The last update Wednesday was a quiet one, but Google is picking up steam today with that Play Music update and now Google Search is hitting v3.6. This update should enable deep linking for apps through search, and there's some more movement on hands-free mode. No, it doesn't work yet, but check out the hands-free icons below!

wm_handsfree wm_Screenshot_2014-08-06-15-22-06

What’s New

Unfortunately, APKtools crashes trying to decompile this version of search. We managed to get in with JEB, though (Artem paid $1000 cash money for a JEB license). We can tell from the version number that the new update will enable deep linking of indexed app data through the app indexing API—Google's developer docs say it requires v3.6 or higher. This should allow Google to show content from inside an app and link you directly to it if you've got it installed. It relies on developers to implement it, though.

The Google hands-free feature we keep seeing pop up seems to be a little different in 3.6. The prompt you get when trying to call it up is still busted, but it has a different look. The new Search contains a ton of new hands-free resources (plus some strings that refer to it as Kitt), so maybe we're getting close to something. The icons above are certainly a good sign.

There's also a new pop-up warning when you enable OK Google Everywhere that lets you know someone else could use the device without unlocking it, probably in response to this.

nexusae0_wm_Screenshot_2014-08-05-15-06-31 Screenshot_2014-08-06-14-53-33

Left: old, Right: new


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

File name: com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox-

Version: (Android 4.1+).

MD5: 9217cadbd2258ea93a8156a2e49ecc63.

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[Thanks, Dave Kover]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Jack Bauer

    AP bang on target again!!

  • Miguel Ripoll

    Google is trolling hard.

    • sam

      we still love them though

  • Spasillium

    /inb4 "It broke XGELS!"

    • Josh Phillips

      Well... Does it break XGELS???

      • Nayners

        Not for me! Yet...

      • Spasillium

        ... Of course. Not sure why anyone would be surprised when every update so far breaks it.

    • http://www.theknut.de Alexander Schulz

      It's already fixed, I just need to test it and push it to the Play Store.

      • Spasillium

        Damn you're fast! Nice! I assume the beta is getting pushed first?

      • blaktech

        U FFing rock man

    • Stanley C.

      Thats the reason to disable auto updates wen you have XGELS in your device. ;-)

  • Wilberth Barrantes

    Who needs siri
    Ok Google i love you *-*
    Marry me

    • maysider

      Siri is just a joke, don't talk about Siri with any connection with Google Now :)

  • Peter

    This update removed the option for OK Google Everywhere on my N5 (located in Aus with language set to US)

    • Konstantinos Pap

      Search for "OK Google Everywhere", go to settings and you will see it enabled. Though you need to select English US( as the language)

      • Peter

        Awesome, that worked. Thanks!

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    When I saw the first picture I thought it was finally time Google let me use voice commands to control aspects of my phone such as "turn on wifi", etc. sigh, I guess not yet.

    And I know there's commandr and autovoice and shit, I just wanted a defaultish solution with no hassle. Give me hassle free along with hands free, Google!

  • Ajb.esquire

    Had to splurge on the GUI :D god knows I would :)!!

  • O’s Fan91

    What is Google hands free?

    • Morten Ulveseth

      You can control shit on your phone without your... you guessed it!

  • http://profiles.google.com/kamontryst Tyler Walles

    i wonder if this will finally give me the ok google everywhere.... no matter how many "tricks" i try, the option never shows up

    • Konstantinos Pap

      Search for "OK Google Everywhere", go to settings and you will see it
      enabled. Though you need to select English US( as the language)

      • Peter Blanco

        Doesn't work for everyone though bro, be mindful.

      • http://profiles.google.com/kamontryst Tyler Walles

        ive done that several times, almost daily... nothing ever happens

  • Ambroos

    Am I the only one who still can't use OK Google everywhere? I've tried all tricks on three different devices running Kitkat and nothing enables it...

    • http://profiles.google.com/kamontryst Tyler Walles

      I'm in the same boat

      • kepler

        Me too. Even with latest release 3.6 Google everywhere doesn't show up. (Nexus 7 with 4.4.2). Any suggestions?

      • cjohnson481

        What device are you on?

        • Ambroos

          Xperia Z1/Xperia Tablet Z/Xperia Z2.

          • Chemiclus

            I don't even have KitKat on my Table Z yet

          • Justin W

            Z2 checking in - no problems with OK Google Everywhere. Well, except when it's off. I'd like it to work when the screen is off as the battery life is already amazing so I don't think it would be a problem, but I can live with it for now.

          • Philipp Scheller

            Z1 no problems

        • http://profiles.google.com/kamontryst Tyler Walles

          Galaxy s3 4.4 kitkat language us enlish for everything
          using the ok google everywhere search "tip" gave me the audio history option, but nothing under hotword (not greyed out, nothing is there)

    • Konstantinos Pap

      Seriously? I've posted it 2 times already. Noone reads the comments? T_T

      Search for "OK Google Everywhere", go to settings and you will see it
      enabled. Though you need to select English US( as the language)

      • Ambroos

        I've been trying that since the day the trick became public knowledge. Doesn't work.

      • Daniel Antón García

        I have been trying that for a while now.. Nexus 5 and nothing

        • Dennis Ulijn

          Have you at your device language to English us?

          • Daniel Antón García

            I have the Google Search app English US... The device itself is set to english UK

          • Dennis Ulijn

            I'm dutch and while OK Google everywhere worked when my device language was set to dutch, it did not always work as expected. I suggest you set your device language to us English, reboot, then search for OK Google everywhere from within Google now and then have a look at Google now settings in the lower right of Google now...

          • Daniel Antón García

            Still didnt work :/

          • Dennis Ulijn

            Weird... You're the first and only person of which I hear that this doesn't work on on a nexus 5...

          • Wylan

            Doesnt work on my N5 either. :,(

          • Konstantinos Pap

            How about clearing Google Search's data and trying again?

          • Daniel Antón García

            Nope, same as before

      • Philip Leaper

        Seriously!? You think people have not tried the most obvious way of doing it?

    • Gerald

      download quickshortcutmaker app from the playstore. open quickshortcutmaker > google search > the image i attach > try. make sure to set ur language to English/US
      sorry for my bad english..

    • Peter Blanco

      If I understand correctly, it's enabled by account server side? If the tricks don't your device isn't compatible or you have to wait, that is if what I just said turns out to be true. Not 100%

    • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

      I found when I had this activated, the mic being on all the time when plugged in (even when the screen is off) caused my charging time to rise significantly. My phone being awake the entire time it was charging meant the charger was only barely outpacing the battery drain.

      Galaxy S3 though, so YMMV

    • Kevin Aaronson

      Same here, had to flash another rom to get it to work, factory reset may help though, but yeah I tried everything, deleted Google search, forced to system app, you name it I tried it. Good luck!

    • Luqmaan Mathee

      Are you using English us(

  • RichF

    So, will this allow for universal search across media apps, i.e. search for *awesome tv show* and it will surface it for hulu, netflix, and amazon, and so enable google wear to pull up a show by any available app? It's weird that this is just coming now, since I thought the google tv platform had deep linking for some time, but definitely something I'll appreciate once devs turn it on.

    • CoreRooted

      It will only work if the apps in question (Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon) are using the app indexing API.

  • ¥1000

    $1000 dollars!

  • ffgtfr

    does anyone know how to rehabilitate the word Pronunce Ok Google?

  • sergejsbabikovs

    OK Google, split Google Now commands locale from overall system locale.

  • Sir_Brizz

    Can you send a Hangout through voice search yet? This is the most ridiculous missing feature.

  • Hugo Castelani

    Now Emu

  • Hugo Castelani

    That work

  • niknetniko

    Does Artem poop money? If so, I want some!

  • gspida

    I still can not record a video due to google now everywhere. Does anyone have a solution? My phone is LG Optimus G Pro

  • boldv

    I am able to go into settings till the point of training google now but unable to proceed further. Mic is working for other apps. Any reason why google is not listening in the training page?

  • Simon Belmont

    Hoping this will also let me use a voice command to read me my messages or notifications. Like "OK, Google, what are my messages?"

    That way I can triage (and respond to) my messages (or notifications) when I want to do completely hands free. Also, PLEASE, just read back a dictated message before offering to send it. This ONE tiny, extra feature would make the workflow for sending messages COMPLETELY hands free. It's a no brainer.

  • zickardo

    An absolute URL: Google Search Update

  • zickardo

    The new Voice button is awesomeGoogle Search Update