Update: It looks like users with qualifying phones who have already redeemed their free storage are automatically getting bumped up to 100GB. Thanks to reader Aaron Blecher for letting us know!



If you've been thinking about getting a newer HTC phone, the company just gave you a little more to think about. HTC and Google have just doubled the amount of free Google Drive storage that new owners of the HTC One M8 and One Max receive when registering a phone, up to 100GB from the former 50. Even better, Verizon's HTC One Remix is good to go as well, and also gets 100GB of storage.

htc new

New policy above, old policy below. Whoa, HTC phones run Windows now? What a crazy world.

htc old

The original One and One Mini still get 25GB of storage. Those of you who have already set up your phones probably aren't eligible for the boosted cloud storage unless you haven't logged in to Google Drive yet. Here's how you redeem the offer, from Google's FAQ:

    How can I check to see if I can redeem the offer?

    1. Launch the preloaded Google Drive application on your device

    2. Press Redeem when presented with this screen

    3. Follow the screen prompts to complete redemption

    The free storage boost is good for two years. Google's FAQ says that the Desire 826 and Desire 610 are also eligible for 100GB. Also note: those of you who've unlocked the bootloader on your phone may not be eligible to redeem the offer, though it's unclear whether the bonus storage is removed if you unlock the bootloader afterwards. We think that's something of a security measure to keep users from abusing the one Google account, one device policy.

    Source: HTC Advantage

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    • Jake Bloom

      Of course I logged into Google Drive on my new M8 about a week ago..

      • Dan McGrath

        We've retroactively upgraded relevant 50GB offers to 100GB, so if you check you account you should see you are sweet to go as well.

        • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

          Mine hasn't upgraded yet. Is it a work in progress?

          • https://plus.google.com/+DanMcGrath Dan McGrath

            Check with HTC support, those guys are awesome.

        • Jake Bloom

          Look at that, I have 115GB now! Awesome.

        • Tomfoolery

          Good, honest company practises such as these are rare and as such, should be praised. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Dan.

        • papernick

          Thanks, Dan!

        • Henry

          I've never gotten the email about the upgrade even when my phone was stock and not rooted. Do only certain versions of the M8 get it?

    • CoffeeGeeker

      I registered my HTC One M8 two weeks ago. Got the 50gb, plus have 25gb via other things. Pleasantly surprised to find today my storage was 125gb instead of 75gb. Didn't know why until I read this. So it looks like those who registered recently are getting this deal too.

      • CoffeeGeeker

        To add to the speculation on Android Police's article about the offer not working with bootloader modifications either before or after. I can confirm this:

        a) I first ran my phone stock, and got the 50gb offer.

        b) I converted my phone (att model, factory unlocked, refurbed) to a HTC Developer Edition.

        c) when I reinstalled everything, Drive once again popped up the offer. Foolishly thinking I could fool google into giving me a 2nd 50gb, I tried it on my second gmail account, but it failed; I forget what the fail message was but it may have been related to the rooted version of the phone.

        d) my original 50gb on my primary google account was still fine.

        e) even with my rooted, unlocked, converted to Developer Edition HTC One M8, I got the 100gb upgrade today like everyone else.

        So to the author's comment, "though it's unclear whether the bonus storage is removed if you unlock the bootloader afterwards." I can confirm that you will not lose the bonus storage. Once you have it, you have it. Remember, it's not just 100gb (or 50gb) for your HTC One - it's 50gb (or now 100gb) for your Google Drive - and all the devices and platforms that access it.

        • Disappointed M8 owner

          But be careful, if you "rooted, unlocked, and converted to Developer Edition" your HTC One M8 before claiming the free storage (like yours truly did), then you're shit outta luck!

          • Krazonite

            "if you "rooted, unlocked, and converted to Developer Edition" your HTC One M8 before claiming the free storage..."

            ...you are probably used to disappointment, stemming from a long history of rash and poorly-planned choices? :-P

      • InvaderDJ

        I don't think the phone even has to be bought recently. I got my VZW M8 on the first day it was available and redeemed the 50GB it came with. Just checked my storage and I'm now up to 125GB storage.

        • Leandro Brandão

          Me too. I saw some posts in g+ with people receiving 100gb so I went to my gdrive and it says 75gb, deleted the data from Google Drive and drive activator app and an offer saying that I can receive up to 65gb appeared I pressed back and my account is 125gb now. I hope is not a bug or anything. And I didn't received any email from Google.

    • Andrew

      Just checked, and yep, a beautiful 110gb sitting there for me.

      Shame it's only for 2 years, but still a great offer.

      • CoffeeGeeker

        It's a nice little bonus. Plus, Google sells that 100gb for what, $1.99 a month? So not a real hardship to pay it after 2yr. Probably by then it'll be 500gb for $1.99 a month anyway ;)

    • http://dylandersen.tumblr.com/ dylandersen

      Just got an e-mail that my M8 from way back when (don't even own it anymore) just gave me an extra 50GB. WEEEEE

    • Demetrius Beasley

      Seems as if everyone is getting it.

    • Demetrius Beasley

      Did add pic before.

    • James_The_2nd

      I just got an email confirming that my M8 purchased in May is eligible for this offer. So many companies take your money and run, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how well HTC takes care of its customers.

    • smackywolf

      Just to clarify, I've had my M8 since launch and just got an email from Google Drive. Text as follows:

      Changes to your Google storage plan

      You activated an offer to receive free Google Drive storage from your HTC smartphone, and we‘re pleased to inform you that we're increasing your free storage allotment to 100 GB for the remainder of your offer term.

      No action is required. Your storage plan has been adjusted automatically.

      So yeah. Did nothing, had phone forever.

    • neo905

      Does this apply to just US customers?

      • dawmail333

        No - I'm Australian and I got the email this morning.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      I see HTC decided to follow Samsung with the cloud storage offering

    • abobobilly

      For two years only. Super bummer.

    • Jithu

      I got this on my Desire 816 in India. :)

      • mjst12

        I also got this on my Desire 816 but in Poland. So Desire 816 should be on that list too.

    • Sad M8 owner

      So I registered my M8 on htcdev.com to unlock the bootloader before I claimed my Google Drive extra storage, and now I don't qualify anymore! :(. I tried contacting the gdrive team, who told me to contact HTC, who in turn were not helpful at all.

      Any one knows any way to get around the restriction? Now that it's a 100GB, it's making me regret my eagerness to turn my M8 into a dev phone even more.

      • http://www.theitbaby.com/ Paul King

        Easy: s off, flash stock, lock boot loader so that it says locked, not relocked, go through setup, open drive redeem offer, unlock, restore old ROM

      • Björn Lundén

        Ah, so that's why the offer never worked for me? Oh well, I can live without it. I just figured I'd get it before flashing CM on it this time. Had the same issue with the offer for the m7.

    • Ishan

      Okay.. Some problem with my M8 it seems. Why I only have only 15 GB! :|

      • Phoen1x1

        Did you unlock the bootloader, if so that negates the deal.

    • L0cke

      A nice offer, but for only two years. Clever marketing ploy by Google in that they are hoping you will use the allowance and come the end of the two years realise you still need it and just pay the monthly fee to keep it.

      • Morten

        It still has a value of 48 USD.

    • MistiXF

      I have never used any cloud-based storage and never will. It doesn't matter how hard they are trying to sell it to me. If you guys are OK with having personal data stored in an environment which you have absolutely NO CONTROL over, that's fine. Will you also cry when your data is leaked? Will you blame everything around you, but you, as always? Just sayin'.

    • Steddy

      Most of these posts make it sound like we're getting the increased storage regardless of which device we have, but according to that info-graphic (and my results), m7 stays at 25GB. I was so excited! :-/

    • Andrei Hagi

      Why Google does not give 100GB Google drive space to its Nexus users?

      • clovervidia

        Yeah I was pretty miffed when my friend bought the Moto X and a used Chromebook and got an assload of Drive space. Meanwhile I'm over here with my 12 N7 and N5 with no additional space. C'mon Google, these are YOUR devices!

    • http://www.vinnyfonseca.com/ Vinny Fonseca

      Dropbox upgraded their Pro plans from 100GB to 1TB for the same price. $9.99. Talk about pleasantly surprised too. I wonder what Google will do to counter that.

      I haven't used drive in a long time. It was fine on my nexus 4 but on Windows I got out of it because of constant sync issues and crashes.

      Any idea if any of that got better?

    • Steve Freeman

      I'm nowhere near even the un-boosted limit, however, I wonder what would happen if I'm over the regular limit and the two year extension expires..

    • http://www.cpcwiki.eu/ Gryzor

      I just booted my new M8 for the first time, Drive offers me 65GB only? Weird...

      • http://www.cpcwiki.eu/ Gryzor

        ...hahahahaha! And after I clicked on "Redeem" it tells me it gave me "an additional 50GB" :D

        • http://www.cpcwiki.eu/ Gryzor

          ...getting sillier: and according to my Plan Manager, I have an extra 100GB. So all's cool!