One complaint many Glass users have voiced since the Explorer Program began is that Glass has very limited contact management capabilities. Users could add contacts in the MyGlass interface, but those manually added contacts were the only ones a user could correspond with using Google's eye-mounted computer.


The Glass team is fixing that - and a number of other things - in an update to XE20.1, announced today. The update will allow Glass to see all a user's contacts, with starred contacts showing up for quick voice access. Other contacts will be just a quick swipe away.

The update also adds a "head nudge" card to the settings bundle. Head nudge is a feature that has historically allowed Glass users to turn off Glass' display with a subtle head movement (almost like the nod that can activate the display) but until now, there was no settings card to turn the gesture on or off.


Glass is also getting a couple of new Google Now cards. Nearby events and currency conversion, which have been present on mobile for a while already, will be added to the stack.

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Finally, Glass will get more voice actions to help users "stay hands free." Glass will now accept new commands during phone calls and after recording a video or taking a picture.

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As usual, the update should roll out to Glass users in short order. Until your update arrives, check out the official release notes, or the Glass team's post to Google+, linked below.

Glass Release Notes, Google+

Liam Spradlin
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  • Vaotix

    Hope there's some stability fixes, too.

    • http://dcarr.io dcarr622

      Things have been pretty good since XE19 in my experience, but there is always room for improvement. Hoping a new SoC is around the corner.

  • joser116

    The fact that there is only one comment really speaks to the popularity of Glass. Android Wear has all but stolen Glass's limelight.

    • http://dcarr.io dcarr622

      Perhaps the fact that Wear is a shipping final product available at a ~$200 price point from various manufacturers, and Glass is a beta program with a high entry price and an intentionally small user base, might have something to do with it.

      • joser116

        People can still comment about a product even before its official wide release and without buying it, likd Moto 360. Besides, anyone in the US can buy it already.

        • Anton Voloshin

          Well, there's nothing to comment on unless you're Glass owner.

          • joser116

            You don't have to be a Glass owner in order to comment about it.

          • Anton Voloshin

            Well, I've missed your very useful comment on the new features and bugfixes in this update.
            Oh, wait, there isn't one!

          • joser116

            Stop being a dick. My comment was about Glass.

  • ChristianAhlin

    lol, "Ok Google. Mute my microphone".. Discreet :)

  • ronrsargen

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  • RL

    The novelty is about over and the glassholes have fewer places to show off every day. If Google doesn't increase their user base pretty soon, I think that glass will be over before it really starts. More than just affordability, the price point has to do with not labeling the users as elitists. As an example of someone who is interested and can afford it, I'll opt for a moto 360 or other AW device just because I don't want the negative attention even if it means reduced features.