It's that time again! Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform distribution numbers, showing the current state of Android version distribution among devices that have recently checked in to the Play Store.

As expected, KitKat has grown a bit more, up to 20.9% now (vs 17.9% last month), while Jelly Bean is down from 56.5 to 54.2%. Still hanging above the 50% mark and encompassing 3 API levels, Jelly Bean is the new Gingerbread.

Froyo is hanging tight at 0.7%, while - confusingly - Gingerbread has grown 0.1% to 13.6%. Ice Cream Sandwich is continuing its own decline, dropping to 10.6% from 11.4% last month.


Of course, as always, the dashboard also has helpful breakdowns of screen densities and Open GL version distribution for those interested. Hit the link below to see more.

Source: Google developer dashboard

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Frederico Silva

    Gingerbread - Revenge Of The Fallen. Called it.

  • http://tsurufoto.com/ Aaron Tsuru

    Just in time for L to be released. *sigh*

  • http://pascalwelsch.com Pascal Welsch

    Just dropped Gingerbread support last week. I should revert that commit.

    *place mother of god gif here*

    • Jake

      There are still some pre-paid phone companies selling phones with Gingerbread. Straight Talk comes to mind. Sadly many low-end phones still run this.

      • mgamerz

        Eh. People who are using low end devices (like REALLY low end) likely aren't going to spend too much on apps compared to high end users.

  • Wilberth Barrantes

    4.3 with 7.9%...??? All the S3 owners who cant get 4.4 by Samsung

    • DonEmu

      Pretty much

    • AbbyZFresh

      my brother had 4.4. on his S3. No rooting involved.

      • Rafael Luik

        There are different S3 models for different markets. The one with more RAM to keep the Touchwiz bloat received 4.4, the other will stay on 4.3.

    • tintin.92

      Only International S3. Which might still be a lot, but just sayin.

    • Stripes

      Don't forget the Galaxy Nexus owners who got the shaft from Google / TI...

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Remember that zombie gingerbread easter egg? It's becoming a reality.

    • Sruly J

      I was gonna download a gb rom then extract the easter egg, then I realized I was forgetting I could just get it from Google images. I feel dumb.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Wtf? How the heck did GB go up?

    It truly is the Windows XP of the mobile world.

    • Renan Lazarotto


    • Gregory

      It's not Windows XP, it's worse. It's Internet Explorer 6, if you know what I mean.

  • DonSerrot

    Ok, who pulled out their old GB phone to see if it still worked? You just gotta let that thing rest in piece.

    • http://about.me/barrae Maximiliano Barra E.

      I was trying a little experiment with Spotify. Sorry, guys.

    • Enough, already?

      Why all the hate, guys? Seriously...what do devices running GB do that offends you so much?

      (Not just you, but all of the "What the ***GB?" comments...they litter every freaking distribution article and frankly, it got old before GB did.)

      • pfmiller

        It sucks for developers if they need to continue to support old API levels, but for anyone else? Who knows. Pointless bitching, it's what the internet is for.

        • Osiride

          Hurting developers is bad for users too.

        • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

          If OEMs updated their lower-end devices, there wouldn't be many problems.

          However, we all know that isn't happening.

          • ameron32

            Nexus One owner here. It's not just OEMs, sad to say. WHY GOOGLE? WHY NEXUS ONE? YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!

      • mgamerz

        The terrible non-holo interface.

      • DonSerrot

        I have fond memories of GB. My first Android phone was the Droid 2 Global. That bad boy got GB right around the time I got it. Of course, shortly after getting it I decided to load up an ICS rom on it. Ah, those were the days.

      • Gregory

        I'm a developer and GB devices offended me by their poor performance all the time since ICS. So I've dropped 2.x in my app a few months ago and nobody even noticed. I absolutely don't regret this decision.

    • Alan Shearer

      Gotta connect that xperia play every now and then to register those licenses.

    • Doakie

      I don't even have a Gingerbread phone left. However I have an old beat up Gravity Smart on Froyo that I can't even sell for $20......

    • CerealFTW

      Maybe I should pull out my mytouch 3g? I got that baby running Android 1.5 at the moment

      • Manidel96

        Let's bring back Android 1.5! I'm in with my Motorola Backflip :D

        • CerealFTW

          we shall not rest until Android 1.5 is up to 100% market share!

          • Cristiano Allan

            This is it! I'm going to pull out my Motorola CLIQ (Quench here where I live at)! We can make it! Android 1.5 FTW!

    • Derik Taylor

      I will go put my roommate's phone down... *loads the shotgun*

      • DonSerrot

        Go with the Viking burial. It's the only way to go.

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert


    • Lyrrad

      My guess is that enough GB users opened the Play Store to download Facebook's Messenger app that is required for their IM service. If there were a few GB users that still were using their phone on a daily basis, but not actively downloading apps, a message from Facebook telling them that they would lose functionality would probably result in a few extra users being counted overall.

      • nawa

        No. If the phone is on, it already contacts Play Store, and downloading means nothing.
        Besides, FB Messenger is 4.0+, AFAIK, and everyone running old OS will continue to use full FB app.

      • godutch

        0.1% is not really a significant change. Anyway it's the summer holiday season in most of the world and many people are on vacation and I could imagine that poorer people are less likely to go on vacation

    • Ihavenewnike

      Is the Evo 4G on gingerbread? If so, my uncle still uses it so eh

      • MikeJwF

        Yup, the EVO 4G never got ICS, so it must be. Could actually still be on Froyo if he's the type to not pay attention .

    • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

      2.3.x is still pretty popular among low end devices...maybe a few more of those low-end devices were sold and activated?

    • Firmino

      Me too... my nexus 4 broke the screen and am using a p990 with CM 7.2 ...

    • Anon

      Funnily enough, I actually did in the last two weeks, trying to see if my HTC Hero could be used for UPNP music streaming. CM Gingerbready goodness.

  • David

    Honestly, for most of the apps out there, 4.x practically behaves like a single API. You have Holo and all, and themeing is just a matter of specific components that you gradually add if you abstract all those values right. That said, all of us will cheer, sing around the fire and take a week away from computers the day Gingerbread dies. We may go camping in the wilderness!

    Now that L is near, that's just too much themeing and layouting and branching to do.

  • Sruly J

    Finally! Been waiting for this the last few days.

    Meanwhile, I tricked my Nexus S 4G a few days ago so that it could accept crespo roms. Now I can take it past 4.4.2 (that was an unofficial version of cm). My S3 is rooted and running cm, so I can go far with it. (It's nice how two devices seperated by ~15 months are both running 4.4.4). Patiently waiting for L ;)

  • http://www.scienceprousa.com/ dcarr622

    Just for fun, the numbers from my app. KitKat is at 80%. It definitely depends on the app.

    • Pavel Sikun

      for my paid app kitkat is at 60%, then comes 4.2 :)
      for free ones situation is worse...

      • http://dcarr.io dcarr622

        My app is free, but it's geared towards an audience that is likely to have newer devices (Chromecast users)

    • Android Developer

      what is your app, and do you support GB ?
      Also, is the graph of "Total installs by user" ? I ask this because the other graphs are of a smaller number of people.
      my app has different statistics, showing kitkat is about 34%:

      • http://dcarr.io dcarr622

        My app is QCast Music https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qcastapp.android

        Supports api 15+, so that will definitely skew it a bit. But still, very few users on ICS or JB.

        • Android Developer

          Yes. Plus ICS includes API 14 &15 .
          Seems like a cool app. Too bad I don't have chromecast.
          Do you know perhaps of a pc app that functions (well) as a chromecast device ?

    • Guest

      What is your app?

  • motoridersd

    Sorry, tried to use my old Evo 4G as an Airfoil receiver

  • Guido Grasso

    still using froyo, too sad ¬¬

  • Aaron Echols

    That is not 100% accurate. I'm still using honeycomb devices that are active on the network. I'm sure there are a lot of other devices running it still. A little number fudging...

    • Sruly J

      They don't show versions with less than .1%.
      At the dev conference, they said 1 billion devices with Android (although the higher is higher).
      .1% of 1,000,000,000 = 1,000,000.
      So yeah, I'm sure there are honeycomb tablets still being used, but not enough to equal 1 million devices.

  • Rick Rolled

    I have Ice Cream with some taste of KitKat (Launcher + Theme), wich is preaty much as close i cant get to stock android.
    But my Galaxy Tab it keep leting me know i can update to Jelly Bean(s). But im not sure becouse the "Back","Home"... buttons are mooved to center after
    and the visible Status Bar in Jelly Bean just "takes" screen space,
    And some say it is not much faster,
    SO if i update cant come back, if i dont like it (so easy?%)

    Off topic:
    But my play store just got the (official) update to 4.9.13 Material Design, after 3 weeks of stage rolling (out).
    That was fast, only 3 weeks (sarcasm)
    So next time i hear about update by "staged rollout" i should know it means like -who knows when, sometime, just dont wait for it-

    • 1RealityCheck

      Nexus 5 & don't have it. I've stopped holding my breath for any Android updates.

      • Nathan Walters

        AP released the APK for the play store. If you have a Nexus 5, you should be more than capable of installing an APK.

      • Brad

        You're impossible to please if you're complaining about the speed at which your nexus 5 receives updates...

    • joser116

      Why not just grab the APK from here

      • Rick

        Well the first week i waited, becouse acording to some websites it would take "a couple of days" untill the staged rollout reach us.
        (Mostly becouse i dont always trust apk's outside playstore, Like 'The Playstore', wich can acces the account and all that stuff.... if its fake)
        But after a week of daily checking for the update, i got the apk from here (that is how i discovered this website) and it was the legit apk.
        After a while i got bored of it and i got the old one back and i forgot about it (i guess i just wanted to try it out the new Material Design on my 20th Century Jelly Bean (jk)
        But yesterday i got the update
        But the point is that it is annoying when some (who maybe doesent cares about updates and maybe barelly use that app) gets the update and other (who wanna 'beta' test it don't get it right away (maybe 2-3... weeks later). Its just like lothery :-)

        For ex. d0lphin browser its beeing in staged rolout from at least 2 months (some have 10.30 some have the new v11.) Like i have on different devices.
        If would be nice if there was an option to Opt-In to staged rollout.

    • Thomas’

      The point of a staged rollout is not to delay the rollout process but to get more feedback before completely committing to the update.

      If the whole rollout took three weeks it's probably because they had to change stuff which was only discovered by first 10%.

      • Rick

        Well, i hope they are getting it right (but i dont mind if i discover bugs, i just keep them warm like always , untill they go away with the next update)
        But i think if they discover bugs, the rollout still muss go on untill completed (only slower). I dont think u can stop an update. Annyway this is confusing to me.
        Before i didnt know what "staged rollout" means, It means to me now that, I don't get an update when released (like on old dayz) i get it "sometime" when it arives (from a long journey:-)

        A bug that i found was that on my android tv stick in landscape mode, the floating Layer (with description, app fotos and so on) it covers 75% of the big foto background, so that i can barelly see the photo, On my 10" tablet in landscape i can see much more from the same background foto 50% (the layer is lower so i can see more of that foto b
        Maybe it gets fixed.

        • Thomas’

          A staged rollout through the Play Store is not automated (as in the amount of devices is not automatically increased). You pick the amount of devices in the Play Developer Console (usually 10%, 50% and finally 100%) and confirm the distribution. If there's a bug found during rollout, it is either paused or reverted.

  • Badouken

    I remember about a year ago met someone with a gingerbread phone and was like dafuq?! HOW! I think they also had an iphone which made me even more confused... then I saw my cousin a week later and her phone has gingerbread on it still... she said she wont upgrade because she doesn't use her smartphone for anything buy calls... and im just like... why pay all the extra money for a smartphone bill then?

    • 1RealityCheck

      Remember also people's contracts.. So 2 years they were stuck with phones that wouldnt upgrade. Fragmentation problems at its best... Sadly even Google itself said it will only provide 18 mos upgrade for Nexus devices so Galaxy Nexus didn't get a Kit Kat update and I guess it's unclear if Nexus 4 will get L. Some people also dont want to keep spending $ on a new phone. iPhone users don't have to deal with that BS

      • Nathan Walters

        The thing about the GNex was that the processor wasn't very well supported by TI, so they stopped development for it. Because the N5 uses a much more standard Snapdragon 800, it would be pretty easy for Google to support it well beyond 18 months.

      • Matthew Fry

        Apple devices have fragmentation. Iphone 3GS and below don't get iOS 8.

        • EH101

          This plus those that did get iOS 8 have different levels of iOS 8, they just call it the same thing to hide the fact that iPhones suffer the same 'fragmentation' issues. Hell, iPhone 4 didn't even get siri even though it runs perfectly on the hardware and even runs fine on the 3GS.

  • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

    does anyone have a legitimate theory on why GB had a sudden surge, was there some cheap, for the masses, device released in china or india perhaps?

    • Peter Waegemans

      Yes. For instance I take a Froyo with me on holidays so I wouldn't have to change chips all the time. I can imagine I'm not the only one.

      The same goes for the festivals. All the kids go to big summer festivals and (hopefully) have learned to leave their S5's and iphones at home. Bet they still have an old GB or Froyo lying around.

      • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

        that explains why older devices still hang around (but imo isnt a good reason to keep developing for them) but it doesnt explain 13.5% growth in 1 single month

        • Peter Waegemans

          It all depends on the userbase you're trying to attract. I'm a Front-end developer and my client is an insurance company, so legacy browsers are daily business for me. If I were to be working for a design agency, I'd probably pop in a message urging my user to upgrade if their browser falls below the 3% cape. But I'm not in that position now.

          In other words, if you're trying to reach out to the masses, you'll have to support older versions of Android as well.
          Sure it's more difficult, but it's not impossible. Look at Facebook. Their site worked flawless on my Froyo 2.2.

  • Harsha

    At least no phones in India are released anymore with Gingerbread. Not even ICS. It's at least JB.

  • joser116

    All those Jellybean devices could easily be upgraded to KitKat. F*cking OEMs.

    • Matthew Gardner

      What about the Galaxy Nexus? F*cking Google?

      • joser116

        Thank T.I. for that.

        Also, Galaxy Nexus debuted with ICS.

        • zzzzz

          Pls spare us the bullshit. KItkat ROMs run fine on Gnex. It has nothing to do with TI. Stop swallowing all the crap Google and their fanboys say.

          • Connor McKinnon

            Stable enough for you and stable enough for a company to support for every consumer out there are not the same thing by a long shot. Kitkat may run, but if it reboots when it shouldn't, if battery life declines even more, if any number of persistent problems occur, then it shouldn't be considered good enough.

            If you care about having the newest version of Android, odds are you care enough to root and ROM. For everyone else, they just want it to work.

          • joser116

            Did you not read my comment?

        • What

          A "good run"? You expect people to change their phones every 18 months?

          • joser116

            No, I do not think so. If you read my comment, when I said good run, it was relative.

  • Matthew Gardner

    All the cool kids are downgrading their phones to run Gingerbread. I'm running it on my Nexus 5.

    • letsplaaay

      KitKat is so mainstream.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    At this rate, I think that Froyo, ICS AND Jelly Bean will die sooner than Gingerbread

  • Alexandre Leites

    My first Android phone was the Motorola Atrix at 2011... ahhh these days with Froyo...

  • Renato Paredes Araújo

    My bad! I recently reverted my HTC Desire to Gingerbread. Sorry!

  • Bariman43

    Some Froyo users probably decided to flash their Froyo phones to a CM7/other Gingerbread ROM. AFAIK doing that makes Google think you have two phones.

  • Guest

    I have just been reading the extra bits on the dashboard and noticed OpenGL 3 has jumped MASSIVELY since I last seen it, and I was quite impressed. Wanted to see what was doing it and it says API Level 18 and higher. Ahh, ok, OpenGL3 = 19.7%, but API Level 18+19 = 28.8%... Anyone know what would cause this discrepancy?

    • EH101

      Possibly some hardware that doesn't support OpenGL3.

  • EH101

    Gingerbread probably didn't even surge. Assuming Google rounds like most people do, GB probably really went from something like 13.544% to 13.545%, the latter of course would show as 13.6% even though the actual change is insignificant.

  • CeluGeek

    I've noticed many new cheap and some midrange phones are being released with Android 4.3. I guess cheap phones won't be released with Kit Kat until power users are enjoying Android M on their flagship phones. Anyway what I was trying to say is, expect Jelly Bean to increase a bit again in the coming months.