Yes, @evleaks has officially retired from leaking gadgets, but it appears Mr. Blass had one more treat for the tech community - images that appear to show the Moto X+1 in two variants, both emblazoned with Verizon logos. One is all-black, while the other sports a white front and a wooden back.


The images seem to match up with the images we previously leaked of what we believe to be the X+1, including the unique flash arrangement and somewhat confusing Motorola logo stamped into the back of the device. Around front, the front-facing speaker arrangement appears to match, and the home screen isn't too surprising, sporting Moto's minimalist skin. The white phone pictured has four gray dots that one may assume represent sensors. We didn't see these dots in our original leak, but the images given to us were hardly comparable to a well-lit press render.

Interestingly, the date on the clock widget reads September 17. Whether that means anything for the new device's release schedule can only be speculated.

With Motorola's press event coming up on September 4th, we can expect to hear something more official about the next Moto X soon (along with the Moto G, the 360, and some kind of headset).

Source: @evleaks

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • noel kait

    Front facing speakers??

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    If this launches as a Verizon exclusive, even timed, I will hurt someone.

  • http://about.me/barrae Maximiliano Barra E.


    • StraightEdgeNexus

      Partly agreed, Moto X looked better, but its not fugly.

  • Don Gray

    Alright, what's with the message icon?

    • abqnm

      I assume you are referring to the dock next to the camera? That is the Verizon Messaging app. It is Verizon's SMS app that can be linked to other devices like tablets or your Verizon online account so you can send and receive SMS from other devices. Verizon has been pushing this for years.

      • Matt

        How can you be sure it's a Verizon device? I only see one Verizon logo slapped on it in a prominent location. Without at least 3, I have no idea what carrier I'm with.

        • abqnm

          Oh don't worry. They still have plenty of time to add more logos.

        • Bob G

          No 4G LTE giant logo on the back either. FAKE!

          • infiniteh

            Plot twist. It's a 3G only phone. :O

        • TheScientists

          Slapping that goddamned VZ logo on a premium wood back is the epitome of sin.

      • simp1istic

        If you want to text from something other than your phone, Verizon is like the worst way to do so.

        • scastro87

          Verizon messages works fine for me so I can text from my tablet.. And I think they've been setting it as the default messaging app.

          • simp1istic

            I mean sure it works, do you really want to be beholden to a (terrible) carrier for your cross platform texting?

          • scastro87

            Verizon is expensive, but I still have unlimited data so it works fine for me. I'm not beholden to their service, but I do have Verizon so why not use a service that works for me?

          • simp1istic

            You're totally free to do whatever you want, there's just no way I'd let Verizon be the holder and gatekeeper of you text messages. What if you want to text from a browser or an iPad?

          • scastro87

            Verizon Messages works on browsers and iPads, so I could also use it there. I prefer to use Mightytext on my computer, but I've used Verizon Messages in the past and had no issues.

    • thinkaliker

      IIRC, that's the Verizon messaging app

    • PG

      It's the Verizon messages app

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Also, does the complete lack of a skin count as a minimalist skin?

    • skillfulshoe

      Still not stock android. It has a skin although it is really close to stock, hence the minimalist skin statement.

      • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

        I don't think we're using the word "skin" the same way. What alterations did they make to the visual assets of stock Android that I'm not aware of? Adding apps and system-level functions doesn't constitute a skin. I suppose one could argue that their camera looking different, for instance, is a skin, but as you can still install the Google Camera on the phone, at the end of the day that makes their camera merely a different app, not a skin.

        Changing the UI to their own unique appearance is a skin.

        • invinciblegod

          But by that definition, CM is also almost not a skin because it's UI is basically the same as stock android. It does not update new textures or completely change visual elements, yet it changes many parts of the framework.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Correct. CyanogenMod is NOT a skin. It's a custom ROM. It contains skinned elements and theming options, but to call it a skin is an insult to it and a bastardization of language. WinAmp has skins. Changing how an OS functions fundamentally is not skinning it.

          • invinciblegod

            So that means touchwiz is also not a skin?

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            That one's tricky. Most of the massive changes Samsung makes to their phone aren't necessarily kept under the umbrella of TouchWiz, unlike, say, Sense from HTC. So TouchWiz's primary elements are pretty much skinned components. But that's a tricky line that I'm not sure anyone can clearly define. It's definitely a heavy skin. It's just that a skin isn't ALL that TouchWiz is. It's also massive framework changes and other factors. At the end of the day we can say that Samsung phones are heavily skinned without necessarily having to define TouchWiz, itself, AS a skin.

          • invinciblegod

            So based on your definition, software changes by the manufacturer do not mean it is a skin, but the part of the software that changes the look is a skin even if it doesn't have a marketing name. As such, CM themes are skins while CM itself is a framework. Touchwiz encompasses both a skin and a framework. Sense is the same as touchwiz. Motorola has a framework but has no skin. Miui is pretty much just a skin since it doesn't seem to have any proprietary features that I can think of.

          • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

            Pretty good restatement, yes.

          • Hi

            No, touchwiz changes how things look, so it is a skin.

  • ralph raid

    Moto X+1!

    What is wrong with the name Moto X2?

    • http://flavors.me/vgehrke Patrick Bateman

      Moto >G2<, that's what.

    • mustbepbs

      Because the Motorola Droid X2 was an awful device.

      • Cory S

        Droid X wasn't much better, they started their bootloader locking era with it.

        • bob

          The Droid X was awesome! They found a way around the locked bootloader.

          The Droid X just got CM11 the other day....

    • black

      They're building an equation. Wait for it. It's gonna be awesome.

      Moto^2 = (X+1)^2 + (Y+1)^2

  • http://about.me/cesarcardoso Cesar Cardoso

    Moto E as a new design staple for Motorola?

  • Brett Besa

    Camera looks like crap. So sad. Moto forgot to keep it simple. Front looks good though.

    • abqnm

      What is wrong with the camera?

    • Brandon Smith

      That's a light ring. It's a superior flash system that is used by legitimate photographers.

      • EH101

        As far as I've been able to tell in these and other pictures, that's not really a light ring. It's simply a camera with one led flash on the left and another on the right; the ring itself is just a piece of bezel for aesthetic purposes. Of course, we won't know for sure until someone gets some hands on time.

  • vyktorsouza


  • http://www.twitter.com/italofigueired Italo F.

    Very Ugly, but I want it.

    • http://usamaisawake.wordpress.com usamaisawake

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It's just wider than the X but still, doesn't look becoming of a flagship for some reason.

  • Guest

    If it has the same "Active" features of the original, I'm in!

  • Kazutaka Muraki

    September 17, a man can dream...
    I would love to have it...

  • remister

    Nexus where are you?

    • Quint

      Hey, aren't you going to wait and greet the Great Nexus? Huh? It
      won't be long now. If the Great Nexus comes, I'll still put in a good
      word for you!

      Good grief! I said "if"! I meant, "when" he comes!

      I'm doomed. One little slip like that could cause the Great Nexus to pass you by.

      Oh, Great Nexus, where are you?

  • Dave Whyte

    Man that is ugly. I've been holding out on this for a while. Now I'm regretting it.

    • http://usamaisawake.wordpress.com usamaisawake

      Functionally it'll hopefully be the same if not better than the original X. But yeah, put a case on that.

    • invinciblegod

      Well, now at least you can wait for the new Nexus 6, a cheaper htc one, a windows phone version of htc one, the upcoming note, or various other phones that are coming out in the near future!

    • dude

      Why would you regret it, whatever phone you device to buy before the Moto X+1, just buy it now, otherwise you have to keep waiting for something else in the future, which mean you'll have to wait longer than for the X+1. You make no sense.

      • Dave Whyte

        Whatever phone you device to buy? This guy is saying I make no sense.... No I'm waiting patiently for a phone that I feel will be good enough to replace the phone I have right now as I am still very satisfied with the phone I currently own. So thanks for trying to make whatever sense you were trying to but I will continue to wait until I find a phone worthy enough to replace mine!

  • Mike Gonzalez

    the back is hideous! the current Moto X looks 100x nicer

    • Pootis Man

      So your not going to buy the phone just because of the back?

      • Doakie

        I don't think it looks bad either.

    • whispy_snippet

      This is the same thing I thought when I saw this image. It's very ugly.

    • Captain Canada

      It's unfortunate, the dimpled Moto logo on the X looked cool. I also don't like that the screen is so much bigger, I thought they'd keep a 4.7 inch flagship type phone around to directly compete with the rumoured iPhone 6. The front facing speakers are very welcome though, I think the original was pleasantly minimal which is what made it so likeable. Am I the only person who feels buying this year is like shooting myself in the foot knowing the real next gen (64-bit) Androids will only be released next year? I mean for the most part Apple used the 64-bit thing as a marketing tool but doesn't it hurt knowing L will have complete support for it and no flagships to take advantage?

      • Stoffers

        I just buy a phone every year and stay up to date. The Nexus 5 still pretty much has flagship specs as the 801 is a minor spec bump, and most phones still only have 2GB RAM.
        I look forward to this supposed 5.9" Nexus, though I'll buy whatever they offer and sell this off, it costs me like $200 a year to upgrade, and I only pay $30 a month with T-Mo, so I'm ahead of where I was when I had Verizon.

    • Nima

      Who cares. I would take anything with near stock Android and a decent battery life.

  • HellG

    I know i will get a lot of heat for this, but this is as ugly as hell....

    • Fernando Pena


    • mustbepbs

      Agreed. It has made me reconsider my interest unfortunately. It just looks ugly. I hated the design of the Moto E, and here it is again back for revenge.

    • Tinmantinman

      I agree . How can people who designed the awesome moto 360 and moto X design this crap.

      • Kelli Steven


        ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ �☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗

      • someone755

        My guess is that they wanted sort of the same touches to the design, so they had to stretch the X's design. End result is not what anyone wanted.
        Add to that the weird speakers (I'd rather have one good looking than any bad looking ones) and the Verizon logo.

        Moto, you were meant to save the Androids, not join them!

      • Malcolm Williams

        It looks tons better in person. Trust me on that

        • Brian Koppe

          I really hope you're right. I thought the Nexus 5 was kind of ugly when I first saw renders, but when I saw it in person I was surprised by how much I liked it. I hope the same will prove true for this phone.

          • Malcolm Williams

            I work at the merchandise mart. One thing I can say is that Motorola is pretty poor at keeping their phones (yep more than one) a secret.

            They just whip it out without any regard to eagle eyed viewers which is fine because I see the phones up close.

            But yea it looks cramped in these images

          • Matt

            Any hints on a release date? Does it look like they're prepping to have it on store shelves the day after this announcement or that September 25 date touted for the Verizon release?

          • Malcolm Williams

            I can ask...I know a few people on floors 16-19 (motorola hq) to see if they're starting to aggressively ramp up with this.

            It's the best I can do though...but I would imagine the rampup would be sooner than 9/25

          • Matt

            Yes, please:)

          • someone755

            Wow, you're my opposite. I thought the N5 looks awesome on the renders, but then I got one in my hands and no. Ew.

        • n_a_v

          Pics or it didn't happen

          • Malcolm Williams

            I wish I could...if I catch another person at the merchandise mart with it I'll take a shot. the only pic I have is a dev device snapped at the merchandise mart gym where you can't make it out...so...there's that

    • Ramiro Fernandez

      Moto have been building so much good karma recently that I was seriously considering buying this phone, until I started hearing things about it.
      Every single thing I've seen about this phone disappoints me, to the point that I will probably just get a Moto X and be done with it (I just wish the X had better battery life)

      • tintin.92

        I was under the impression that the Moto X had excellent battery life, considering the size of its battery...

        • Ramiro Fernandez

          Battery comparisons put the Moto X below average. I have a Moto G and the battery life on this thing is absolutely excellent. It's disappointing that their flagship device has such a huge step down in this regard.

    • senor_heisenberg

      I think the black looks good, but it looks ugly in white. The metal band around the phone doesn't help it either.

      The original moto x definitely looks better.

    • rjyanj

      If it's functional, it'll do.

    • http://flavors.me/vgehrke Patrick Bateman

      Waitaminute, now that you say, the black one doesn't have kevlar-like texture as the current X. That sucks. Hope the default one isn't this boring matte one.

    • Jaromir KM Bracki

      It definitely looks like Moto E on steroids. As long as specs are superb, I am willing to overlook this little design incident.

    • sivkai

      Nope, I think you'll find that many people agree with you. Including myself. It's hideous.

    • Gunther

      Um, its basically the exact same phone. Sigh, you anal people sometimes ruin things for the rest of us Android enthusiasts.

    • jojones88

      The original X leaks didn't look too hot. I thought it was ugly as hell until I actually held one. I hope that dimple is a little more recessed than how it looks.

    • Deeco

      Moto, You unexpectedly disappointed me badly!!

  • http://www.pytt.nl Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    What are those 4 dots on the front (see the white one)

    • Mike Gonzalez

      hopefully they not trying to pull an Amazon Fire lol

      • dude

        What the hell are you talking about. It's going to run stock Android with Motorola suite, you know that.

    • Bob G


    • ddpacino

      There's only 3 unexplained dots. 3 of the 4 along the top are cam, light & proximity sensors. My assumption is that at least the two on the bottom are dual mics.

  • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert

    The white one really reminds me of a Samsung device.

    • dude

      Yeah except for the fucking Touchwiz, Knox, shit build quality and overpriced, yeah it does look similar.

      • Qoigord

        You really hate Samsung don't you?

  • http://usamaisawake.wordpress.com usamaisawake

    two microphones on the bottom lip's sides and a speaker in the middle? one can hope

  • Andrew Loiacono

    I for one like the look of the back

  • Pootis Man

    Wow nice!

  • Cuvis

    It looks like the inset logo will match the edging. I like that idea; it adds a little color to the back.

    Dying to get my hands on one!

  • http://sp4rkr4t.me.uk/ Michael Sheils

    Interesting a definitely on my to consider list but I'm still waiting for the Moto Nexus 6.

  • http://www.pytt.nl Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    11:35 again?

  • ddd

    "phone pictured has four gray dots that one may assume represent speakers" - one of the 4 dots is a speaker??? whaa?

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Whoops. That's a major typo on my part, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    If only T-Mobile would make a variant with their WiFi calling...

  • Doakie

    I guess I have bad taste in what electronics look good. Looks fine to me! I want one! Note 3 is already on Craigslist!

    • tim242

      Note 3, to this? Ummm OK.

      • dude

        At least he's smarter than you and stop using a piece of turd.

        • tim242

          You have no idea what I'm using. A piece of turd? What are you, 12?

          • dude

            I was referring to his device that he's about to drop. Anything with Touchwiz is a turd in my book. I just had to install CM for someone's Galaxy Mega because it's still stuck on Jelly Bean and wasn't compatible with Samsung's own Galaxy Gear watch. This is coming from some who owned and use many Galaxy devices up till the S5.

          • Serotheo

            Just because its a Note 3 doesn't mean it has Touchwiz on it.. I'm using a Note 3 as well but I have CM on mine.

  • Henrique Persechini

    Well, they have to make one crappy looking phone to be able to claim an improoved and more appealing design next year, right?

    • dude

      I don't think everyone agree with you. But yeah I think the back button is hideous, for the rest its okay.

  • Stanley C.

    how about the specs? any news?

  • ehTuBrutus

    Looks OK to me. The black one I like better as you dont see all the sensors

    • J_Pod

      I agree, it looks pretty much like the original moto X to me. What makes this one so much more ugly than the original?

      • Qoigord

        The rear and the hideous front facing speakers not to mention the pimples... sorry sensors.

  • liam

    Oh my stars and garters! I do believe there's drama in the air. So many sensitive men whose eyes have been blasted by the hideous spectacle of the moto! I mean, look! It has a back! ... AND a front! What were they thinking?!!!!

  • Tony Byatt

    The only issue that bothers me are the front speaker grills...

    I wish they went with more for a HTC look for the speaker grills...

    • dude

      You'll like it when it's loud and audible.

  • nxtiak

    It's too wide like the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 is narrower and taller.

    • rxbot

      Agree. Was thinking it looked a little fat.

      • dude

        Good, I don't want thin long phones like the HTC One.

        • rxbot

          Meh, either way it makes it harder to hit the settings or notifications using one hand. Its either too high or too far. Should have left the size be. Way to throw away all that research they did with hand sizes they went on about when they introduced the original.

          • dude

            They aren't dumb, its still the same designers, its a 5.2". Not a 5.5 or Note. I still have hope for it. They really don't have a choice, if it was a 4.7 or 4.8" no one will buy it except for a selected few, just have to go with the trend. I am using the OnePlus now do going back to 5.2 without capacitive buttons will be refreshing. I have hope in then because there really isn't anything else right now with manageable size and flagship spec, and I don't want an Xperia Compact.

          • rxbot

            I thought people didn't want it because "needz MOAR corez" not size? I didn't call them dumb I'm just saying they did this research about how the X was the perfect size and then threw that out. Also, the next iPhone is reported to be 4.7. Maybe there is something there. Funny you should mention Xperia Compact. I keep thinking of pulling the trigger on this. It is on ebay all the time for $399.

          • krudl3rx

            The biggest problem is with the smaller bottom bezel. That needs to be the bigger so when you hold it with one hand your pinky finger goes under and then you can more easily reach with your thumb.

          • rxbot

            Hmm. Looked at it on the computer and it doesn't seem as bad as it did on the mobile site. I guess we shall see.

  • dude

    Since no one mentioned this, I'd like to thank Evan Blass for his hard work and hour the best for his health in the future, it'll be tough for him.

    Also I don't give a shit if you don't like the way it look. The Moto X was the only phone that have real practical features that enhance my life, nothing have chime close to it in term of useful for something who actually commute and get outside of the house.

  • paztine

    this phone will be DOA if they made it exclusive to verizon..or Verizon will be the first..

    • MeCampbell30

      That's the entire point of the Droid line.

      • noone

        I thought there wasn't going to be anymore droids, because Disney isn't going to renew licensing after they bought LucasFilms. I wonder what they will call them.

    • dude

      It's not going to be a Verizon exclusive. This is going to be a world phone, you're supposed to know that.

  • miri

    Black one's not half bad but the white one's a little busy. Still satisfied with my X.

  • J Flores

    I hope they pull off a surprise, last-minute design change at launch:

    "Here folks, we didn't really butcher the design! It just looks exactly like the Moto X, but bigger! There's your dimple and all that sh*t!" But I must admit, that camera design, I can live with that.

    • http://ericravenscraft.kinja.com/ Eric Ravenscraft

      I wonder how much actual butchers hate it when people use the term "butcher" to describe "slightly changing something in a moderately displeasing way to a small group of people."

      • rxbot

        Probably the same way "____hackers" feel when someone else may call it a total effing hackjob.

    • dude

      Nope, this is probably the final design now that it's very close. I'm more concerned about the software while everyone whine over the look.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    People are insane. This looks perfectly fine. Seriously. Plenty of you will buy it anyway so get used to it.

    • sivkai

      You are insane to think people shouldn't have differing opinions to your own. It is perfectly reasonable to say this looks ugly: front speaker and microphone is hideously stretched out and is an eye sore, and the back dimple looks really tacky. Anyway, the comments speak for themselves, a lot of people hate the design.

  • On the fence

    Not sure but that might be Moto G2 instead of the Moto X+1, both are being announced the same day.

    • dude

      Moto G generally don't get wood back. And that camera with dual flash.

  • LUkr

    Im waiting for the next nexus!!! Not moto x+1! When it will be comes out?!

  • foghorn67

    Hey look HTC, you can make front firing speakers without a big chin and forehead,

  • William Xiao

    It looks... fat... No more 5+ inch phones, please :(

  • http://lavidaeninternet.net Ademir Carrizales Mesías

    "If you like it then you better put a case on it".

  • Brian Lippman

    Can we not complain about logos when it's just ONE on the BACK of the phone? What percentage of the time will you even see it? Just be glad it's not plastered on it in 5 different places and in the status bar.

    The bigger concern is it looks like they put the VZW Messenger app where the stock Messenger app goes. Please, God, tell me no one is actually using that.

    Also, the visibility of the sensor dots on the white version is just another reason why black devices are the best. Never have to see those things!

    • dude

      Yeah but the whole point is to show off your nice wood back, which is ruined by the logo.

      • Brian Lippman

        Yea, I can barely tell it's wood underneath that logo...

  • Ricardo

    Man I must have poor taste. I like the X+1's design more than the Moto X's.

    • dude

      Nope, you're fine. It's just a more manly / industrial look to it, compared to others feminine design.

  • giant22000

    Wow, I just don't see how everyone is saying this phone is ugly... Good job Moto!

  • Xyor

    I hope this shit anit real, it's ugly as fuck

  • Joris Griffioen

    These are very obviously renders, perhaps the real thing will look better. I remember the HTC One X didn't look particularly good in the first head-on shots, but turned out to be a beautiful phone.

  • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

    Uglier than Galaxies ...

    • dude

      That is not possible, have you ever disassemble a Galaxy device? If you do you'll realize how cheap they are.

  • http://profissaofotografo.com Fabiano M. Braga

    I realy like this gadget! Very nice!

  • Ricardo Carvalhosa

    Man, there's allot of sensitive people on here!

    I personally think the design is fine, and it's pretty close to the original Moto X. You guys are seriously getting your panties in a bunch over the phone being wider/fatter and with more front sensors showing (or not, on the actual device)?

    I'm actually worried that moving to a 5.2'' screen will make my phone choice feel puny - I'm using a OnePlus One at the moment - but everything else about the X+1 is damn right appealing!

  • brunodmjr

    Where is the small bezels of moto X? :P Why not a 4.7 inches phone? :(

    • dude

      They have to play to the crowd, if they stick with 4.7" only a few people will buy it. Even I think 4.7" is too small now. It's possible to make phones bigger and still usable with one hand. I prefer 5" over 5.2" though.

      • FritoDorito

        "...if they stick with 4.7" only a few people will buy it."

        That's baseless speculation based on your own personal preference. iPhones have drastically smaller screens and they still sell quite well. I would bet anything there are far more people who think the Galaxy S5 is too big than there are people who think the Moto X or the iPhone are too small.

        • dude

          No. I disagree very much. Lots of people with iPhone want a bigger screen, it's why Apple response with a 4.7" and 5.5" device now. The main reason for Apple and Samsung success is marketing. People will buy Apple regardless of screen size.

          You can deny this, but the Moto X is not a successful phone at all. It did not sell to expectation. While phones that had worse design and features to offer sell more, because they had more marketing presence and play to the trend (big screen, latest specs and a hell of a lot of marketing).

          In term of ergonomics, I switch phones a couple times a year, if not more. I use the Moto X but also the OnePlus, which I thought would be unmanageable, but it turn out to be very usable. Motorola is very smart with their design and I believe they can tackle this compromise.

          • FritoDorito

            I agree that the Moto X was not nearly as successful as it was anticipated to be, but you pretty much stated why:

            "...phones that had worse design and features to offer sell more, because they had more marketing presence..."

            Marketing presence is what sells to the masses. Only a relatively small number of people generally stop to look at phones that weren't flashed in their face by a commercial or a billboard in a memorable fashion. Fewer actually know what the specs mean, and even fewer care. Since pretty much every well marketed Android phone has 5" screen or bigger, what basis is there to say that most people actually prefer big screens? That's like asking everyone to choose either cherries or grapes, and then concluding that apparently no one likes bananas.

            Notice that the Galaxy Note series is essentially better than the Galaxy S series in just about every way as well as having a bigger screen, yet the Galaxy S phones still outsell it by a good margin. If better specs and bigger screens were what truly sold these phones, the exact opposite would be true.

  • bill

    The moto logo acts as a power button in addition to a power button on the side... Just FYI...

    • youareme7

      that would be neat! what makes you say that?

  • Jason Kahn

    My first thought on seeing the white version was Galaxy S5, i think its the bottom speaker grill reminding me of the S5's home button

  • Hugh Johnson

    Wow this is really ugly

  • Stanley C.

    Looking at this Moto design make me think... The Nexus 6 will get the very same look with bigger screen...

    Are we prepared for this new look on the Nexus line? I really dont know yet...

    • dude

      Well if you aren't prepared you can always stick with older phones or get different branded phones with different design.

      • Stanley C.

        Once you get a Nexus device youll never need another device... thats the problem. U get addicted with the Nexus line :-)

  • blahblah

    did you all forget? this is what happens when Google is no longer in charge of Motorola & Lenovo takes over..

    • dude

      Actually it haven't happened yet, and the Moto X was designed by Motorola in house, it had nothing to do with Google, neither is this one. Believe it or not.

  • merman1983

    Everyone seems so concerned with the looks of the thing. The appeal of the X was never its looks and I assume we can expect some degree of customizability or at least many options. The white one does not look good to me, but the black one looks relatively standard with nice curvature and front firing speakers. If the specs stack up to the supposed VZW droid rumors and they keep to the excellent minimalist+ ROM and UI and the update support I'll be very interested indeed. As a VZW who never expects to see a Nexus he can use this has me excited (that's just me - looks are lower on my priority list than most I'm assuming).

  • Matthew Fry

    I don't really understand how a rectangular screen with bezels can be "ugly" or "beautiful." What is the ugly part?

  • duke69111

    What did Mr. Blass do that he was able to always get the inside info?

  • Mick Gasm

    I think it looks great. I love the black, bigger screen, the front-facing speakers, and am hoping to find it to be a great next step from the Moto X when I get one at launch.