We've heard about the newest HTC Butterfly before from Japanese carrier KDDI, but now HTC is officially welcoming it into the Butterfly family. That's not a name you hear much in the US, but it's one of HTC's premier brands overseas. This device will be known as the J Butterfly HTL23 in Japan and the Butterfly 2 in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and throughout Southeast Asia. It's a reasonably high end device, but it's not all metal like the M8. As a tradeoff, it's water-resistant.


Let's hit the official specs straight from HTC.

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 2.5 GHz, quad-core CPU
  • Storage: 16/32 GB plus MicroSD slot
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Screen: 5-inch 1080p LCD
  • Battery: 2700mAh
  • Camera: 13MP with Duo sensor
  • Connectivity: FDD LTE – 1, 3, 7, 8, 28, TDD LTE – 38, 40, 41, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
  • Size: 145.4 × 70.2 × 9.99 mm, 151g
  • Speakers: BoomSound

Note, those are the specs for the Butterfly 2 variant. The J Butterfly HTL23 is a few grams heavier and has LTE bands 1,3,17, and 18. You'll notice a lot of the specs are the same as the One M8, with the notable exception of the camera. The 4MP Ultrapixel camera is still used for the flagship device, but some of HTC's other phones, like the new Butterfly, have swapped a standard higher-resolution camera in with the Duo camera. The plastic casing comes in a lot of colors, and is IP57 water and dust-resistant.

The phone drops in Taiwan on September 2nd, then rolls out to other Asian markets after that. It's not expected to come to the US, but you never know. The Butterfly 2 doesn't have any proper North American LTE bands, but the J Butterfly version looks like it might have an overlap with AT&T. No promises, though. 


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Rahul Srivastava

    HTC E8?

    • Michel

      E8 with an Ultra-Pixel camera and dual flash

      • dontsh00tmesanta


  • kai

    And another phone that is going to be forgotten very soon. This strategy did not help Motorolla and won't help HTC either. Samsung's strategy of flooding the market with these different but similar phones is starting to show its dangerous weakness.

    In my opinion, only Xiaomi and Apple have flagship phones that could be the leaders in the near future.

    • Renan Lazarotto

      sorry, but as far as I can remember motorola pretty much has only thee phones: moto x, g and e and all are very well alive, being updated asap.

      • Hotzigetty

        Think he meant back in the Blur days.

        • Sergii Pylypenko

          Maybe Droid RAZR MAXX HD?

          • Renan Lazarotto

            AFAIK the Droid line is exclusive to the US marked. I was talking about the global line. And don't forget that Droid phones where made before Google bought Motorola.

          • Sergii Pylypenko

            How about Moto Flipout?


            Yeah, when they stopped producing such phones, they became more relevant, although joining Google might also helped a bit ;)

          • Renan Lazarotto

            This pretty much sums up what I feel whenever I see those crappy old phones.

        • Renan Lazarotto

          Oh... now it makes sense.

    • senor_heisenberg

      Xiaomi? Yeah, no. And Apple definitely isn't the only other company capable of putting out a leading, flagship phones.

      • Renan Lazarotto

        Apple isn't capable even of doing a phone that doesn't look like a toy, what would you expect?

  • Kenny Woodard

    IMO HTC should move towards making a plastic/metal hybrid that feels and looks incredible. The M7 was more appealing to me than the M8. The sleekness of a phone is very important, but should not overtake usability. And for gosh sake HTC.. put a half-decent camera on your next flagship! The 4 'ultrapixel' one is just horrendous. Drop the duo gimmick and give us something usable.

    • Rob Earls

      "4 'ultrapixel' one is just horrendous".... Give me a break. 95% of the pictures I take are incredible, and illicit "Wows" from people I show. Maybe if you're printing at A3 you'll notice pixels, but while it's higher resolution than any screen you're likely to view them on, the pixel argument is simply bs.

      • Qoigord

        Yeah, how's cropping an image going for you eh?

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          No need in low light pics when target is less than 20ft thx

      • Kenny Woodard

        Anything beyond 3 feet from the camera lens is distorted and the details lose accuracy. My previous GS4 took 5x better pictures. They were vivid even in the distance. From up close, in good to medium lighting, the 4up camera does okay. And it can match up with most higher end phones in that department. The One's camera is just okay. It just isn't up to standards in 2014.

      • anehlo

        Don't know if the 4 ultrapixel camera is to blame, but the pics that the M8 takes are definitely not on par with the Note 3 (I have an M8 and compare the pics with my brother's Note 3.) Don't know if software improvements would make a difference, but the camera is definitely the weak point of the M8. Everything else is awesome.

        Having said all that, the camera is still good enough for me. And the M8, overall, is the best phone I've used.

    • Stoyan Angelow’

      I prefer M7s design a lot more than M8s. It's much sexier imo

      • Kenny Woodard

        Agreed. Sometimes I just take it out of the case and use it bare because it feels so good the hand. The sleek sides and curved back. To me it was the perfect size and width. Should have cut down the bezel and made the screen bigger for their 2014 edition. But yeah, the M7 is just a nice phone. I'm using it now.

        • Stoyan Angelow’

          The M8 feels a lot bigger, quite a lot.

      • Muhammad Hamza Tariq

        M7 is still the sexiest phone ever made imo.

        • Stoyan Angelow’

          I don't know if it is the sexiest, but definitely top 3.

  • senor_heisenberg

    I hope one day HTC figure out how to make small bezels again. They've taken the huge bezel crown from the iPhone these days.

    • godutch

      Those aren't bezels but front facing speakers

      • Kenny Woodard

        I think Senor meant the bezel around the screen. And the HTC logo bar. They could be much smaller.

        • dkking

          M9 where they have capacitive buttons where the logo is and a good camera, one can dream eh?

          • Kenny Woodard

            Definitely, and they should because LG is going to overtake them and give Samsung a run for their money soon. The M9 has to be a grand slam that will dazzle people. No more incremental upgrades.

          • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

            Considering the m7 and m8 are both the best crafted handsets of the last two years, I don't think htc needs to take design advice from you. The fact that the general consumer likes to buy crap over quality isn't htc's fault. And as far as incremental Updates, Pretty sure Samsung is the king of that. I do Admire LG however, they've really made moves last couple years with better fit and finish than Samsung. It's all 0bjective really tho.

          • Kenny Woodard

            Samsung's incremental updates have led to waterproofing and having a great camera. Also while having a removable battery and that battery is bigger than HTC's. I'd say that Samsung has the more consumer friendly phone.. Even if it is plastic, most people would deal with that by having a case anyways. And since the majority of consumers choose two year commitments, why would someone go for a nice looking/feeling phone over a plastic one that comes fully featured and waterproof? That's why Samsung is winning. Great advertising and features.

          • PoisonApple31

            You mean its all subjective. I am not impressed at all by HTC.

        • senor_heisenberg

          Exactly what I meant.

      • senor_heisenberg

        I know there are speakers there (I see them in the picture, not trying to be rude), but the bezel is still huge. That leaked moto phone has front facing speakers with very small bezels.

        • Howiela

          You do understand that both the m7 and m8 need the size of the bezels to house the internals for the speakers. My guess is that the leaked moto phones will have rubbish speakers contra the m7/8 just because of the lack of enough space for the internals. If you want a better speaker you need to have physical larger speakers, and that results in more bezels.

  • shamatuu

    Why can't this come to T-mobile?.

    • dontsh00tmesanta


  • dontsh00tmesanta

    How's low light camera performance

    • Thomas’

      Let me take a look in my crystal ball... Hm...

      • dontsh00tmesanta


      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Yea your crystal ball is a pos all lies

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Nothing yet hub

  • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

    Sad Moto took exclusive rights for the Droid line... HTC Droid DNA 2 would've cool not that I'm on Verizon and I care about their line up.... xP

  • Anonymous

    The M8's camera is only good at close objects. Try taking a scenic landscape and you'll easily be disappointed. That's what made me choose an LG G3 over it. Also being unable to crop photos makes a picture far less usable due to fewer possible compositions.

  • Justin

    Dem bezels though

  • DevastatorTNT

    What a beautiful design :D

  • Matthew Fry

    Ah I remember salivating over the J Butterfly. It had a giant 5" 1080p screen. Those were the days huh?

  • rovielran

    good lord those bezels, still prefer the old butterfly