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Android Police coverage: Math Nerds And Card Nerds Can Both Geek Out With Calculords, Now Available On Android

Calculords is an odd mix of a Magic-style collectible card game, Math Blaster, and lane-based defense. Your deck of cards includes offensive units, pushers, and vehicles of various configurations, plus "buff" cards that act a lot like spells. The trick is that there are no manna or energy points: you deploy your cards by adding, subtracting, or multiplying numbers in your own personal pool, kind of like the numbers section of the game show Countdown.


Earth has been destroyed by the evil Hate Bit and you are the Last Star Nerd. Only you can control mighty armies with Calculord Cards and battle to the edge of space. Innovative collectible card gaming combined with number puzzles and turn-based tactical combat. Clever use of numbers lets you deploy starships, soldiers, tanks, aliens, and devastating tactics. You'll have to be several kinds of brilliant to save what's left of space.




Back to Bed

Android Police coverage: 3D Puzzler 'Back To Bed' Is A Kickstarter Success Story That Will Let You Rest Easy

This 3D puzzle game takes a lot of inspiration from some of the bigger indie hits on PC, but thanks to a visual style that borrows heavily from Salvador Dali, it manages to stand on its own. A somnambulist is tottering through precarious multi-faceted levels, and it's your job to steer him to the end, in order to keep him from taking the Big Sleep. The game is trippy to say the least, and as a true premium title it includes no in-app purchases. MOGA controllers are supported. 


Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle game set in a unique and artistic dream world, wherein you guide the sleepwalker Bob to the safety of his bed. To achieve this, you must take control of Bob’s subconscious guardian named Subob. The pair travels through a surreal and painting-like dream world, filled with objects used to guide Bob towards the Bed, but also dangers that must be avoided.

Deep Under the Sky

Android Police coverage: Deep Under The Sky Lets You Live Life As An Alien Jellyfish In a Psychedelic Undersea World

While it's ostensibly a 2D platformer, Deep Under The Sky bills itself as a "life simulator" exploring the world of jellyfish. While this is much more Sonic the Hedgehog than a NOVA special, it's got plenty of unique flying and swinging movement mechanics to get you through the psychedelic stages. The $3 game includes 80 stages and no in-app purchases, which is good value in anybody's money.


FLING, JET, GRAPPLE and ROLL your way through 80 levels of physics fun. Time your bursts just right to explore every cleft and cranny of the floating beasts inhabiting the mysterious DARK SIDE of Venus. This game uses ONLY ONE BUTTON but don't be fooled - you'll have to THINK LIKE A JELLYFISH and zen to the heady biorhythms of the planet before you learn its secrets.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Android Police coverage: Official Android 'Five Nights At Freddy's' Port Might Just Scare The Pants Off Anyone Willing To Volunteer For This Stupid Job

The juxtaposition of children's animatronics and horror themes isn't exactly new, but throwing it all into a survival game is just cruel. In this PC port, you play a night watchman for a Chuck-E-Cheese inspired kid's restaurant, where the robotic animals come alive and stalk the halls once the lights go out. A limited amount of electrical power to watch the bad guys on your security monitors lends an extra element of scarcity to the freaky happenings.


Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see. The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and his two friends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowds. The robots' behavior has become somewhat unpredictable at night however, and it was much cheaper to hire you as a security guard than to find a repairman.

Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague

Android Police coverage: In Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague, Disease Is Your Weapon And Patients Are The Enemy

In Bio Inc., it's your job to kill the patient by completely natural means... which, as it turns out, can be pretty horrible. You play an unnamed entity inflicting disease and debilitation on a single person, who functions as the "level." As you level up the disease and work on disabling multiple systems, the doctors and patient will fight back. It's an interesting and (mostly) accurate look at various diseases and risk factors. It's also really creepy to try to kill someone so surreptitiously.


Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator in which you determine the ultimate fate of a victim by developing the most lethal illness possible. Upgrade your diseases, boost risk factors and slow down your victim’s recovery before a team of highly motivated doctors find a cure and save him.

  • 12 stages with different gameplays
  • 100+ realistic biomedical conditions
  • Spread diseases across all human systems
  • Real-Time human body degradation
  • Awesome graphics.
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Thousands of ways to play the game

Max Gentlemen

Android Police coverage: Max Gentlemen Brings 'Arcade Style Hat Stacking' To Your Mobile Device From The Creators Of Organ Trail: Director's Cut

The distinguished developers of Organ Trail wish to cordially inform you of Max Gentlemen, a delightful arcade-style romp wherein hats are stacked. The objective of the player is to stack hats, and to avoid stacking things which are not hats. Multiple characters, cross-platform multiplayer duels, and no small amount of gilded age style is included with your humble purchase of precisely zero dollars, plus a few more if you desire extra content. Brilliant.


Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style extreme manners simulator about stacking hats, inspired by a spam email for male enhancement.

  • Stack hats, dodge obstacles
  • Over 39 hats to collect
  • Cross-platform local multiplayer
  • Extra characters, levels and modes
  • Online leaderboards

Challenge your friends. Prove once and for all who is the most gentlemanly. Seriously though, 2 player is super fun.


Android Police coverage: PUK Developer Laser Dog Releases ALONE, An Ultrafast Endless Runner With Asteroids Style

Imagine Asteroids as a simple "endless" racer with ludicrous speed. Now add on some of the touchiest controls you've ever seen. You've just made ALONE, the latest super-simple game from Laser Dog. The concept and visuals aren't new, but the controls, which use a sliding motion across the entire Y axis of the screen, are. It's a unique approach, and one that injects skill into a title that gets increasingly difficult very quickly.


ALONE is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space. Navigate caves, rip through rocky debris, dodge rocks and comets and test your endurance as you pursue ever higher scores in this ultra fast, procedural runner.

  • Ultra fast and intense gameplay
  • Split second twitch sensitive analogue control
  • Hours of action filled gameplay across three unlockable difficulty levels
  • Two awesome bonus modes
  • Spectacular sound track
  • Integrated Google Play Services friend scores
  • No In App Purchases

Based around a one night game jam, ALONE was lovingly created over a short 8 month period by Laser Dog’s Rob Allison and Simon Renshaw. Curious players may discover the original game jam prototype for themselves as an easter egg, hidden away in the main game.

Fionna Fights - Adventure Time

Android Police coverage: Cartoon Network Releases Duo Of New Adventure Time Games: Rock Bandits And Fionna Fights

Regular watchers of the offbeat Adventure Time cartoon will know that the show periodically flips the genders of all the characters for some non-canon fun. Though there have been many Adventure Time games so far, this is the first one to star the female lead Fionna. Fionna Fights is a mix of an endless runner and a horizontal space shooter: you'll have to keep zipping from bad guy to bad guy like the latter Sonic games to keep her from falling.


IT'S FIONNA TIME. Battle a never-ending swarm of enemies in Fionna Fights. Fionna, Cake, and Marshall Lee were on their way to Lumpy Space Prince’s party when they got jumped by a pack of evil monsters. Looks like it’s time to bust them up. Leap from enemy to enemy as you cut their army down to size.Stay sharp with four different swords. Finn’s golden sword offers a powerful dash attack, the root sword packs an explosive punch, Fionna’s crystal sword fills the sky with crystal shards, and the demon sword destroys everything in its path.

Rock Bandits - Adventure Time

Android Police coverage: Cartoon Network Releases Duo Of New Adventure Time Games: Rock Bandits And Fionna Fights

In contrast with Fionna Fights above, Rock Bandits is a more conventional platformer. The game has an always-run feature, but you can stop Finn with a tap, and perform various attacks and jumps with swipes on the screen. It's not particularly fast or interesting, but the game is a single dollar with no in-app purchases, very much like other Cartoon Network titles.


What time is it? TIME TO ROCK. Help Finn and Jake rescue Marceline’s stolen fans in Rock Bandits. The Ice King and his band couldn’t get any fans of their own, so they kidnapped Marceline’s audience instead. Follow their tour across the Land of Ooo. Battle your way through the Dark Forest, Lumpy Space, Bad Lands, and the Ice Kingdom. Use Finn’s sword and Jake’s stretchy powers to slash, smash, and bash the bad guys in this action-packed side-scrolling platformer.

Amazing Brick

Android Police coverage: Amazing Brick Is Like Flappy Bird With More Skillful Tapping And Fewer Birds

Why do people like games that are so purposefully difficult? This is Dark Souls all over again. Anyway. Amazing Brick is an ultra-simple game that's more or less like a vertical version of Flappy Bird, with one major difference: you can tap to move both left and right. That's about it. If you're in the mood to scream, curse, throw your phone through the nearest window, and generally regret your life decisions, go ahead and download Amazing Brick.


I'm not an amazing brick as named by my stupid creator. I'm just a happy brick, jumping joyfully around my beautiful colorful female neighbors...

PAC-MAN Friends

Android Police coverage: Bandai Namco's 'Pac-Man Friends' Mixes Power Pellets, Ghosts, And Mazes With Tilt Controls And In-App Purchases

Sega's not the only company that's decided to cash in its classic franchises in the brave new world of mobile games packed with IAP. In Pac-Man Friends, you play a tilt-controlled incarnation of the original Maze Runner. The stages are simplified with platformer-style obstacles, which does tend to undermine the fact that this is supposed to be a Pac-Man game. The in-app purchases for limited power-ups don't help matters.


PAC-MAN Friends is a new, original fast-paced game using classic PAC-MAN characters. With simple tilt controls, you can maneuver PAC-MAN through progressively challenging mazes to rescue his friends from the Ghosts' Castle. Steer clear of Blinky, leader of the gang, along with his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky, and Clyde and all new obstacles or you’ll lose a life. Grab the flashing Power Pellets to temporarily turn the tables and gobble up those pesky ghosts. Find and munch fruit for big points.

Z Steel Soldiers

Android already has a re-release version of the original Z, an early real-time strategy game staring robotic soldiers. Now that just about everyone's phone or tablet has advanced a couple of years, and can easily handle PC games from the early 2000s, we get the 3D sequel. The single-player story campaign stretches over 30 levels, Tegra-powered hardware gets extra visual effects, and the game supports controllers, but it looks like there's no way to play in a multiplayer mode.


Lead your Z: Steel Soldiers into the next century rebooted for the rocket fueled fans of the classic hard-core strategy game. In the bloody aftermath of ‘Z’ comes Z: Steel Soldiers. All your favourite strategies and gameplay from the classic version, with graphics that have powered into the 21st century, vivid 3D landscapes, and a state of the art engine that brings your game to life. Meet the new breed of robots, with a taste for war and a warped sense of humour. Z: Steel Soldiers – you’ve never had it so good.

Oscura: Second Shadow

The sequel to the well-regarded Oscura uses the overdone black foreground aesthetic for more than just ambiance: the sole source of light in most levels is your impish character's glowing hand. Second Shadow promises 20 levels filled with puzzles and challenges. Those who enjoy this very specific type of indie platformer should appreciate the introductory sale price, if not the lack of physical controller support.


Classic platforming meets modern design in a game built and optimised for touch controls. The Driftlands are a gothic and frightening place at the best of times….And this is not the best of times. The Aurora stone has been stolen from the great Lighthouse by an unknown and shadowy creature. Without its light, the Driftlands will be destroyed. Enter Oscura, our highly unlikely hero. He is the keeper of the lighthouse, and possesses a mysterious eternally glowing hand.

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Old-school Wing Commander gameplay? Graphics and ship designs that take a respectful page from the Battlestar reboot's playbook? Count me in. Equipped with such genre staples as target-leading reticles and a cockpit view, space combat veterans should feel right at home, at least as much as they can on a touchscreen. The initial download is a demo, and a $4 one-time purchase unlocks the full game.


Take over the stars, blast through enemy fighter waves and destroy capital ships while piloting the most advanced fighters in the galaxy. Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator that combines sharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missions to create an unique space combat experience for mobile devices. Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, around planetary orbits or in deep space. Experience a colorful and vibrant representation of space on your mobile device.

Appointment with F.E.A.R.

I've been wondering when game-book specialists Tin Man would begin to move outside of their comfort zone. In Appointment With F.E.A.R., you create a customized comic book hero and lead him or her through a dynamically-generated graphic novel. The graphics really do make it look like a comic book, but those who've played through the developer's previous novelized games should recognize the puzzles and sleuthing.


Travel back to the 1980s as a superpowered defender of justice in this all-new edition of Steve Jackson's Appointment With F.E.A.R.. This dynamic edition is stylized as an interactive graphic novel. Your choices guide you towards new villains, super dilemmas, and ultimately, the Titanium Cyborg himself. As Titan City’s courageous and incorruptible champion of law and order, use your super powers to protect its innocent citizens from the danger and deviousness of a host of super-villains bent on taking over the world.

Quest of Dungeons

Quest of Dungeons differentiates itself from the crowded pack of "retro" dungeon crawlers with a turn-based setup. You'll have to use specific skills and spells to defeat the enemies in the generic lairs and make off with the loot. In roguelike style the levels and their occupants are randomly generated, and your character will be permanently dead when you fail.


Quest of Dungeons is a turn based dungeon crawler game featuring a good old 16-bit retro artistic look. An unspecific evil Dark Lord has stolen all the light, so your mission is to enter his lair and defeat him. That's it, now go get him. By playing as either a Warrior, a Wizard, a Assassin or a Shaman you have to traverse dungeons, defeat enemies and loot everything you can in order to survive. You can learn new skills in Tomes you find along the way and buy/sell items at shops.

The Walking Dead Pinball

Zombie fever knows no cure. After both action games and adventure games based on the ubiquitous Walking Dead franchise, now we have official additions to Zen Studio's pinball series. You can get the new table in its own stand-alone app or as an in-app purchase in Zen Pinball. The table is based on the Telltale adventure games, which are in turn based on the comic books, so TV show fans might not see many familiar characters.


Zen Studios, Telltale Games, and Skybound Entertainment partner to create all-new table based on the 'Game of the Year' winning series. The pinball masters at Zen Studios have partnered with Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman, the Eisner Award-winning creator and writer of The Walking Dead for his Skybound imprint at Image Comics, to create an all-new digital pinball table based on the award-winning The Walking Dead game series.

Bomb the 'Burb

I'm not sure exactly what angle this game is going for. Broadly speaking it's a "puzzle" game: you've got a limited amount of bombs, and the goal is to cause as much destruction as possible on each level with the usual 3-star system. That's fine, and the graphics are suitably low-fidelity to keep you firmly on the left peak of the uncanny valley, but I won't deny the concept is a little disturbing. Oh well, I've already knocked out a mountain range and a forest, I suppose a few square blocks won't hurt.


Bomb the 'Burb is a puzzle game where You, the player, needs to think carefully about bomb placement in order to maximize the destruction of the 'burb. Creating chains of explosions and making buildings fly into other buildings are only some of the challenges You will face in this game. The game will start out easy, but as You progress further You will be facing trickier puzzles to solve. All puzzles have multiple solutions and trying to "hack" a win out of the game is highly encouraged.

Make Them Fall

In Make Them Fall, you control two separate stickmen falling at the same time. Tapping the left side of the screen makes the left stickman jump from one wall to the other, and ditto for the right. Avoid the spikes for both (or up to six separate falling men) at once via multitouch. It all seems a little futile, since these guys are falling to their deaths anyway, but you could bring some friends to share in the twitchy action.


The sequel of the popular game Make Them Jump is now available. It's called Make Them Fall. Make all the dudes fall and jump to avoid the obstacles. You can play with all your fingers to control up to 6 dudes, or just ask for some help to your friends. How long can you last out?

They Need To Be Fed 3

They Need To Be Fed is now in its third iteration, and honestly, it looks pretty much exactly like the first. That's why TNTBF 3 is sitting here in the tail end of the Bonus Round, instead of chilling in its own post. The new release has new levels of the familiar 360-degree platforming gameplay (think Mario Galaxy in 2D), but the only notable addition to the structure is the toned-down Adventure Mode.


360 degree gravity platforming is back. Run, jump, collect, avoid enemies and feed yourself to the monster at the end. "They Need To Be Fed" is a platformer game in which you can walk in all directions: 360 degree gravity ensures you can never fall off. They Need To Be Fed 3 is bigger, better, smoother. Levels are generally bigger as well, with more secrets and more things to collect.

T.E.C 3001

TEC 3001 is what happens when someone throws fantastic visual technology at an otherwise simple premise. While the game's actual mechanics are pretty similar to Temple Run and its army of clones, this PC port stars a robot zipping through a TRON-inspired VR wonderland. Considering the impressive 3D graphics and effects, it's no surprise that the game is currently exclusive to NVIDIA's SHIELD devices.


Run, Rush, Haste, Burst. Speed has never been pushed this far. Jump, Charge, Dodge, Slide. You just slipped and got crushed. You can’t handle T.E.C 3001 yet… Try again until speed holds no secrets for you. In T.E.C 3001 (Tesla Energy Collector), you are guiding a cutting-edge technology robot to collect virtual space energy leftovers for humanity. With great graphics and a unique heart-pumping soundtrack, T.E.C 3001 has what it takes to keep you on the right track.


Extreme Landings

The latest flight simulator from Rortos leaves the military-grade weapons behind to focus on civilian airliners. The simulation game includes missions inspired by real emergency landings, if that's your cup of tea, and 15 rendered airports from around the world with realistic weather conditions. There's no one to kill, just skill and tension. The full game costs a pricey $10, but the free demo is included below. You can also upgrade with an in-app purchase.


Take the real control. Test your piloting skills and manage the most critical flight conditions of history. Resolve emergencies and incidents inspired to real ones, in a crescendo of pure adrenaline. Start the individual engines, navigate between the equipment dashboards panels and be prepared to solve the over 5,000 possible situations to achieve the highest pilot level. The simulator includes 24 missions to accomplish, 120 challenges to pass, cartography and worldwide navigation with over 500 accurate airports and weather conditions in real time.

Size DOES Matter

Imagine Tetris as an endless runner, and you might come up with something close to Size Does Matter. This doesn't have anything to do with inadequacy issues, so get your brains out of the gutter: the only objective is to move and resize your blocks to get them through the various obstacles. Fans of electronic music should appreciate the soundtrack, and the relatively cheap game has no in-app purchases.


Size DOES Matter is an award-winning rhythm action with a simple premise; manoeuvre through gates in time to music, using simple touch-screen controls of one thumb controlling size, and the other thumb controlling position. Winner of the BAFTA Ones To Watch award, and brought to you by 4Music, the ultimate in music TV. Play through numerous action-filled levels featuring delicious electronic music by artists like Savant, Chipzel and Rymdreglage.


You've got to give the developers of Spooklands credit: it's not often you see something new in the crowded world of top-down shooters. In this case it's the one-button control scheme, which determines both shot strength and movement with only a tap or hold. The game is necessarily simple, with an endless structure and only three levels, but it does have some fanciful art and big, impressive bosses. Spooklands is $1 with no in-app purchases.


Spooklands is a unique survival game in which you tap to shoot, and shoot to move. With every touch, your character fires in your finger's direction, and is knocked back the other way. Master your skills to destroy the nightmare hordes in fast-paced matches for survival, and try to beat all final bosses: the Curupira, the Spider Queen and the Goat Demon. BRIGHT COLORS AND POWER-UPS: Improve your performance with awesome unlockable items like the Edible Snail, the Fist of Might, the Happy Face and the Wand of Crystal Power.

Ice Cream Nomsters

In this very strange neighborhood, houses are actually giant monsters - sorry, "nomsters" - that pose a dreadful threat to the populace. Only one weapon can halt their deadly advance: ice cream. You are the first line of defense, a crack shot ice cream truck driver who risks it all to keep these horrible buildings at bay. Godspeed, brave confectionary man. Godspeed. Sadly, the in-app purchases for upgrades to your truck do not in fact come with real ice cream.


Om nom nom. In Ice Cream Nomsters you have to deliver as much ice cream to as many monster houses as you can before time runs out. Try to keep up with the unusual growing craving for ice cream of these cute monster houses. Make your truck spit fire and be as quick as a race car, carry more ice cream and enjoy many other other features by upgrading your truck to keep up with the demand.


Loose Strands

Loose Strands is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style game/book not unlike the Tin Man titles we've featured in the past, but it also includes a few small games and puzzles. The visual style is interesting, and animated in a few places, and Loose Strands also has some narration. That said, the theme of endless piles of somewhat nasty hair might be creepy for younger readers. If your kids aren't ready for Lemony Snicket, they probably aren't ready for this either.


Explore the mystery of the barbershop in this interactive adventure novel. Roland Bartholomew Dexter the Third’s whole life has been about routine and rules. Every day he wakes up, studies the books in his family’s library, sweeps the floor of his family’s barber shop, and goes to sleep. Night after night, Roland dreams of an outside world he’s never seen. Day after day, nothing ever changes.


In ROTE, the only objective is to get your ball (well, really more of a D&D die) to the other end of the chamber. You accomplish this by sliding blocks from one side to the other. It's a simple premise, but the difficulty shoots up quickly and the minimalist 3D graphics really sell the concept. This is the free version, and the $1.20 pro version includes the full 30 levels.


Do you like difficult challenges? Do you like puzzles that requires brain power rather than skills? Then this game is for you . Rote is a unique puzzle game that will challenge you to a whole new level. The concept of the game is simple, you have to get to the exit on the right by pushing rows of blocks left and right. However, the challenges will leave you puzzled for hours.

God Strike 2

Theologians often ponder on why a benevolent God doesn't take a more active role in the lives of his subjects. Now you can apply your own theological principles in the form of zapping bad guys with lightning. It's like Rampage, only nicer, and with more Latin. The game includes deities from multiple pantheons and in-app purchases. Just look at it as a tithe to the developers, OK?


The sequel to the iOS game 'God Strike' that has been sold one million copies. Be a god in this city. Check your thunderbolt then swipe down. Now, it's time to punish the villains.

* Simple and easy swipe control
* 140 various campaign stages : We are going to update more stages.
* Two very different God characters
* Splendid and powerful Special moves
* Collectable 30 thunderbolt-cards
* Over 30 unique villains
* Endless mode : Protect a bank from villains.

Tough Nuts Pinball

This game puts the "ball" in... no, you know what, that's too easy. Tough Nuts is a pretty standard 3D pinball game with a "hardcore" aesthetic - lots of explosions, guitar solos, and a surprisingly small amount of of guns. While the graphics and physics look good, the game unfortunately includes in-app purchases for both extra tables and currency.


Always wanted to try yourself in a role of fireman or mafia boss? Dreams come true. Tough Nuts Pinball will appeal to both beginners and experienced gamers. High-quality game mechanics and heroic fascinating story in a classic pinball will please everybody. Several different tables created especially for the strong spirit of boys and girls. Do not lose sight of the ball and hit right on target.

Red Green Blue

Red Green Blue is a lot like a more colorful version of Snake played on a circle rather than a grid. You navigate your snake-thing, gobble energy balls, and try not to eat your own tail like the Ouroboros. After three "laps" of the central circle, the stage resets and you can continue without running into your own trail. It's a lot more difficult than it looks - check out the GIF below for a glimpse of gameplay.


Red Green Blue is a beautiful, relaxing, minimalist game with challenging gameplay and calming music. Elegantly simple gameplay makes the game addictive and very playable. Calming, ambient music makes Red Green Blue very climatic and also soothing experience. Game aesthetic is based on three colors. Your goal is to make as many laps as you can but be careful - don't run in your tail. You only collide with squares that has the same color as you.



VIVID might count as a zen game, but zen games aren't generally billed as "hard" or "intense," and they don't include dubstep music. In this game you play a sort of space age version of Snake, only instead of hitting walls to lose... you just lose. Go a few seconds without grabbing the little flashy orbs that are your ill-defined power source, and the game ends. If you enjoy masochistically difficult stuff like Super Hexagon, this game was probably made with you in mind.


Abstract. Musical. Colourful. Hard. Intense: -VIVID-

  • 4 unique game modes
  • Gorgeous abstract aesthetics
  • Original soundtrack inspired by greats like: Super Hexagon, Bit. Trip, VVVVVV, Rez and more.
  • Google Play Leaderboards
  • FREE to play + NO In App Purchases


Neonize is halfway between your standard DDR-grade rhythm game and something like Geometry Wars. Tap along with the beat to the increasingly up-tempo tunes, keeping an eye on the pattern in a sort of real-time version of the Simon Says toy. That's about it as far as the gameplay goes, though the sheer pace of the later levels will challenge just about anyone, and Neonize does offer an online leaderboard.


Neonize - A rhythm and memory based shooter game for those seeking a fun challenge. The goal is simple. Survive. How far can you get? The name of the game is to shoot down your foes. Enemies will come after you, one after another in a pattern. The pattern extends each time a new enemy appears. They may start slow, but they'll get faster and faster. Shooting down your foes based on reaction might work for a while, but don't count on it. Memorize, persevere, and survive the onslaught.

Wipeout 2

This game still isn't the PlayStation-era hovercraft racer, and that I will not forgive. Still, fans of the over-the-top game show will probably enjoy the basic humor employed across more than 100 levels. After all, people who can enjoy an hour of Americanized Japanese game show could probably enjoy anything. Free, with in-app purchases to boost stats and pay for costumes.


THE BIG BALLS ARE BACK WITH THE SEQUEL TO THE AWARD WINNING MOBILE GAME, WIPEOUT. Now you can bring the fun and excitement of the popular Wipeout TV show to life in a whole new way. Tackle wacky obstacles and pull off hilarious Wipeouts in 135 levels anywhere you go. Run, jump and dive through your favorite challenges from the hit show. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Big Balls?

WTF Game(s) Of The Week

Fuhrer in LA

Remember that bit in the movie The Rocketeer, when about a hundred Nazi stormtroopers show up in 1930s Los Angeles with no reason or explanation? This is like the videogame version of that scene. With Hitler. There are a lot of people who say that killing Hitler in video games is a completely acceptable if somewhat childish power fantasy. And some might say that playing as Hitler, even in a satirical context, is somewhat tasteless. We'll just put it in the WTF section and call it a day, shall we?


The story starts during the final days of the Fuhrer’s life in the Fuhrer-bunker. While the whole world believes the Fuhrer and Eva shot themselves in the bunker, secretly this was done by their doppelgangers. They attempt to escape to Brazil using post-war Nazi organization ODESSA, yet a horrible mix-up makes Hitler arrive and wake up in a Los Angeles museum, and Eva missing-in-action. The Fuhrer must now escape the streets of LA with the police and army in hot pursuit, trying to link up with ODESSA who will provide extraordinaire secret Nazi-technology to help out.

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