Last Updated: August 19th, 2014

Earlier this morning, US big box electronics retailer Best Buy let the product page for the Moto 360 loose a little early, and with that slipup came some seemingly concrete information. The Moto 360 will cost $250 - a price which likely comes in at or below most estimates we've seen for the device to date.


There's still no solid ship date, but this number has probably sealed the deal for a lot of you in regard to deciding whether or not to purchase a 360. The product page also claims the 360 contains a TI processor (odd for sure), ambient light sensor, pedometer, heart rate sensor, 512MB of RAM, and will be waterproof to 1 meter. Like all other Wear devices, the 360 will use Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with a paired smartphone.

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The listing also makes a strange mention of Wi-Fi, though this could just be an error on Best Buy's part (unless Moto is going to do some trick Wi-Fi stuff with the 360). The included band is a black leather strap sourced from another Chicago company, Horween, likely as a "locally grown" sort of shout-out.

So, with this information in hand, will your wrist soon be wearing a 360?

Will you buy a Moto 360 (assuming the price is $250)?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

    Why is there no option "I'm interested in a smartwatch, but don't like the Moto 360"?

    • chris

      Because you are probably the only one... And what you think is no longer relevant

      • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

        I know 3 colleagues who prefer other smartwatches over 360. Don't think I'm the only one. ;-)

        • Tony Byatt

          This is the part of the show when I wonder why they just don't walk away...smh...

          • A895


        • tintin.92

          Well the Moto 360 is one of the only smartwatches that aren't available now, most others that have been announced are already on sale....

    • startedfire

      You're definitely in the minority. The much more common opinion I've heard is "I never wanted a smartwatch, but then I saw the Moto 360."

      • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

        It'll be a minority, sure, but I bet, those are at least as much as "I already have a Wear device or other smartwatch I'm happy with, so probably not."

        It's not a holy grail for everyone

        • s0nic69

          Yea, i agree... i hate the great design, the wonderful screen, the amazing leather strap, the natural round face, the huge amount of sensors and why does it have to be waterproof? This is definitely going to be a failed project.

          • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

            I did never say, it will fail. It's just large and I personally don't need my Smartwatch look like a normal one.

        • James Devenberg

          I agree. Unless this thing has stellar battery life, I'm getting a Pebble or a Martian Notifier.

          • Felipe Telles

            In the last leak, they said that the moto 360 last 2 and a half day, and the LG G Watch last 1, Moto 360 is not in 2014......

    • letsplaaay

      Exactly! I think the watches are still in the first generation phase, and I'm waiting for the next generation, when there's hopefully more competition, and manufacturers and app makers have enough data to know what works and what doesn't.

      • Mike C.

        Moto already had a watch out before anyone called motoactv. I was a great supporter of that watch and the idea. I think that this watch includes better function and design that far outweigh anything out there.

        • Dhaiwat

          I think they even said they applied some of the stuff they learned from the Actv to the 360. BTW the Actv was a big device that basically ran full on android, I've played with one that was rooted running a normal launcher. It was like a hackers toy. In a good way of course.

    • jjrudey

      That's why I think these polls should just be a simple, "Yes", "No" and "Maybe".

  • startedfire

    Even better, I work at Best Buy. I couldn't possibly comment on whether or not there's an employee discount, but I can definitely order one for store pickup at my work.

    • Pootis Man

      What about the moto x+1? You've got any info on that?

      • startedfire

        Even if I did have any info (which I don't) we're not allowed to comment on or confirm information that isn't public yet. I like my job a bunch, so I'll play along. :)

        • http://steamcommunity.com/id/metallinatus Metallinatus

          Oh, so you have info on that! :D

        • Stoffers

          You enjoy retail? I'm calling shenanigans.

          • startedfire

            I work for Pacific. Not a blue shirt.

        • Pootis Man

          Yeah I know. Was worth a shot though.

    • Euge

      I feel like it's fairly common knowledge that any store gives employee discounts to its' employees.

  • Stiggy

    Here's one for ya, I currently use an iPhone, and this watch might sway me back to android. I like my iPhone because of its size. If I can leave my big phone in my pocket or bag most of the day and just do the little things from my wrist I'm in.

    • someone755

      How about Sony's Z1C? It's a bit bigger than the iPhone, yet has all the features of a big phone.
      Though if you buy an Android and a smartwatch you may as well get a 5.9" monster.

      • Stiggy

        Although the recent poll here said a majority of Android Police users have tmobile, I still actually like cell phone coverage and have Verizon. So z1 compact is out of the question but still a very noble suggestion. I think I'm gonna do the big phone move and drop my tablet. I've always wanted 1 device for everything and something with crazy specs like a Note 4 might get paired with this Moto 360.

        • someone755

          As long as you're not a developer, that carrier/phone combo is okay.
          The shit both of the companies give to developers is more trouble than developing for MediaTek.

          • Stiggy

            Yea I tinker enough. Even with Samsungs Knox fuses and whatnot what little I would like can still get done.

          • someone755

            It's all about getting root and Xposed for you poor people in the US, never getting to feel the openness of an unlocked bootloader and all proprietary binaries and sources accessible.
            That said, most people nowadays really don't bother with the bootloader and flashing as they simply don't care, the most they do is rooting and getting Xposed to work...

        • Daniel Marcus

          You might want to wait a week or two and pair the Moto X+1 with the 360. If the Moto X is any indication, there will be a Verizon Developer Edition, and the phone will run nearly stock Android anyway. Plus BUILD QUALITY.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Well I guess you'll move back to android anyway (4.7 and 5.5). So why not :) you could get a moto x or a new razr

    • http://www.bloggerslounge.dk/ Kenni Odelheim

      Wouldn't it be obvious to compare the iPhone to a Moto X in terms of size. The Moto X is only slidely larger, and would go fantastic with the Moto 360. Moto all the way.. At least that's what I am going to do. The picture shows an iPhone 5S bumber, next to my Moto X. Same size :)

      • Aaron Jaeger

        But the new X+1 will be larger, no?

        • http://www.bloggerslounge.dk/ Kenni Odelheim

          For what I can see, it doesn't seem like it will be significantly bigger. Of cause it will be bigger to some extent, heck it features a screen that are 0,5" bigger than the original Moto X, but judge by your self. See the picture below. Moto X+1 to the left, Moto X to the right.
          But if you ask me, I would pick the Moto X over the Moto X+1 anytime only because of the screen size. 4,7" is perfect, and my Moto X works flawless. It does not need a faster cpu or gpu. Have never had a smartphone that was as great as this. Fact!

    • herbivoor

      Well I'm currently using an Android phone and was going back to iPhone in October but now I'm not so sure what to do with my life anymore.

  • BillygotTalent

    Well in Germany and other European countries it will probably be around 300€. But still that is a great price and after the initial reviews I will probably get one.

  • Mike C.


    • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

      It's getting boring to see this image 50 times a day... :D

      • Mike C.

        This better?

        • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

          yeah, a bit

        • abobobilly

          Seems like this guy is masturbating with that toy -.-

          • http://www.iundco.de/ Peer Linder

            Sure, what else did you expect him to do?

          • abobobilly

            ... NOT masturbate? -.-

          • NinoBr0wn

            I guess if his dick grows out the side of his hip.

        • Joseph Lampke

          Not really, still a le maymay

  • Steve Jobs

    No, Google Now is useless in my country. The voice control doesn't even work.

    Any smartwatch I'd buy would just show a permanent weather notification.

    • MeCampbell30

      Cupertino is not a country, Mr. Jobs.

      • herbivoor

        Pretty sure he's talking about Brazil though.

    • Jake

      Not sure how Google Now will work without a speaker. You ask your watch a question and the answer comes out of your phone? I'm going to have to try this before I buy one.

      • Swankieltd

        Maybe because it doesn't speak out the responses?

        • Jake

          Looks like it would be a great eyes free device when it gets a speaker. Until then I'll pass.

          • Jason Efstathiou

            I don't think a watch needs to be eyes free personally. I don't see any problem with quickly glancing at the response.

          • William Thieme

            What about driving? Android Auto is still a way off for most people.

          • Jake

            Try riding your bike through a crowded street while reading your watch. Try driving navigation without voice instructions. The scenarios are endless.

          • m477

            In a crowded street even with a speaker you won't hear the response.

    • Sootie

      You dont get any notifications?

      No email, bookface, twitter, sms, hangouts etc etc? Google now doesn't do much in my country either but being able to glance at my wrist when a notification comes in instead of having to pull my phone out every couple of minutes sounds good to me.

    • Lars Jeppesen

      Hey dude, which country are we talking about?

  • Fabian Pineda

    As long as it reads "Texas Instruments" in the specs, I'm not even touching this.

    • StriderWhite

      Do you have something against Texas?

      • Fabian Pineda

        No, but I do have something against Texas Instruments

        • StriderWhite

          so the problems are instruments from Texas, I see...

      • letsplaaay

        No, he has something against instruments.

    • someone755

      Texas Instruments: "We're sorry we annoyed you ... WITH OUR GREAT PRODUCTS"

      • mateor

        Crappy drivers and dissembling tech support.

  • Andrew

    250 is reasonable, but it never will be sold (officially) in my country, and gray imports will be to expensive.

    • http://cheaponlineshopping.us/ florencezoee

      you are right ! 250 is reasonable :-)

  • Muhd Ihsan

    no because android wear is not very useful in my country,and $250 is still so expensives for a smartwatch,the maximum price i'm willing to pay for smartwatch is $100

    • AbbyZFresh

      Those companies will be used forked Wear watches. Or probably not Android at all.

      • Muhd Ihsan

        oneplus is look quite promising,i dont mind to use cyanogen or miui version of android wear,as long as the features are good enough,but AFAIK google already standardised android wear,so not much they can change

  • miri

    There is a chance that they still don't have the actual price and were using that as a place holder as it's the only indication we have so far (from the watch face contest).

  • MeCampbell30

    Insta-buy at $250.

  • OldDogeyes

    My price point is $99... And I would have to find more real uses than controlling my music playing on my phone. .

    • someone755

      Premium watches cost upwards of $500, and this could easily be considered one...
      Then again, if you're not in that sort of thing, it's just not for you.

      • crackinthewall

        Premium watches don't die after three days of use either.

        • someone755

          They don't have screens such as this and WiFi/BT/Android, either.
          You exchange one feature for another.

  • Renan Lazarotto

    250 dollars will translate in something like 1000 brazilian reais, which is roughly U$440. almost double of the original price. I'm skipping this for a while.

    • someone755

      And I thought the price here (at 250€ or more, probably 300€) would be bad xD

      • Renan Lazarotto

        I'm just being a bit optimistic. This can cost U$500 here. And people will buy it, this is what drives me mad.

  • gilahacker

    Looks like I missed the poll. It's only showing the results. I'm in the "throws money at screen" group, but I want the black one w/ the matching black metal band shown in the renders, which I'm guessing is going to cost $50-$100 more. :-(

    I have no use for the leather strap, but I worry that they're only going to sell the watch with that strap, and make the metal strap a separate, more-expensive-than-it-should-be purchase.

    • makapav

      Your kid brother polled as you a few hours earlier.

      In other news: He's surfing deviant porn in your history.

      • gilahacker

        Unfortunately, my little brother is an iPhone user. :-/

        I was signed into my work's VPN, and I work for a tech company so I'm sure someone else voted on the survey from the same IP already. I tried it from my cell phone, which is not connected to the VPN and it worked. :-)

  • someone755

    Seeing as most people in the EU think $1=1€, no, since the price here will be 250€ (or more). At $250, I would sell my child (if I had one) and give 360s out for free.

    • hocestquisumus

      No, people in the EU don't think that. We are quite annoyed that corporations (mostly Apple) use 1:1 without any reasons but greed. It doesn't matter if you ship stuff from China to Europe or to the US, that's not an excuse.

      Of course you have to calculate with taxes here so the difference isn't that big. Still, they are squeezing us.

      • someone755

        I meant people, as in the people who sell the things. The shipping and taxes should not add up to form that 1:1 ratio.
        Just yesterday, I was in Bosnia (Sarajevo, to be exact) and the prices there are WHOAH compared to anything I've seen in an EU country. 500€ for an unlocked iPhone (same price for most other flagships, 550 for a G3)!? The lowest I've seen them in the EU is ~630€. An apple iMac there costs ~1500€, costing 2k otherwise.
        Then again, everything there is really cheap and it's the only non-EU country I've been to, so I can't really judge.

        • hocestquisumus

          If they didn't adapt the prices, they wouldn't sell anything in countries with lower incomes. Apple, however, is not known to adapt. Surprised they would - or you saw an iMac that fell off the back of a truck ;)

          • someone755

            Nah, it was a huge ad in the streets. That's why I said I can't really be the judge of anything here since that was my first non-EU country and it's pretty much half the price on anything compared to the EU.

  • hocestquisumus

    I think the product category as a whole is dead on arrival. Like 3D TVs. All the hotness seems to come from marketing.

    I'll still get one if it's under €300.-

  • Jesse

    Every time I try to participate on a poll on this site, it says that I've already participated (I haven't).

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Simon Belmont

      It did that to me, too. I tried about thirty minutes ago and it said I'd already voted.

      Just checked the article's page again and now I can vote. I guess it's a glitch.

  • James Devenberg

    I will not but I did not vote in the poll. I am not interested in Wear because I want something that works better as a watch than Wear does. I'll get a Pebble or a Martian Notifier. Not sure which I want.

  • Ian

    Where's the "No, Google Now is useless in my country" option?

    • Brad

      it's the x in the upper right corner of your browser.

    • Imparus

      Just change Google search over to being US version, you are on a geek site, so I would assume you would have known you could do that. I'm not an American either.

      • Lars Jeppesen

        Ditto, Google Now is awesome pretty much whereever you are, provided you speak english (and you do, otherwise wtf are you doing on this site, lol)

  • DalekG

    Need to see it IRL, I'm afraid it'll look like I'm wearing a frying pan on my wrist.

  • neo905

    I wonder what the premium will be for the metal band.

  • Alex G

    for sure

  • Leonardo Baez

    what about "no, its too expensive"

    • Humberto Hernandez

      It is, it's just a watch, but it has a lot of I+D behind it, that's why it is expensive, it's not that it does more than your phone, or it has premium materials. It's because it's new (not saying the price will decrease with newer generations)

  • Zach Mauch


  • Richard Markert

    Do want!

  • J.J.

    Well...... White/gold gwatch for sale $170(cause im nice like that)

  • steelew

    Who made this poll? Where is the "No, $250 is too much for this"? That's the one I would click. They are not going to get young people wearing watches again for this functionality and at a cost of $250. IMO

    • LatarionMilton


    • Lars Jeppesen

      Great, I would loathe if hordes of young people could afford this thing... would drastically devaluate the coolness of the watch.

      Sorry, but that's the way it works...

      If you really want it, you can pay 250. get a job doing your neighbours laundry, get groceries for old ladies..

      Or you could just make a sign, sit down on the most busy street and BEG...

      "NEED MOTO 360, PLZ HELP ME!!! "....

  • @PigeonFudge

    Can't vote. No "Want one but not for $250" option.

    • jordanjay29

      This. If AP made better polls (aka, not biased), I'd vote in them.

  • MarkG54321

    Nope, way to chunky (in the depth). Happy with my SW2.

  • whispy_snippet

    Gonna wait for gen 2 of the smart watch wars (at least) before I take the plunge.

  • CaibreGreyblade

    Nope 200 at max, I have had enough toys in my life.

    Can't believe I wrote that.

  • Ark

    Interesting to choose to not have a "too expensive" option on a poll that specifically names price.

  • Gildásio Zeth

    This will come to Brazil at the price of a Moto G (800 reais = US$380) or even more expensive. I won't have a smartwatch for a long time.

    • GraveUypo

      onde q moto g custa 800?
      toda hora vejo por 500.

      • Gildásio Zeth

        When it launched, its cost was 800 reais.

  • Taylor00

    Where's the fuck no, this is an overpriced gadget that really doesn't add much to the android experience and make people look like idiots talking to their watches option?

  • GraveUypo

    A "Please mug me!" bracelet? no thanks.

    • Udu

      You mean, just like any other nice watch?

      • GraveUypo


  • Qbancelli


  • blindexecutioner

    I wouldn't buy one for $1. They are trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist.

    • Joseph Lampke

      It's not meant to fix a problem. It's meant for convenience.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    I bought the G Watch as a temporary measure. I'll certainly replace it with this as soon as I can reasonably afford to, and then sell this one.

  • Cory Crew

    If I had a better job right now yes but since i don't I wish it were $51 cheeper lol

  • Nathan J

    Not interested in the least. I gave up wristwatches a couple of years ago, and the idea of putting something like this on my wrist doesn't appeal to me at all.

    On one hand, it's kind of cool. It's like the PIP-Boy from the Fallout games. Only the PIP-boy was, at best, a poor plot device. Oh, you can use this VR sim because you have one on your wrist. Oh, you can... you know, I forget what other crap they made up. Oh, it was also a Geiger counter, but really, it was just the in-game menu system. You use it to change clothes/armor, weapons, and to consume food/drink/medicine, which makes no sense in real-life applications. Also, it was the size of a Nexus 7 (I'm guessing), no touch screen, worn on the left arm, with the controls on the left, so you had to reach over the screen... yeah it was a giant clusterfrak. But it was okay in the game. Not something I would pay for in real life.

    Having a smartphone got me to give up owning a watch. Smartphone tech isn't going to put one back on my wrist, especially not at that price. I would rather have a PIP-boy kit for my HTC One M8. I imagine it would be cheaper, too. Though, it wouldn't look as cool. But if I bought products for how they'd make me look, I'd have an iPhone.


    Horween is excellent quality stuff, the 360 is looking like a pretty good value if all the rumors are true.

  • NexusMan

    I can not wait!

  • Guest

    $250 for a watch!?

    • ddpacino

      You do know that the average watch goes for $1000+, right?

      • crackinthewall

        I'll assume you meant luxury watches because those can really go for $1000 plus, but you can buy a Seiko, a Bulova, or a Casio for less than $100 and that's what the average consumer would buy. Not everyone has the time to work their ass off for a Rolex they can't really afford.

    • Joe

      lol! Wtf are you ppl wearing, $10 Timex digital watches??? $250 is cheap for even nice mechanical watch.....

  • Alex Xander

    $250 for a watch!??? SEE YOU!

  • ctk4949

    Why are people having a cow at this price?!?! When the Gear Live dropped for $199 people said it was a good price, they couldnt believe it was so low. This Moto360 beauty is only $50 more!! It is a grrrrrrrrreat price!! I am getting one ASAP!!

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    i don't think a smartwatch will be so useful.. i won't pay 250 only for not taking my moto G out of my pockets.
    so i think they're doing smartphone even bigger only to create for you the necessity to have a watch in order not to take the smatphone out of the pocket because of the dimensions.
    and i don't wanna become crazy because of minding to another battery discharging.

  • me me

    They are milking it. Come on, this is way above manufacturing cost, given its size and what it has to do. The phone it is tethered to is doing most of the work.

  • me me

    Where's the option of its over-priced for what it is and I'll wait a year for the bugs to be ironed out?

  • me me

    Of course Best Buy will charge ya salestax so its $270 in CA

  • me me

    So a watch is a low tech thing, it tells you the time, it is waterproof and possibly has an alarm. A high-end might have solar rechargeable, some sensors like barometer, compass, so heck might get to the $100 range. $250 for a watch which basically tells you everything your phone can tell you and it has to be taken off each night to recharge.....

    • Joe

      This is actually an easy buy for someone that doesn't already have a nice watch, like myself. There are PLENTY of mechanical watches that cost a lot more than this, and all they do is tell the time! Also the battery life is closer to 2 days, not one (from trusted leak source who already has one).

      • me me

        Those expensive mechanical watches cost a lot to make.

        This $250 is way above cost. Its a high price for the geeks-who-want-anything-going.

        Good luck with version 1.

        I'll be reading the negative comments in 3 months from now. Yep.

  • joser116

    Is this poll a joke?

  • uopjo6

    You nerds really want a notification center on you wrist? Like seriously?

  • rap

    Left off "interested but can't afford it"

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Never again putting some sweaty, stinky, itchy, hair-pulling, snagging thing on my wrist.


    Not even if it gave free BJs.

  • Laborin_HK

    Will a TI CPU make this less future proof? Like the Galaxy Nexus?

  • SilentPatriot

    Haven't worn a watch in years, but if they want to give me one for free, I can find some room in my mini-storage.

  • rebirthofcool

    PROBABLY, price alone is not a factor but how overall Android Wear brings to life an elegant looking device would dictate its true value

  • Surthurfurd

    I love tech for what it can do for me. I like to keep connected to resources and other people. I enjoy when tech helps me navigate through both spatial issues and operational issues; but, to have tech just to have tech, is not interesting. Just as much as I like tech that keeps me freshly able to access information, I do not like techno clutter.

  • black

    It will be priced $400 in my country. So... no.

  • Jayce

    I don't think i wanna buy a watch for $250, even if it's a smart one.
    I would have considered it if it was like $20.

    • neo905

      Then there is a great Casio watch for you. Jimmy Kimmel was using one to fool iPhone users on a YouTube clip.

  • http://www.thejunglephoto.pw Thejungle

    Pedometer? Wow, since when we can detect pedophiles around? :) (What a stupid name for a sensor...)

    • Christian Cebrian

      it comes from the same root as pedestrian (which means that you mover around by foot...) so it seems a fitting name if you are literate.

      • http://www.thejunglephoto.pw Thejungle

        Of course, I know, but my first association with that name is pedophile-meter, LOL. Just joking, you know..

        • Christian Cebrian

          Well, my first association is with foot (thank god for that :)

    • Alexandre Leites

      It can detect and warn the local authorities if you are doing any pedo behavior.

  • fcjan

    I live in third world country so I can only dream that something like that will ever become available, eventhought it would cost about 600$

    • me me

      The simpler the need the less the need.

  • Steve Freeman

    The only reason I would get a smartwatch would be if it included health monitoring. And not the crappy pseudo monitoring most wrist devices include now, but actual, accurate monitoring... Heart rate, pedometer (which would probably be only MOSTLY accurate, depending on GPS/WiFi reception, but I could live with that), sleep, etc.

    Right now I have no problem taking my phone out when I need to check notifications on my phone, so any smartwatch would need to include functionality that my phone itself doesn't have before I would consider getting one.

    • me me

      A heart rate monitor is monitoring heartrate. A pedometer is measuring steps.

      Neither is health monitoring.

      In fact if health is what you're after then leave technology at home and find real human beings to socialisewith and help each other, and find nature and enjoy unplugged. Will add 5 more years to life than yet-another-gadget.

      I ride my bike daily, about 10,000 miles/year. I don't monitor a darn anything other than the beutty of the trees, ocean, lakes and how good I feel exercising. I have a heart monitor at home for the odd blood pressure, it says I'm in rude health, that's all I need to know.

      My smartphone lets me hold a job better whilst exerciseing, instead of waiting sat down I put the phone on the handlebar and go riding for typically 3 hours on a weekday and if the phone bleeps an IM or email I can pull up and judge if reply now or reply later.

      I think then the technology is serving me. Not the other way round.

      • Steve Freeman

        "A heart rate monitor is monitoring heartrate. A pedometer is measuring steps.
        Neither is health monitoring."

        Semantics. You say potato, I say you're wrong. A very high or very low heart rate can definitely be a sign of poor health. As far as the pedometer, that's definitely not a health monitor.

        As far as your other stuff, congratu-fucking-lations. I work out 5 days a week, including 20 minutes of cardio a day, which is where the heart rate monitor would come in handy, so I know if my heart rate is going too slow or too fast.

        "I think then the technology is serving me. Not the other way round." Did I ever say I wanted to serve technology? Because that doesn't sound like something I would ever say...

        • me me

          Your breathing tells you can push harder or back off.

          Old tech, you know, born with it. 3 Billion years evolution. Worked til now.

          • Steve Freeman

            Yeah, when you have asthma, breathing hard isn't always about your heart rate. Try again.

          • me me

            If you got asthma you shouldn't be monitoring heart rate.

            Logic fail.

            Come on, its a geek who wants stuff and seeking any excuse. That's the only truth.

          • Steve Freeman

            What the hell are you TALKING about? Since I have asthma, I should only be monitoring what then, my breathing? And ignore the fact that I may be going too slow to get any real benefit? How does that make any sense? You're why access to the Internet should be restricted to people who've passed an IQ test...

            And no, I don't necessarily want a smartwatch. I stopped wearing a watch YEARS ago because I didn't like it. But if it would give me better heart rate monitoring capabilities, as well as sleep monitoring (since I also have sleep apnea and periodic insomnia), then yes, I would get one.

  • me me

    If it included a "beam me up Scotty" feature so I can teleport anywhere, then imagine the saving on fuel and flights. Then a bargain!

  • Idle Time

    It's a nice looking watch for sure. If I were a watch collector or into wearing watches, then I'd consider it. As is, I'd only buy one of these smartwatches if it costs less than $100. At the end of the day, and so far, it's just another gadget. If it were more than a companion to another expensive device/phone...

  • frhow

    It may be above manufacturing cost, but the R&D dept, Software Developers etc justify the additional cost. While I am a person that already spend well over 250 for a dumb watch I can justify buy a watch that I can change the look up at any given time I want to be well worth the price tag. As long as there are no hiccups I will definitely be looking for one unless a more attractive Circular Android Wear comes out before hand.

  • FrankJL

    If only android wear was more fitness minded. I would love this watch with the fuelband capability.

    Sadly I think the iwatch is the one who is going to give me exactly what i want in a watch (fitness related stuff) when i am dying to own this watch :( i hope nike pulls through somehow and makes it happen in androidwear

  • adamhs

    Shut up and take my money!

  • LatarionMilton

    Why do these wear devices cost the same or more than tablets?

  • CeluGeek

    It's a good price, for those who are interested. Maybe when smart watches actually become smart instead of the dumb extension lines for our phones that they are today, I may care about them.

  • Tommy_Oliver

    With its current functionality, a smartwatch isn't really worth more than $99 to me. Maybe $149. This is just too much money for whats essentially a quick reply shade on my wrist

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Nope. Android Wear should have a beta symbol attached at this point.

  • FrillArtist

    I don't wear watches so no.

  • Gian Paolo Vecchi

    For a strange hyperspace conversion 250$ become 250€ in Europe; so I'll wait and check...

    • http://www.techmantis.net/ Minja Miketa

      It's because the US price doesn't include tax. With tax it ends up being about 250€

  • vgergo

    Out of the current 3, this looks the most promising. But I chose optn #2="Waiting for reviews, more info"... until then I use this:

  • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

    For 250? Not a chance. For 50, then we'd be talking.

  • ChrisM40

    Poll seems somewhat positively biased to me .Where is the 'no its hideous' option?

  • ginobili

    In Chile will be $500. So, got to wait for the real price.

  • gadgety

    Appalling poll. There's no straight up "Yes" answer.

  • BJRCollins

    ordered 2 of each just now