Google's official Glassware selection has a new member today - Pandora. As Carl Edwards explains in a post to the official Pandora blog, the addition of Pandora to the Glassware page of Google's MyGlass interface is the result of Pandora's semi-annual 72-hour hackathon. "It was such a hit," the blog says, "that we decided to show it to Google."

In keeping with Google's UX vision for Glass, the Pandora app is exceedingly simple. Users simply start up a station by indicating a song, artist, or existing station name, and listen. Of course users can also "thumb-up" or "thumb-down" tracks as needed.

8-27-2014 12-54-33 PM

Those with Glass and a yearning for Pandora's predictive playback prowess need only head over to MyGlass and hit the switch to "get the party started." Check out the official announcements from Pandora and Google Glass linked below.

Source: Google Glass, Pandora

Liam Spradlin
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  • firesoul453

    Not bad to have as an option

  • jay555

    Great so now they have a glass version of their app. Maybe one day they'll finally decide to update the UI of their phone app so that it actually follows Android's standards instead of iOS.

    • Martin

      What's wrong with the UI right now? Looks great, works great.. People always complain...

      • Ryan

        Still no notification controls.

        • Martin

          Agree :-)

        • Andrew

          I believe there's an Xposed module that will enable notification controls on Pandora.

  • HellG

    yay, now the 5 people who are still using google glass daily has a total of 3 apps to download! /s

  • Alex Espinosa

    Hopefully Pandora updates their app with material design