :)

    • Jacob Guttenplan

      I'd love one, I missed the AndroidPolice code.

    • Andrew Palmer

      Yes please!

    • spfleger

      I would love one of those free copies!!

    • Tyson

      I'd like one please.

    • Charles Sweeney

      From the look of things, to send out a promo code I'd need a phone number to send a text [a link I'm guessing] with a free copy.

  • CasperTFG

    F*ck, didn't see a sign up screen.

  • Brandon D’Souza

    Thanks Android Police! =D

  • tym0

    I use mailbox at the moment but I'm gonna give this a try.

  • http://tiboine.com/ Tor Ivan Boine

    looks promising. more features than mailbox. But mailbox has an mac app as well …

  • atlharry

    ...and it's gone.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Try again.

      • atlharry

        I did once andreweye commented on upping it to 2000. I got in, thanks!

    • bOgGaRt

      Still working for me... use "AndroidPolice" for normal voucher and "enhancedemail" for exchange!

  • Vladislav Shumkin

    Got one. Thanks!

  • TheDave1022

    Says coupon AndroidPolice has already been redeemed

  • Ordnas_selac

    anyone care to share a code?

  • Joseph

    No way they're already used. Does someone have another code?

  • Martin Nutbeem

    Gone :(

  • monsterenergy22

    Dang already out :(

  • Rick Morayniss

    looks like all 500 are gone. "The coupon AndoidPolice: has already been redeemed"

  • Andrew Palmer

    500 already? Suspect!

    • CasperTFG

      It is. I saw the AP article pop up and ran to Play Store. It already showed 500 downloads. AP needs to ask them questions.

      • Andrew Palmer

        The download stats are not real time.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Give it another go now.

      • Andrew Palmer

        Working, thanks o/

    • Rene Ballegooijen

      What is the code any way
      ? Cant find it in the article. Bad start!!!

  • brararsh

    "The Coupon AndroidPolice has already been redeemed."
    App uninstalled!

    • marcusmarcus2

      Same here

      • Guest


    • Jeff Wallace


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      We just got bumped to 1500 more.

      • brararsh

        Oh Wow.. That's why I love AP!!!

      • Zaatour36

        worked out, thanks AP :)

      • sweenish

        That did the trick for me. Thanks for the promo.

      • Amrit Zoad

        Yes that worked thanks! But will these premium features still be available after switching to another phone?

        • Barrett Jasper

          most likely since they're tied into your account now through the Play Store. I've redeemed others in the past and they show as purchased in my Play Store under "My apps"

          • Amrit Zoad

            Whoa! It will work then! Thanks!

          • Barrett Jasper

            yes sir! Free is Free!! I think there's an even better PRO version but this is the basic paid one I THINK......

          • mcnegro

            just most of us with jobs. ExchangeOffice 365 is heavily used by businesses.

        • DanSan

          I can confirm, if you uninstall and reinstall the codes stay active. Used both the Pro code and also the exchange code.

          • Anupe Vincent

            Is there is a freebie exchange code too?

          • DanSan

            enchancedemail is the exchange code

          • Amrit Zoad

            It worked! Where did you get that? And what is Exchange?

          • blumpkinator

            "What is Exchange?" WTF dude, have you been living under a rock? Exchange is Microsofts email/calendar/contacts platform.

            The majority of businesses with Windows networks use it.


          • Anupe Vincent

            Thanks, mate!

          • operator207

            no longer working. :(

          • bpcooper14

            exchange code no longer working. :(

          • Alvin Brinson

            No, it doesn't work.

          • Amrit Zoad

            I don't think I really get it's working. When I click on Upgrade I was popped up with Boxer for Exchange, then I clicked on "Enter Promo Code" and it worked. So, What the code, we entered first time was for? Also, what is Exchange it didn't get that..

          • DanSan

            The first code that AP posted was just to unlock the "Pro" features. What they are, I don't have a single clue but apparently doesn't include exchange support which is pretty lame.

            Exchange email is exactly what it says.. to allow you to use email that is hosted through a microsoft exchange server. For example, professional, work email.

          • Amrit Zoad

            Okay the Exchange feature will only be for Office use then?

          • DanSan

            I assume you mean Outlook which is the email client, if so then yes only if your email is done through an EXCHANGE server. I assume it will probably work with O365 as thats still exchange, just hosted on microsofts end. outlook.com support is also in there but doesn't need a code to unlock it.

          • Amrit Zoad

            I meant office use in a way opposite to personal use. I am a student so I don't really use all this stuff.

      • Błażej Gabryś

        Now it works, many thanks for the code!

    • Alexander

      I got mine unlocked. Will check the app

  • Vaotix

    Doesn't work anymore. Looks like they've reached the limit.

  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    Downloaded > Code appears as expired > Uninstalled.

  • Scott

    That was the quickest 500 of anything I've ever seen disappear.

  • steelew

    not better than gmail, deleted

  • Mario

    Got one. Thanks!

  • Aku

    Too late...aaahh :(

  • todini


  • ascent

    thanks, promo works. be advised, exchange still needs another unlock for $9,99ascent

  • Geoff

    already redeemed lol typical. Anyone got another code they can send my way?

  • WORPspeed

    Enjoy peeps, I'm not claiming one, I'll stick to Google's option :)

  • Kurt Thompson

    Really 500 gone?

  • dsfsd

    Meh, Play store is out of action on all my devices (and the web) for me anyway. Somehow my Google account is borked Google's end....

  • http://chromebookguru.tumblr.com Jason C

    Thanks AP!

    We also get 5 invites to share.

    • Joseph

      Could one be shared here?

    • Dan Rice

      I'd take one if you aren't trolling. :)

      • http://chromebookguru.tumblr.com Jason C

        It's done by contacts. I've already shared mine, sorry.

    • Nicolas Ramz

      I'm in too :)

  • Aku

    You can still upgrade for free...all you have to do is set it up using your gmail and then it asks you to text 5 buddies to let them know and you get upgraded free.

    • http://blog.joshsouzaphotos.com/ joshsouzaphotos

      I'd stop being friends with my buddies if they texted me shit like that.

      • Aku

        I just texted my fellow geek buddies who love shit like this lol

  • Stig’s italian cousin


    If someone wants it

    • Joseph


      • Ordnas_selac

        you beat me

    • wickets

      thanks, but it says already redeemed lol

      • Stig’s italian cousin

        The last one!


        • wickets

          Thanks man...... I opened the app, sent 5 contacts a text and walla free pro!!..... Appreciate your help regardless ☺

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    Checked this out, it seems really nice. I hate that it doesn't fade the title of read mail though.

  • Ross MacGillivray

    Thanks, all worked

  • Jeff P

    Shady Boxer. No way 500 codes used already. I bet the price drops significantly soon too. I don't need a new email app, but a $10 app for free? Sure!

    Uninstalled. Glad they're getting their download count up though!

  • http://blog.joshsouzaphotos.com/ joshsouzaphotos

    Used up, uninstalled.. Oh well lol

  • TheDave1022

    Not sure if they will send a code, but it says so here. Still waiting. http://www.getboxer.com/android-friends/

  • TheLastAngel

    So what happened to that Gmail API? Is it out yet? Apps like these could use colored labels and the Gmail App itself could use filter management.

    Ah whatever, it's never going to happen...

  • scuttlefield

    Wow! Those went quickly!

  • CrazyAndro

    all redeemed :(

  • BiggiePhat

    can anyone else not connect to log in? says it cant safely connect...

  • http://twitter.com/CrimsonKnight13 CrimsonKnight13

    I'll take a promo code if anyone is feeling charitable through Google+ =)

    • Bootleg Zani

      Just try the same one again.

  • angryperson

    All codes gone. Uninstalled.

  • Stephen Mancl

    I got the code and it worked for Gmail, but now they want $9.99 to connect to an Exchange server. FAIL! $20, without the code, for an email app is crazy! I can't see paying $10 yet, just to get Exchange support.

    • enoch861

      Yeah, Exchange support is ridiculously expensive and all my important email accounts are Exchange.
      Looks like I won't really get a chance to try out the app.

      • blumpkinator

        to be fair; they do have to license the activesync component from microsoft.
        OTOH, unless you have either a weird 3rd world phone or installed a pure AOSP rom on your device, the OEM has already licensed activesync [hence why the stock email.apk can access exchange]

        not sure why 3rd party developers can't just tap the existing active sync bits.

  • Dominicanstan

    I have 4 invitations... send your contact info...first four will get it. AND please keep sharing so we all get it

  • Charles Sweeney

    For all that are asking for a promo code from those of us who were able to use AP's promo code, it looks like we'll need your phone number so we can add it to our own contacts. We HAVE to select from our own contacts who to send a promo code to, we're not able to manually enter in any text/digits.

  • Mike

    Just in case anyone was wandering, the "free" Pro version (Using the AP code) does not include Exchange support, that is another $10. So if you want Exchange support as well you will still have to drop some cash, back to the default Email client for me.

    • Oliver Phillips

      Dammit, I realised that after I spammed 5 friends with texts to get Pro for free... Exchange is not worth $10

      • Saraladevi S

        Try "enhancedemail" for exchange pro

        • drksilenc

          doesnt work says redeemed

    • Nathan Borup


  • stef

    like this was lucky to get it for free with android police vouchers thanks again :D

  • Brian Pavey

    Code gone so didn't even sign up.

  • Juan Amaya

    I installed it, and all the codes are gone! Come on?!

  • Arjon Bujupi

    Can someone suggest me some good premium email apps?

  • Emanuele Ricci


  • someone755

    Am I the only one here not seeing a single issue with the 4.4 AOSP Email app?

    • jeffoffline

      does it resize the emails to fit the screen now? Last time I tried it you had to scroll to see the entire email if it was html based and that's a deal breaker for me...

  • Carlos David

    Al cabo que ni quería! :S

    • Gotsave

      Seguro, Chavito?! :)

      • Carlos David

        Jejeje, vamos a ver con los 1500 nuevos promocodes, vamos a ver si quiero.

  • BooBee

    I've been using Boxer for almost a year now and while I really like it I can't see myself paying $10 for it. I'd pay $5 but not $10 so I'm happy I got it under the promo for $1 for first 10,000 users on iOS.

  • tym0

    Haha, Just noticed the portal reference.

  • Anupe Vincent

    Download and install it. Then send ta text to 5 friends about it, and they unlock Pro version for you.

  • Moeen Ahmed

    Just send a text to yourself. will have a promo code there.

  • https://twitter.com/andreweye andreweye

    Hi all, Boxer founder here. The 500 codes went extremely fast but we've upped the limit for Android Police readers to 2000. Enjoy!

    • http://www.trav1sty.com Trav1sty

      Thanks! I was able to get in.

    • grunge

      unlocked for me, thanks! :)

    • atlharry

      thanks! Got in with that.

    • huntinwabbits

      I got in. Yay! Thanks

    • Cobra30

      Any chance to have the ability to archive from the notification window?

    • Yalın Kaya

      Does it unlock ActiveSync feature too?

      • Anupe Vincent

        Yes,enter "enhancedemail" without quotes to unlock the Active Sync upgrade

        • mcnegro

          enahancedemail promo code is used up. That sucks. got the "pro" version using the androidpolice code but they want an $9.99 for exchange support :(

          Does that mean it would have cost $20 to get the pro version plus exchange without the promo code?

        • drksilenc

          that doesnt work...

        • Matthew Fry

          Says the code has been all used up.

    • Theuntje

      I unlocked it but then says I need to buy again.

    • Aaron Hafitz


    • Zaatour36

      Sweet, just got the Pro version.

      It is attached under my GMail profile for the Pro version?

    • Marius Oprisan

      Thanks for the promo. One question: does Pro version stay after uninstall/reinstall or if uninstalled, Pro vers gone?

    • ajerman

      Stopped authenticating with Gmail after a few minutes and started blowing me up with notifications saying so. Tried to go to Feedback & support and that crashes the app completely. Sent logs.

      • AR4

        Same here, not taking valid username/password, send logs? nah uninstall.

        • Barrett Jasper

          worked 100% perfectly for my and already setup 5 email accounts.

          • ajerman

            I wonder if it has anything to do with my having 2 step authentication enabled on Google, though I wouldn't think so since it made it through that without issue.

    • Błażej Gabryś

      Thanks Andrew, good promotion of your app.

    • Josh P.

      As someone employed by a company still on exchange 2003 thank you so much for including support. Bye bye stock samsung email!

      • mcnegro

        2003? Whomever is in charge of IT should be fired immediately. That's disgusting.

    • Mike

      enhancedemail has expired, any chance you can up that to 2000 also?

    • Avinash

      enhancedemail doesn't work, any other options?

    • Big Tony

      Thank you Andrew and Android Police for the code hookup. Works great on my Nexus 7 Flo running Paranoid Android. It replaced my IMAP and Gmail.

    • rahul

      Can we get active sync code too. I love this app and feel it better than nine.. Plz get the code for activesync

    • irishruler

      I would like to see if exchange is worthwhile, can you give a limited access code at least. I have used nine exchange and touchdown, don't want to fork out again just to see if it's worth while.

    • donrull

      Would love a working exchange code. Without one it's going to have to be Uninstalled as I was hoping for one app for all my email accounts.

    • Randy .

      I am really loving the Boxer app so far. I use it for my gmail and yahoo accounts, i would also like to incorporate my exchange account in the app but $9.99 is alot to pay for an app, which i have no problem paying but was curious if i could get a trial run before purchasing. Thank you for developing a great app!

  • Kostas

    I have created a titanium Backup backup with easy import with promo code activated but I'm not sure if it's OK to post it here. Go to their site and enter your email with a chance to snatch a promo code if it is still active. It makes me wonder though if the app is safe since the site doesn't have ssl certification...

  • Patrick Lahni

    Got in as well. If you go to unlock Exchange it asks for a $9.99 or another promo code. Using the code again DOES NOT unlock Exchange just Box Pro, which I assume is everything else except Exchange.

    • Bootleg Zani

      Yup without Exchange being unlocked this is an app I wouldn't even use. What exactly did the $10 Pro unlock do?

  • Deeco

    Installed > Redeemed Code > Uninstalled

  • Craig plackett

    Snagged one of those new code thx.

  • guest

    What's wrong with K-9? It's free, open source, and awesome.


    • jeffoffline

      I was using K-9... which is a pretty nice free email program but so far I prefer Boxer. I like the way Boxer handles threaded email better... in K-9 I'd never see my replies to people but in Boxer I see both sides of the conversation.

  • Rick Morayniss

    Looked nice, but since the code does not unlock exchange, it is no good for me.

    • Thomas Concolino

      Agreed, I had the original Enhanced Email, I guess the promise of activating for those users was dumped.

      • shafty023

        Go to the EE G+ page and you'll find the special promo code JUST for EE users to get Boxer Pro + Exchange

        • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

          Can't find anything. EDIT: oh found it on the forums :)

          • shafty023

            If you are an Enhanced Email paid user with an EE support forum account then you can visit the EE support forum and the unlock code is posted there.

          • Bootleg Zani

            It would be awfully nice if someone could just post it here.

          • trickytree1984

            Go on then....

          • Bootleg Zani

            Forget it found it myself.

          • Chuck Harris

            Where did you find it? Can you please link?

        • Rick Morayniss

          not sure what "EE G+ page " means or where to get it.

    • Jason Kahn

      agreed, sticking with cloudmagic

    • Bootleg Zani

      Literally without exchange it isn't even worth it.

      • Alvin Brinson

        Agreed. Gmail app is just fine. I get TONS of email on my work exchange though, and that's where I could use the help. They've done a nasty trick here, make you think it's free then hook you because they know anyone needing a heavy duty email client is likely going to need exchange.

  • Guest

    I'd sure like a code, please!

  • fikus011

    Somehow I had a feeling you gonna get and give more promo codes,so i was paying attention on your twitter and BAM!! :D Thank you AP,I have no idea why I wanted this (except paid stuff for free) but thanks to you now I have it :D
    Also they gave me 5 more promo codes if I read it right?

  • Raymond

    Is it too late for a code?

    • Andrei

      Nope, just got one. Go for it!

      • Raymond

        How do I get one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/razi18 Razi Ejaz

    Nobody wants another app always running in background and consuming ram and battery

  • Juan Falguera


  • http://itinkerstuff.wordpress.com/ Mark Lester Buenaobra

    is the promo code tied to the gmail account you used to register?

  • Naga Sridhar

    Thats awesome AP! Thank you for the code!

  • ajerman

    Well, giving it a try I suppose. Don't particularly have anything against the standard GMail app though, so we'll see. I will be moving to my own mail server in due time though (time to get outta the cloud!). It might be helpful then.

    • ajerman

      Yikes. Worked for about 10 minutes then it started saying it couldn't authenticate to GMail and started blowing up my phone with notifications every 5 seconds. Had to delete my account from the app. Hopefully that gets fixed ASAP.

  • jakeac

    Useless for me as well, unlocked the Boxer Pro version only to find out Exchange support cost $9.99. That was the whole point and why I was even interested in the first place.

    • Bootleg Zani

      Same here.

    • GryphKid44

      use a second code, enhancedemail

      credit fikus011

      • Alvin Brinson

        Said code does not work.

  • Eric Smith

    I'm in for one if you let me!

  • Daham A B

    When i enter the AndroidPolice promo code, i get the message saying that I have successfully unlocked BoxerPro but when i try to log in & authorize gmail, i keep getting the error message: "Error getting tokens" Anyone come across such an issue?

  • leviwhite9

    This app is exactly like Mailbox. Who ripped who off?

    • 4wallz

      Except without the ability to snooze emails in this app. I like the looks of this app better but miss the snooze function.

  • fikus011

    For the exchange just enter "enhancedemail" (without quotes) in the promo code area to unlock exchange too.I've just did it and it works. ;)

    • ralphwiggum1

      It did work! How'd you get this code?

      • fikus011

        Their support forum.

    • Błażej Gabryś

      Thanks for the info, works like a charm!

    • Scott

      Not working anymore :(

    • Alvin Brinson

      "enhancedemail" says it has already been redeemed. No exchange support without buying the add-on for $9.99... nice bait and switch they pulled.

  • Daham A B

    I still keep getting the same error message of "error getting tokens" :(

  • GryphKid44


  • 4wallz

    Still works. Thanks!

  • Mario Hernandez

    How do I get a cupon?

  • Salvatore Manfredi

    Redeemed, thanks!

  • Foldedpencil

    Me too!!! Pretty Please?

  • bikermunda

    Boxer never sent me or my friend the email and this code is gone as well. I am going to uninstall the APP

  • Chris Lear

    Is this code linked to email or play store accounts? If I get a new device, will I still have pro features without having to purchase a pro licence?

  • Ivan Majnaric

    Thx! The code worked!

  • The Old Dreamer

    Nice app, thanks for the code :-)

  • r1aven

    I'm curious what happens a month from now if a system wipe is needed and your re-install this app. Are the promo codes tied to your "account" or will they no longer work?

    • Bootleg Zani

      I guess we will find out. No clue either.

  • Ruperto17

    Exchange bought. It's awesome and worth every dollar.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Thanks for the code! I am using Nine for my Exchange needs but it would be interesting to try Boxer out as well. I assume there's no code for that, right? ;)

  • Phil459

    Thank you.

  • Barrett Jasper

    AWESOME!! Thank you android Police!! Snagged a free copy with the promo code!!

  • Justin Hart

    How do I get one of these codes, I like the functionality of Boxer

  • Noel Dahlem

    Would love a code!

  • nightfishing

    Thanks for the code!

    Looks pretty nice; interface is very stock in both appearance and function.

    Has an "Unread" filer view built in (yeah).
    Respects Gmail folders/Labels etc and doesn't (seem) to add any of it's own.
    Customizable swipe gestures are nice.

    Needs to have better color options for accounts, though, ASAP. (4 gmail accounts are all different shades of read!)

    I have been using Cloud Magic and am fairly happy with it, but it is sometimes slow/unresponsive server side which can be annoying. May give this one a whirl for a while and see how it advances.

  • dobbsy

    Lack of support for Alias addresses kills this for me. Why don't any of the excellent email apps (Mailbox, etc.) offer Aliases?!

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

    I don't get it. $10 for an email app that doesn't even support push for outlook.com and yahoo mail when other email apps do it for free? WTAF?

  • http://geffchang.wordpress.com/ Geff Chang

    So what's great about this app? It looks just like GMail.

  • Dallas

    The enhancedemail code is no longer available. Is there another one?

  • Jan

    Same here... enhancedemail is already redeemed... Any more codes since an email app without Exchange is of no use for me...

  • roberthenderson

    Ooh, Ooh! Is there 1 code left?

    • Jan

      Try AndroidPolice

  • Timothy Roberts

    Got mine! Thank you AP!

  • trickytree1984

    Does anyone know a coupon for exchange unlock. enchancedemail does not work any more

  • Marcin Szcześniak

    I got it.

  • Jopnash

    Sweet! Is it too late?

    • Jopnash

      Got It.

  • imran

    any more codes left?

  • Chika

    Would've been good to try with exchange but enhancedemail doesn't work anymore. Seems ok with gmail...like gmail.

  • Carlos

    still any code?

  • Scott

    New codes are still active. Just got mine!

  • tamagoyorokobi

    Thanks guys! I was able to get the pro version!

  • http://goo.gl/uBDrsj Jeremy Michael D’Lima

    The next 1500 codes are gone too... Anyone wanna hook me up with an invite?

    • Dissidence

      Just worked for myself and my girl. Might want to try again

      • http://goo.gl/uBDrsj Jeremy Michael D’Lima

        Just tried again and it worked... WiFi was a bit sketchy earlier haha

  • Avinash

    It says promo code accepted but asks to pay again for Exchange Support :( Any Solutions?

    • Alvin Brinson

      It's a trap. Claim of free, but NOT free if you need Exchange (which would be most HEAVY email users who might be interested in an app like this). Tricky advertising gimick.

  • Keerthi Ramachandran

    pro unlock works for me ...

    exchange active sync ... no

  • Alvin Brinson

    Dang, the whole reason I was interested was Exchange, and that feature doesn't unlock with the AndroidPolice code. Kinda a bait and switch .... free.. NOT free.

  • Guest

    Any of those codes left? Never done this before but would love to have one!

  • shafty023

    Contact Boxer support at support@getboxer.com. Someone will help you get that taken care of.

  • Troll

    You don't need a code, you can send 5 people an sms via the app which automatically unlock the pro app for you and for them.

  • ahmad

    Thanks, but how about adding some enhancedemail promo code :)

  • BringOutYerDed

    Thank you for the Pro code! Boxer looks like it may work for me - I like what I see so far.

  • Joostvds

    Great, In Holland I was way too late to profit from the promo. Second chance, please? #doubledutch

  • Joostvds

    Promo code for Exchange I meant

  • mrSoul

    Thanks for Promo key! :)

  • Lars Callahan

    Got it! Was worried that I wouldn't get in on this since I still had 4 hours of work to go when I read it... and no phones allowed in a prison. LOL. Thanks, @andreweye for the cool giveaway. Looking forward to using Boxer; it looks really good so far!

  • Bryan Moore

    Any chance to get a replacement promo code for the "enhancedemail?"

  • gmaninvan

    Just tried it. Ok app. Definitely not worth $10 with a lot of good email apps in the play store. I ended up going back to the gmail app because this doesn't support the tabbed inbox which means I can't see anything that isn't in my primary folder. It also doesn't seem to show any distinction between read and unread mail.

  • thesamim

    Great Promo but: Anyone else experiencing massive battery drainage? Running on One Plus One, Cyanogen 11, Android 4.4.4. and my battery life when from All Day with everything turned on to about 1/3 that....

  • Andreas Brandenborg

    Thank you goes to Boxer and Android Police for this gem.

  • Sid

    any more codes left?

  • BraydenLarwill

    Still seems to be working, even 4 days later!

  • Mert Çelen

    Still working

  • RocklinSports

    Very impressed with my first interactions in Boxer. May be the best email client I have used on mobile, regardless of the OS. It is certainly the one I will use on my devices in the future. I never mention apps on my Facebook or Twitter feed but I did this one. Job well done!

  • Disconn3ct

    Still super working. Got a couple of invites if it stops.

    • Rooney

      Hey buddy anyway you could share an invite? rkvaliant @ gmail.com? Thanks so much

      • Disconn3ct

        Did you get one yet? if not I'll send one shortly

        • Rooney

          I did not but if you could send me one i'd appreciate that so much!

        • Rooney

          Disconn3ct could you send me an invite please? Thanks so much!

          • Disconn3ct

            I missed the response, I'm sorry about that. I had to uninstall it because it was destroying my battery. (It went from 20-ish hours to less than 5, with boxer listed at the top by -far-..)

          • Rooney

            Oh wow that's crazy, I'd like to give it a shot and see what happens. That would be awesome of you!

  • Nicholas L Aranda

    Uhm so I tried the promo code and it's still asking to buy Exchange. What's going on?