Owners of HTC's latest flagship on Verizon have been patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting on the promised update to Android 4.4.3 for some time now, but it looks like they'll be waiting a little longer. Even though the T-Mobile One M8 got its update today, HTC's US president Jason Mackenzie has confirmed on Twitter the OTA is currently targeted for mid-September on Verizon.

The 4.4.3 update isn't a huge one, but it will contain security fixes (including some from 4.4.4), Sense 6 optimizations, and wireless tweaks. It should have been out already, but Mackenzie says there was an issue with GPS, so the OTA has to be tweaked and re-certified by Verizon. Note that some of these security patches could make rooting more difficult, so you might want to do that before the OTA rolls out if you were planning on it.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Gregory

    Why anyone buys these carrier-branded phones?

    • blindexecutioner


    • Nathan J

      Because Verizon has towers in my/their area and T-Mobile doesn't.

      Outside the US or in major US cities you can buy your phones straight up and get updates faster, but I paid just the tax on $200 for my One M8 (after a mail in rebate and selling my previous phone) and I get signal at home.

      Now I could have gotten 4.4.3 faster... but as it is, I'm S-OFF, running a custom ROM, and IDGAF about official update timelines.

      • Gregory

        Don't know how it's done in the US but here in Russia multiple carriers sometimes cooperate and build one tower so everybody is happy with the coverage. On my recent trip to the US I've got a T-Mobile SIM on the first day and had LTE almost everywhere but I've been mostly to big cities.

        • Brad

          Definitely not how it is here... coverage varies wildly.

        • Mike

          Gregory? Or Yakov Smirnoff? Lol
          Sorry..the way you phrased your reply made me think of the 80s comedian lol

          • Gregory

            For me English is a foreign language.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon Wireless sucks monkey balls period they always will and so does there users.

      • Starcube

        you is sooooo edgy

      • yankeesusa

        You are really a moron.

  • tom riddle

    LMAO! And everyone said I was butthurt over the bolt. They will push back the update a few more times and then you won't hear a word about it as the new phones come out. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • mustbepbs

    Moto X on Verizon has had 4.4.4 for a few weeks now. What's the hold up, HTC? Can't update your own friggin' flagship?

    • Nathan J

      HTC can and did. Verizon is holding up the update.

      To be clear, HTC's 4.4.3 contains all the fixes in 4.4.4, so it's a cosmetic difference.

      Also, the Moto X on US Cellular is still on 4.4.2. US Cellular is a lot smaller than Verizon, but they've beaten Verizon on updates many times and a couple times were the very first US carrier to update a phone they all had. So are you saying Motorola can't update their own "friggin'" flagship, or might you agree the carrier is the holdup?

      • MJ

        What cosmetic difference? Not changing the version number in setting? Why are carriers not just pushing updates and calling it 4.4.4 if they have all the fixes???

        • yankeesusa

          Because they have to add all the bloatware to the update and make sure that they block any root attempts.

      • Andrew

        It's not a cosmetic difference, phones that got 4.4.2 get the update to 4.4.4 and phones on 4.4.1 get 4.4.3. I might have the numbers swapped there but the reason is they are very slightly different branches.

      • JIm

        Not just cosmetic for Verizon. There is a dialing issue with the 202 area code. A lot of businesses have a +1 in front of every number if they have international offices. That causes an issue for the 202 area code (DC area). It only happens on HTC phones so 4.4.4 will be more delayed due to this and other issues.

    • Evan Lam

      Also, Moto X barely has a skin on it, except for the Motorola voice recognition features and such. HTC on the other hand a heavy skin compared to the Moto X and they have to test it and make sure that all of the features of Sense work on the new update so that they don't release software that results in poor performance. How about Samsung, do you think they have their flagship updated to 4.4.4, even though they sold millions of them?

    • yankeesusa

      Its not htc, its verizon. Htc has already given them the update. verizon has to tweak it to suit their needs and their bloatware.

  • Mayoo

    Funny how a number of hate comments always popup when these post appear. If you need/want the update so bad, then buy Nexus or flash your device.

    • Cameron Johnson

      You can't flash somee devices without updated firmware. Verizon holds the firmware.

    • mrwirez

      Exactly what I did... It is not just the timely updates. Verizon is very close to Comcast 2.0.

      Lie Cheat Steal Lock Brand /Check!

      Tmo + N5 and N7.2 = Freedom!

    • Christopher Emodi

      I know that the only reason I want the update is for the power saving mode and buying a nexus device won't help me with that. Also the nexus 5 is not supported by Verizon. So thanks for not being helpful.

  • g0db0dy

    I'm getting sick of Verizon's antics. They did this to me when I had the Galaxy S3. Felt like everyone around me that owned the phone under different carriers got updates weeks, sometimes even months before me. What gives?

  • mrwirez

    Exhibit A B & C... why Verizon sucks balls.

    A: late late late
    B: delay delay delay
    C: pay pay pay.... $$$$$

    Something's never change.... F Verizon

  • Jake


  • Jake

    Verizon's "antics" mean nothing to me because of the reliability of their network. I've never really been *anywhere* that I couldn't place a call or get online.

    As for my M8, I could care less about 4.4.3. (Though it has been confirmed that the super power saver mode will be included in this update) Just get me straight to Android L!

  • Rick Fisher

    probably going to include volte

  • nickarli

    the update will also supposedly add Ultra Power Saving mode to the Verizon M8 since, you know, they didn't give it to us in the first place.