A new version of Pushbullet is rolling out today that allows your clipboard to transcend the constraints of a single device. Just flip the switch, and all your devices will automatically sync clipboard content through Pushbullet. Cool, right?

You'll find the toggle for this feature in the advanced settings. The default setting is "off," so you'll need to activate it on every device with which you want to use it. While the intention is for the clipboard sync to be actually universal, it's currently limited to Android devices and Windows PCs via the desktop app. The browser extensions aren't capable of this functionality. The devs are working to implement clipboard syncing in iOS and OSX, if you have any of those devices sitting around.

The update is live in the Play Store, and it does seem to work as advertised. Clipboard content is passing between my devices in just a few seconds. As always, Pushbullet is free.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Joffrey Abeilard

    Okay, that's awesome

  • Hsanchez957

    I used EndlessJabber for a little bit then they switched over to Pro versions with a monthly sub which I was NOT a fan of. I might give Pushbullet a try. Anybody try both of em and have some opinions?

    • Booyabobby

      Pushbullet text reply works really good. Nothing fancy. I too got pissed off when EndlessJabber moved most of the features to pay only.

      • Hsanchez957

        I wouldn't have even minded if EndlessJabber had a $5 flat rate but the monthly fee is kinda ridiculous.

        • Booyabobby

          They do have a Kickstarter where you can pay $25 for 6 month subscription. If they reach their stretch goal of 5k then all $50 pledges get lifetime subs.

          • XerBlade

            For some reason my math skills aren't calling that a very good deal.

          • Booyabobby

            It not. Just throwing it out there.

          • Hsanchez957

            Yea, I wasn't a fan of that structure either. If you can offer a few people lifetime subs for $50 I'm sure they would've benefitted by just offering it for $5. Might take more people to reach the end goal but chances are people are a lot more willing to pay $5 on an app than $50.

    • CoreRooted

      I've used both. EJ is ok if you are doing a lot of texting and want to be able to see the history easily. I refuse to pay their monthly fee though. I have a feeling that PB and EvolveSMS are probably cooking up something similar.

      • Hsanchez957

        Cooking up something similar in terms of a monthly fee?

        • CoreRooted

          No, in terms of history support through the PB client. I seriously doubt PB will ever ask for money (they haven't yet, even though people are basically begging to allow us to make donations).

  • Mayoo

    Unrelated but each time I see a post about Pushbullet, I look quickly at the image. I always go crazy thinking it's something about Hangouts.

    • Stephan Reich

      I wish Google would update hangouts half as often as pushbullet. At least then we would see some progress.

  • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

    I keep thinking Pushbullet can't get any better.
    They keep proving me wrong.

  • JPB

    That's beautiful. Google, please just buy Pushbullet already!

    • David Vargas

      God and Google hear you JPB!

      • Hate to be that guy, but…

        God doesn't exist.

        • theunknown

          He does.

  • Booyabobby

    Kinda sucks that the Chrome extension doesn't support universal copy and paste but all the more reason to finally grab the windows app. Kudos guys!

  • SVem26

    How do these guys make money? I dont see a donate option anywhere. They really deserve that.


    He's so annoyed.

  • XerBlade

    When I installed the update on my phone first thing this morning, I immediately got a popup asking if I wanted to activate Universal Copy and Paste. Selecting yes did it automatically. Interestingly enough, the same did not happen when I later updated on my tablet, and I had to go into the Advanced Setting and toggle it manually. When I checked the Windows app, it had naturally updated automatically sometime during the night, and the option was already enabled. Since I had already agreed to toggle it on on my phone before I checked, I can't say for sure whether that is what enabled it on the Windows app or whether the Windows app just has it enabled by default (I kinda doubt the latter).
    If the former is true, I kinda suspect okaying that popup may have also automatically enabled it on my tablet as well if I had already had the new version on it at the time, and not having it yet is the reason that didn't work.

    • Roberto Stefanini

      nope. It's the latter. It is checked automatically on the windows app

      • XerBlade

        Good to know, although I still find that an odd design choice, all things considered.

  • Grayson

    I was about to download for this feature, but there is no OS X app, and apparently the universal copy paste isn't supported by the Chrome extension. So much for that. Pretty sure I have done this before. Every time they announce a cool new feature, somehow I would be unable to use it so I never end up downloading Pushbullet. Hasn't the OS X app been "coming soon" for quite a while now?

    • andy_o

      Even the Pushbullet guy had to install Windows on his Mac!

    • Roberto Stefanini

      The windows app is still in beta. I think they probably prioritize windows over mac. Patience brother. Patience

  • Boiledokra

    Anyone else seeing a notification of this in the pulldown that you can't dismiss? Clicking on it takes you to that settings page, but even turning it "off" doesn't work...

    • XerBlade

      Yes, I do have a persistent notification, however turning it off DOES get rid of it for me (not that I'd want to), and it's one of those hidden persistent notifications that doesn't give an icon or anything and is low priority so it appears below "real" notifications, so it really just is added to my extensive list of other such stealth-style persistent notifications from every awesome app ever, which this app was the odd man out by not being a part of it until now. It's nestled right between Pebble, which is another low priority hidden one, and Tasker, which isn't, for me at this moment.

      • Boiledokra

        Weird, mine doesn't go away when I try to disable... and from what I'm seeing, I can't disable it. Also, my dropdown's clean save for the current weather from WU. I like not having ANY notifications that I've not addressed and/or dismissed there. That's not possible as this stands, and I'd honestly uninstall over that and find other workarounds... but that's just my pref.

        • XerBlade

          I wouldn't have even noticed it for at least another week or so if I hadn't read your comment. That's how little I care about these hidden notifications, AKA "the right way to do persistent notifications in 4.3+," as I like to call them.

          If you're having trouble disabling, I'm thinking you have a much bigger problem going on there than just the having something extra at the bottom of the notification shade when you open it.

          • Boiledokra

            Agreed, weird stuff's going on, and I need for them to let me know what that is, but I still maintain that I should be able to dismiss a notification that a setting is turned "on". For you, it's "hidden", for me, it's "right at the farking top like I've got a new text message or email waiting on me to read it". It's preference, and mine's mine. If they decide to keep it, I'll decide to not keep PB. It's unreasonable *to me*.

          • XerBlade

            If it's at the very top, even above the weather (which I could interpret your comment either way), that would be another problem.

            And I had one other way you might try to get rid of it pop into my head, but putting actual intelligent thought into it I realize the negative side effects would be pretty extreme (to the point of "you might as well just uninstall if you're going to do that"), so I won't bother suggesting it.

            ...Have you tried rebooting and seeing if you can disable it after that? You never know...

          • Boiledokra

            I did indeed. It's not disable-able for me. Already uninstalled, so problem solved.

          • XerBlade

            Well, an update was released that removed the persistent notification entirely now.

          • guzba

            It's not there to be annoying. It's there to keep this feature working reliably by preventing Android from stopping it in the background. This is the same as the Android Wear notification and the Facebook ChatHeads notification. I hope we can find a workaround.

          • XerBlade

            Right, which is why so many of the most useful apps of this ilk have such notifications, and having such persistent notifications on your device is just par for the course if you want to have any apps that do anything remotely fancy in the background.

      • Mike Harris

        It took so long to for your period to show up that I was starting to think you might be pregnant.

        • XerBlade

          Was there a real purpose in that comment, or do you just think you're funny?

    • Boiledokra

      update: a dev in r/pushbullet says it's "on purpose" and they will decide if they want to keep it or not. huh?


      • Yag

        Fixed with today's update

  • jellyfish

    Dear Pushbullet,

    You keep getting more and more awesome. How do I give you more of my money?

  • http://itinkerstuff.blogspot.com/ Mark Lester Buenaobra

    It should push stuff using the same wifi network when the devices are connected instead of uploading it to the internet and downloading it back again. Just a thought. If it works like that, it should also work without the actual internet connection.

    • CoreRooted

      Given that PB keeps a history of all your pushes, it has to sync to the cloud. On the "no internet connection" scenario, it would still have to push all that data to the cloud when it gets connection again.

  • Farmstall

    This appears to break copy/paste in excel. It must convert everything you copy to plain text, so unless you're really quick you can't paste formatting or anything like that.

  • Craig

    Holy crap it works! I just tried copy pasted some text from this article to hangouts on my phone and worked. I then copied a text and pasted it in the address bar.. worked! Very nice!!!

  • El_Pianista

    The Windows app hangs the windows explorer (file manager), when will be fixed?

  • victor

    Well, if all you need is to share some link or text from your PC to your phone,websites like http://tuz.us is an easier option. They are not as versatile as Pushbullet, but the benefit is you don't need to install any app at all and can be used on any devices has a browser.