I know, US only polls do exclude a lot of our most loyal followers, but today's poll is about taking a head count in a turbulent time for the US wireless industry. Dan Hesse was just ousted as CEO of Sprint, and the carrier's parent company SoftBank has allegedly ended its plans for a takeover-merger of competitor T-Mobile. T-Mobile is also poised to surpass Sprint as America's #3 wireless carrier by postpaid subscribers, with CEO John Legere predicting it will happen before the year is out.

I know that many of our US readers are T-Mobile subscribers. That should come as no surprise, though, because T-Mobile is, frankly, the smart consumer choice right now if you're covered by their increasingly-speedy LTE network. T-Mobile offers true unlimited data that you'll actually be able to use, and if you're looking for more savings, their tiered plans are priced extremely competitively, even compared to their value rival Sprint.

AT&T and Verizon remain America's wireless juggernauts, with each commanding a subscriber base greater than T-Mobile and Sprint combined by a healthy sum, though it appears the winds of change could finally be blowing in what has been a sadly stagnant US wireless business. While big red and blue still have tight grips on many non-metro markets that T-Mobile and Sprint can't afford to cover as well (lower ARPU), the metro and metro-adjacent space is unabashedly under attack by John Legere's magenta machine.

So, we're taking a poll, one which I hope to repeat a year from now: US readers - who is your current wireless carrier? I've provided options for those outside the big four, too, so read carefully. I'm not including all the MVNOs and prepaids (it would simply be too long a list), but there should be an option for your situation. For the purpose of this list, I'm including wholly-owned prepaid subsidiaries like Virgin and Boost as "MVNO"s, even though they're technically just prepaid brands.

US readers, who is your current wireless carrier?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • challenge_accepted

    Nexus on t-mobile unlimited data master race checking in

    • CerealFTW

      Hello, brethren

      -fellow Nexus/tmo/unlimited data user

      • Willie D

        Same here

        • Brian Utne

          Ah my brothers. We are one in the same!

          • ME


          • Paul Monroe, Jr.

            T-Mobile Nexus 5 here too

          • Mark Wong-Ken

            Come sit by the fire and share my wine. Break bread with me my brothers, I am happy to see you all in this here wild country.

    • Kidney_Thief

      I'm also part of this gang, and grandfathered in on the $20 unlimited.

      • WestIndiesKING

        I locked in so quick once i heard they were gonna switch in April. Left to T-mo after At&t gobbled up Cingular havent looked back. T-Mo til death does us part.

    • Justin W

      I'm truly surprised at how high the T-Mobile numbers are. I only wish that I could be a part of them.

      • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

        I'm surprised as well. I guess the AP readers switch phones a lot and Tmobile is the best carrier to be on if you want to do that.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Sure is! T-Mo Sony XZ2, checking in.

      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        Their $30/mo prepaid plan is still as popular as ever (at least on this site)

        • tintin.92

          What is this plan exactly?

          • MrMakeveli

            5gb (before throttled) unlimited data, unlimited texts, 100 min voice. A great plan for a great price if you don't use a ton of minutes (or you use one of the free voice alternatives like vibe or hangouts). I love it.

          • Vlad TZ

            Wow... You can get that in Romania at any carrier, the cheapest is 6 euros... Amazing how prices vary, considering a Nexus is $200 more expensive here... (but most other phones aren't)

          • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

            Currently paying £20/$33 a month sim-only for unlimited calls, texts and 4G data. For once the UK doesn't get screwed! :D

      • AOSPrevails

        If only T-Mo had more than 2G in the 40 mile circle around my town :( The moment they get LTE here I am switching from AT&T prepaid.

        • tintin.92

          Where do you live?

          • Justin W

            I'm in South Dakota, where we have 2G on T-Mobile.

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow

            Changes are coming in SD. Recent spectrum acquisitions indicate T-Mobile is planning to aggressively expand high-speed coverage in SD. :-)

          • Justin W

            I'm gonna need sources! :D

          • AOSPrevails

            Indiana, T-Mo only have LTE in Indy & a few college towns, rest of the State is 2G only.

          • J.J.

            Tru. I'm in Fort Wayne(second largest city). We have LTE. But most of the state is on E. But hopefully by the middle /end of 2015(as projected) you will have 4g

          • joser116

            T-Mobile is in the process of converting all 2G coverage to 4G. They expect to have done significant work by the end of the year and to be finished by next year.

          • hoosiercub88

            I'm probably in a similar area to you, I love in north vernon.

          • http://project3825.blogspot.com/ 3825

            Not the GP but I am on a similar boat. I recently moved to ND. I am roaming everywhere. I will drop T Mobile because I think I am costing them more than I pay them at this point.

        • Gil

          I'm enjoying Straight Talk (AT&T) with my N5. I get LTE with 3GB of data before throttle, Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data. Service has been great. I used AT&T prepaid before I made the switch. You should check in to it.

        • hoosiercub88

          Don't hold your breath

      • RainMotorsports

        I'd be. TMo if I wasn't technically MetroPCS.

      • MJ

        I think people who are on Verizon know it's not cool anymore so maybe they don't want to admit they are still on contract with them?

        Nexus 5 with T-Mobile here! $30 pre-paid plan with 100 talk minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data (capped after 5gb) which is the best deal around (for some people). They have the fastest LTE also... In Buffalo, which has T-Mobile's wideband, I just did speed tests with two co-workers who have Verizon last week. I spanked the one who has a S3 so no XLTE and just nudged out the other who has a S4 with XLTE.

        • Chris Holt

          You mean throttled after 5GB rather than capped don't you?

          • MJ


        • hoosiercub88

          Who cares if it's cool? I need a carrier that works. And EDGE/GPRS doesn't.

          • MJ

            Sorry you are not in a service area for T-Mobile LTE...sucks to be you. I only have a choice of Time Warner for Internet but I don't slam Verizon FiOS which is not an option for me.

          • hoosiercub88

            Since when is stating facts slamming anyone? Did I say anything about T-Mobile specifically? No. It was a generalization AT&T, T-Mobile, and hell even Sprint. Get off your T-Mo high horse there buddy.

          • MJ

            Ummm... You replied to me about needing a carrier that works and I was talking about T-Mobile. How could anyone not take it as a slam on T-Mobile (their coverage area)?

            ...or you just normally post irrelevant comments? Whatever, dude.

          • hoosiercub88

            I was responding to;

            "I think people who are on Verizon know it's not cool anymore so maybe they don't want to admit they are still on contract with them?"

            Nothing I said was irrelevant.

        • PoisonApple31

          I am on contract with Verizon. Sprint is better than T-Mobile in Wisconsin, so why don't you come visit? You'd be super cool over here.

      • Ixil

        I am also surprised. There is zero T-Mobile coverage here.

      • Christopher Moore

        More shocked than surprised to tell you the truth. I'm going to have to look seriously at jumping away from Big Green, opps I mean Big Red.

        All I need now is a Nexus 5 fire sale from Google like what happened last year.

    • clovervidia

      Nexus 5 on tmo reporting in

    • NinoBr0wn

      Magenta Marine reporting for duty.

    • Ross Cohen

      No throttling?

    • Daniel Collins

      Oneplus one on t-mobile. >:)

    • Patruns

      Same here. Unlimited data, bluetooth in the car and Google All Play...... who needs anything else?

    • MrWicket


    • dude

      I don't want to take part in this master race thing. I'll stick with using my smartphone and not have to few superior to others because of the network plan I use.

  • Nuno Paulo

    Vodafone and MEO (Portugal).

  • http://zmyaro.com/ Gamer_Z.

    I am only sticking with VZW while I can keep my unlimited data. Their coverage is excellent, but they do not treat their customers well.

    • John Doe

      I guess you didn't get the news.

      • http://zmyaro.com/ Gamer_Z.

        To which news are you referring?

        • epsiblivion

          they're starting to throttle all unlimited plans

          • http://zmyaro.com/ Gamer_Z.

            Oh, yes, I did hear about that. Again, I am staying for the coverage, not the customer service.

      • Craig Foster

        After 4.7 GB you are throttled.

  • z0phi3l

    T-Mobile, only one with true unlimited, cheap, and great coverage across most of CT, or at least the parts I care about

  • Jarrod Davis

    AT&T, unfortunately. T-Mobile's coverage just doesn't cut it.

    • NexusKoolaid

      Same here. I do a bit of camping and traveling, and once we get out of the metro areas the only members of our group that have coverage are on Verizon or AT&T.

      • Jarrod Davis

        Even within Metro areas coverage can be sketchy. Hopefully things will get better in due time.

    • me me

      Right, T-mobile patchy, hence StraightTalk = AT&T's coverage, 3GB of 4G then 2G/3G til end of the billing cycle. I was on it for 19 months, til I switched to a family plan.

  • jim

    Verizon. I still love my unlimited data, and am perfectly happy to buy at full retail to keep it. Not a huge fan of the company but service is and has always been excellent, speeds are fine, and without WiFi at home, I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about data caps.

    • Craig Foster

      Until you get to 4.7 GB and you are slowed down to a crawl.

      • jim

        How frequent this occurs remains to be seen. "Slowed down to a crawl" is also speculation. Slowed down, yes.

  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • taxi333

    VZW Unlimited data

  • NWSD

    Left Verizon last year for att gophone because I bought the N5. Happy so far.

  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    Have T-Mobile and love my Service. Yes Absolutely do think Verizon has the Largest coverage reach, but they treat their customers like crap, are anti-competitive, have limited handset selection, and are almost always late getting Flagship devices(remember the original htc One?). T-Mobile is Incredible in my area and all the places I go, and I rarely seem to go into places it may not be like rural and deadspots. BUT they have been improving by leaps and bounds, and are a far cry from the Network they were even two years ago. Yes they may not be the biggest and baddest carrier, but they're good for me and I see the Effort they've been putting into improving. That speaks volumes. I completely Understand if its not good near you, that you wouldn't want T-Mobile but I'm sure glad my Area has Volumes of Spectrum. May not be 100M customers, but 50M is nothing to scoff at either.

  • JPB

    I voted for T-Mobile because by this time next week, we'll have the entire family switched over to them. My S3's contract with VZW expired a month ago and I'm going to switch over, first getting a cheap Moto G and then passing that phone down when I graduate to a Moto X+1 or Nexus later in the year.

    Overall, we've been happy with TMo. The knock is that their signal is bad but we've found that in places where my kids and husband can't get a T-Mo signal, I generally get, at best, at "1X" signal from Verizon. We get strong signals from both up and down the Eastern Seaboard, with problems only when we venture into upstate New York.

  • sueinphilly

    I've been with T-Mobile 7 years
    Can't beat the price
    Using our own devices, iPhone & nexus 5 & nexus 7 w/free LTE

    I'm in a big city. Coverage is excellent

  • Brenden Morris

    T-MOBILE!!! Team John Legere!!

  • trev8988


  • yentrog31

    Been with ATT thru work with 25% discount. pay 70$ unlimited. I think I will buy my own device and switch to Cricket(DFW area) for 45$

    • jpfrasier

      I have a similar discount with ATT and for our two devices it looks like the new mobile share value plans offer the best price if you own your own device. I live in DFW also and have wanted to switch to T-Mobile but for me their coverage is lacking.

  • bobprobert

    so it appears that we "informed readers" overwhelmingly use T-Mobile

    • Jason Bourne

      Heh. I use Cricket. $55 a month on AT&T's network with 5GB of data? Yes, please!

    • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

      0h look Somebody Crass and Sarcastic, I never would have thought I'd see that on the internet.

      • bobprobert

        Didn't mean to be crass or sarcastic with this comment. I simply feel that we readers of Android tech websites are more informed about the cellular industry than most. And looking at the poll most of us are on T-Mobile. While t-mobile is a distant third or fourth in the mobile subscriber category, it appears to be the carrier of choice of the most informed populous.

        • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

          And I absolutely agree with you, I thought it over once I reread it. Sorry.

          • Romdude

            Glad to see civility in our forums. Agreed that we are generally the informed ones.

    • MaroonRaccoon

      I think the quotation marks made it come off sarcastic, heh. I'm actually somewhat surprised that so many use T-Mobile (myself included, for now). I have been eyeing some of the smaller companies that use AT&T/T-Mo/etc.'s towers, such as Straight Talk or even Metro (I've recently heard about Net10). Only reason I haven't pulled the trigger is because T-Mo has been very good to me, so I have no complaints with them.

      I'll never go back to Verizon or AT&T though; and for some odd reason, Sprint is not an option for me.

      • Vinny V

        Odd reason, really? :P I'm with Sprint now and I'm giving the tmobile test-drive a run as soon as I get back to college. If it's better than Sprint, I'm switching!

  • CeluGeek

    Aren't Boost and Virgin Mobile actually owned and operated by Sprint?

  • Heimrik

    I gave up a grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan to come to T-mobile because Verizon monthly costs were outrageous. And I am convinced Verizon will eventually kill all unlimited data plans regardless of a customers grandfathered status. And I hate Verizon's policies. And their products suck. I hate having a locked down device, a locked down service, and their stupid huge logo plastered all over their stuff... And their shady tactics such depriving paying customers quality service by throttling their 4G data.... Verizon needs to burn in hell...

    • Brad Medlin

      since i am grandfathered and have a way around the throttling rules i will stay. However the day I am forced to give it up...I'll be out...best coverage regardless.

    • hoosiercub88

      Despite all the drawbacks, I love having LTE where no one else can or will give it to me.

  • Pootis Man

    T-Mobile FTW!

  • J.J.

    T-Mobile note 3 unlimited. Wife rocking the n5

  • Paul Leonard

    I originally switched to T-Mobile in college, when PrimeCo merged into Verizon. I loved T-Mobile through multiple Nokia candybars, a less-than-optimal motorola flip phone, a Blackberry Curve and a MyTouch 3G. I switched to Sprint for a couple of years because my wife got an employer discount that made it cost-effective, but when our contract was up so was her employer discount, and my Nexus S 4G (which I bought during its release week) was so old that it didn't make sense to renew with Sprint when I could just outright buy an unlocked Nexus 4 and switch to the T-Mobile $30 prepaid special. Love that plan. I've been back for a year-ish, and couldn't be happier with the service. My only regret is that I didn't wait 6 months and get a Nexus 5.

    • Enigmatic Psychotic

      I've got the same thing. I left AT&T after 7 years. Couldn't be happier.

  • Enigmatic Psychotic

    T-Mobile, home of the Android addict.

    • dethduck

      Well, they were where it all started way back in '08 with the G1.

  • Gustavo Aguilera

    I want to get some advice, and this seems like the appropriate place. I'm traveling to the US for one month and want to have a data plan on my Nexus 5. So, my question is: which is the cheapest or best valued data plan for only one month?

    • http://www.techmantis.net/ Minja Miketa

      Go to Walmart and get the $30 tmobile plan. You only get 100 minutes but you get 5 gigs of data.

  • http://ignaciozippy.com/ Ignacio Zippy

    I got a T-Mo data SIM for my trip to the US, can I vote? :P

  • Brad

    Joined T-Mobile from sprint two days ago. I'll have to pay off my nexus in one chunk, but I didn't realize how fast lte actually should be...

  • AbbyZFresh

    Verizon. Not leaving anytime soon.

  • mrbk

    vzw unlimited strong b/c it either them or att in my area

  • ash

    I am surprised to know today that verizon, sprint and at&t operates in India as well, not as a telecom operator though.

    Happy user of airtel though, having 300 millions users in 20 countries, excellent service and its 3rd largest in the world.

    • tintin.92

      Really? What do they do in India.

      Yeah, Airtel is pretty great, though it and Vodafone are quite a bit more expensive than the rest..

      • ash

        They are service provider of some sort

  • aaron

    leaving Tmobile in less than a month because they suck Donkey balls here in the northern US

  • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

    AIO no longer exists. Cricket and GoPhone are the two MVNOs that AT&T specifically control.

    • CeluGeek

      GoPhone is definitely not an MVNO. It's a completely homegrown service that carries the AT&T brand. I'm still not sure services like Cricket, Boost Mobile or GoSmart are MVNOs in the traditional sense. These are services owned by their respective carriers, unlike something like H20, PagePlus or Net 10 who lease service from the carriers but are owned by different companies.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        You know what...I never thought about it that way. Hmm...

        Do you think the "prepaid" moniker works better for services like Cricket, Boost, GoPhone, and Virgin Mobile? Also, what's GoSmart? I know there's a TON of MVNOs/prepaid but I've never heard of that.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Hah - with ~1700 votes in, T-Mobile has a surprising lead in the poll at 43%, with Verizon a distant second at 19%. Guess it just goes to show that smart android users also happen to gravitate towards the smartest best value. :)

    Now we could use another poll to further break T-Mobile down:
    1) Post-paid
    2) Pre-paid

    My hunch is that T-Mobile's infamous $30/mo pre-paid plan would be far and away more popular than any post-paid plan, at least on this site. Hard to beat it (as long as you live in a city (most of us, statistically), and don't talk more than 100mins/month VS suck down 5GB data)

  • AOSPrevails

    Nexus 5 on AT&T Go Phone prepaid, only b/c T-mobile is 2G in my area(40 miles circle around my town).

  • Francois Roy

    AP is way too US-centric .. =/

    • guest

      They are based in the US, I'm pretty sure most if not all their writers live here, you're too anti-US. Go read a local [insert your country here] blog about Android and then you won't have to read about it. Did I forget to mention Android is developed by a US company as well?

  • mark boyle

    I think the more tech savvy people are on T-Mobile, unless they live in an area with terrible service. This sight of geared towards tech savvy people.

    • dethduck

      The good thing is, even in areas of little to no coverage, nearly all of their phones minus the Nexus and currently the iphone support wifi calling for talk and text.

  • http://sankarnag.com Fusionist

    Almost every service provider will have good and bad. So what is the point.?


  • kpjimmy

    Even though I have been on Tmo since Voicestream, and in San Antonio, TX, where 4g/LTE is available. It's great, but once I travel in the rural parts of TX, the signal and coverage goes. I get edge if I'm lucky lol. ATT has it covered here, I'd say on the average. Meaning, some dropped calls, but you can get calls and data coverage. Especially when you need it.

    Don't get me wrong. I love tmo, and will continue to use it as long as I am in the big city or suburbs of it. But leaving for a roadtrip is scary with little to no coverage.

  • Erik Knudsen

    Wow. TMobile is running away with this one.

  • JaneE

    I live in a rural area. I have two choices that work well at my home. I visit two other places regularly, and need to make and receive calls and text plus get email there as well. Verizon works best at the place I go once or twice a month; ATT works best at the place I go to 3 or 4 times a week. ATT wins for now. T-Mobile doesn't even offer data coverage here. Had Verizon, but got tired of missing calls and not being able to even send texts, not being able to use bluetooth in the car, etc.

  • IforanI

    T-Mobile! They have been my number 1 for years. AT&T and Verizon are nothing in my eyes!

  • Scott Breitbach

    Unfortunately Verizon is the only real option in my area of rural Iowa. The other option is US Cellular, but the price is about the same as Verizon's (I get a Big Red discount through work) with a much smaller network.

  • Clubber

    Yup. T-Mobile unlimited here.

    Nexus 5 for me. HTC One for my wife.

  • http://twitter.com/jdrch jdrch

    Verizon forever. I live in and frequent the deep Midwest, where they're the only carrier with total coverage in my state (Iowa).

    • monkeybutts

      I-Wireless? T-mobile affiliate, not sure if they are any good though, heard T-mobile should probably just buy them out though.

      • http://twitter.com/jdrch jdrch

        @disqus_1PTOQ4OArx:disqus Ha, I-Wireless doesn't help when I travel outside the region either. Verizon is the only carrier with 4G coverage throughout the state. If you don't believe me look at their maps vs. everyone else's. It's not even close. T-Mobile is for tech journalists who live SF or NYC.

  • dethduck

    Wow. That's surprising. T-Mobile is stronger than I thought. Kind of makes me proud to have been with them since the Voicestream days.

  • Daniel Traynor

    Three UK

  • Benjamin19

    Republic wireless for the win! Except for the fact that I only get Sprint 3g which is atrocious. Good thing I'm on wifi 90% of the time.

    • http://www.about.me/kendallseabury Kendall Seabury

      Is this where the RW users check in?

  • Jonathan Harris

    I'm riding the big red wave, though not by choice since my parents pay for my phone bill. When I finally get back on my own and if T-mo has good coverage out in the midwest then I'll highly consider switching.

  • Stephen

    Too bad Tmo sucks in where I spend the most time in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Sticking to Sprint until they actually surpass them in coverage

  • schlanz

    I love what tmo has been doing to the industry. I hope that one day unlimited data comes back for everyone. even at $100 per line people will pay that to have unlimited everything on the best network, especially people who use their devices for business and need them to work as close to 100% of the time as possible

  • AtiRage

    Pffft.. US only again!

  • Nathan J

    I'm with Verizon now, but voted US Cellular to help give them some exposure. Until very recently they were the only carrier of choice out here. I didn't jump on Verizon as soon as they put towers in eastern North Carolina, but between that and US Cellular deciding to mostly stick with just Samsung and Apple for phones, I switched and snatched me up an HTC One M8. Fundamentally, I dislike Verizon, but my options are truly limited.

    Top comment says T-Mobile is the 'master race' but you can't get signal outside a few big cities, so I hope you never break down on the back roads. Hope you got a big battery to play your games until someone with a good cellular carrier and a heart comes by to call you a tow. T-Mobile is cheap because they save money by not building towers, building their infrastructure. It's worth paying a couple bucks more for that everywhere* coverage. (*You know, except those places nobody gets coverage.)

    • Guest

      I get upwards of 60mbps out here in eastern PA, over an hour from Philly. Verizon can't match that. Not everyone drives across the country on a daily basis, and where I go, T-Mobile has a solid signal that's only getting better as they roll out more LTE.

  • Nathan Talbert

    Verizon. For two reasons. First, I travel the country and they have the best coverage. Second, and probably most importantly, I still have unlimited data. They'll have to pry that from my cold dead fingers; cold dead fingers attached to my zombie body that is. Good luck. Yes, I know about their network optimization changes coming up. I'm hopeful that the FCC will actually get this right and in the consumers favor.

  • MordyT

    Wow, so many nexus 5 on TMo. Of course, I too am part of that awesomeness

  • Jackson Cunningham

    I'm surprised every time I see C Spire on here. Mississippi seems pretty insignificant compared to the rest of the U.S.

  • e3re

    T-mobile number 1!!!

    This shows clearly the shear number of nerds and geeks here.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    It's clearly looking like the readership of AP is not reflective of the general population as a whole.

  • David

    I didn't vote because I didn't want to interfere with results (since I do not qualify), but I want to post my personal experience with T-Mobile last year: I bought one of their pre paid cards in NY (7th with W48th st), at around $60-70, for unlimited calls and 2.5GB of Internet. I used it for around a month, and I never had connection issues (both phone and 3G service) or slow Internet, even when I used it as GPS while driving from MCO to MIA, on a mix of I-95 and US 1.

    Before starting the trip, I had already used all my data allowance. But even on 2.5G I could navigate on GMaps easily and normally.

    I was satisfied and impressed with the service.

  • Dan Wilczynski

    Another Nexus 5 Tmo reporting. It only makes sense!

  • KChristainsen

    Is it really worth going to t mobile and paying full price for the phone if you plan on keeping the phone for close to the 2 years of a contract anyways?

    • flosserelli

      On T-Mobile, once you pay off the phone, you are no longer charged a subsidy fee each month (unlike VZW). You are only charged for the cell service, which is the way it should be. So if you keep the same phone for 2 years, then you don't gain anything by paying full price up front.

      • KChristainsen

        thanks for the reply. That's what i thought. It only benefits the people who like to upgrade a lot.

        • Evan Knofsky

          No it benefits the people who don't upgrade a lot even more. With Verizon and AT&T once your two years is up and you've paid for the entire phone through the subsidy in the contract nothing happens. You will continue to pay this fee, so if you don't upgrade right away you are basically double paying for your current phone.

          • KChristainsen

            I hear ya and agree. Sprint and T-Mobile are cheaper. T-Mobile is 80 a month(2 person family) and you need to pay for the phone, 25 a month (600 for phone). Sprint is 50 a month but you can get the phone subsidized for 200. Math works in favor for Sprint for 2 years atleast. But your initial point is correct but more then 2 years for one phone sucks, haha. My GS3 needs to go.

  • me me

    As of today a Sprint, StraightTalk and T-mobile separate Apple, Android and non-smartphone users merged to an AT&T family plan all-Android sharing data. Got a discount, otherwise I'd be on T-Mobile.

    Averages $26 total incl tax per handset 3.3GB per handset unlimited talk text.

  • mgl888

    Obviously a pretty biased population here...

  • Gabriel Hart

    I've tried TMo. And I like where they're going. It's just that coverage is too spotty for now. So cricket it is!

  • me me

    Surprised Straightalk not getting more % the MVNO 1% of poll at time of typing this. I prefered $30 for T-mobile but their 100mins too few, and coverage patchy, so the nearest next best is ST's $45 for 3GB 4G and unlimited.

  • RH

    Straight Talk, I rarely come up against the 3gb limit.

  • Brandon Franklin

    The day att drops my grandfathered unlimited is the day I go to t-mo(probably) att is a good provider (now...not so much back in 09-2010) But I haven't had to meter my data ever so I'm going to avoid it if possible. I'm still hoping for the day theirs an unlimited plan with tethering even if the tethering was capped at 2-5gb I'd be happy

    • Andrew

      Just an FYI, T-Mo's unlimited plan comes with 5GB of Tethering included. This is who will get my $$$ soon (around October) once Verizon starts to drill me.

  • rasik

    glad to be in tmo family

  • Stuart Anderson

    N5 on the T-Mo $30 / 100minutes / 5GB nerd plan.

  • Giziguzio Papajuzi

    In my country I get unlimited data (or 2GB if LTE is not available), unlimited minutes and unlimited sms for about 22$. I wonder how does that compare to what US carriers offer, anyone living in US care to elaborate? Oh, and the coverage is fairly good, sometimes it drops the LTE signal in some areas(in the biggest cities that rarely happens), but at least I've still got the HSDPA+. You can still make a call in nearly the whole country, but some rural places only allow 3G data.

    • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

      that would be super cheap. I wish I could get something like that here. T-mobile and Sprint are the cheapest carriers and you'll still be spending at least $70 with unlimited data.

      • Giziguzio Papajuzi

        Thanks, good to know. Average US salary is about 30k$/year whereas in my country it's about half of that at 14,5k$/year so I guess that's the reason why it's cheaper where I live. Well, the more you know.

  • flosserelli

    I switched from VZW to T-Mobile in April, and I could not be happier. Sold 4 unlimited lines for a nice profit. Glad I left when I did.

  • droid4lif3

    Looks like Im hoping over to tmo soon, stupid verizon got me hooked with my unlimited data, but its not worth it anymore with all these locked devices.

  • Andrew

    unfortunately verizon... I think I'll switch to T-Mo with the next nexus. I won't be working nights then and therefore I won't have to worry about unlimited tethering.

  • solbin

    Got to go with Cricket. T-Mobile coverage isn't great around here, but AT&T's is nice. Cricket has a good price and have not had any trouble with them at all.

    • tim242

      Cricket is nice, if you spend most of your time on WiFi.

      • solbin

        Cricket runs on the AT&T network. I have not had any trouble with reception or download speeds while on Cricket.

        • tim242

          I'm aware of it being on at&it's network. But, you get throttled.

          • solbin

            8mbps is still more than enough for me. I can stream music, netflix and anything else without trouble. IF for some reason someone needs more than 8mbps download I can see their point, but its just a smartphone. Sure T-Mobile for me is great in a few areas, but a minute drive down the road I go from ~20mbps to 2g speeds. I would rather have a more consistent connection than really fast speeds in select areas.

          • tim242

            8Mbps is the max speed they allow. The throttled speeds are EDGE speeds.

  • Mike

    I am currently on Verizon and am definitely not switching anytime soon. Test drove both T-Mobile and Sprint and neither can even come close to Verizon when it comes to coverage which is really all I care about. I can get 10 GB of data through Verizon for a little bit more than T-Mobile and Sprint were going to cost me per month.

    I used to be a Nexus addict but what's the point in owning one if I can't get service with it? Funny being on vacation and having my friend on T-Mobile constantly telling me to open a hotspot with my phone since he doesn't have data.

  • VicRooLoo

    Always a pity to have 0 or awful coverage in certain spots whether in suburbs, out in the country or even in the metropolis but every year TMobile is improving its coverage while providing kick butt customer service, competitive pricing and consumer friendly changes.

    Although more can be said about their phones, bloat, and updates I am a happy camper.

  • Bootleg Zani

    Verizon with my Moto X DE. T-Mobile Prepaid with my Nexus 5.

  • Jeffrey Cohen

    Really the only thing keeping me with Sprint is Google Voice integration. I really wish one of the GSM carriers would do it. Don't understand why they don't.

    • nxtiak

      Yeah I'm so jealous Sprint users can do that. Wished T-Mobile would.

  • wampdog29

    Just switched to Verizon from Sprint...yeah yeah I went to the darkside I know. I just couldn't stand Sprint's coverage anymore. I gave them almost 2 years to get better, and it just seemed to get worse in Western PA. I broke my contract actually and started a new one...had to get the LG G3.

  • Itchy_Robot

    I've been with Ting/Sprint for the part two months. So far so good. Not the best in rural areas, but very workable... You can't beat the price, especially if you are not a big voice user.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003386080045 John doe

    Nexus and Tmo best all around bang for your buck.

    • tim242

      Their network says NOT EVEN CLOSE!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003386080045 John doe

        Sucks for you. No problems here in the big Apple.

  • MrWicket

    lot's of T-Mo love from AP readers! :)

  • Da Fuq

    Fuck you and your unlimited data :D

  • Carlos

    because poll is a bit racist like "(US readers only)", I thought I leave my comment here..
    My carrier is Sonera(finland) (in Estonia EMT). 3G 21 mb/s

    • Teodor Axel Johan Jönsson

      And I can join here and tell my carrier. I use Comviq (which is a MVNO, own and manage by Tele2 Sweden) and I have 3GB data and unlimited minutes and sms

  • james fuston

    I'm over here thoroughly enjoying my Verizon ALLSET plan with my BRIDGE DATA on my Moto X.

  • rap

    AirVoice (AT&T MNVO) $10/month covers me most months. I can use the landline most of the time and have wifi for data. I can deal with not usually using data when I'm out or I pick up free wifi or xfinity now has a wifi network. I use AF firewall that lets Google Voice through and nothing else. But I can switch to another profile when I occasionally want to use facebook, chrome, or maps. It's nice I have the data option if I need it but really I can live without it most of the time. For the occasional month when I need more talk or data I just throw another $10 on. Even cheaper than the $30 Walmart plan.