Aside from its round P-OLED screen and stylish case design, the G Watch R is remarkably similar to the original LG G Watch. But as just about anyone could guess, consumers will be paying a premium for that style when the round Android Wear device is released later this year. If LG's German press release announcing the G Watch R is accurate, it's going to be quite a premium indeed. The PR lists the suggested retail price as 299 euro, a full €100 more expensive than the G Watch. It also gives a slightly more precise release date: October.


€300 is approximately $395, but thanks to the economics of releasing electronics and other high-value goods in Europe, the American price will probably be much closer to $300. That's still a hefty premium over the $230 G Watch, and $50 more expensive than the similarly stylish Moto 360 is expected to cost. Again, that's an educated guess on my part, but I'd be very surprised if the US price for the G Watch R exceeded $325.

Die LG G Watch R wird in Deutschland ab Oktober zu einem UVP von 299 Euro verfügbar sein. Auf der IFA in Berlin ist die G Watch R vom 5. Bis 10. September am LG-Stand in Halle 11.2 bereits zu bewundern.

Google translation:

The LG G Watch R will be available in Germany from October at a recommended retail price of 299 euros. At IFA in Berlin Until September 10 at the LG booth in Hall 11.2 already admire the G Watch R on 5.

More than any segment before it, smartwatches make technology and fashion collide, and it looks like LG is counting on those good looks to drive some profit. Granted, that circular screen uses the same technology as the bendy LG G Flex, which probably drives the price up a little.

So what say you, frugal and/or fashionable readers? With non-screen specs being almost identical, would you pay a 100 euro premium for a smartwatch that looks like a real watch?

Source: LG Germany - thanks, Juhani Lehtimäki!

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Motdetrq

    This confirms my Moto 360 purchase

    • Treytreytaylor


    • Pootis Man

      That price could be wrong you know. Euro prices don't always translate to actual US prices.

      • cns2007

        Even in their own Press Release?

        • Pootis Man

          I'm just saying. You never know. I'm still getting the Moto 360 though.

          • cns2007

            Yep, I hear ya. I actually like both. The 360 is a bit more classy to me and the LG more sporty. I'd wear depending on occasion.

      • RajivSK

        I'm quite sure it will be $299. European prices include taxes and import fees. All major tech companies price their products the same in dollars and euros.

    • ddpacino

      Lol, right! They fvcked up.

      • RajivSK

        I don't think they did. I think there are a couple of reasons why this watch will launch at $299, as I expected it would.

        The most important reason is design. I for one would happily pay a premium for a watch that didn't look like a smartwatch. I think they did a great job on the 360's design but it looks like the future. It looks like it can remote control your car while making you breakfast and pleasuring your wife at the same time. In reality it can tell you Obama's birthday.. if you speak to it clearly enough.

        I'm not saying there isn't a market for the 360, don't get me wrong. It's just that the people that tend to go with the classic designs usually have the money to pay for it too. It's a different demographic that doesn't want to be seen with a toy on their wrist.

        Other than that, if they would've priced it lower they'd be competing with the other G Watch, which this isn't meant to replace but complement.

  • C64

    Too expensive in my opinion.

    Please don't shoot me for it

    • s_bomb

      /lowers gun

      Well, since you asked so nicely... ;)

      • Neetan Kalair

        can I poke you with a pitch fork?

      • HellG

        Sir you just won 0.6 internets! (Don't blame me, its a rough economy...)

  • megaman

    Pay more for lower quality/features? Pass

    • enoch861

      Please don't mention quality unless you've had the pleasure of handling one. Else we know nothing about the quality of the G Watch R or even the 360.

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      We know no such thing at this point. While I think the 360's going to be great, I see no evidence that this is necessarily lower quality/features.

      • Andrew

        Recent Motorola products I've owned show otherwise, I just went through 3 S-11 HD Flex. Hope for their sake the 360 is a solid watch, but I likely won't be getting it (especially not first day) until I hear some reviews on quality. Personally, I'm waiting for Fossil. Sure, its not a company you think "Tech Gear", but I used to love their watches. Since the manufacturer can't modify wear, it'd be a pretty safe buy. Hopefully they get sensors and battery life on-point.

    • A Popov

      Haven't used any of devices. Blames one of them for low quality. LOL.

  • blindexecutioner

    Lol... Smartwatches are pointless.

    • turdbogls

      love it when people say this.
      just because its "pointless" for you doesn't mean there is a high demand for said product. no one knew they wanted a tablet 5 years ago....

      • mark

        The OP is wrong due to your first point. The second, less so - lots of people had handheld computing devices 5 and more years ago, we just called them different names (PDA, media player, and most notably smartphone). Sales increase due to advances in technology making things more useful, and the same will be true of watches too - though I'm not convinced that people dead against a particular device 5 years ago have changed their mind. I have a Nexus 7 and Transformer Book - but I had no interest in a pure 10" tablet 5 years ago, and I have no interest in one now.

        • NexusKoolaid

          I think you're over generalizing on your hardware point inasmuch as form, so some degree, drives function. While Tablets are more technologically advanced than early smartphones and PDAs, they are completely different animals. The form factor of phones and PDAs lend themselves well to social and communication applications, tablets serve better as media consumption devices than anything else, and quite evolved from earlier types of media players. In that light turdbogls second comment makes much more sense.

    • AbbyZFresh

      And you're commenting on a smartwatch article. Spew your hate somewhere else.

      • NexusKoolaid

        I saw no hate in his comment - only an opinion.

    • jr

      Pointless comments are pointless.

      • Vincent Gaylie


  • vyktorsouza

    my decision has been made, I'll get the 360

  • Gagan Deep Singh

    Okay LG you made a good watch but priced it just god damn toooooooo high !!

  • vyktorsouza


    • vzwuser76

      What seems most people are forgetting is that this is the original G watch in a different case. Unless the P Oled screen is extremely more efficient than the screen on the original, that means around the same battery life. And if it's less efficient, even less battery life.

      While we can't know for sure the exact price, it's going to be higher, simply due to the screen and stainless steel casing.

      • ddpacino

        Now that the people have spoken, it seems that OEMs are making more and more options for smartwatches, and mine needs to be round; no need to settle with square anymore. It also better have qi charging and a heart rate monitor as well, or the 360 will be an easy buy for most wanting a circular smartwatch.

  • TooMuch

    Yep... same here. Was digging the style way more than the (IMHO) physical design of the 360 (it just looks too non-flowing... can't really explain it but the straps are just too "abrupt" into it). Also liked the battery size and display resolution without the missing bottom. But $300... no way. $250 is the most I will pay. 360 here I come.

    • andQlimax

      299 euro will be 299 dollars. as always..that always happen from dollars to euro

  • Jon

    The "on 5" at the end of the translation is an error. It's from earlier in the sentence and refers to 5th-10th of September. Just sayin', before anybody thinks the translation is saying something about Android 5.

  • Bryan

    "$50 more expensive than the similarly stylish Moto 360"

    Isn't it $150 more expensive than the Moto 360?

    • Đức Thành

      "€300 is approximately $395, but thanks to the economics of releasing electronics and other high-value goods in Europe, the American price will probably be much closer to $300."

    • AbbyZFresh

      You're looking at it from the US currency perspective.

    • Motdetrq

      more like $80 extra in the US. It will most probably cost $329 in the US

      • RajivSK

        It will be $299. Every major tech company converts dollars to euro's in a 1-1 ratio. Never seen differently

        • Serandel

          It's always 1€ = 1$. Among other things, prices in Europe have always (AFAIK) taxes included, not like in US.

          • RajivSK

            Taxes are indeed always included, unless shopping business to business of course.

          • MarkG54321

            Indeed, only idiots don't understand this. Europe has 15-20% tax on goods, and US prices are always quoted before tax (as it varies state to state). This makes for great headlines about "rip off Europe", but the reality is, prices are much closer.

            Also anything made outside the EU incurs a 7% tax too...

          • fcjan

            "but the reality is, prices are much closer"
            well not really, here in Croatia, HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5 costs about 1200$, PS4 is 600$ etc etc.. it's 2X the price in USA and our paychecks are about 1/3 of US standards, I earn 600$ a month

          • Gaëtan Hillairet

            Croatia isn't in the euro area... When they say "Europe" they mean countries where you pay in euros.

          • fcjan

            part of EU but not part of Euro Zone

          • Ionut Costica

            @fcjan:disqus: or you could buy it off Amazon (.de) and get the m8 for 540 euros and the S5 for 510 euros (the PS4 wouldn't be that much cheaper than what you said). From what I know Croatia is part of the EU, so it shouldn't incur extra costs/taxes/tariffs to get it.

  • Kyle Wiggers

    I'm betting the high-capacity battery has something to do with it. It's probably the reason the G Watch is more expensive than the Gear Live.

    • Kevin

      Woah. I didn't think I would see you here. My respect has gone up for you.

  • Grayson

    $300 is my upper limit for a smartwatch, so this will likely just barely make it. Will still probably go for the 360 though.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    If I will buy a smartwatch now, Yes. Because I'm still into "Classic Watch" looks and shit.

  • Eduardo Mateos

    DON'T count me in

  • Guest

    isnt the picture of the LG Watch in the article is inverted?

    • JonBurm

      No. The watch is on the person's right hand and therefore appears upside down to the camera.

      • nehpets

        It is a strange choice for a press shot though, to have it upside down to the viewer.

        Also, it's driving me nuts that the bezel marks and the watch face don't line up in that shot.

  • Tony Byatt

    Well, the Nexus 7 32GB started at €269 ($349) in Germany, in the US it was $269. So $395 is more than likely far higher than the launch price in the US...

    But $299 would still be a little high...

    • Derek Robinson

      That was mentioned in the article. Even if it is just 300 USD, I'd rather go with the Moto 360. If they were the same price and released around the same time I'd probably have to really think about it. But as it stands at this point I like the 360 more.

      • MarkG54321

        Have you seen the 360 from all angles? The press pictures are sneaky to hide it's horrible chunkyness.

        • Derek Robinson

          I saw it in the videos posted by MKBHD when he was holding it side by side with the LG G watch. I didn't think it was too chunky.

        • Dpat

          I'd say it looks a little thicker than a Fitbit flex or just about the same really.

  • Luca

    Can we redo the poll about moto 360 vs GWAR?

    • cns2007


  • Doug Lynch

    This article is embarrassingly biased. . .great "reporting"

    • vyktorsouza

      huh? how's that?

  • atat

    Wait for price drop :D

  • Joel

    So, it doesn't have an Ambient Light Sensor, the screen is only 1.3", and it has a metal bezel with permanent numbers in the design ... and then it's priced $80 more than the Moto 360...? Really...? It's almost literally the exact same hardware as the G Watch, except it's a new design and has metal instead of plastic – I don't understand how they can justify charging so much more.

    I mean, not that there was any real question which Smartwatch I planned to purchase, but this pretty much fully solidifies my Moto 360 Choice. Now, if the Gear S had Android Wear and was priced around $250, THEN I might be a little conflicted. But, as is, both Tizen and Samsung are horrible, so I could never justify getting a Gear S unless it were free.

  • sivkai

    Yhhhh...I'll pass.

  • yellowdgg

    Yah, No thanks!! looks like i will be buying two Moto 360's

  • yankeesusa

    Hopefully the price changes by the time its announced for the us. Hey, the 360 may not even be 249 and more expensive. Nobody knows. But if prices are accurate then the 360 will sell a lot more.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Well, nothing is certain yet, but it looks like the 360 is probably going to be my next watch. This really does look quite nice, but not this much more expensive nice.

  • Samvith V Rao

    $250 for the Moto 360 or $325 for the LG G Watch R? I think the choice is pretty clear.

    I can't afford either.

  • Skipper

    At 300€ is too expensive.

  • Jax Spade

    With that price Motorola has me locked in

  • SpiderDice
    • psychoace

      Uh he isn't reading his watch in this picture. That is his right hand. It's an awkward position but the watch is on correctly.

      • Ionut Costica

        He might just be left handed. And there are even some right handed people who prefer their watches on their right hand (me for example, just feels more natural like that, don't ask why)

    • Andrew

      It's more of a crime how crappy the photoshop job is. The numbers don't even come close to lining up with their marks. But that watch is on correctly for someone who puts it on their right wrist (not me).

    • Mr. A

      You're not making any sense. The watch is on his right hand. When he holds it up its facing the right way!

  • http://GottZ.de/ Jan-Stefan Janetzky (@iGottZ)

    that google translation sux. here's a better one: (i'm german)

    The LG G Watch R will be available in Germany starting October at a recommended retail price of 299 Euro. At IFA in Berlin (5th to 10th September) the G Watch R will be shown off in Hall 11.2 at LG's place.

  • master94

    Anyone read Die LG?

  • Moi

    iwatch will rule the market.

    All these companies will rush after 2 weeks to catch up and mimic the iwatch when it is released.

    • julio regis

      but the android wear...... ooooo you almost got me sneaky troll

  • Roger Siegenthaler

    I'd pay upwards of 500 for something that was actually future proof... You know, like a realy watch that I can buy once now and get 5-10-lifetime guarantee on it. They could seriously get some profit out of these by making them really high quality and giving it a competitve (with real watches) guarantee span. As it is now they aren't much better than buying a phone so 300 is pretty high tbh.

  • Bill S

    Obviously it's $50 more because it has no black bar at the bottom

  • billykent1972

    I think the LG Watch R looks good if you like that "sports" watch look. I happen to not like that look myself, I do like the way the moto 360 looks. IMHO

  • Pedro O Raposo

    "Euro", because yeah, in the US it'll be xx "dollar". F+&# plurals, right?