Amazon's FireTV has been available since early April here in the US, and since then has become the best selling set-top box on Amazon (naturally). It's a fantastic little unit for the dedicated Amazon customer, especially those who subscribe to Prime. As of today, Amazon is broadening its horizons and making FireTV available in both the UK and Germany.


For those who may not be familiar, FireTV is packing some pretty decent hardware under its hood, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 running the show. It also has 2GB of RAM, optical out, MIMO Wi-Fi, and 8GB of storage. The only real complaint I have is actually with the latter – 8GB simply isn't enough for a box that wants to be a movie streaming unit and dedicated gaming system.

Still, for the price - €99 in Germany and £79 in the UK – it's a solid choice.

Buy: Germany, UK

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Motdetrq

    we no longer can say Android with anything that Amazon makes. This is one example. Amazon is just like Apple. its a different ecosystem

  • Dani R.

    Only customers living in Germany or UK can buy it right now... worth mentioning.

  • MirandaU

    Okay, so let me get this straight. Compared to US customers, I'm supposed to pay more for the device and have no popular streaming service available. Great, sounds like the deal of a lifetime. 99Euro for a YouTube box.

    • Spence1115

      The box has only just officially been confirmed as coming out in the EU, and I doubt streaming platforms would announce their plans until the device was officially coming out here. They'll probably be nearly done with the apps anyway, just requires slight changes from normal Android apps anyway, so they've got time - the device isn't out until end of October anyway.

    • Okay

      Not that I don't agree with you on the value proposition for European customers (as it stands) but why are some commentators so hung up on prices being equivalent? Not even considering that taxes are included in the European pricing but 299 to me is 299 to you. My friend and I both graduated from the same university and are both teachers. I teach here in the US she is currently teaching in Singapore. Same freaking position, different countries. If she sent me her salary to live on here and I sent her my salary to live on in Singapore I'd be living easy and she'd be living very budget conscious. Yet, staying in our respective locations we enjoy damn near the same lifestyle.

      Honestly curios why some people think conversion rates need to be taken into account at all? Is there any other legitimate reason beyond "I don't want to feel like I paid more after converting currency than someone from another country with a different cost of living?"

      The only time it doesn't make sense is when shit costs more in poorer countries but then that usually happens when a product is never officially released there and has to be imported through a third party who jacks up the price.

      • check


      • MirandaU

        That is true. The monetary conversion rate does not account for differences in cost of living and wages. The value of the Dollar and its converted Euro equivalent are on a very similar level though.

        I'm well aware that usually, Dollar to Euro gets converted 1:1, when it comes to technology like gaming consoles, smartphones, etc. and given that Euro prices include tax and Dollar prices don't, and devices need to get shipped and we have stricter regulations in Europe and better warranty conditions, in general, I'd say, that's fair.

        I only have a problem with this fact, when a product that works great in the US, having support for Netflix, Hulu, etc. comes over here and serves no purpose anymore. That makes the price ridiculous.
        Let's compare that to the Nexus 5.

        When it first came out, it cost 350$ and 350Eur. Including shipping, I paid 359Eur for it and got a product that I can use just as well as an American that might pay 400$ in the end (with tax and shipping). That is rather equal in all aspects.

        Now, if I didn't have access to Google Now, Youtube, Google Play Music and Gmail here, then I surely wouldn't want to pay the same price.
        Streaming boxes live and die with the services they support and currently, this has none.

        Other than that, I agree with you. Brasil is one of those countries that has a terribly high import tax that results in 400$ devices being >1000$ retail and that really sucks.

        • Okay

          I definitely agree with you about the value of products that don't offer full functionality based on region availability, which is why I think the Fire tv is not worth it as-is, when a Chrome cast essential does the same thing. The problem is that they can't charge you £50 now and then charge you another £50 later when all the features are fully accessible. I guess that's something they have to consider, release it now with the promise of coming features or release when everything is available but risk being too late to the market.

          Either way, very level-headed explanation, thanks.

  • The Chrome Android UK

    £50 too much. Especially as I am in the Google ecosystem. Amazon is just getting beyond itself in my opinion.

  • Jadephyre

    No thanks, not with that shoddy joke they call an operating system, completely encrypted bootloader and no access to the PlayStore.

    • Jim

      I have rooted Fire TV, with PlayStore and I'm in the UK. Calm down, it has android!

      • primalxconvoy

        But it's not exactly easy to root the device, is it?

  • TheOneYouFellFor

    Interesting fact: Any Prime-customers preordering the device before next monday will get it for 49€ which is a REALLY good offer. only 10€ more that the chromecast..!

    • Christian Riese

      *14, which is in fact about 30% more. Nevertheless its still a good offer and I'm thinking bout trying one if it is possible to look webvideos on this device (like Chromecast + VidCast). Does this work?

  • martin clinton

    As MirandaU says, I think the hard sell for Amazon in the UK will be the lack of BBC iPlayer, ITV on demand etc. apps initially (they're on other Amazon devices so will probably come in time), but from the outset , unless its games you want, the most useful video apps are youtube, vimeo, netflix and Amazon's own instant video.....so it may be a while before people see this as a good all-rounder for both free and paid services.

    • Spence1115

      iPlayer has an app on Amazon App Store, and its still got 2 months until the device is out here, so I guess it'll be updated before them. Ditto NOW TV and the other important ones.

      • martin clinton

        Good point that there's still a couple of months to go till release. If they can add iPlayer etc to it, it would certainly meet the all-rounder criteria a lot of people (like myself) would want.

  • Spence1115

    Just to add, its £49 in the UK for the next week if you have Amazon Prime.

  • Ismael Jawad

    Love the fact that I can watch US Netflix on Amazon Fire TV in UK thanks to these steps