The mere existence of a Humble Bundle app made it a little easier to sideload all those APK files, but the quality of the app was seriously lacking. Well, now it's all fixed up and out of beta. The v2.0 update to the Humble Bundle app brings a new design and easier access to all of your purchased content.

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There are a few screens of the old app down below for comparison. I think you'll agree that the new app is worlds better, even though it's getting Holo right just in time for Material. Still, the layout is much more standardized and you can finally see all the audio content you've gotten with those game purchases. Soundtracks can be downloaded to your device as either MP3 or FLAC (in ZIP files). If you've taken advantage of the Humble Bundle's ebook deals, those are available too.

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The app includes settings for where audio and books are downloaded and offers to keep your selection in sync. I always had issues with the old app hanging and crashing in bizarre ways, but this one seems perfectly solid. Maybe this is a good time to grab that most recent bundle.

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The old app

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Steen Nielsen

    I hate these Humble Bundle updates.. They always cost me money :-P
    Another bundle bought..

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not unless you are one of the 10 winners of the bundle giveaway which I finalized yesterday. Looks like we'll start doing those more often now.

  • João Deiró

    I wish we could filter the games through the bundles they came in. I always have a hard time figuring out which game came out on the latesst ones.

    • Wikiwaka

      I got 97 Android games through HB, not having installed half of them still, I once suggested to them through the contact page to add more info about the games like screenshots, a brief summary, etc. so it's easier to know what's what. I doubt they'll implement that though it would be very useful.

      • Steven Nutt

        All they really need is a genre filter and a very brief description, no need for screenshots, etc. just a quick bit of info would do the job.

  • hoosiercub88

    I was just thinking about how Gingerbread ugly this app was after I got the latest Bundle the other day. Pleasant surprise :)

  • http://revanmj.pl/ Michał Jakubowski

    I wish their app had store built-in (like Steam's app) so we could buy games from their store and bundles on the go.

  • thunderbird32

    It was about time. The old app was SUPER buggy. Also, fairly ugly.

    • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

      the old app was buggy but worked this app is so buggy it locks up my phone. it locks up when it starts trying to buildup my music and ebook library.

  • mightymightyme

    Wow, this app needed this so bad. This is a huge improvement for this.

  • Daniel Marcus

    This is better, but really, they need to put some descriptions in there. I have about 20 games, and no idea what any of them are. I have to go to a browser and Google the darn things. It's a LIST, Humble Bundle! Let me click on an item, show me a couple of screen shots and give me a one paragraph description. Heck, linking the list item to Wikipedia would be more helpful!

  • Kingo64

    According to the latest version I have no Android games in my library. Well this was a bad update since now I can't download any of the bundles I bought.

    • Dissidence

      Try hitting the refresh button in the top-right. My library showed as empty at first as well.

    • Ambroos

      The sync in the new app is really slow if you have a big list, especially on a mobile connection. Hit refresh and let it run for at least a minute.

  • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

    the app sufferers from stability issues.

  • Nathan J

    Anyone else told they have no games? I had to log out and then log back in. So if that happens to you—you know what to do.

    I also feel that the Humble Bundle app needs descriptions. But I wonder if they're treading thin ice as it is with Google's "no app store" policy—or whatever reason the Amazon Appstore and F-Droid aren't in Google Play. Maybe Google likes Humble and grants them so much leeway because of that, but they're treading dangerously close to that limit. Just a guess.

    Also: If you own Beat Hazard, you should definitely install it and check it out on Android. Not because it's a great game (it is... for what it is), not because it's a good mobile game (it's really not), but because it's exactly like the PC version, and that should give you real high hopes for Android as a platform. For example, I think the original Deus Ex should come to Android. It came out at a bad time. It was too demanding for the consoles of its era (the PS2 port butchered it), wasn't released on their successors, I'm fine with it as a PC-only game, but it could be a good game on Android, especially if you have a controller. But if you move the inventory to a slide-out on one side and the augmentations (powers, basically) to a slide-out on the other side, it could be really cool. Bonus points: It's Unreal Engine, and Unreal Engine is on Android already.

  • knowname

    My experience was just the opposite! The old app worked for me just fine! This new one however won't download for scratch!

  • knowname

    So let me get this right. Is the app not downloading when the arrows aren't moving? That's what bugs me most! The arrows stop whenever I switch screen or even let it suspend! What am I supposed to do just stay there scrolling up and down every 10 seconds until my 6 gigabyte game is downloaded??

  • http://www.WeboLobby.com/ Aniruddh D

    Can anyone give this app's apk. New playstore giving me errors so cant install new apps or update old apps.