A single SMS message is generally limited to 160 characters, which gives it the potential to be a very concise means of communication. If, however, you feel that the point of your message will be hard to convey in such small snippets, Hangouts has a feature for you.

Hangouts allows users to specify a subject for SMS messages. Simply hold the send button for a moment, and a subject box will appear as shown below. Hangouts will then automatically convert the message to MMS, and indicate the message's subject in a pair of angle brackets once sent.

wm_Screenshot_2014-08-12-01-29-34 wm_Screenshot_2014-08-12-01-29-23 wm_Screenshot_2014-08-12-01-29-59

It's a small feature, but one that may be useful to someone, somewhere, who prefers to communicate hard-to-nail-down subjects via SMS. And, for the record, subjects can contain emojis, though right now it looks like (unfortunately) the recipient can't see them.

Thanks, Jeppe Foldager!

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Renan Lazarotto

    it converts to mms, so its not sms anymore. a single mms here in Brazil costs more than a whole day of unlimited sms, so I think that is useless for me.

    • TDioWS

      Aaaand, it's a miracle if the recipient even receive it...

      • Renan Lazarotto

        looks like someone else also uses TIM, lol

        • TDioWS

          Yep haha

      • http://www.gregpak.com/entries/002275.shtml D.Smithee

        Truth. I've had nothing but problems with MMS using Hangouts on my M8.

  • gumbald

    They should be killing SMS not adding tags to it.

  • Melad360

    this feature has been here for a really really long time..

    • ash

      It's a tip. Doesnt say it's new feature

      • Melad360

        yeah but it would have made more sense to say the tip earlier

        • ash

          It's in the subject line. The first word of it

          • greatestNothing

            subject line; hehe.

  • Bill Anderson

    Now if MMS would just work with Google Voice...

    • Chahk Noir

      Now if *everything* would just work with Google Voice...

    • http://www.androidofvirtue.com/ Robert Best

      If only Google Voice would work with Google Voice...

  • Nathan Walters

    One thing I wish you could do in Hangouts is attach a photo after you've already typed in some text. Does anyone know if that's possible?

    • Jake

      This. I also wish that Hangouts allowed me to attach a video or sound file that I had previously recorded and have stored on my phone. It has the option to "Take photo" and "Attach photo", but for video it only offers "Take video". There is no option for audio files.

      • Dan, From The Internet

        THIS. Original-ass stock messaging on Android 4.3 and below could do this with ease. It's amazing that hangouts can't. Especailly for someone like me who sends audio recordings all the time.

        Yes I know I could use Go SMS. But ew, Go SMS.

        Also on the topic of "things Android used to do in messaging but doesn't" would be slideshows and attaching multiple images to one message. Come on.

        • Darrien Glasser

          Try out Textra. It's not failed me yet.

      • yungqb7

        Indeed, hangouts is slacking badly. I don't want to rely on mms for the video sending (bad mms compression is bad). Still shocked Hangouts hasn't surpassed iMessage in terms of overall usability.

      • IrishSid

        In gallery can you not long press a video and share with hangouts?

      • Jeff

        not to mention you can not add a photo after you have started a message, you have to add the photo first then add text pretty lame:P

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  • http://gplus.to/bdbplatano M.e.Puente

    One caveat: adding a subject makes it no longer a SMS.

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Yep, as noted in the post it converts to MMS automatically.

      • http://gplus.to/bdbplatano M.e.Puente

        Oops must of missed that, I saw it in the picture only.

  • JG

    If you can't express yourself proper in 160 characters, couldn't you just keep typing? Pretty sure most smartphone apps will let you - they just split it up at the 160 character mark and send it as multiple SMS messages. And they're usually smart enough to merge the split longer messages into one big bubble again when received together in a short period of time. My old flip phone even let me send longer messages, just added a x/y to the start of each, which ended up adding a few extra characters to each message, but whatever...

    Most cell plans (US at least) now come with unlimited SMSs - and those of us on older plans usually had the option to pick up unlimited messaging through a small add-on fee...

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      My point was more that a subject lets the person know what you're talking about instantly, and a single SMS (160 character) could as well. Multi-page texts are still snippets put together, and a 3-page text isn't as easy to parse as a subject.

  • wicketr

    What I want to know is why they don't delete the "No Subject" from titles of group MMS messaging. It seems completely unnecessary, and messy to have it at the top of every message.

    • Dan, From The Internet

      It used to not do this too! It's super rudimentary.

  • J.J.

    soooo. when is hangouts actually going to have the functionallity of a great sms/mms app. because i try to force myself to use it but always revert back to stock because of missing features that i use regularly.

    • pfmiller

      Which features?

      • yungqb7

        The few that come to my head are customization, search, and namecard sending.

        • pfmiller

          Oh yeah, the absence of search is kinda ridiculous. How is it that Google of all companies doesn't support that?

        • Steve Barry

          Heck yes to namecard sending. This would be a much welcomed addition

      • J.J.

        Scheduled text is a big one, attaching video from the app, message alert repetition(re notified you after a set time if you fail to hear). To name a few. All stock features on samsungs app for a while.

  • http://SammyToday.com Krzysztof Bryk

    techynically it makes it onverts the sms into mms so ... ;]

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      It does, which the post indicates.

  • yungqb7

    I knew I saw this before, but I forgot how I did it. Not that I'm going to use it anyways. I'm still waiting on hangouts to do attachments properly. To simply put it, to become the iMessage for Android.

  • jsachs

    where is the tip on how to make google voice work in hangouts

  • clay

    now if i could just get hangouts to stop saying in every mms, that would be amazing

  • Daveon Jackson

    Earlier I received a MMS through hangouts when the MMS was sent to my gvoice. This device doesn't even have active service, so I couldn't see it.

  • qf

    Tip: Don't use a shitty SMS app like Hangouts.

  • http://www.keydifference.com/ parkerwills

    Well it will be more easy when you just say it in the sms itsely by specfiying a subject like SUBJECT: ----

    I wouldn't say that your tip is worst one rather I just said my opiopn on this!!

  • SGS5

    doesn't working for me....