WhatsApp was surprisingly quick off the draw after the release of Android Wear, updating its sideloaded beta app with Wear support early this month. Now the 2.11.362 update is available on the general play store release, so even users who don't want to use the beta (or who don't know about it) can get richer WhatsApp chat notifications on their wrists. Huzzah!


The update to the main app includes most of the standard Wear messaging stuff: full long message viewing, nested/stacked messages with sliding navigation between them, and the usual reply via voice option. Incoming messages can be dismissed with a swipe, just like pretty much all Android Wear notifications. The update also includes the usual bug fixes and "improved message storage reliability," but no other significant changes to the unlimited messaging app.

WhatsApp is a free download for Android 2.1 or higher. Full access to the chat platform costs $1 per year.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • matiin

    What are nexus 5 giveaway winners?

    • Mayoo

      Probably at home. Or at work. Maybe at the restaurant or shopping.

  • Rahul Srivastava

    Android Wear is starting to get better by the day, a salute to all the Devs!

    • http://www.lgmobilescience.wordpress.com/ Patrik Carlsson

      Whatsapp + minuum :)

    • Taylor Cox

      Also why in my opinion wearables like Pebble and Samsung (running tinzen software) will struggle to catch up simply because there aren't devs out there willing to develop, sure there are a few, but compare it to the Android Army!

      • Mayoo

        Just wait until Apple invents wearable in a few days.

        • Rahul Srivastava

          You wait, we are Happy with Android Wear.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Tizen has over 1000 apps

  • tomer rothman

    still no art support

    • Kuyam

      They might not offer support for it, but it works just fine.

      • tomer rothman

        i am using whatsapp plus but i will try again

        • Daniel Traynor

          What is WhatsApp plus?

          • Sandeep !!

            Moded Whatsapp with theming capabilities.

    • Gerjannn

      Whatsapp has ART-support. Not sure about Android L, though.

      • siveZ

        They broke ART support once again with this release. It doesn't install for me on Nexus 4 with ART on Android 4.4.4

      • NoPovertyPimps

        Nope. It's broken on 4.4.4 on some devices.

    • tanjiajun34

      It works fine on art and Android L...

  • Rogério Pimentel

    Someone have to make them add pushbullet support already.

  • lj

    It also got a new icon, no?

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    It has a new icon, no?

    • Dennis Ulijn

      Thought so as well. The green is a little lighter, no?

      • Leeroy Jenkins

        Yes and there is more green and less white on the outside. +artem

        • Dennis Ulijn

          Good! Thought it was my deuteranope color blindness making me see things!

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        that's bigger too

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      yes. it has.

  • http://tamcore.eu/ Philipp B.

    I bet there are still more Pebbles than Android Wear devices. So, why there's still no Pebble integration in WhatsApp? <_<

    • Franco Rossel

      Because Android wear is backed by Google, not a startup. That attract devs.

  • Jens Lange

    Great, Wear support. How about supporting the latest development in devices - tablets?

  • Nokia x user

    Nokia x ????

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    every massages app on a smartwatch is almost useless in italy until google will enable punctuation for italian as well