There's a reason major device updates tend to roll out in stages. Some of the earlier recipients of the OnePlus One's big July OTA were hit with a bug where the PIN unlock screen did not display properly. OnePlus hasn't wasted any time hopping on this issue, and they're now pushing out a hotfix to the limited people who received the first OTA already and those who have flashed manually.

1970-01-09 11.57.21 2014-08-11 19.31.43 2014-08-11 20.01.19

This update is so small that the version number remains the same, XNPH30O. Below we've shared the files for people who already downloaded the July update, as well as the full OTA zip for people who haven't updated yet and want to do everything in one go.

Manual Installation

Download cm-bacon-0428073396-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip (Hotfix):

  1. AFH mirror.
  2. Mediafire mirror.
  3. Zippyshare mirror.
  4. MEGA mirror.

File size8.12 MB



Download cm-bacon-d22b777afa-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip (Full OTA):

  1. AFH mirror.
  2. Mediafire mirror.
  3. Zippyshare mirror.
  4. MEGA mirror.

File size: 113.7MB

MD5: 33490480bc690344f105a1c65b778c9b


Install: To install the update, boot into recovery, then sideload using adb sideload - if you've ever updated a Nexus device before, then you'll feel right at home, as the steps are exactly the same. If you're using TWRP, it will ask if you want to re-root at the end.

Source: CyanogenMod bug report

Thanks, Rami.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • fabi280

    Ahh, I wondered why I received a 2nd OTA like 8 hours ago

    • jonathan3579

      I thought I was getting the same update twice.

  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    BTW the 4.4.4 update did not address the dim capacative button issue.

    • dude

      I prefer if they dim it permanently so people is forced to use onscreen.

      • Alberto Blasi

        Why would you want to enable onscreen buttons? Just to waste some screen space?

        • Mihnea

          Immersive mode?

        • http://www.droid-life.com/ Steve B

          You are so dumb.

          • kromit

            you are so intelligent

        • Grayson

          To hide the yellow tint along the bottom of the OnePlus One screen probably.

      • Alexander Z Great

        Why do you want others to be "forced" to use on screen? Goof! I use the capacitive buttons with the lights off. I did check to see if they are brighter and they don't seem to be.

      • tintin.92

        Why force them? The whole point is to give them THE OPTION to use either.

    • http://www.droid-life.com/ Steve B

      Nobody uses the capacitive buttons anyway.

      • Alexander Z Great

        Never say never!

      • Adlx

        I started to, just so to have MOARE SCREEN yeah lol

      • AJ S

        I'd rather have more screen thanks, also it looks like they have fixed the yellow tint with the new batches of phones.

      • DirkBelig

        Nobody here and I use the buttons. It's so nice to have the FULL screen used instead of sacrificing that wide band on the bottom for a useless black strip. It was so frustrating with my Nexus 4 to have my buddy's Galaxy S3 look so much bigger when it was only .1" physically due to the offscreen buttons.

        • http://www.droid-life.com/ Steve B

          If you're not immersive, you're doing it wrong.

    • Rami

      I enabled them just to check, and they seem a bit brighter now, or maybe after using the onscreen buttons the whole time I forgot how dim they were.

  • mateor

    Same version number? That is a bad idea.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah I thought it was weird too. When I brought it up, I was told it's OK because it's a slow rollout and it's just a single patch. But that feels wrong and confusing anyway.

      My guess is if a build changes, it needs to be recertified, and that would take weeks.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    WTF is with that dialer?

    • Anaron

      It's the PIN unlock screen and it's not supposed to look like that. The 2nd OTA update addresses this issue while improving call quality.

  • Da Fuq

    I had this problem once because I used a custom font :)

  • Niko Pennanen

    Just curious. Why is the second screenshot in finninsh?

  • Jon S

    To install, boot the OnePlus into Recovery Mode (Power off fully, then hold down the power and volume down button until you see the OnePlus boot screen).

    2. Select Apply Update

    3. via Sideload ADB

    (Plug in your Device)

    4. On your PC or MAC use the command
    PC: adb devices
    MAC: ./adb devices
    To verify that the device is connected and recognized by your computer, it should be listed.

    5. Run the command:
    PC adb sideload cm-bacon-d22b777afa-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip
    MAC: ./adb sideload cm-bacon-d22b777afa-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip
    MAC: ./adb sideload ./cm-bacon-d22b777afa-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip

    This is using the ADB binary and ensuring that the update file is in the same folder as your binary.

    I hope this help for some...

    The OnePlus flashing custom recovery, unlocking bootloader, applying updates are very similar to the Nexus Lineup.


    • jonathan3579

      I don't get why anyone would go through all this trouble! All you have to do is download it manually and boot into recovery. It installs just fine from the download folder in internal storage. Sheesh...

      • Anaron

        It's not that hard if you know what you're doing. All you need to do is fire up a CMD prompt window from the ADB folder and use the ADB sideload command. The hardest part is copying/pasting the file name and adding ".zip" to it.

        For some people, it beats fidgeting with your phone's power and volume buttons.

        • jonathan3579

          I don't think it's difficult because I'm fairly familiar with ADB but Android Police and some commentors are making the manual installation more tedious than it needs to be. Neither a computer nor custom recovery are needed for this and it's being made to appear like they are.

          • DirkBelig

            Thanks for this. I've been away from my home PC with ADB on it and was wondering why we couldn't just install the zip from recovery. I just did it. Things I'm noticing:

            * LTE now shows instead of 4G.
            * Color temperature is much bluer even with custom display settings. Not too crazy about that; I liked my settings. OTOH, the yellow is almost gone as a result.
            * The homescreen settings are totally revamped with only Wallpapers, Widgets and Themes listed, scroll effects are under a sub-menu,
            * There's a new Search Panel option which basically brings the Google Now Launcher setup with the Now page on the leftmost screen to Trebuchet. Nice.

          • jonathan3579

            Wow, I never even noticed the new home screen settings!!! Lol. I don't like that I can't swipe back to the right to get back to the home page. It's a minor gripe but overall it does bring things one step closer to my liking.

          • DirkBelig

            If you mean that swiping from the right clears the card, not takes you back to the home screen like the GNL did (which meant you could only swipe cards away from the left), you CAN get back to the home screen as long as you swipe right between card or making sure you start from the bezel in.

            Double-tap off from lock seems to be new, but I didn't do that much to start with.

            The rearrange cards screen is harder to use because it doesn't make as small a proxy as before.

          • jonathan3579

            It seems a little janky to me. I'm wondering if they can improve on the fluidity of the transition from home screen to search panel and vice versa. Maybe not though because it seems to be opening the search app rather than it sitting on the side.

            I rarely use the power button so it is a very welcome addition to when I'm just turning the screen on for the time, weather, etc...

            Yep, you're right. I guess it's a good thing I don't rearrange often.

            I'm wondering what other new things are tucked away.

  • Big Tony

    I wonder if they ever plan to release more of these. What's the point of such a long hiatus? All it did for me is sour me from wanting to get one.

  • MSfan2

    Do they send new devices already upgraded? Find out for yourself.