Whether you don't trust your current ISP snooping through your data, use a lot of public networks, want to use some restricted US-only services, or travel frequently and need to keep a secure connection, using a VPN to encrypt and tunnel your internet traffic is a great solution. And now, you can have unlimited VPN access for 3 years for $19.


The deal is available on StackSocial and offers 3 years of a VPN Unlimited premium subscription at 70% off its regular $65 price, which is a better deal than the current 50% discount the company is selling it at. It is a lot more impressive when you consider that something like HideMyAss costs $6.55 per month at its cheapest tier.

Like its name suggests, the VPN Unlimited subscription gives you unlimited traffic bandwidth. It is valid for 5 devices, and VPN Unlimited has an Android app (linked in the widget below), an iOS app, and Windows, Mac, and Linux apps as well. We reached out to VPN Unlimited to ask about the countries that they can tunnel your connection through and got the following answer:

Hello Artem, Right now we have servers in the following areas:
Canada - Quebec, Beauharnois
France - Paris,
Germany - Frankfurt am Main
Luxembourg - Roost - Bissen
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Romania - Bucharest
UK - Hampshire
US-East - Virginia, Manassas
US-West - california, Los Angeles
US-Center - Missouri, Saint Louis

The service offers a free 10-day trial and the StackSocial deal is valid for 11 more days, so you have plenty of time to give it a good run, make sure you like it, and then subscribe.

Source: StackSocial

Rita El Khoury
Rita is a pharmacist by profession, a geek by passion. Her love story with Android started in 2009 and has been going stronger with every update, device, tip, app, and game. She lives in Lebanon, speaks three languages, and watches a lot of TV series.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Wow! I'm on this like stink on iOS

  • cabbieBot

    This seems like as good a time as any to learn how to put a VPN to work for me. Thanks for the tip, AP!

  • Andy Cunningham

    Check the privacy policy: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/privacy

    I'm guessing they keep logs of your activity.

    • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

      I was going to post about this. Its US law to retain data and submit it upon subpoena but it also says that they don't log or track anything. Can anyone clear this up?
      Still seems like a good service to protect you while on Starbucks internet or other public networks nonetheless.

      • Andy Cunningham

        PIA doesn't keep logs has been great for me for a while now.


        While there is no way to absolutely know this, they've tried really hard to be transparent.

        • andy_o

          They've said specifically that their being based in the US is a advantage cause the US doesn't require them to.

          • Mick Collingwood

            Being based in the US is the worst place for a VPN, in the US they have the Patriot Act, Pen Orders and a whole raft of legal (and extra-legal) resources with which to force US companies to comply with their wishes. The UK, with its GHCQ spying organization, is as bad as the US, and most EU counties force VPN providers to keep logs thanks to the EU Data Retention Directive. Some EU countries however have not implemented the DRD, have not applied it to VPN providers, or provide other legal protections that make them suitable locations for a VPN service. (For more info http://wbc.pw/1stwWku)

          • andy_o

            That's what they say. The US does not require them to retain this data. I don't know if they're lying or not, but if enough people use it (and more than enough do), then some of them should be receiving warning letters if it's bad for torrenting as you say in your other post. From a quick googling I can't find any examples. Is this even a problem with PIA?

          • Big Tony

            It's not that black and white. The US does not have mandatory data retention law. PIA logs the time you connect and disconnect from their service (not connect to an ip.) They never log any activity. Their shared IP's provide more anonymity as well. If 100 people are sharing the same IP, it's impossible to single out a user's activity.

        • Eric Mendes

          I'll give another +1 for PIA. Great service, fast and you can torrent. Not to mention the transparency and no logs.

        • atomizer123

          Another +1 for private internet access. I have had great experience with not just the speeds but also the ping rates and how easy it is to configure multiple systems to work with the VPN. P2P works great as well and is routed through Netherlands.

        • MistiXF

          But PIA is tapped by NSA. PIA is too big not to, too popular. Most of the VPN providers are tapped. Go get a chinese or russian VPN instead. Or just root some Eastern European boxes and bounce through them.

          • jesuguru

            Right because the Chinese and Russian governments don't have their own versions of the NSA...

          • Romdude

            Good one lol

    • Mick Collingwood

      All VPN will keep logs for the time that is required by local laws. (https://www.eff.org/issues/mandatory-data-retention).

      This seems like a good deal but looking at the location of the servers they won't allow any p2p traffic, ie torrents, etc.

      • vwbeetlvr

        You are right, I tested a torrent of a video game demo, and zero traffic came through.

        • MSmith79

          Same thing happened to me. Just switch the servers. I was connected to US-East and it wasn't transferring torrent. Switched to the Netherlands and all worked well.

      • MistiXF

        Not all.

  • Gg

    Criminals, pedophiles and pirates rejoyce

    • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

      So narrow minded. How about not getting your information stolen over wifi. You do know how easy it is to sniff packets out of the air, no?

      • GG

        Why would you need an international VPN? You wouldn't you would use something like https everywhere plugin for your browser.

        This is just a piracy paedo tunnel.

        • Gg

          Commonly known as a darknet. What are you hiding? There are very few legal uses for this sort of service.

          • Mick Collingwood

            Pmsl, go away and do some learning. VPNs like this aren't a darknet.

          • Gg

            They are. It's sole purpose is for hiding away things. That makes it a darknet. Your almost certainly illegal traffic is rubbing shoulders with other illegal content of varying severity.

          • hmmph

            Are you sitting in the Hasbara war room? I use VPN's because I like to surf the Web without someone looking over my shoulder logging everything. I also like to read the REAL news. Not the twisted Yahoodi version! Here's my favorite news channel without a VPN-
            That page is accusing me of being a paedophile for seeing photos of dead Palestinians... typical.

        • Mick Collingwood

          What about when you're out and about and connected to public wifi. VPN won't protect criminals.

          • Gg

            That's what SSL is for....... Why would you need to tunnel a connection to another country?

            It's laughable how dome people try and legitimise a need for this. Whist the service isn't illegal there is no legal reason why you would need to pay for this.

          • Mick Collingwood

            Not all sites support ssl. Netflix and other country specific services.

          • Gg

            You know using something lile this to get foreign netflix is illegal right?

            You might not agree, but it diesnt change that .

          • MikeOxlong

            So you're saying Netflix doesn't secure your login with them? I highly doubt that to be the case. Media streams perhaps and sure, but not where it counts.

          • Mick Collingwood

            Netflix uses geolocation. Depending on where you appear to be logged in from will offer different programmes to watch. Or if I'm travelling abroad and want to watch from TV from home they use the same system.

          • MikeOxlong

            That wasn't your argument...

          • Kylecore

            The only thing laughable about this comment is you trying to call other people dumb and actually calling them "dome people"

          • MikeOxlong

            I think he was trying to type some with some shitty auto correct. But you big bright lightbulbs already knew that eh?

          • Andrew Jiang

            FYI, getting around the Great Firewall of China comes to mind as a VERY valid usecase. Deciding the legality of it is up to you.

        • BeastboyLP

          It's a european Netflix tunnel for me.

          • Gg

            Like I said illegal content....

            Anyone cone up with a valid legal use yet? Thought not...

          • MJ

            Wow! One valid use for a VPN is when using a public Wi-Fi for stuff like banking which was already mentioned but you keep just ignoring that... Convenient for your argument... Pretend SSL is good enough and maybe you will never have a problem but then maybe not...

          • MikeOxlong

            SSL is just fine when communicating with your bank. The bad guys sure have you peasants controlled well with the fear, no?

          • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

            Please access your back account near me then. Do it. I defiantly cant strip SSL away with a man in the middle attack. Nope.

          • MikeOxlong

            Ahh, another to be wannabee paper cs expert. Lookie here, lol. Sounds like the time is ripe for you to get your lazy ass out of school, out of mom's basement, and into the real world where paranoia is a little less rampant. Smh.

          • Andrew

            Some ISPs purposefully slow traffic from LEGAL/PAID media consumption sites such as Netflix. For some people, the Netflix experience is better through a VPN. There are countless YouTube videos that show this.

          • Looga

            George Brandis, is that you?!

          • mehim

            I live in Saudi Arabia, my Internet isn't only monitored, but also censored.
            It isn't legal or illegal to use vpn, but its something.

        • MJ

          Ummmm... One may not (or do) need an international VPN but maybe the VPN company itself likes to sell it's services internationally?

          • Gg

            Keep on believing that....

            If i were the police, a great plsce to find lists of criminals would be the customer base of companies like this.. The hit rate would ve near 100%

          • MJ

            Damn, you are a total tool...

            I guess you never break the law... Never went over the speed limit in your life? Paid every cent of taxes owned to the government?

            I will give another use case for a VPN. Political activism... In the US, the FBI will monitor groups even the one's not breaking the law that don't follow along the official Republican and Democrat lines. Some people may not want to be monitored just because of their politics or be known their politics to others which is a right...

            You have nothing to hide huh? Please post your social security ID, home address, phone number and your bank account. Oh yeah, we already mentioned that use case.

            You know you are right... I do use my VPN to connect internationally for a "illegal" use. I like Doctor Who so watch the new episodes right when they come out on BBC online in the UK. Oh my God! It's all right, I don't think UK law applies to me. I do subscribe to cable to watch them again when they make it to BBC America and even sometimes buy Doctor Who DVDs. I don't think I will go to hell...

            Why are you even on this site? I assume you are an iPhone user... Why? I would think in your world all people who use Android phones do so for illegal use. You know, the whole one can side load apps thing...

          • Gg

            You know tha British BBC licence fe payers paid for DrWho episide you stole?

            Would it be OK for me to fly to fly to the us and steal your car from your driveway.

          • MJ

            Really? You are comparing stealing a car to me
            watching a show (that is free to watch online) that I already said do
            watch legally in the US. The BBC is out nothing a**wipe (a little
            bandwidth but it keeps the fans happy which grows the audience).

            could see you in the 1950's visiting the south with a black friend
            confronted with separate bathrooms. Gg says (with his thumb in his a**) to
            buddy you have to use the black bathroom it's the law!

            It scares me that some people out there don't think privacy is important. I guess you have no drapes on your windows.

            I can't believe you are this dumb so thinking just trolling and you have been feed enough... Goodbye...

          • MJ

            VPNs don't like to sell to people internationally? Come on dude...

          • MistiXF

            Stop feeding the troll, geez.

          • cabbieBot

            Gg you are a terrible troll.

          • Andrew Beard

            Probably true for some providers (HideMyAss in particular). Unless you know what each and every application on your computer or phone is doing in terms of network communications there really isn't a replacement for a good encrypted VPN, though. It's way to easy for a kid with a WiFi Pineapple or the like to put up a fake AP or just straight up sniff the traffic and catch things you never thought about. Especially for people who go to large conventions or the like where cellular service may not be great that extra layer of protection against malicious individuals is a legitimate concern.

        • Andrew Beard

          Sitting in the airport on my way back from DEF CON I feel the need to comment on this. I spent a lot of time working with the Wall of Sheep and we were pretty surprised at what we found going across in clear text. The quick and dirty version is that mail protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP3) and crap mobile apps were by far the biggest offenders in terms of sharing credentials in clear text. An HTTPS plugin wouldn't do squat in this case. A VPN tunnel that encrypts everything has applications for EVERYBODY.

          • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

            Thank you. How was DEF CON? I was going to go this year (my first time) but wasn't able to. Next year for sure.

          • Andrew Beard

            I had a lot of fun and learned a lot, but I'll admit I didn't go to a single session. A lot of things happened we couldn't have possibly predicted (mostly good) and we just kind of rolled with them. If you can make it next year I'd highly recommend it.

        • Why

          I'm from Indonesia. Our government censors reddit.com, manga sites due to pornographic materials. Despite i don't visit reddit.com and those manga sites to rub myself out. And due to their poor DNS servers, using VPN is actually a lot faster to connect to the internet than relying on their DNS service.

          Now you know why other people who arent pedophiles need VPN.

        • ChrisM40

          ISPs sometimes block things that arent illegal as do public Wifi providers. The systems they use to censor the internet are not perfect.

          Torrents are perfectly legal, I use them to transfer files between home and work and friends, perfectly legal files that I own the rights to.

    • Hagen Michael brown

      So what you are saying is that pedophiles aren't criminals?

    • rasik

      Damn you Stupid..

  • vwbeetlvr

    I tested a torrent of a video game demo, and zero traffic came through. Makes the service kind of useless.

    • Mick Collingwood

      due to the server locations I suspect p2p traffic will be blocked, although I may be wrong.

      • darkdude1

        What's the point of a VPN which discriminates traffic?

        • Mick Collingwood

          A lot of VPN services do. All depends on the laws where the server is hosted. For example it's a big no-no using a US based server for torrents etc as the US is notorious for not respecting any laws when it comes to non-US customers plus all the extra laws they have in place like the Patriot Act etc to enable snooping into everything you do. However if you use a server in the Ukraine, Russia etc they couldn't give a sh*t what you download and will not co-operate for issues of the DMCA.

          • shonangreg

            Are you saying bittorrent is illegal in the US?

          • Mick Collingwood

            Of course not, I only use torrents for legal reasons but a lot of services don't discriminate and assume if you are using torrents then you must be sharing copyrighted material.

    • John Malin

      I've started using ibnpv for torrenting. Works quite well. They have a package specifically for p2p as well that is fairly cheap. ~40 USD a year

    • MSmith79

      Same thing happened to me. Just switch the servers. I was connected to US-East and it wasn't transferring torrent. Switched to the Netherlands and all worked well. There's probably a closer server too.

  • Mick Collingwood

    It is a good price and I may try it for a trial period but I currently use IronSocket and have found them to be really good. Also they have servers which do allow p2p traffic.


    • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

      I got it just for the extra security while on my schools wifi network. For only $6.67 a year you can sign-up for two separate services!

      • MikeOxlong

        Why would you pay for VPN services in situations like this when you could quite easily setup a server at home to provide the secured link you require? He'll, it could be a feature of your basic router for craps sake.

        • Mick Collingwood

          Yeah becauase setting up a server at home is easier than paying less than $7 a year ;-)

          • MikeOxlong

            Usually, yes. Especially when most h I me commercial routers have the ability with just a few clicks. Guaranteed less work than signing up to a service for sure.

          • Latos

            $7 a year?


            It says $49.95 a year, that's a little bit more than $7.

          • Mick Collingwood

            I was referencing Jared K who says he pays $6.67 per year for a vpn while using the schools wifi network.

        • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

          Convenience. I actually do have a server with a VPN on it for when i want to access my files and stuff. I like the idea of just running an app and having it work. Sometimes setting the vpn settings on my android phone can be finicky. I wouldn't sign up for one of those plans that are (much better) for $30 a year though. But for at this price point its a nice secondary backup AND i can route traffic to their other servers if i ever needed.

          • MikeOxlong

            4 mpbs isn't slow if your not torrenting full time. Its absolutely fine for browsing, downloading, and even streaming HD content. The bottom line is you don't need to be paying for these services under normal operating circumstances an, 99% of the time, using your platform of choices native VPN capabilities works better than these paid solutions which put you at more risk than doing it yourself.

          • Jared Kotoff

            That's your opinion. It's slow to me. You're not doing the work I do. Think outside the box please.

    • Mick Collingwood

      I've actually been testing this out (purchased the 3 year deal) just to use when I'm out and about


  • whispy_snippet

    Aww no Australia.

    • http://myanimelist.net/animelist/kouhai-chwan Kouhai

      Australia doesn't exist.

  • Dave

    For 20 bucks I figured I'd give it a try. Speed is 1.2 mb/s. Maybe they just had surge of people signing up so the bandwidth isn't there at the moment. Get what you pay for I guess.

  • Nathan J

    With a price that low I would be concerned.

    I VPN'd up last month because, when traveling, I was afraid of using WiFi since I'm aware of what can be done with unsecured traffic. So I'm paying PIA $40 for a year of peace of mind. Now, it may not be unbreakable, but it makes me a less attractive target than the guy next to me who isn't running a VPN.

    • Andrew Beard

      That is a totally valid concern and you should be applauded for recognizing it. A lot of people don't:

  • nejai

    Why if I don't trust US snooping through my data??

  • kgptzac

    Fishy. On their own site they don't state the locations their connection is routed. It's one of the most vital information everyone needs when shopping for a VPN, and I don't trust their business when they omit such information on their website.

  • Jon

    Travelling often to China, I set up my own OpenVPN, using my home broadband (it has 40Mbit upload, enough for my needs). I won't say it's the easiest setup, but it avoids paying for a service you can get for free. Unless you can't trust your home provider, either.

  • Big Tony

    Private Internet Access. There is a reason it's the number one rated VPN. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/

  • MoSaad

    I am testing the service, it's working properly on windows (watching netflix) though I got disconnected twice in 3 days... but the problem is with the application, I can't use the service, there's no place to connect to a server... I am using Android kitkat note 3...

  • Eldrants

    so far netherland can do torrenting

  • lanoormohamed

    Can anyone get on the Play store when connecting to a US server?

  • chieftaing

    Disconnected overnight, does not automatically reconnect, e-mail to tech support has gone un-answered for two days. it does work great, but be aware of some limitations that hopefully get worked on and improved.

  • Bobkeimach

    It is 9/9/14 and VPN does not connect with any of its servers.

    Are they still in business or did I just lose $40 for 3 years service.
    And now it's on sale for $19. I would be careful before signing up.

  • BlueCiel

    I got VPN unlimited on my iphone 5, Does anybody know how can i get the VPN to work in my PS4

  • http://mostsecurevpn.com/ Paulette Dodson

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