LG G Watch R 2

After a few teases of its premium follow-up to the G Watch, LG has finally let loose official details for the G Watch R. The immediate takeaways: a 1.3" P-OLED [Plastic Organic LED] display, stainless steel body, a heart-rate monitor, leather strap, Q4 availability in "key markets" and, not surprisingly, no pricing at this time.

LG G Watch R 1

As far the insides go, this is basically still just the G Watch. It has the same Snapdragon 400 CPU, the same 4GB of storage, the same 512MB of RAM, the same IP67 rating, and a very-slightly-larger 410mAh battery (compared to 400mAh in the G Watch). What the 1.3" P-OLED display will mean for battery life we don't know, though OLED displays do manage greater contrast ratios than LCDs, and LG seems to be playing this up, saying the "1.3-inch full circle P-OLED display that produces stunning image clarity even under bright sunlight and superb clarity when viewed from any angle." Perhaps the G Watch R will outshine the competition, as it were. We don't know if LG's latest watch is sporting an ambient light sensor, though, and the company isn't talking on that point yet.

LG G Watch R 3

The G Watch R isn't a successor to the G Watch, but rather a premium option for those looking for something a bit more stylish and watch-like, according to LG. The 1.3" display is definitely a bit on the small side, though, with Motorola's not-quite-fully-circular LCD on the Moto 360 measuring 1.5", the GWAR could be at a dimensional disadvantage. While the GWAR's overall display surface area is actually slightly greater than that of the standard G Watch, less of that surface area is going to be usable in many practical scenarios, just because of the way Android Wear looks and functions. It also does appear that the outer band of second tick-marks is in fact a physical part of the watch, not the display, so the G Watch will have a substantial "bezel" (if you can call it that) to it.

LG G Watch R 01

Picking up a heart-rate monitor to compete with both Samsung and Motorola is probably a good call, and honestly, I'd probably be a lot more willing to wear something like the GWAR than I would the G Watch or Gear Live. The Moto 360 does look nice, though I think LG's effort here is the most "watch-like" to date, though of course whether or not that's a good thing is entirely subject to your personal aesthetic values.

LG G Watch R 03

We'll likely be hearing more about the G Watch R at IFA next week in Berlin, so stay tuned.

New Android Wearable First to Feature Full Circle P-OLED Display

SEOUL, Aug. 28, 2014 — Following the June release of one of the first-to-market wearable device powered by Android Wear™, LG Electronics (LG) is quickly expanding its wearable product offerings with the unveiling a new Android Wear device — the LG G Watch R at IFA 2014 in Berlin next week. The LG G Watch R is the world’s first watch-style wearable device to feature a circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display and utilizes 100 percent of its watch face.

The most eye-catching feature of the LG G Watch R is its 1.3-inch full circle P-OLED display that produces stunning image clarity even under bright sunlight and superb clarity when viewed from any angle. Powered by a powerful 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, the LG G Watch R offers 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and a durable 410mAh battery. This Android Wear device will effortlessly run all compatible apps available in the Google Play Store and with an Ingress Protection Rating of IP67, the LG G Watch R is designed to run for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water.

With Android Wear™ at its core, the LG G Watch R delivers essential and relevant information exactly at the right time and place through voice recognition notifications. With a suite of LG health and fitness apps, users can also monitor their heartbeats with the support of the embedded photoplethysmograpgy (PPG) sensor. And the smart notifications provide users with important reminders of missed calls and messages, upcoming meetings, events, and local weather forecasts.

With an artisanal elegance, the LG G Watch R boasts a refined aesthetic that is reminiscent of traditional timepieces. Replete with a circular watch face, this elegantly crafted Android wearable has classic curves encased in a strong, durable stainless steel frame and carries a suite of watch faces that are accessible with a simple touch of the display. Its interchangeable 22mm calf skin leather strap also complements its overall aesthetic, giving it an air of modern prestige.

“What we’ve noticed in the year of the wearable is that this is a category that can’t be compared to smartphones and tablets,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Wearables are also accessories and consumers will want more than one to choose from. So we wanted to complement the modern design of the original G Watch with the classic look of the G Watch R. Customers can’t go wrong with either device.”

The LG G Watch R will be available in key markets early in the fourth quarter of 2014. Prices and details of availability will be announced locally at the time of launch. Visitors to IFA can see LG G Watch R up close in Hall 11.2 of Messe Berlin from September 5-10.

David Ruddock
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  • [A]dri[A]n

    Very nice :)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    We tried to pry it out of them, but LG wouldn't tell us if it has the ambient light sensor or not. I have a suspicion that it might not.

    • Blake

      Feels like if it did they'd want to say so at this point, they're taking shots at the 360, why omit something the 360 has if they've got it?

    • alexis orms

      So the screen is...plastic?

      • Ag Nikcuf

        The outtermost layer of a screen is not part of the actual display. Glass materials are much better for capacitive touch resolution, which is generally a separate layer between the surface and the display, rest assured, it will be some kind of "glass:" gorilla, quartz (hopefully not), sapphire...

        • Cory S

          In that case aren't all screens plastic then if you don't count the top most layer?

          • Ag Nikcuf

            I'm not sure what P-OLED is made of, but displays are too complicated and various to say they're just plastic, plus most have a layer of some sort ionic metalloid compound (all as far as I know), that acts as a cathode on the user facing side, so that top layer, without your glass screen, is still not a plastic.

    • http://peoplewho.tumblr.com wireless G

      Even without it, if you use a largely black watch face, that OLED screen could mean significant battery savings.

      • Anfronie

        Is there still a screen burn issue with OLED or have those days past?

        • http://peoplewho.tumblr.com wireless G

          I think it's still theoretically possible, but I bought an amoled Galaxy Nexus at launch in 2011 then later passed it on to my wife, and the screen is still perfect. I think the total lifespan is a bigger issue, as it's still less than LCD.

          • Dhaiwat

            Guess you got a lucky panel? My Gnex had the on screen buttons and status bar burned in, very noticeable when watching videos.

          • ERIFNOMI

            As did mine after a year or so.

          • Cory S

            So did both of ours.

          • kashtrey

            Ya, I don't know how legitimate the whole burn in thing is. I mean I know it's a real issue, but I don't know what kind of odds any given person has of experiencing it. I'd say probably something to watch out for, but I wouldn't be too worried (though with a watch that is going to show the same thing 90% of the time, it may be a bigger factor).

          • Dhaiwat

            My thoughts exactly. Apparently it does pixel shifting to reduce the effect. Not sure, its the only thing that makes me not want to buy OLED displays. I'm sure the technology has been improved like hell considering Samsung pumps out more OLED than anyone I think so it can evolve quickly. They are fantastic, but the burn in and brightness decrease over time is kind of worrisome.

          • loudambiance

            I have burn in on my S4 in less than a year...

        • turdbogls

          I ran across this a while ago.


          seems android wear as burn in protection built into the code....it'll move the image slightly every so often to help this. whether it works or not is another thing.

          • Anfronie

            That's why I'm kind of glad the moto 360 leaks say its LCD now..but I wouldn't be too sad if it was OLED

        • Umair

          OLED burns are real :(

          I had an Alarm application on my Galaxy Note 3, the snooze button had high contrast and was always at same position. And i m a lazy person so you can say it display SNOOZ button for almost 2 hours in total every day.
          After just 3 month of use, i started to notice screen burn and stopped using that application!!

          So after my experience with Note 3, i m concerned about OLED screens in watch!

          I own LG G watch and I really have no issue with battery life, in open sun light, my Note 3 looks similar to my old Sony Android phone which had LCD. So for next 1 year unless we get more data i will stick with LCDs in watch.

  • mantra2

    As a G Watch Owner...

    • Shai Pal

      Damn it!

      I waited a month to get this from the US.

      • sbeaulieu

        Same thing, got mine today from the USA! :O

  • Dillon Shepherd

    A stylish addition to the Android Wear family. Well done, LG!!

    • Sergio

      Nice addition, right. But it looks a lot like a sports watch and as a sports lover, I would expect it to incorporate GPS, 3 or 4 side buttons and enough autonomy to read tracks and record workouts without carrying the phone with you. That would be a killer.

      • ceskobassman

        GPS, LOL!

      • turdbogls

        then you should look at watches that dont run android Wear. these are meant to be worn in conjunction with a phone. they are not, and I doubt they were ever meant to be a stand-alone watch.

      • BruceWillisThrowsACar@You

        Smartwatches in general, especially under the android wear category, are meant as ACCESSORIES (i.e. add-ons) to your phone, and NOT device replacements. You're looking at the wrong product category for your wishes at this time.

  • ThatBabyAintMine

    If the cost is any higher than $250 USD, they already lost.

  • Tucker

    I want to see something besides that clock on the screen just to see a full circle being used so that I know I'm not being tricked like moto did to me.

    • Pal

      "circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display and utilizes 100 percent of its watch face."

      They're making this point to rub it into Motorola. I would take their word for it.

      • Dennis Ulijn

        Motorola's problem with the 360 was that they had to put the display driver SOMEWHERE. in this watch, LG could easily hide it behind the bezel.

        • John Doe

          I think this watch has the same amount of bezel if not less then the moto 360, it says 100% of the watch-face.

          • joser116

            Really?! This watch has less bezel than 360?! Not sure if trolling or just stupid

          • John Doe

            The moto 360 does have a very thin bezel, not trolling I actullay like it very much but LG said it uses 100% of the watch-face so the article is incorrect about it having a "substantial bezel" but we will find out soon or at least they should release an image with the wear ui

          • joser116

            You're interpreting it wrong.

            We already have pictures of it. What LG meant was that the display is 100% circular with no cutout at the bottom. Now, you said that this LG Watch R has same or less bezels than 360. That is simply not true. We have pictures of both to prove it. You can clearly see from the press images that there is a slanted bezel around the G Watch R's display (not that I am complaining about it) We don't need to wait for them to release images of it with the Wear UI to tell the display apart from the bezel. This is a no-brainer.

          • Dennis Ulijn

            100% of the watch face, but they're not accounting for the divers ring

          • John Doe

            Why would they have two bezels?

          • Dennis Ulijn

            Please believe whatever you want, but I'm sure the outer ring (with the illuminated 15, 30, 45, and minute marks) is a bezel to obscure the bezel of the actual display, including the display driver, so it's not cut off like the moto 360.
            I'm interested to see, if they show anything next month, which I highly doubt, how apple will solve this, as I'm sure they'll make a truly round display with actual minimum bezel...

          • John Doe

            If what you say is true then LG should not be throwing digs at motorola. They would have wasted their time designing a good looking smartwatch because if that seconds ring is always there and shows up whenever you use the watch as a smartwatch with the Android Wear UI then it would look horrific and I would rather stick with the moto 360. Other sites like the verge are reporting that it covers the entire face and Engadget is unsure so they contacted LG about it. It would be one huge ass watch with that bezel and a 1.3" screen much bigger then the moto 360 with 1.5" and a tiny bezel.

          • Dennis Ulijn

            I hope I'm wrong, but looking at the teaser, these product pictures (in which the watch face is crooked in the picture with the guy on the motor cycle!) and a background in r&d product design complete with feasability reports I'm sure that the outer ring is fixed and not a display in any way other than lighting up numbers and lines.

          • vzwuser76

            What they're saying is their bezel isn't visible due to the ring around the outside. It essentially covers up the bezel. Since the 360 doesn't have his physical ring, their display drivers and sensors have to go somewhere, so we see he cutout at the bottom. Also, as others have stated, sine they neglected to mention an ambient light sensor being included, it's doubtful it has one. And since the sensor would Ned o be on the face, the cutout is a necessary evil.

            Beyond that, since the battery is only 10mAh large than the G Watch, I wouldn't hold out for much better battery life. Even with an Oled screen, when not in use, both screens will be off, so in that case Oled doesn't have an advantage over LCD. It may have better contrast, and it may have a battery advantage if the information on the screen is mostly black. However, if the informationinformation on the screen is mostly white or bright colors, I believe the LCD would have a battery advantage. But I may be wrong there.

          • Dennis Ulijn


          • John Doe

            Yeah Now I am but it was stupid to make such assumptions when the company did not explicitly say it in their press release. And like I said if its true then its not as good looking as the moto 360.

          • mark

            Maybe they will, maybe they won't - but their phones have some of the biggest bezels around these days, so it's clear that's not a concern of theirs in general. (Plus, they need space to put the huge glowing Apple logo!)

  • fabian

    I like it. I hope is under $250.00

    • Kevin

      How much is the G Watch again? If this is the 'Premium' version of it, then it wouldn't cost less than that.

      • Dhaiwat

        The G Watch is $230, with Moto 360 being speculated at $250, I think i would go with the 360. I'm guessing this will be $250 as well to stay competitive. Also MAYBE (probably if the GWAR is going to be $250) lowering the G watch price to $199 to compete with the Gear Live?

        • Kevin

          That'll piss some customers off.

          • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

            Not if they give all G watch early adopters a $30 rebate with their next purchase. Lock in is profitable!

          • Life’sNotGood

            Didn't care, got your money.

  • staknhalo

    Give me that with a steel band.

  • Ryan Montgomery

    "...a substantial 'bezel' (if you can call it that)..." That's the original definition of bezel lol. From Webster: "a rim that holds a transparent covering (as on a watch..." Anyway, I think it looks really nice. Definitely needed since I doubt the square one could compete with the 360.

    • m477

      The absece of the closing parentesis is driving me mad D:

      • Giacu Truss

        And so is the omission of the letter n in the word "absece" :p

        • m477

          Oops :S

      • TheScientists

        So is the absence of the 'h' in 'parenthesis'!

        • m477

          Oops :S (2)

      • jesuguru

        Also you had an emoticon but no other punctuation at the end of your sentence. Madness!

  • m477

    Well, it's nicer than I thought, I like the watchy-ness... But still, i prefer the futuristic look of the Moto 360.

    • Anfronie

      Yep still getting the 360 but if this somehow blows it away (not expecting) then I will sell the 360 at half and buy the LG R. I don't see that happening though. I like then edge to edge-ness of the 360 too much :)

      • kashtrey

        I'll probably get both. I think, just like normal watches, it won't be unreasonable for people to build collections. I'm just hoping Google does a good job of making data portable between devices. From what I have read it seems like certain things like step count history don't transfer well between devices.

      • John Doe

        I don't know why the article says there is a huge bezel when in their press release they say the display cover 100% of the watch-face so it is edge to edge.

        • ERIFNOMI

          I want more renders with different faces. Is that outermost layer (the minutes) part of the display or the bezel? These are shitty renders for showing what the watch does.

          • Anthony Tyson

            They don't line up in one of the pictures so the minutes are part of the bezel. Its gonna look a little strange when not displaying a watchface.

          • Joshua Hill

            Unless those minute numbers and marks are somehow backlit so when you switch to something else they turn off leaving a mostly black bezel, could be an acceptable compromise. I'd have to see it in person to judge but if they are always there I can't see how it would look anything but weird when displaying something other than the time.

          • Anthony Tyson

            I never even considered that possibility. That could work great.

          • whispy_snippet

            I think an even more likely possibility is the outer bezel marks are permanently displayed to serve as visual orientation cues for the permanently displayed hands (when the rest of the display is off to save battery).

          • Joshua Hill

            Permanently displayed hands could be interesting, if it doesn't effect the battery life significantly. I don't think any android smart watches have the time permanently displayed?

            Unfortunately I think those marks are probably permanent, just painted on, which may look odd when not displaying the time. I'll still be interested to see the final GWAR in person either way.

          • whispy_snippet

            My understanding is that OLED displays only draw power from non-black pixels. If the entire display is black when in "sleep" mode but the hands are permanently displayed in white then I'd imagine power usage would be pretty low.

          • vzwuser76

            In sleep mode, all displays are off (with the exception of e ink like on the pebble) so there shouldn't be any advantage over LCD. When the watch face is displayed, here would be an advantage, unless you're using a white watch face.

          • whispy_snippet

            But I guess what I'm saying is that sleep mode on the G watch R may not follow the conventional method. Sleep might be just a black screen with the hands displaying. Pushing the side button might activate more display features like the date, numbers, etc.

          • ERIFNOMI

            I've never been one for a watch with a bezel ring. I don't go diving, so I have no use.

          • John Doe

            True, that's why they should release a picture with the Android Wear UI. And that could be photoshop error marketing departments make mistakes all the time.

        • Anfronie

          The bezel is not considered the watch face. So there is a sizable bezel there.

    • ChrisM40

      You mean the 90s design of the 360, nothing futuristic about it.

    • MarkG54321

      The 360 is very chunky. The screenshots hide this very well.

  • JiGSaW525

    "...but rather a premium option....according to LG.

    I don't like the sound of this....all else is great.

    • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

      It might be premium - but I doubt LG are suicidal enough to price it higher than the 360.....

      • JiGSaW525

        Hope you are right... Kind of like this watch better than the 360 now.

      • kashtrey

        IDK. The 229 pricing of the G Watch seems pretty outrageous in comparison if this comes in at 249. I mean the G Watch is plastic, has a smaller batter, smaller screen, and no heart rate monitor. Which goes to show that either Moto is being crazy aggressive with their price or LG was way out of touch with the pricing on the original G.

        They'll almost certainly have to price drop the original to sub 200 if they want to keep these products separate enough.

        • ChrisM40

          The G watch is not plastic, only the back plate is plastic, the rest is metal.

        • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

          I can't really comment on that - it's some odd US thing. In my part of the world the LG Watch is cheaper than the Samsung. Only by £10 but it's still cheaper.

  • Jeremiah Payne

    I hope all smart watches go this direction, just looks and feels better

  • Greek_Ice

    Nice to see more iterations of Android Wear taking shape. Still procuring the Moto 360 though.

  • Well Played LG

    Gotta say...

    • ddpacino

      I concur. Perfect alternative those those that dislike the "flat tire" look of the 360. However, the screen is a bit small for me, and I like the bezel-less design of the 360, and esp. wireless qi charging.

      Android Wear looks like it's coming out Swinging!

  • nagi

    The first smartwatch that actually looks good at least on photos. If I can change it to some other watchface, I think this might be my next watch.

    • nxtiak

      It's Android Wear, of course you can change the watch face. Why wouldn't you. How else is it going to show information. /facepalm

  • Pal

    I like this more than the Moto 360, especially since it looks smaller. Quite the consideration when you have small wrists!

    • joser116

      Yeah but even though the screen is slightly smaller, it has more bezels so they might be the same size.

      • ChrisM40

        Its almost the same size as every other mens watch. The 360 looks wrong because of the way the strap is mounted. This is a classic design that has proven itself to work.

  • r.e.e

    I am still not a fan of smart watches. Only thing holding me back is having to charge them every now and then.

  • http://www.martian-imperium.com/ Lokifish Marz

    Hi! I'm a fake sports watch! You can't wear me with your work suit, or to dress occasions but you can wear me on the weekends! Well except for the "fake sports watch" part, which means if your are doing sports, I stay at home.

    • ari_free

      It looks like a normal watch. A smartwatch shouldn't try to look like a $2000 Movado watch because if it does, it will be easy to see it's a fake. But at least it can look like a normal watch.

      • http://www.martian-imperium.com/ Lokifish Marz

        With a bezel like that, rotating or not, it's classified as a sports watch design. A "normal" watch would not have that type of bezel. Just curious, what smartwatch looks like a Movado? It's not the 360.

  • enoch861

    Looks really good.
    I don't know why people are knocking it for the 'bezel'. The thing has bezel's that are smaller than some Rolex's and you don't hear anyone saying that their Rolex has a large bezel.
    Either way, a nice watch that actually looks like a real watch.

    • uopjo6

      A Rolex doesn't have an active screen?

  • joser116

    First time I've seriously considered a smartwatch other than the 360.

    • Anfronie

      It does look better than expected. Glad we have choice!

    • Kevin

      Not having a light sensor kills it for me. And also that it can't compete with Moto X price.

      • nxtiak

        Ugh watches have been made for hundreds of years with no light sensor. Do any smartwatches out now have a light sensor?
        Also Moto X is a phone. Moto 360 is a smart watch.
        And no prices announced for the LG G Watch R, so we don't know if it competes in price or not.

        • Kevin

          Sorry, I meant Moto 360. And of course watches have never had light sensors hundreds of years ago, why would they? They didn't have little screens on their watches that needed to be adjusted to the brightness. And no smart watches don't have any light sensors right now that I know of. I don't know what's your point on that. And judging by the price of the original G watch and estimating the value and materials of this 'premium' watch, I highly doubt it'll be cheaper than the Moto 360.

  • Nogib

    As someone with small wrists, I approve of this! The Moto 360 was never going to work for me and this looks soooooooooo much better to boot!

    • Phil Kulak

      I don't think it's any smaller than the 360. Smaller screen, but way more bezel.

    • kashtrey

      I wouldn't count on this being that much smaller than the 360, it's only a 0.2 inch smaller screen and seems that have way more bezel (seeing as Moto's is pretty much non-existent). It does look a little thinner though.

      • ChrisM40

        Its the way the straps are mounted that makes the difference, The 360 will look like a dinner plate on smaller wrists, this will look like a watch.

  • Kiamat

    Sorry, Moto, you took too long. I'm all about this now.

    • Jacob Serna

      Well I hope you don't mind to wait a bit longer, seeing as this won't launch until Q4 of 2014 as opposed to the 360 which may launch next month.

      • Evan Lam

        The moto 360 should be launching soon, especially since they are sending them to Google I/O attendees soon and they have started a giveaway in which 20 moto 360s will be given away.

      • Kiamat

        I don't mind waiting for something better which is why I was waiting on the Moto 360 instead of buying Samsung or LG's initial offerings.

    • Andre.GE

      Perfectly sums up my thoughts

  • mickey4mice

    This reminds me of cheap Casio sports watch sold in Mall kiosks. Moto 360 got nothing to worry about, at least on the aesthetics side.

    • ChrisM40

      Funny, I thought the 360 looked like a cheap 90s Swatch.

  • Anfronie

    First had to deal with "Late summer" now "early 4th quarter" ...pretty soon the consumer will be along for the ride all the way from concept!

  • O’s Fan91

    Hands on video or it didn't happen...

  • Ju

    No wireless charging (Qi) ?

    • Anfronie

      Oh yeah that would be a big drawback for me if it didn't have that :/

  • Joshua Hill

    'the GWAR could be at a dimensional disadvantage' or an advantage if like me you think the recent moto 360 photos have it looking too big on the average persons wrist.

    • kashtrey

      Honestly, this thing takes up about just as much space on the average person's wrist as the 360.

      • Joshua Hill

        Honestly??? This is all speculation at the moment. Until an individual can go to a store and actually try these watches on there own wrists its all personal speculation, not sure of the need for the word honestly in such a discussion?

        I'm not sure how I could have been any clearer in my op. Based on recent photos imo the GWAR looks smaller on peoples wrists than the 360. You are more than welcome to have a different opinion, after all its all just speculation at the moment. Still not sure where honesty comes in to such a discussion though.

        • kashtrey

          Geez, you're reading way too much in to a single word. Sorry to have offended your honor, it honestly wasn't my intent.

          • Joshua Hill

            You didn't offend me. I did find it an odd choice of word. Your terrible use of satire is far more offending :p

        • http://www.martian-imperium.com/ Lokifish Marz

          If the images are accurate and the screen size is known, the size can be determined within a couple mm. Based on the stated 1.3in/33mm display size and using the first image, it is an @43mm wide case. This makes it @2mm smaller than the 360 width wise but longer length wise.

          • Joshua Hill

            You're basing this analysis on renders!

            Also as far as I knew the Moto 360 size has not been officially announced. I've seen rumours of up to 47mm.

            10mm width for both bezels. The bezels combined are 30% of the screen size?!? They don't look that big to me, not sure how you came by those figures?

          • http://www.martian-imperium.com/ Lokifish Marz

            The screen is 33m in diameter. This can give a ratio of the overall diameter. From that, an overall size can be estimated. This come to @43mm. If 43mm then the bezel/case is 5mm on each side. Such a bezel width is very typical in a design such. So all together;

            LG- 43 x 50-52 x ?? (estimated and including lugs)
            Moto 360- 45 x 45 x 10.1mm, 59.5g, IP67 (source: Best Buy leak)

            Now none of this is valid if both LG and Best Buy are trolling everybody.

          • Joshua Hill

            I assumed you'd counted pixels, made the appropriate depth of field adjustments, accounted for non perpendicular viewing, parallax error, e.t.c. (that's assuming the LG pictures are an accurate representation). As I said the bezels don't look like they take up 30% of the space that the screen occupies which 10mm/33m equates too, give or take a percentage, so saying a standard bezel is 5mm and then providing no source to substantiate such a statement is not going to sway my opinion at the moment when what my eyes have observed says otherwise.

            It is possible that the Best Buy leak is inaccurate without them trolling everybody!

          • http://www.martian-imperium.com/ Lokifish Marz

            It's not just the "bezel" but the case as well. It is clear in all the images that the case extends beyond the out diameter of the "bezel". As far as not providing reference. How about this;

            In almost every instance the bezel on the sports watches is 10mm larger in diameter than the crystal.

            I also know a little bit about smartwatches which helps. Been repairing, deving on and in some cases, design changes for OEMs for over a year now, all Android based.

          • Joshua Hill

            Until I can actually try both watches on MY wrist I won't know for sure but the LG watch looks like it would look smaller on my wrist than the Moto 360 based on its more recent leaks. Note both then and in my original OP I said 'looks' and 'looking'. It is possible for two devices that take up exactly the same area on a wrist to look different sizes!

  • philosopher_Mk

    Its official , LG is better at design then Samsung.

    Great job LG.

    • https://twitter.com/Caneschii Guilherme Caneschi

      That's not really difficult y'know.. Samsung is a beast on destroy every product with its design.

  • eriksean

    Yawn..One-style-fits-all? Smaller screen size just to say its a perfect circle?? I once ventured to the LG side of the smartphone world and could not wait to get back to Motorola after my LG OG died after a 1ft fall in a parking lot

  • Duncan_J

    at 33mm just for the screen that thing is going to be bigger then the Moto360 at (I believe) 4.2mm total. Incorporating the diving marks as a "design" feature common to some watches to hide the circuitry Moto has put tat the bottom is a good idea but substantially increased the size of the watch. However in a world without the 360 I would buy this

  • John Doe

    "The LG G Watch R is the world’s first watch-style wearable device to feature a circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display and utilizes 100 percent of its watch face"

    I am confused so does it have a bezel or not!?

  • KijBeta

    More style choices are great, still waiting for a circular stainless steel version that will look good wearing a T-shirt and with an (informal) suit.

  • JG

    I do like the whole full circle design.... Though it's not an uber-deal breaker...

    The two main issues having to decide between the LG or Moto watch will be how well the display handles direct sun light and how well the battery lasts. If Moto could add in their active display, so the watch face is only on when you have your arm up to look at it, rather than running 24/7 (or well 24/2)...

  • billpittser

    Have fun swipping through screens since the watch face is not flat. Has a divit may not be a big deal to some but I think it would get annoying.

  • dirtyid

    Looks good, but are there actual pictures of the physical device? All the model shots looks rendered and photoshopped. A little suspicious the screen can simulate material to the presented level of fidelity. Moto360 works because it doesn't pretend to be anything but a screen on a strap. I hope they'll be simulating live reflections and shadows with gyroscope like the iOS volume knob.

    • http://www.snaky360.com/ Sébastien Laoût

      The reflections and shadows would be nice!
      But I doubt they thought of it... yet made the development to test that... yet found it realistic and beautiful enough to keep it...

  • blassKriss

    Looks pefect!

  • bat0nas

    Still no GPS.. :(

    • ChrisM40

      The have GPS, its on the phone! They dont need separate GPS.

      • bat0nas

        If it's on a phone, then those watches still can't be used as sports watch replacement.

        • ChrisM40

          They arent supposed to be. They don't do much without the phone.

        • Matthew Merkle

          GPS on a watch would absolutely WRECK the battery life. You better hope your little jog around town doesn't last a half hour.

  • ChrisM40

    Looks SO much better than the dated 360 design.

  • someone755

    This actually looks better than the 360.

  • Eik Woldach

    299€ in Europe. now lets see the price-tag for the 360.

    • Gerjannn

      Please tell us where you got that from.

      • Eik Woldach

        LG Germany.

  • IronBlood

    As a fan of the band GWAR I like the name of the watch

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Huh. That's much more attractive than everyone feared. I'll wait to see what happens with the 360, and what we eventually learn about battery life comparisons and other factors, but this is much more tempting than I anticipated.

  • Lukas Hetzenecker

    i don't know where they got their information, but an austrian newsportal reports it'll cost 200 euros.

    source: http://futurezone.at/produkte/lg-zeigt-erstmals-runde-android-smartwatch-g-watch-r/82.551.007

    • Guest

      i asked them, i'll keep you updated ;)

  • Lukas Hetzenecker

    i don't know where they got their information, but an austrian newsportal reports it'll cost 299 euros.

    source: http://futurezone.at/produkte/...

    • Lukas Hetzenecker

      i asked them, i'll keep you updated ;)

    • Lukas Hetzenecker

      source is LG Germany

  • hocestquisumus

    Is that a watch face or actual mechanical hands?

    • GJV

      It's a screen. Kind of the point of the whole thing.

      • hocestquisumus

        Though so but it looks ultra realistic. Also, there are (very expensive) smartwatches with mechanics inside and a semi transparent screen instead of the usual glass. Can't do Android Wear, though. Just selected notifications.

  • YoSmokinMan

    I wish I had a use for it. It doesn't matter what time it is. It's sleep time or beer time.

  • dojd

    Seems like "bezel" can kill swipe gestures. How to use Android Wear™ without swiping? Only by voice?

  • surethom

    Very nice looking & looks thinner than the Moto 360 But the battery seems way too low, a smartwatch Needs at lest a day & a half use before a recharge.

  • BozzyB

    "...and utilizes 100 percent of its watch face" - good job LG

  • Cristiano Allan

    For me looks like a cheap watch not even a thief would like to stole, so I prefer Moto 360 premium look...

  • Luís Pinto

    What about the charging system? Will it be the rusty pins again? I really think this one is very nice looking though. Can't wait to see what Asus will offer at IFA too.

  • Juhani

    There's a launch price announced as 299e in the German press release:

  • http://dribbble.com/nickchamberlin Nick Chamberlin

    Lol that's hideous, the 360 looks so much better. Amazed people are so into this. Looks like something you would get from Walmart.

    • King Lo

      That is kinda the point. It just looks like a regular old Timex watch.

      • GJV

        Yup, not all of us want to advertise our geekiness to the world.

  • Morten

    I wonder what it will look like in reality... not getting a good idea from these renders.

  • Caio Gama

    just need it

  • h4rr4r

    What exactly is the market for these?
    Who wears a watch?

    • Matthew Merkle

      I didn't wear a watch until I got my pebble. Now I wear it every day. Great for avoiding the constant checking of my phone, as well as enhanced security (my phone locks if out of range of my watch).

  • schlanz

    is the outside ring (with the lines and numbers) not paet of the display? that kills it a bit for me. I don't want to see that when I'm not looking at an analog clock.

  • GJV

    Good lord, it actually looks . . . good!? The lugs are the key.

  • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

    I don't mind the SIZE of the "bezel" but the fact that it has lines and numbers printed on it...that's going to clash with differently styled digital faces.

    The worst is this awful photoshop job: http://cdn.androidpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/nexus2cee_LG-G-Watch-R-01_thumb.jpg

    The digital face and the "bevel" don't even line up!

  • Nelson Siegel

    What does the "DE" on the bezel mean?

    • Bluewall

      Lol, it's 30 :D

  • gspida

    This is f#@$*%! awesome!!!!! I love that bezel, the way it con-caves to the display damn LG

  • jesuguru

    Just curious, why this and other recent smartwatches aren't including cameras like some other earlier ones. Only occasionally useful, but still.

  • companyemails

    To the author, what you refer to as the "the outer band of second tick-marks" is called a Chapter Ring. Chapter rings can be printed on the dial or, as is the case with this watch, on a physical angled ring on the outer edge of the dial that is called a Rehaute. Collectors often erroneously also refer to rehautes as Bezels.

  • http://batman-news.com Greg Lamoree

    LG... This is your chance to put Motorola in the ground. Do your launch right. In other words everything the opposite of what Motorola has done.telling me I won a free one and then stivking their toungue out and taking it away.

  • Tyler Shaw

    I spend too much money on the newest phones. I'm not about to make that mistake with the smart watches. Therefore, I will only go with this watch if its considerably cheaper than the 360.

  • hyperbolic

    A watch I'd definitely buy.

  • WhyWai

    wow, finally a smart watch that looks like an actual watch. interesting.