When you perform a Google search and an answer appears alongside the list of results, this tidbit of goodness comes thanks to the company's Knowledge Graph. It provides much of the brainpower for Google Now, pulling down information from a variety of sources such as the CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia. The thing is, Google thinks it's still too dumb, so the search giant has already started working on something better. Unlike its predecessor, "Knowledge Vault," as this newer project is called, doesn't rely on humans to explicitly teach it answers. It is smart enough to search them out and find them on its own.

Knowledge Vault automatically gathers information from across the Internet using bots and interprets the results to build a base of facts. It has already put together over a billion of them, with nearly 300 million considered "confident facts" with over a 90 percent chance of being true. These numbers aren't high enough to guarantee it high marks on a college exam, but it's impressive nonetheless.

This could result in an improved Google Now experience. Instead of asking the service simple questions - such as, "What is the weather?" - you would theoretically be able to ask it something more complex, like "Why is the weather like this in my area?"

In other news, Google Now will continue to get smarter, but it's only serving as a stepping stone for the day that robots inevitably rule us all.


Company researchers will present a paper on the topic next week in New York. Until then, you can check out Google's technical presentation slides on the matter at the source link below.

Via New Scientist

Source: Google presentation

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  • lulz_deliver

    We've hearing this since years ago... yet Google Now still sucks, specially outside USA.

    • Matthew Fry

      Well this should allow it to teach itself other languages.

    • John McNichol

      Maybe google will now become self aware that it sucks and improve.

      • lulz_deliver

        Hahahaha, brilliant.

    • cunt_destroyer

      Maybe outside the USA, but in the USA it has been super useful to me.

    • greatestNothing

      *especially or specifically

      • lulz_deliver


    • David Heaney


      Google Now is far superior to Siri and Cortana. It may "suck" compared to Samantha from 'Her', but there's nothing out there better.

  • Zombie

    APK please

    • raph

      oh, man, this cracked me!

    • Michael J Carroll

      I want the Android L apk pls.

      • ash

        Yes sure, google.com take this apk

    • Adrien Assadian

      Soon backanswer !!

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  • Carlos Rodríguez

    Do you want Skynet? Because that's how you get Skynet!

    • Pierre Gardin

      The same cliché, lame, uninformed Skynet comments don't have to pop up anytime grown ups are talking about advances in AI.

      • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

        Because we have to be serious 100% of the time to keep it unaware of our knowledge that it exists >_>

  • Rogério Pimentel

    Skynet much?

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      Unoriginal much?

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          Even more unoriginal...

  • Blake

    Looks like Kevin like's to name his files after himself.

  • Kevin Kraft

    I like the filename of the slides.

    • Ryan

      Wow. You would.

  • EH101

    They should make it take the SAT, just for fun.

    • Irinel Loghin

      So it can embarrass 90% of us population, by getting a DECENT score ?

      • EH101

        Yeah, pretty much. Lol.

  • Nicolas Costa

    *cough* DeepMind *cough*

  • AbbyZFresh

    Skynet is here

  • Ixil

    I don't think this feature will remain in CM. I could see frivolous lawsuits and penalties getting the best of them.

    • Ixil

      I'm also an idiot for posting on the wrong discussion

      • Melad360

        I actually lold at this haha

  • black

    Scary stuff.

    You: "Why am I fat?"
    Google: "Your are not fat, you are obese."
    You: [starts crying]

    • Greyhame

      I laughed out loud.

  • Ishmeet kalra

    How about minimizing the wakelocks and battery drain by Google now? I notice up to 50-60% increase in my battery life just by turning off Google now

    • 0A05

      I think it's Google Now's "Ok Google" detection on any screen...At least when I activated battery usage by Google know increased a lot!! well I think it is obvious that having your mic on every time you turn on your phone's screen would increase battery drain...

      • Ishmeet kalra

        That is an obvious fact.
        But try with both Google now enabled and disabled and check the difference in battery life.
        Checking BBS dump, it shows a large amount of wakelocks by Google play services which held wakelocks to sync Google now data with knowledge graph

  • http://mekakiwi.blogspot.com.br/ ED-Zが現れた!

    How much to get self aware and wipe us, insignificant humans?

  • George Holleway

    Can't help but remember Google's recent Deep Mind Technologies and Jetpac acquisitions. Deep mind in January this year and Jetpac just a few days ago. Both AI companies

  • Rob

    There are two sides to the "Advanced AI" coin. Heads you get LCARS from Star Trek and Tails you get SKYNET from Terminator. My money is on LCARS. :)

  • frafri

    is SIRI better than Google Now ? some friends say SIRI is more natural, like an assistant .

  • Elliot Kotis

    Please oh please be out with android L or the nexus major release!