It's only a few short weeks until Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 4, and rumor has it the Korean smartphone giant is swinging for the fences in hopes of regaining momentum. We've seen some images of what may be the Note 4, but specs have come in dribs and drabs. Now large Indonesian smartphone seller Erafone has posted a product page for the Note 4 with a full set of (possibly legit) specs.

According to the Erafone page, the Note 4 will pack either a Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 octa-core processor, depending on the variant. The 5.7-inch AMOLED display will also be stepping up to 2560x1440 with this device. This may be the first phone with 4GB or RAM as well. However, the camera is staying put at 16MP, the same as the Galaxy S5. Erafon's page also lists 16, 32, and 64GB models, all with a microSD card slot. The price listed on the product page works out to a little over $800, but that might not be the price in other markets. You can see the page below.


This is all still rumor until the moment Samsung takes the stage at Unpacked, but these specs are believable. If this is accurate, the Note 4 is going to be something of a beast.

[Erafone via Phone Arena]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    Yeahhhhhhh I'll go ahead and take one of these, please.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

      I'm resisting urges to throw my debit card at the screen.

      • Chris Blanchard

        Insert obligatory "Shut Up and Take My Money" meme here

        • Sigmund


          • Karve

            What the...

    • Richard Yarrell

      It's pretty much always been plain and simple for me since May 2011 nothing beats SAMSUNG or the Galaxy Note products period. This will be a simple day one of launch purchase just like all the other Galaxy Note products have been since 2011.

      • Will S.

        What if it turns out to be shit?

  • Hamza

    16gb model again, damn.

    • grumpyfuzz

      We go up from 1gb of ram to 4gb in about three years, yet storage says the same...

      • ClickFire_

        Believe it or not 16gb goes a long ways for consumers. I have a 32gb Nexus 5 and I haven't even used 16gb yet. A lot of it has to do with the cloud more people stream their music now as well as their media. Also with services like Netflix, hulu , amazon and others people don't feel the need to store movies and music on their phones.

        • Hamza

          I have nexus 5 16gb and I regret not buying 32gb. It gets filled up pretty easily in a country like Pakistan where I live where there's no Netflix, music streaming, etc and cloud is slow for us Pakistanis with slow net connections. So yeah, we need 32gb base.

          • Hamza

            And samsung increased storage models aren't available in our country so we have to make do with the base models.

          • ClickFire_

            I don't understand though, my wife has a Note 3 and its base model is 32gb.

          • Hamza

            Yeah, but now samsung is again decreasing the base storage to 16gb in the note 4 to make more profits from models with more storage.

          • hkklife

            Depends on the market. Some markets offer 16GB standard and others offer 32GB standard. Traditionally, Samsung has usually gone with the lowest common denominator in the US market (16GB) other than than a few carrier variants of the GS3/GS4 and a few Tabs.

        • Cory S

          I have a 64GB iPhone 3GS. There is no excuse for storages to still be this low.

          • Fatty Bunter

            I mean...are you an engineer with knowledge of the creation, assembly or packaging of a smartphone? Sorry to be that guy, but you really have no idea if there's an excuse. Just becomes something seems straightforward doesn't mean it's not incredibly complex.

          • alexis orms

            Um...really? NAND storage is rather straight forward actually.

          • Fatty Bunter

            it 100% is not. Stacking NAND dies on an SoC presents all kinds of issues like CTE mismatches, thermal issues in general, solder ball cracking. There are a million things that go into integration of NAND. You have no idea what you're talking about.

            Each time there is a new SoC, there is a new integration process. Design decisions are made every time for a reason.

          • Ihavenewnike

            Well given the last phone had 32 and 64 only, there is no excuse.

          • Fatty Bunter

            Ugh..no. Like I said, once you put in a new SoC, you have to reintegrate the NAND stacks. It's a new process.

            Yes I'd like them to put in more RAM, and yes maybe they can but are price gouging us. I just HATE when people say "it's so easy, why not just put in more RAM." It's not easy. Unless you work professionally doing something related, you have no idea what you're talking about.

          • Ihavenewnike

            But the SoC is using the same architecture right? So it might take a little more engineering but not much.

          • Fatty Bunter

            You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Why do people keep assuming they understand things that are insanely complex just because they've read about them on the top level?

            If by "architecture" you mean in the traditional sense for SoCs, which is ARM vs x86, then no. Intel chips have been x86 for a long time, but they change pin counts while on that same architecture. Same applies for ARM. They're still ARM, but there's a LOT of changes in each iteration. If you don't realize that involves a complete re-design then I can't help you

            If by "architecture" you mean the physical shape of the SoC, then no. It's a different archictecture for each chip evolution. They stack everything differently, rearrange sub-chips, wirebond differently based on how NAND is stacked. It is all dependent on eachother.

            People just pulling things out of their asses.

          • alexis orms

            Who said anything about ram?

          • Fatty Bunter

            No one. I meant to say memory instead of ram...thanks, fixed

        • Michael Tran

          16gb just isn't cutting it anymore. MP of cameras keep going up, meaning larger photos. higher res displays meaning more higher res games meaning larger sizes for apps. Now with android moving to ART runtime, that means the OS takes up more space. Once samsung goes ART, their touchwiz on top of Android is going to be FAT.

          • ClickFire_

            You make a good point.

        • Nick Cannon

          Can't install/run apps from the cloud. Why do they want to limit my app purchases?

        • BS Storage

          Believe it or not 16gb may go a long ways for you, but for most average consumers it is not nearly enough. Go read some of the polls about storage size that they have had here on AP and see what people want. I have a 16gb phone and have to use foldermount to link internal storage to my SD card just to put a few games on there, and that causes noticeable slowdown. GTA5, Modern Combat 4, NFS, Walking Dead and a few others alone almost fill up my internal storage, and I'm not gonna re-download a 2gb game every time I want to hop on for a Modern Combat 4 match or play a race or 2. Not to mention, 16gb turns into about 11gb out of the box.
          32gb would be a help, but yes, 64gb would be a savior. It's 2014 ffs. Give consumers what they want. We can run QHD 5.7 inch screens, 2.5ghz quad cores, but yet 64gb of storage is like some mythical feat? I would throw away the QHD screen and go with a 1080p screen if that meant I could have a 64gb or gasp even a 128gb. I would even pay $100 more for a 128gb version, but guess what, Verizon always just carries the lowest available versions. If this comes as a 16gb only, I WON'T be upgrading from my Note 2.

          • ClickFire_

            I see your point.

      • Hamza

        Note 3 had 32gb storage on the base model. Note 4 shouldn't downgrade to 16gb as the base model.

      • Keg Man

        last 2 phones I've had I use right around 16gb each phone. any more and I'm just filling it with mp3 or mp4

  • Henrique Persechini

    I hate samsung product design and touchwiz, but man, can't complain about the specs, if I had a large budget it would definitely think about it

    BTW, isn't microUSB 3.0 also a notable feature? or is Samsung already shiping it's devices with it and I just never read about it?

    • MrJamesBrown

      Note 3 also had micro USB 3.0

    • Michael

      Note 3 and S 5 had it, as well as a few of their newer Note and Tab Pro tablets.

      • hkklife

        Note 3, GS5 (other variants too), the 12.2 Note Pro and 12.2 Tab Pros all have microUSB 3.0

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      Yup, other manufacturers still use microUSB 2.0, and that gives us some hope that Samsung will put wonderful miraculous magical reversible USB 3.1 type C socket in their S6 and Note 5.

  • Cheetos

    Still can't produce a hologram, no need for 4gb of ram and the rest

    • Chippah

      There is ALWAYS a need for more ram.

    • ClickFire_

      Actually if your a power user and you leave a lot of apps open ram is very handy.

      • Ihavenewnike

        Like me on my note 3. One time I had multi window open, and 2 floating windows on top. Also had apps running in background. RAM is always good on a Note device.

  • frhow

    Wow, I do not like Samsung products but um.... I might have a change of heart for this one. Hopefully we will see TW UI tweaked a lot as well.

    • ClickFire_

      I don't think touchwiz will change until the Galaxy S6 because of Android L. I have a feeling Android L could actually cause Samsung to finally improve touchwiz guess time will tell.

      • hkklife

        Agreed. And the sad thing is that we won't see any downloadable major UI changes to otherwise capable devices such as the GS5, Note 3/4. The "new" TW will be a major selling point for their new tablets and phones in 2015

        • ClickFire_

          Exactly. For all the hate people give Samsung they actually have improved and they do listen to their fans and critics the fact that they are trying different materials and builds and stopped using shiny plastic as well as trying to tone down TW shows they do care.

          I think the Galaxy S6 will finally be a Phone both Cunsomers and Tech Geeks can Love if samsung plays their cards right.

          • Cody Shiranai

            Even David R admits he likes the S5. Samsung does do some things right while being at the top of the heap. Like anyone else in that position though, it normally takes someone showing them up or knocking them down a peg to get them to actually change something.

            It's like Lisa Lionheart vs Malibu Stacy.

  • Kevin N

    Yws please

  • Shadab

    first phone with 4GB or RAM as well

  • DanSan

    of course it will have a 32 and 64gb option...

    will we ever see those? 32gb maybe, 64 gb... doubt it.

  • Frodo

    I would consider stepping away from the Nexus line for this if it had water resistance like the S5...

    • ClickFire_

      Never know the Nexus 6 could be.

      • ctk4949

        I know the Nexus 6 wont be on stupid ass verizon!! :(

    • Ihavenewnike

      It probably will as they had the s4 active and now the s5. Also consumers seem to like it in the s5 and other devices now. So get it into more hands that way I suppose.

    • krazyfrog

      It will have a slot for stylus so I'm guessing it won't be water resistant.

  • lordmerovingian

    4GB RAM..? Guess they need all that RAM to deal with TouchWiz bloat.. Such a shame really..

    • KrlzGmz

      And the "Most ignorant comment" award goes to:

      lordmerovingian - The goat.

      • lordmerovingian

        Thanks, I learnt from your Mother, the village pass-around.

        • anehlo

          That means - gasp! - you could be KrlzGmz's father! Family reunion on Android Police, y'all!

          • lordmerovingian

            I know...the horror..me and thousands of "donors".

          • Kylecore

            And the "Most amazing reply" goes to:

            lordmerovingian - The donor

  • Samuel

    The Snapdragon 805 is a 32-bit ARMv7 processor while the Cortex-A57/A53 is a 64-bit ARMv8 setup. Would there actually be such a disparity in specs?

    • Grayson

      The Snapdragon 805 will probably perform better though. The Exynos being 64-bit doesn't necessarily mean it will perform better than Qualcomm's 32-bit chips. It's been more than 3 years since Samsung was able to produce a class leading SoC. Qualcomm has been spanking them lately.

      • Samuel

        Interestingly, initial benchmarks seem to favour the Exynos 5433 over the Snapdragon 805 by a small margin (I'm not quite sure of the authenticity of the claim though). I had higher hopes for the Cortex-A57/A53 to far outstrip Qualcomm's offering by a wide margin.


        I was thinking that if Samsung were actually putting out a 64-bit SoC, they'd most likely make a huge deal out of it. But a 32-bit SoC in some parts of the world and 64-bit in others in their cream of their crop would tarnish that claim.

  • ashish

    Just hope it has the metal band from the Alpha. No more chrome painted trim please.

  • d3cbl

    4.4.3 though....

    • Lexster

      As opposed to what? The next one hasn't even come out yet. You don't expect them to put a developer preview on it, do you?

      • Bob

        He's talking about Kitkat, 4.4.4 which is out....

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Meh, 4.4.4 is just a minor bugfix. Not a big deal, honestly.

  • mgamerz

    Having 4GB of memory is going to kind of be a waste on this phone if it's still 32-bit Android at launch. I'm not an expert on phones/ARM processors, but in every other system I've programmed for (x86/MIPS etc) areas of the address space are reserved for hardware addressing like disks and LEDs, which means these 4GB won't be fully accessible. It's why Windows XP could only address like 3.25GB of ram to the system, the other .75GB was addressing hardware.

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      Ever heard of PAE? This CPU has it. Single app has access to max 2 or 3Gb RAM, depending on kernel, but several different apps will use all available RAM, even if it's more than 4Gb.
      Also don't forget OpenGL driver can use 500Mb for textures.

  • Galen2

    A 32 bits processor cant handle 4gb ram, really 805 + 4gb?

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      Yes it can, using something called Physical Address Extension.

      • Galen2

        i was thinking that android kk dont have support for that, i just read that 805 add support for Physical Address Extension, 800 and 801 dont have it.

    • Floss

      Yes it most definitely can. 4GB is the "limit", but there are work arounds even to go past that without using a 64-bit processor.

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    No info if it's waterproof?

  • Flip Jumpman

    "Ups sorry, sold out"... Is that how Indonesians spell Oops?

  • Furnaceboy

    Not a fan of samsung phones. But damnnn boi.

  • eedem

    just waiting next nexus. that is all.

  • Ender

    Hopefully the next Nexus has similar hardware!

  • Binesh Amarasekara

    I think they just duplicate the specs from GSMArena.com

  • Akshay Mehta

    Isn't the 5433 a 64-bit and 805 32-bit ? Such a difference in one phone ? Anyways I'll just take the 805 one cause Samsung phones with exynos don't really get any support from cm and other rooting communities.

    • Cody Shiranai

      In America, you don't get a choice. We'll get the Snapdragon by default.

  • Stanley C.

    jeezzz... the battery will have 10.000 mah. hope will be metal rounded:-)

  • Mark Washington

    Haters gone hate!

  • StormbladeX69

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  • daniel martin

    those hardware buttons are a buzz kill

    • Guest

      I actually used both Note 2 and G2. I thought ditching home screen would be nice, but it has proven to be less convenient. I accidentally hit home screen on the G2 while typing or gaming and it gets very frustrating. To check the time I used to be able to hit the home screen button when it's on the table or in my pocket (easier than finding the power button which are usually to the side or up top and in G2's case at the back of the phone). I don't mind it and it also means the entire screen is dedicated to displaying an app.

  • RH

    LMAO! 4gb ram, HD screen 805 processor...oh yeah, this will be "cheap".
    Unless you have a Note1 or similar, you'll be taken to the cleaners. They are going to keep sending out these overhyped OVERPRICED devices, that 99% one even tax the processing power. Wasting your money. Get a midrange phone unlocked and it will work just as well, except in the benchmarking programs

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    6 inches would be nice. Or put out a note 8 with these specs.

  • Abhimanyu Seth

    I found my new phone!!!! Note 2 was great, but can't wait to upgrade!

  • Guest

    4GB of RAM? Well that doesnt matter since TouchWiz will use 3GB

  • Cenarl

    this will be a great phone, but my heart needs to know more about the "Note Edge" before committing. Imagine if it releases a few months later with the sick screen and the SD 810.

  • xdapao3

    As a previous (and enthusiastic) owner of the OG Note, Note II and now Note 3, I like everything about this Note 4 BUT the display which is still 5.7". If it's really going to be only 5.7", this will be the first time that I skip a Note series iteration.

    • Ivaylo Stoyanov

      Don't forget our hands don't get bigger, unlike smartphone displays.

      • xdapao3

        I have NEVER been one of those who said that 4" displays were "too big" when they first came out, and then the same for 4.3", and then 4.5" and so on and on...

        I have ALWAYS wanted a 6" (or even a bit bigger, it depends on current available technology, RE bezels size etc) smartphone. 5.7" is still too small for me.
        Eventually, I will find valid smartphones of the perfect size for me, a size I have ALWAYS wanted and which has NEVER been a "moving target" for me like it has instead always been for the average clueless user...

  • roberthenderson

    All this cutting edge technology and yet Samsung is too stupid to put the speaker on the front of a multi-media phone.