Squarespace is one of the more popular website building and hosting tools out there, but the Android app was always pretty lame. In fact, it was pulled from the Play Store a while back and we were promised new apps similar to the ones on iOS. Today is the big day—Squarespace has released beta versions of its Blog and Note apps in the Play Store.

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As with all betas, you'll need to join the Google+ communities and opt into the tests for each. The Blog app is a management tool that plugs into Squarespace sites. If you don't have a site hosted by Squarespace, this app is rather useless to you. If you do use Squarespace, this app can help you add text and edit posts as well as change your settings. I actually use Squarespace for my personal site, but I haven't been able to get this app working correctly. It only shows me content from my old Squarespace 5 site, not Squarespace 6. I don't know why I'm unable to switch between them.

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The Squarespace Note app can be used without an account or a site hosted by the company. This is a very clean and simple app for jotting down thoughts that lets you send content directly to Drive, Evernote, Squarespace, and more. Just type, add a photo if you want, and swipe up to send it. This one seems to work fine. Both apps are free, but they'll only show up in Google Play after you've joined the tests at the links below.

[Squarespace app betas: Note, Blog]