There's nothing like spoiling a surprise just hours before it becomes official, we're sorry. (Not really.) Samsung is set to announce its latest addition to the Note series of phones later today at IFA in Berlin. As we've seen many times in the past, secrets rarely wait to be told, and an image of the brand new handset has already made its way out into the world. But the image reveals a special treat: Samsung is having twins! As we can see from the promotional graphic, a pair of flagships will be appearing at the announcement today. The first, as we already expected, is the Galaxy Note 4. Alongside it will be a brand new device called the Galaxy Note Edge, featuring a curved display that wraps around to the edge of the phone.


We've seen trademarks for the Note Edge and a couple of patents for this type of display, and there have even been a few rumors, but no substantial signs of a product release before now. We're still not sure from the picture if the screen of the Galaxy Note Edge curves around both sides or just the right edge, but the corners look just different enough that I would lean towards thinking it's symmetrical. From the photo, it's easy to see that notifications will consume most of the additional pixels. We still don't have any additional details on specs or features, but it's only a matter of hours until Samsung gives us the full story.

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Cody Toombs
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  • Theromz

    Curved device looks so ugly.

    • Iz3man

      The note edge will be my avoid device.

      The note4 however looks just like my Note 3... Starting to get the same feeling I had when they announced the Iphone 5..disappointed

      • ed

        Welcome to the modern age of technology. A worthy successor to your current phone will only come out every few years. Not that technology isn't improving; it is. It's just that your current phone will work well enough to be able to get several years out of it. This really isn't such a bad problem. Would you buy a car and then hope a year later that the car company would make a car that would convince you to buy a new one? I hope not.

        • solbin

          Yep, we are at the point where we are experiencing diminishing returns on hardware upgrades. Phone manufacturers are now having to resort to gimmicks and other "features" that will set their phone apart from the competition. There are barely any games or anything that push the limit to my Note 3, and I will expect to be that way for a few more years to come. ONLY thing that will make me want to upgrade is if a phone came out that had a real qwerty keyboard with up to date specs. I miss having actual keyboards on my phone.

          • Iz3man

            The deciding factor for me here is camera, batter and water/dust proof. So far camera looks good..

        • Iz3man

          Lol you are kinda right.

          Phone will last 2 or maybe 3 years before they end support, so not like a car. Also I only know a handful of people, let's call them idiots, that buy a car every year. Phone does not equal car. Let's compaired something closer, phone and laptop. Laptop can be upgraded, not phone, life cycle of the phone, in oem terms is 1 year, why else would they put one out every year.

          • ed

            Not everyone buys a phone at the same time. You have a Note 3. The Note 4 will probably not offer many compelling reasons for you to upgrade your phone. But for someone who has a Note 1 or 2 it could definitely be a viable upgrade. I have a Nexus 4. The Nexus 5 is a very good phone but it was not enough for me to replace my still excellent Nexus 4. The Nexus 6 might not be enough either. For me to justify replacing my phone, it will have to break or become otherwise unusable. This is also the case for most of my friends. Companies release phones every year because every year there are people looking to upgrade their phone.

          • Iz3man

            I guess this is where we start to see differences, I'm in Canada, all our telcos offer the same plans, a joke. But we get 2 year upgrades now. I'm not going to switch providers, so I might as well take advantage of the little perk, I have 2 accounts, me and my wife, we are staggered, my wife loves her phone so I'll upgrade and sell the n3

    • ssj4Gogeta

      Who cares? As long as they have the software to actually make it useful, that is. I also hope they let developers customize it.

  • Iz3man

    I don't think calling the edge a flagship is a good idea.. Put it where it belongs, in the make money with gimmicks category, like the Mega and s3,s4 minis and s4,s5 active. .

    I have a feeling there will be no Note edge 2 next year.

    • Silke

      I'm still waiting for that roll-up phone they've been promising for last ten years or so.

      • CaibreGreyblade

        2015 is right around the corner and I don't see flying cars in common use yet. So patience, we are getting there. Slowly and on the ground.

  • blindexecutioner

    Note 4 will be a nice upgrade to the note 2. Anyone with a note 3 is expecting too much if they thought the note 4 would be a noticeable upgrade.

    • CaibreGreyblade

      Very much this. I jumped from first to third Note, was and still am very happy with that choice. Four iteration? Not so much.
      Thou, that curved screen do look cool. Hopefully it is as useful as nice looking.

      • Chris

        Same boat as you except I'm on the note 2 right now and the 3 wasn't nearly enough of an upgrade. This tho... Aw yiss

        • http://blake.pm Blake Mitchell

          The Note 3 was a downgrade from Note 2.

    • faceless128

      Indeed. I'm ready to turn my Note 2 into an alarm clock.

      • Gaurav Arora

        Smash it!! SMASH IT!!

      • http://www.ilogic.gr/blog NLS (NULUSIOS)

        No you just need to install a nice CM11 ROM and keep it as backup or something (or gift it).

        • faceless128

          nah, i use modded stock roms, like some TW features. and an alarm clock is still a backup phone!

    • smeddy

      Agreed. I have a Note 3 and so happy with it I expect to skip this one. Rounded screen edges tho... yummmmm

    • X-47B

      Another photo..

      • Jay Ochs

        do you even Note, bro?

        • Kevin

          Bro, do you even Touchwizz?

          • TheLastAngel

            I do on a dailyyyyy!

    • Jerry Rich

      Speak for yourself, I'm upgrading from 3 to 4.

  • Karan O

    Note 4 looks premium like galaxy alpha and that's good think if only they could get rid of home button and samsung logo on front face of the phone samsung phones would look premium as ever ! but again the only thing that keeps me from getting another SPhone is the rubbish TouchWiz ! Edge on the other hand looks cool but i have no idea how a man could hold it without touching the sides !

    • namesib

      No, long live their physical button!

  • Your Mother

    correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't apple have a patent on wrap around displays?

    • aouniat

      Why do you care?

  • Robert Mahon

    The curve looks very cool. But how on earth are you going to get a case to protect that? And a repair is going to be nutso amounts of cash.

    • Nathan Bryant

      They already have a special case for it where the curve part peeks out for notifications. They shown it off a year or two ago actually.

  • Pilz

    Let the "huge bezels" comments flow

  • Jarrett bishop

    If the note edge is the one to possess that sweet 64 bit processor, that's been rumored, I'm gonna be all over it. I'm sure the fine folks over at XDA will have root PDQ and some xposed mods to put that sexy little curve to some good use. I've been on the note 3 since it dropped for att, been super happy with it. Just ready to put that NEXT program to work and gets me a new toy. EXCITED!

    • BloodiedWraith

      I don't know the specs, but I do know 100% that the Note 4, Note 4 Edge, and the Samsung Galaxy Alpha are hitting AT&T very soon.

      • Iz3man

        They would be stupid to dump bleeding edge tech in the edge, it's untested in the market, look at the lg flex, haven't seen anyone with one .. Be prepared the edge will have same specs as the note 3.

    • lordmerovingian

      Yay, for pearly whites..!! :)

  • aouniat

    Note 3 is a solid device. Really nothing worth the upgrade, until we really see *new* processors from qualcom in 2015. Imho, 801 and 805 are not worth the upgrade from 800 processors. Next year devices should come with fresh Android L as well.

    • http://dezky.vefblog.net/ Dezky

      but it's worth it when you come from S4 Pro ;)

  • Vesta12

    If the edges are on both sides, it would be interesting to see how the cases would look like.

    • WHO?

      Thats my fear. Delayed cases from third parties. There will be cheap chinese cases that don't fit correctly for 2 months before the first aftermarket USA case comes out.

  • bat0nas

    Is the frame made of plastic around Note 3? Just thinking.. what are chances that Note 4 will get a metal frame? (like iPhones and Galaxy Alpha have).

    • alexcue

      It's plastic on the Note 3, I had one. I'd love to see a metal frame on the Note line though. That chromed plastic just gets ugly after a while with nicks.

  • ScooterG

    The Edge looks like an April Fool's joke...

  • WestFiasco

    Looks very good, I look forward to seeing it in a video.

  • namesib

    Looks like that Note 4 photo leak was real. :) I'm definitely getting one if the rumoured specs are also true.

  • Damian

    Nice move with the watermark, fck u TK news.

  • http://www.ilogic.gr/blog NLS (NULUSIOS)

    Well if 80% of what they said for Note 4 is true, then it's a major upgrade (even over N3).
    Unlike Sony Z3 over Z2 (although a compact tablet would be great).
    For N4 I expect AT LEAST metal frame and water-resistant to even think about it.
    The plastic frames of ALL Samsung models I know pill off! Sucks for premium models!
    In any case updates are made so that you can skip at least one (which is good).

    Now, since I still use my original Note (N7000) which still works fine with CM11 4.4.4 ROM... this will be major for me.

    • a67543210

      That`s why we need Apple. Competition stirs innovation. Samsung has given us enough plastic edges on our beloved devices all these years. Apple is encroaching on their bigger phone/phablet territory, and copying all Android features since iOS6. This means Samsung will have no magic left, if they don`t also go into the metal phone department, save for the other Android features and Samsung features not yet copied.

  • Magnus100

    Both devices look hideously offensive in this picture. Samsung desperately & urgently needs to hire new designers.

    OAN, I'm planning to get the Note 4 as soon as it's available on AT&T, unless the internal storage is less than 32gb

  • http://www.ilogic.gr/blog NLS (NULUSIOS)

    As for the Edge. It will be a major announcement. But it will be a niche product. Not everybody will want one. It all depends on (a) How well Samsung will utilize it. (b) How compatible it will be with existing Android software (not to utilize it - that would be the next step - but at least not to suck when running on it... imagine playing a game that expects all display to be flat to have part of the screen "spilled" over the side...).

    • CelticBrewer

      Totally agree. And will it be touch enabled? If so- how are you going to hold your phone anymore without accidentally launching something? I just don't see the value in it. If my phone is in my pocket, or even clipped to my belt, it'd make more sense to have a display on the top edge to quickly see the time and if I had any notifications.

  • joseph carmine nero

    God please let this one come without touchwiz.
    What am i saying.CM here i come

  • Marth5454

    This just in: Samsung expected to crush iPhone 6

  • Justin

    Note 4 take my money!!

  • toa95

    Still rocking the Note 2 with no real need to upgrade yet. Custom ROMs have been keeping the phone running like new on stock android.

  • Bob

    omg it's real...

  • Chris Blanchard
  • Dave

    Basically, of you have the money to upgrade, you will - is better all around. If you don't then you think it's just a "meh" upgrade or you think your phone is better haha.

  • Jerry Rich

    The Note 4 will be a must have upgrade from the IPhone 6.

  • risky wahyu nugroho

    samsung always makes an amazing innovation. note 4 and galaxy edge is another proof of their innovation
    informasi android