I've only spent a small amount of time taking business classes, and none of them were for marketing. But I have to imagine that somewhere in those big, expensive textbooks, when instruction young minds how to promote a product, is the lesson "don't associate with bloodthirsty terrorists." The electronic mobile payment consortium Isis, wishing to completely and totally distance itself from the ISIS currently holding large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria, is changing its name to Softcard.


Regular readers of this blog will recognize Isis as the joint effort between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to create a standard for paying for physical goods with Android phones. Regular readers of anything else on the Internet will recognize ISIS as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a group of militia terrorists whose shockingly brutal tactics have triggered conflict in multiple Middle Eastern countries, including military support from the United States for the Iraqi government and undefended ethnic groups. The group actually refers to itself as simply the "Islamic State" now, though many governmental officials and members of the media still use ISIS as a shorthand. Isis announced an upcoming name change to avoid any association with the Islamic militants in July.

Isis/Softcard CEO Michael Abbott announced the selection of the new name in a blog post, also announcing a new branding system for the revamped service. The current Isis apps for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile still use the old name and visual assets, but that will change at some point in the near future. The app listings themselves will remain in place, but the names and assets should change over with an update. According to Mr. Abbott, current Isis Mobile Wallet customers won't have to make any changes during the process.

We've been down on the Isis consortium before, mostly because it represented a conflict of interest between the various American carriers and Google Wallet. But considering the position that Softcard has been put in, I have to say they've handled it with remarkable grace.

Source: Isis/Softcard Blog

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Riley Biers

    I'm probably the only person using ISIS but I'm excited for this news! Hopefully the AmEx Serve card will be redesigned as well so that my card no longer says 'SERVE ISIS'.

    • All_I_do_is_post_gifs
      • enoch861

        They do give out some insane deals like cash back and certain percent off at different stores, etc. Those discounts make it worth more than Google Wallet for me. But the only down side is their card compatibility is rather limited and that's where Google Wallet saves the day.

        • tim242

          My Chase cards load up great. I do like that GW lets you use any card, but you don't get rewards points through those cards on there. I think Discover may be the only exception. Discover let me link to GW from their site.

  • MJ

    Sigh... We keep letting the terrorists win.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      Durka durka mohammid jihad! Off with your head!
      Religion of peace.

      • lljktechnogeek

        As much fun as it may be to use jokes that couldn't cut it in South Park to describe the bulk of what is a very large population with lots of ideological variation, it might be worth pointing out that the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world is a democratic republic that explicitly guarantees freedom of religion in its Constitution and spends on its military a percentage of GDP only slightly higher than Switzerland.

        • John Smith

          Morocco ?
          But Afghanistan is second in the list... I don't know if that theory holds up

          • z0phi3l

            He's probably talking about Malasia, but the reports say that it is only a superficial thing, it is illegal to convert Muslims to any other religion in all so called open Muslim States

            Could also be Singapore, but again there, it's only superficial, bottom line is that Islam does not allow for any other religion to exist

          • lljktechnogeek

            Actually, I was talking about Indonesia. Which is also the fourth most populous nation on Earth.

      • Jason

        Read about the Crusades before you jump all over a few nut jobs who like to do things the Old Fashioned Way..

  • tim242

    I'm only using it until the dollar back promotion ends.

  • Taylor00

    Fuck ISIS, if it wasn't for them most of us would be happy using Google Wallet on our phones. They'll never get my support.

    • tim242

      I use them both. You can happily use GW, with no issue.

      • andy_o

        You can use both for tap and pay?

        • tim242

          Yes. When you launch one, it prompts you to switch to that one as default. You just click yes.

          • andy_o

            Ah, good to know. I did want to try Isis on T-mo for all of one minute until I read I would need a special SIM.

          • tim242

            You just get the secure element SIM from the carrier, it's free

          • andy_o

            It might have been that at the time I looked, it wasn't free, or maybe I just assumed the SIM would block Wallet, so I'll probably give it a look if there are any good offers, thanks.

          • Kyle Tuck

            Hard to get a Sim if you use straight talk. Google wallet is much better

      • andy_o

        Taylor's point though, was that they did cockblock GW for a long time, until Kitkat came along, and then it only works with Kitkat phones, not sure if even all of them, or just Nexus.

        • tim242

          All KitKat phones. I use it on the S5.

          • Taylor00

            I have a T-Mobile Note 3, running KitKat, and with no tap and pay.

          • tim242

            The Note 3 is the lone exception. For whatever reason, Samsung used an incompatible NFC chip in the Note 3. You can however, use SoftCard for tap & pay with the SE SIM.

  • SorinDobrin

    They should fight the ISIS terrorists in court, try to make them stop using that name for copyright infringement.

    • Jason

      Exactly. Didn't they patent or at least trademark a name? Crapple goes after patents, etc. There has to be a patent troll somewhere to sue these "terrorists" lol

    • Kurama91

      or they can also Charge USA for that, since USA is the one who created ISIS and the one also Funding them!!!!

      • You Delusional Nutjob

        Go fuck yourself.

        • Kurama91

          You don't have enough GUTS to sign in MOTHERFUCKER. I will RAPE YOU. run run. BITCH. hahahahhaa

  • John Smith

    Just in time before Biden declares war on it


    Hi Guys
    You think that Isis represent the real Islam

    And I have to tell you it doesn't represent us as Muslims because in our religion we shouldn't hurt anyone from other religion and respect them
    Please guys look for real Islam before say some torriests represent the whole religion :)

    And Isis killed many Muslims for nothing :(
    I hope they gone for ever because the destroyed my country Iraq :(

    • Jason

      The real "terrorists" are Christians. They are the only group who openly, and blatantly went after hoards of people for not kowtowing to their way of doing business. They killed Muslims, other non-Catholick Christians, non-believers, heretics, the like. Even the pope gave the blessing for the Crusades which killed millions.

      ALL Religions were created by man to control man. IMO..

      • Kyle Tuck

        Um bro this is a tech blog no one actually gives a shit about politics here man. Unless its between tech companies keep that shit on liberal media blogs.

      • Kyle Tuck

        Also you spelled catholic wrong bro

    • Kyle Tuck

      Stahhhppppp no one cares about the terrorist group here and no one is criticizing Muslims!! This is a tech blog take that shit back to liberal media sites and leave it there!

  • Nenad

    Now ISIS is gonna change the name to Soft card just to fuck with them.

    • Ender

      I was just thinking that lol

  • Aron Tripp

    I know Malory is a bitch and Sterling is a narcissist alcoholic with daddy issues, by why does everyone hate ISIS so much?

    • Kyle Tuck

      Haha I feel like a lot of people don't see that connection :P

    • Clarkie

      And that's why we get ants

  • MeCampbell30

    American Express, Chase, and Well Fargo? $5 to load money from another card? No thanks.

    Wallet-based terrorism.

  • DrakeTungsten

    Softcard is actually a much better name, they should have used that in the first place.

  • Casey

    This new name gives me a soft off. Yes, that is the opposite of a hard on, LOL.

  • Erik Knudsen

    "joint effort...to create a standard..."

    How is Google Wallet not a standard? It works on every NFC enabled device. Seems pretty standard to me...

  • http://dribbble.com/nickchamberlin Nick Chamberlin

    It's probably the same group

  • Obama’s tranny wife

    Thank the homosexual president and his Muslim faith. You know Obama supports Muslim terrorists and hates Israel, even though the Jews in Israel are terrorists too, its mind boggling to me why we even support Isra-hell.

  • BC

    I will just stick with Google Wallet myself because ISIS Mobile Wallet (Softcard) is still limited by funding options and the service isn't even available at the places I commonly shop. I can always use my physical Google Card to make purchases if there is no NFC option on the transaction terminal. I would prefer to fully switch over to making NFC Payments my home town is not very metropolitan so it lags behind when it comes to innovation.

  • Jonathan Williams

    LOL. You sound retarded, and lacking a sense of humour with your comment.