Last Updated: September 2nd, 2014

We've seen some shorter than usual product cycles as of late, but this would be crazy—The Korea Times is reporting that LG will be at IFA in early September with the LG G Watch 2. Yeah, a whole two months after the original G Watch started shipping.


According to The Korea Times' LG contact, the device will still run Android Wear, but it will be a "serious game changer." The screen will apparently be based on AMOLED tech instead of LCD, but no word on if it'll have four corners or none. The lofty language might also refer to past hints that LG was investigating partnerships with established watch makers for its wearable efforts.

This, along with the rumor that Motorola's hotly anticipated Moto 360 will be only $250 could give G Watch buyers a bit of buyer's remorse. Most people probably suspected the G Watch was intended to be a reference device, but two months would still be a crazy-short product cycle. Of course, the report may also be complete nonsense. We've reached out to LG for comment and will report back when we get the inevitable "lol no comment."

Update: LG got back to us with the following statement.

LG will continue to support the Android Wear platform beyond the G Watch. But to date, no details of future Android Wear products have been confirmed.

[Korea Times]

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  • aNYthing6

    LG is going to alienate some customers if they do this. Why even sell the G Watch if it's going to be superseded within a few months?

    • aholsteinson

      Yep, seems like just a desperate attempt from them, makes no sense for them to release another watch so soon.

      • Anfronie

        Unless it's their round iteration.

  • DrMacinyasha

    > but no word on if it'll have four corners or none.

    I think you forgot another possibility: https://i.imgur.com/g6m2AoK.jpg

    • RyanWhitwam

      I almost concocted a pyramid tablet joke, but i knew someone in the comments would do it for me. I'm a lazy, lazy man.

      • jamaall

        What about a pentagon? It could be the next big thing!

    • imaguest

      android wear does not support three corners screens, but that was actually funny haha.

  • Nogib

    If it has an ambient light sensor, I'm sold! G Watch > the hideous Moto 360 anyday!!!

    • ThatBabyAintMine

      I'm looking for the s, but I don't see it...

      • Angelo Davis

        Some people prefer square watches, but calling the Moto 360 hideous is going to far

        • Justin W

          Bring the pitchforks!

        • mark

          Yeah, I think the round/rectangular thing is a red herring (while round watches are more common, there are plenty of rectangular watches, including high end "fashion" ones).

          The difference I think is that every LG watch picture has a display that looks like a mini-smartphone. But then comes the Moto 360 images, which have watch faces that look gorgeous, and make you think you're looking at a traditional watch.

          It would be interesting to see images of the LG watch with some analogue watch faces (assuming it's an Android Wear feature rather than Moto specific).

      • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

        Why would he escape the S?

  • Tower72

    Had the G Watch...returned it as sort of liked the look of the Gear Live..Bought that, and the battery life was nothing to brag about as it lasted me less then a full day. Its all about the 360 for me as I actually used the watches alot more then I thought I would!

    • Maxim∑

      lol you expect the 360 to have amazing battery life

  • SmithCommaJohn

    "Hey, early adopters! Fuck you!"


    • Fatty Bunter

      Such is the plight of an early adopter.

    • Taylor00

      No one forced anyone to be an early adopter. Everyone knows early adopter always get bit in the ass.

      • uopjo6

        Even 2 months early?

        • Jan Matz

          Yeah. Usually they don't give the product a totally different name, but at least the companies change the production line to remove some bugs, like a misconfiguration of Antennas, a button, that falls of too easily, add some LTE support or a bigger battery, or whatever. As an early adaptor you always run the risk to have a product that gets some improvements over the next few months.
          On the plus side, you will have the joy of maybe two software updates and don't have to live with the same software version for 2 years (if this is your personal update cycle).

        • Taylor00

          Yes. Even that. Plus, no one knows what this watch looks like. This one could be round, and if it was, it's targeting another audience than the ones who bought the first.

      • Maxim∑

        please stop making excuses for LG

        • Taylor00

          I don't give two shits about LG.

    • Cael

      LG does have to compete with Samsung :P

  • dj

    I don't know why every one is complaining just like smart phones and tablets and just like Samsung does with the Galaxy line maybe LG is just going to hit different price points with additional models being available

  • J.J.


  • uopjo6

    No way. No way a company would be this dumb to do it. If it is just an alternative to the first G watch it shouldn't be named G Watch 2.
    Either it's a bad rumor or LG's going to lose some customers.

  • JG

    Does it have to be the 2nd gen of the G-Watch? I mean OEMs have several different phones out at any one point... Maybe the new watch is going to be to the G Watch as the G3 is to the LG Optimus... Or maybe they're aiming for a Moto X/G/E type set up with a top, middle and budget tier line.

  • Premsuraj

    Sensing from the comments in this thread, people don't want anything to improve? Burn the new phones and laptops, let's go back to the first iPhones and G1 and the room filling computers.. How dare they iterate and improve things..

    • Adam Dominiak

      When you buy something expensive, you expect it to last as NEW product for quite some time and not to be displaced in 2 months from release. I think that one year is perfect to both release and refine new product and for earlier owners to adopt the thought that their device became old.

      • Bob

        Why does it have to be the NEW for a certain time period? Personal satisfaction? or something to brag about? The product was deemed good enough for us when we bought it in the first place, nothing changed about it.

        • navjot

          Not sure if this is the path LG is gonna take but there's a chance owners of the original will be screwed on updates and LG could just focus all their effort on the newest model.

          • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

            Google issue updates for ALL Android Wear devices, LG plays no part in the software update process - according to the Twitter thingy Google hosted the other day.

  • Cael

    LG V Watch.

    Its a phablet watch. Its going to be really rectangle


    If they come out w a new watch, they r going to piss people who just bought their G watch.

    Ian. B

  • http://www.gadgetphone.de/ Tim Rosenbach

    I bought a G Watch. I will be at IFA next month. Hope to not see a LG smartwatch named G watch 2 there.

  • Jamal Adam

    The G Watch was a test run and now the "real" one will be incoming.

  • Jan Matz

    Damn! Now I will have to wait with buying myself a G3, as if there is a new G Watch, there might be new G3 - G Watch bundles in the near future. Should I hold out?

  • AbbyZFresh

    To all you commenters that hate on this news. LG is clearly trying to create a better watch. This is a new category of products. Every company wants to improve as quick as possible to gain a better footing on customers. I hope they're taking some notes from Moto on the next one.

    • Taylor00

      Calm down dude, it's just a rumor.