Earlier this summer word got out that Mozilla was working on a media streaming stick of its own that's intended to be a more open option than Google's Chromecast. The device would allow anyone to cast to it, regardless of their platform or the content they're hoping to cast. Yet even with these big plans, the organization has still taken the time to bake Chromecast support into Firefox, starting with the nightly builds.

2014-08-18 15.08.32

To get everything up and running on your end, just head over to the Firefox nightly page and download the APK. After that, this video casting test page makes for an easy place to verify if everything is working. If the Chromecast icon appears and your device shows up in the Cast to Device pop up, you know you're good to go.

Source: Google+

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • MotDetoyr
  • Daniel Pogue

    For those that might be curious, this seems to be working on android L. Firefox previously wasn't.

  • Jack Bauer

    who cares about firefox when we have Chrome

    • numpty

      Me. What do I win?

    • Toboe

      Everybody who cares about freedom!

    • loop6719

      I care about firefox, because I want to use what I want, and I prefer that browser to everyone I have tried, which includes your beloved chrome. But I do not like the direction google has taken since entering into the phone arena, they used to say "don't be evil" but I have started to see their slow metamorphosis. For example the use of the chromecast only on their browser.

  • Itchy_Robot

    Do any Android browsers out there have support for casting pictures to my Chromecast? The Chrome app only seems to do videos? I assume the Firefox beta is videos-only too?

  • Imparus

    I hope the desktop version gets it to. For me having chromecast support in the desktop version is much more important, than the mobile :)

    • My Galaxy Prime

      Chrome's desktop version has chromecast support. I'm not sure if you use Chrome but I did it on my mac and it worked well.

      • Imparus

        I know, but I use Firefox on my desktop, so having to open youtube links as an example in chrome just to chromecast them from my computer, is quite annoying.

        • My Galaxy Prime

          I can understand that. When I downloaded this app, I did see a version for the desktop. Maybe that could help u out.

    • Caspy7

      I'm afraid that the Chromecast API is a closed one and Android apps are able to access it only through Google's plugin/driver/whatever. The only desktop app (unless others have been sold the secret) allowed to access it is the Chrome browser.
      Google's the one in the driver's seat. So unless they decide to open the API or Mozilla finds a viable way to get it in the browser, I'm not holding my breath any. I don't think either of those things will be happening any time soon.

  • Reed Kerr

    Great news!

    For all those down on Firefox, you should give it another shot. Firefox on Android has improved drastically in the last 6 months. It is now almost as fast as Chrome, it is safer, more secure, and has more features and add-ons. Plus, Mozilla is unflinchingly committed to all things open source. Google seems to ride that fence sometimes.

    • zr

      How is it safer or more secure?

      • Reed Kerr

        Firefox has a much more conservative privacy policy than Chrome, specifically with regard to retaining your personal data. Additionally, it supports add-ons like "HTTPS Everywhere," "NoScript," and others which improve safety. Furthermore, being completely open source, there's no question what the closed source bits are doing.

        I understand these points are not significant to everyone, but with Chrome you don't have the option. Firefox puts the controls in the hands of the user.