We've seen Android thrown into plenty of things over the last few years: ovens, refrigerators, set-top boxes, TVs, and a lot more. While some of those ideas are worth pursuing, there are certain ideas that just make sense. The Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet is one of those ideas.

To describe it over-simplistically, it's a smart helmet. But if you drop all the buzzword garbage and actually take a closer look, you can see that it's much more. It's a tool to keep riders safer, not just something to simplify one's life. That said, it does simplify riders' lives, as well.

Essentially, the face shield is a transparent heads-up display, capable of showing GPS and notifications on-the-fly. That in itself is a huge step forward for motorcyclists, because using GPS on a bike isn't the easiest of tasks – especially while wearing a full-faced helmet.

But to me, all that is the icing on the cake. The biggest benefit of Skully is its rear-facing camera. Of all the things a motorcyclist needs to stay safe, I think this one is the most beneficial.

There's still plenty of progress to be made here, too. Since the AR-1 runs Android, the company will be able to easily push updates and bring new functionality to its helmets as time goes on.


Of course, all that tech comes at a price. If you want to secure a Skully for yourself, it'll set you back a whopping $1400. That's a pretty steep price, but apparently not too steep – Skully not only passed its Indiegogo goal, but more than doubled it within an hour of the campaign's launch. That's pretty insane.

To learn more or back Skully on Indiegogo, head below.

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Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Scott

    Looks bad ass.

  • Andrew

    Very cool... still won't get on a motorcycle though.

  • Brayden Reesor

    I'd love this for my bike, but good god $1,400? I don't see how this is taking off so much. Cool features aside, the helmet itself better be absolutely perfect for that price. My current helmet cost me ~$150...

    • Ixil

      I agree. I couldn't justify such a purchase, I would probably opt for a Bluetooth enabled helmet for . I could see people with corporate sponsors going for a product such as this.

    • sego

      yeah with ~$150 I can get really good motorbike helmet here
      with $1400.. I'd expect it's made from indestructible Adamantium -_-"

  • NM

    Is that trailer a parody?

  • Henrique Persechini

    so it's like wearing google glass under a regular helmet? plus, you shouldn't buy anything from a guy that sounds like a hollywood mad buisinessman

  • jamaall

    Won't be long until the government outlaws it. Google glass is still in beta and it's already been outlawed in some states.

    • Steve Freeman

      I think that's primarily for privacy issues, isn't it?

      • jamaall

        No, its only for driving. I believe Maryland had already passed a law and many others nearby are putting one through legislation.

        • Steve Freeman

          Huh, good to know. I'm not interested in Glass at all, so I never really paid attention to what's going on with it legally, though I was of course aware there's been a lot of controversy.

          If the Skully's HUD is limited to operations like MPH, directions, etc, the rear-view camera, etc, and doesn't allow anything social or interactive, I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. But hey, what do I know. I don't even have a motorcycle.

  • Mark Allen @ WWD

    As a biker I love this, looks fantastic, just need the price to come down and it'll be perfect.

  • Eric

    That was cheesy.. not sure if serious..

  • leDerp

    We just need something for homing missiles and we're set.

  • Exikle

    Its almost tripled already

  • Anggelos

    I know if my cousin were alive he would have bought this. Maybe it would have saved his life.

  • dfds

    Funny how people hate Google Glass, but love this. Fickle world....

    • Mike Reid

      Just don't wear the helmet into a bar while video recording...

    • Steve Freeman

      ?? The comments on here about it are split pretty evenly really...and this is a COMPLETELY different product. Glass is intrusive, regardless of what you think. This seems to be purely for safety and convenience. Not snapchatting from your favorite coffee shop.

  • bigray327

    It would be nice if this actually hits the market, unlike most of the "oh cool" things we see on here.

  • frhow

    i see the gov't looking at all of these cools tactics/functions as distractions and will outlaw or limit its full capabilities before it is approved for highway use.

    • Justin W

      Already been DOT approved according to the video.

      • Mike Reid

        DOT approved like any other helmet ?

        Or DOT approved to not result in distracted driving tickets ?

        And... if it's a general Android device that can load normal apps, all bets are off.

    • lusky3

      No more distracting then your in-car dash, stereo, or dash-mounted GPS/Cellphone, morning coffee. If anything, it's safer. It's always in front of your eyes so you are never looking away from the road.

  • JG

    Android? Or Android Wear?

  • Ender

    I've never rode a motor bike with no intentions to, but I really appreciate this technology, it seems fantastic!

  • Sorian

    I have been wondering when someone was finally going to marry a Recon Instruments HUD to a GoPro for motorcyclist.

    Seriously though, this is a great idea.

    • 77r100slash7

      meh, I'll wait for the Guardian GA-1. Engadget wrote about them a while ago, their version seems to be a bit more well rounded. I might just pick up a Nuviz and stick with my GoPro's

  • kevinh52

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    If you get 5 referrals that purchase, you will get a refund..
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  • doom

    Now we just need lane sharing in every state other than California and we'll have caught up with the rest of the world. Hoping this isn't vaporware (vaporwear?).

  • warmonk

    Multiple people talking about how amazing it is. Not one real shot of what it looks like from the inside. Zero information on their indiegogo page about why they need crowd funds, and zero information on how far in development they are.

  • fivecheebs

    Until this kind of tech is available as an accessory to install into my choice of helmet it makes no sense to me. Helmets are very VERY personal things. There are a huge vairiation of choices, with each manufacturer edging to its own priority, and every helmet is different. I would never swap my beloved helmet (which cost £400 without any of this technology) for one if these just because it has a HUD... It's as ugly as sin, I also suspect it would be extremely noisy with ambient noise.

  • operator207

    Put a front facing camera on it (not for video to see in the display, but for "dash cam" functionality).
    I don't ride, and I have no desire to. But for those that do, and like these features, go for it. Anything to make it safer for the riders out there, and safer for those around them. I know I can squish a rider pretty easily with my car, I just wish some of those riders understood how often they cut people off. If they can see in the rear view that they are really cutting it super close, maybe they will think twice.

  • CGDaveMac

    Pre-orders for @SkullyHelmets helmet... please use my referral link! http://igg.me/at/skully/x/8465808