Let's think about filters for a moment. They are immensely useful, allowing users to direct (junk) mail from particular senders to the appropriate location (the trash) or apply the correct label (stuff to ignore). Gmail has had the ability to create and manage filters for years, but its app hasn't. In fact, it still lacks this functionality. Yahoo, on the other hand, has rolled the feature into the latest release of its Android app, version 2.6. Now users can create, update, and erase filters without having to fire up a web browser.

The primary functions are all here. Users can name a filter, target senders or recipients, and delegate messages that "contains," "does not contain," "begins with," or "ends with" certain words. Even better, the page isn't tucked away under layers of settings. It's easy to find right at the bottom of the app's sidebar.

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This is what we like to see, and we hope Gmail rolls out a similar option soon. Yet in the meantime, there's more for Yahoo users to check out in version 2.6. Here's the provided changelog.

What's new:

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • Enhanced links: Links are enhanced to be nice cards when you share a link while composing an email
  • Updated settings: We've simplified settings to make it easier to customize your mailbox
  • Filters: Create, update and delete email filters to help organize you're mailbox
  • Certified Yahoo badge: Email from Yahoo get a special icon so you know it's from us

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • blindexecutioner

    I bet they have the ability to turn off the stupid conversation view as well.

  • Deeco

    What's the race?

    • Drooblz

      To be relevant.

  • rmkilc

    But at the end of the day, it's still Yahoo.

    • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

      ... and still as useless and redundant as "Google Mail". Seriously, on android, all you need is the stock mail client; anything else just wastes space.

      • Nick

        Gmail has many unique features such as tagging and archiving that could not be supported in a standard IMAP client so yes, actually it's very useful to have a native Gmail app.

  • JeffP

    Still a slow & bloated email app. Why put a Yahoo feed & a News feed in an email app? (I know why they did it but it should be a standalone email app)

    • blindexecutioner

      Like putting SMS and google talk together...oh wait...

      • Floss

        So in your mind two methods of communication being bundled is equivalent to a method of communication and news being bundled together?

  • Chapa

    Yeah, but sadly I don't use yahoo services. Since the 90's

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      I do. It's my SPAM catchall.

  • Dan McG

    What I want from Gmail is the same type of email handling that Outlook.com has. Namely, the only keep the last X number of emails from this sender, or after 10 days this senders emails. Things like that are pretty slick and help to manage the inbox bloat that we all know so well! I used Outlook.com for a few months and really liked those features, but I have too much stuff tied in with Gmail to bother dealing with a wholesale switch over.

  • Steve Freeman

    Too bad I stopped updating my Yahoo Mail app when they included all the extra crap like news, sports, etc. I want my Yahoo Mail app to let me access my Yahoo mail. That's it.

  • Kevin Pang

    Wow, I actually started using Yahoo! Mail as my first Mailbox since childhood. I am now still satisfied with it.

  • http://tmblr.5crat.ch/ Scratch

    Now all seven of yahoo's users who's passwords are known to everyone can enjoy the use of alternate botnet

    • http://tmblr.5crat.ch/ Scratch
  • http://www.williamint.com William Aleman

    All Hail the Yahoo! Overlords!!!!!

  • Barrett Jasper

    Except Yahoo BLOWS and I'll NEVER use them ever again, I don't even know anyone who uses Yahoo anymore either. They are way too late for this game I'm afraid.

    • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

      I know, it's just like Google services now.

      • Barrett Jasper

        Google is awesome.

        • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

          Only in the same way that Yahoo! is.

          • Barrett Jasper

            Not even close man. People USE Gmail and Google, Yahoo blows and has for years. I think they're too late to the game.

          • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

            In just the same way as Google in fact.

  • Bradley Leyten

    This is great news, now maybe if it can filter out the 900 spam emails I get every week I'd use Yahoo for more than a trash email address!

  • YahooIsSoFunny

    I got early alert for this a week or so ago. The filters i had in my regural email stopped working. So everything seems to be going to inbox. I just use androids builtin email app, no way im gonna install yahoo super bloated app for just email access. They've shown time and agaun they are not super competent. Too much effort to hookup, turn on my PC.... So sad.

  • Component

    I don't think either of them (Yahoo!!! or Gmail) have a way to block a TLD - like every single email coming from Indian or from Russian domains for instance. Why though?

  • Dave

    I'm still waiting for Gmail to remove the amazingly annoying grouped conversations which when you makr one email as unread decides to mark each email in the thread as unread too, playing havoc with my IMAP synced Outlook mailbox!!

  • caveman

    I sent a feedback mail about adding the ability to edit filters in the app when I first got my N4 almost 1.5 years ago; it's just makes so much sense. And kept being unsatisfied until I stop caring about what mail go to what folder.
    And 'Channel 2012', stock android mail client doesn't show unread count on other than main folder unless you select the specific folder. At least not that I know of.
    So I guess.. fuck you yahoo. And fuck you google. Sorry readers.