Strategy games are generally more thought-provoking affairs than your average platformer or shooter, but they're still usually packed with plenty of on-screen action to hold players' interest. King of Dragon Pass, which is now newly available for Android, is no such game. This title is more of an interactive novel, and while gamers will still encounter warfare here, it's presented in a much different form.

King of Dragon Pass began as a PC game in 1999 and followed the trials of a barbarian clan as it expanded into untamed lands. A port landed on iOS in 2011, and now it has come to Android.

To look at King of Dragon Pass, with its complete lack of animations, and assume the visuals will be dull would be a big mistake. The game contains over 600 interactive scenes delivered through text and hand-painted artwork. Players have multiple characters to look after and the ability to tweak their stats, but there are more things to balance here than prowess in combat. Interpersonal relationships will also determine how well the clan survives. The game is very replayable, with important decisions impacting the story's outcome.

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King of Dragon Pass goes for $9.99, and it doesn't contain any in-app purchases. Get the full game via the widget below.

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  • Spoony IV

    9.99... i can buy Roald Dahl for less

  • Himmat Singh

    Very odd idea of a game this.

  • Solomon T Nutz

    I remember playing the original back in the late 90's. Fun game. Yes, interesting idea, but it is awesome. Just the writing and such is great. Now, for $10. Maybe. Might wait til it is on sale. We'll see.

  • lee jun-hoe

    Sick of games landing so late on Android after being on iOS (the article above mentioned 2011).

    Might pick this game up only during sale.

  • Steve Freeman

    Games this expensive need a trial version...as great as it may be, I'm sick of buying games for $5+, playing it for 10 minutes (usually when I get a chance, and not right after buying it, so I'm out of the 24 hour return window), and being out whatever I spent on it.

    • primalxconvoy

      Exactly. This is why I email devs. Sometimes sideloading the game from Aptoid or similar to test the game can work. Give yourself a time or equivalent limit and then stop playing. Email the dev and tell them what you did and/or go and buy the full game.

      I've found that telling devs just how easy it is to sideload and how trying a game for free allows me to actually WANT to buy a full priced game.

    • Norman Thompson

      There is a demo for the pc and mac version that allows you to play for one year. As for why there is no mobile demo, you can thank the apple app store for their policy of auto rejecting any app that is called a demo.

  • Anthony Tyson

    3 years to come to android? 3 YEARS!? I will not download this on principle alone.

    • Cat Astrophy

      The only problem is the catch 22 that stand creates. No one buys app out of principle, app dev thinks the platform still sucks for sales compared to iOS and continues to develop for them as a priority.

      3 years ago Android was not as good as iOS and Samsung had not yet taken over the market.

      Getting the developing community to develop for Android first is like trying to turn a giant supertanker. It's happening just really slowly (as long as Apple continues to fail at fighting back with poor OS and hardware refreshes).

      • Anthony Tyson

        Truth. But it irritates me to no end when android is treated like the redheaded step child.

        • J. Martin

          But it's here, finally.

          And in all fairness, Android is nine kinds of a bastard to develop on. There are good reasons for the longer waits. The hardware ecology is a major problem for Android and Google is frankly not doing anything near enough to develop tools that allow devs to handle arbitrary screen sizes easily. We need an extra software wrapper or soemthing to mitigate the hardware compatability.

          Even with delays, I say the freedom from the tyranny of the Apple is worth it.

    • Kevin Aaronson

      Some games never come to android.... How will you punish those developers?

      • Anthony Tyson

        Don't have to punish them. They are already doing that to themselves by not releasing their games to as many people as possible.

        • Kevin Aaronson

          So you're upset that they released their game to android? Which, by extension, would mean they are "releasing their games to as many people as possible."

  • sean

    They should have done an introductory sale. Nothing says Get it now like a good sale. If they would have started with a sale then more peopel with different devices could say it was okay.