If you've been eagerly awaiting the Android 4.4.3 update for your T-Mobile One M8, wait no more: it has arrived. The update brings a slightly newer version of Android, security fixes, wireless optimizations, and updates to several stock HTC applications. If you're not able to pull the update over the air, XDA user sapplegater has uploaded the OTA to Mega.


As always, if your device is rooted this particular update might be one to skip - the ever-present "security fixes" packed in this OTA often plug up exploits that allow root access, and Android roots are becoming increasingly hard to discover as Google and OEMs refine their software.

T-Mobile, XDA, Thanks, Steve!

David Ruddock
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  • Crimnsonfury

    Where is the Verizon update?

  • Steven A.

    The link is for the firmware not the OTA this is the link:

  • DanielKeeble

    Amazing that carriers in the states are already releasing this, yet in the UK we're still waiting for our unlocked handsets to receive it, poor show HTC.

    • xMelBurNx

      Here in spain too,with the Cid_304 unlocked,and me with bootlader relocked, hasnt arrived yet the 4.4.3 update 😔 close to have one month waitng for it 😭😠

  • Simon Belmont

    That's great. Congrats to T-Mobile M8 users.

    How about the T-Mobile M7, though? Hope it's soon.

    • Steven A.

      They aren't releasing 4.4.3 they are going directly to Android L when released.

      • Simon Belmont

        Oh okay. Not that I doubt you, but care to back that up with a source?

        I was pretty sure that they stated all HTC One (including last year's) handsets will be getting Android 4.4.3. Besides, that would actually be a pretty big wait because we probably won't see Android L until Oct/Nov and then it'll be another three months before HTC has it ready, and Android 4.4.3 actually has several security fixes that should be applied ASAP.

        • Steven A.

          Yeah let me find the tweet from @moversi from HTC :)

          @happillymarried @randybrenton @kwalkerjr @JasonMacHTC @HTCUSA On M7, we'll release the next version on L OS. Thanks.— Mo (@moversi) August 13, 2014

          • Simon Belmont

            Thank you. I appreciate your efforts to show me the tweet because I had totally missed that.

            That's weird, though. I know some M7s are getting Android 4.4.3, but I suppose those are only unlocked and EU ones, and not carrier branded ones from the US. See: http://www.androidauthority.com/htc-one-m7-android-4-4-3-513218/ .

          • Steven A.

            Yeah the carrier ones aren't getting it for the fact that it takes months to get the okay from the carrier to roll out the OTA, by that time it would be time for Android L.

          • Simon Belmont

            It makes sense (lol), yes. It's just a shame that a couple security holes will go unpatched until most likely early 2015 for M7 users, but que sera sera.

            I know HTC publicly stated back when they announced the 2 year update allotment that they might skip minor updates on older hardware, so this would be case in point. Either way, thanks again for the information.

  • cody kain

    There is another update that needs done after this one it is a hot fix for gps

  • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

    Still no 4.4.3 update in the UK on any network.... blarrghghghghghg