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Update 8/5/14: The sale has been extended from July 31st to August 7th.


Motorola loves discounting its flagship Moto X phone at every possible opportunity. The latest is the nebulous "back to school" season, but I think they were just getting itchy - it's been a whole week since the off-contract Moto Maker editions of the X went on sale. Right now you can pick up a standard 16GB Moto X for $299 ($100 off), the 32GB model for $324 ($125 off), and the 64GB model for $374 ($125 off).


The fetching wood panel options are $25 add-ons and don't affect the discount, so you can grab a fully-loaded 64GB Moto X with a wood back and your choice of front and trim colors for $399. That's a bargain in anybody's money, but since this promotion is limited to the US version of the Motorola store, you'll have to pay in dollars. The price discounts are good until July 31st.

Verizon apparently still isn't interested in offering the 64GB version of the phone, so 32GB is the highest capacity you can get on Big Red. (The Moto X does not have a MicroSD card slot.) The GSM and Verizon developer editions of the Moto X are also on sale, for the same $324 price as the locked 32GB models. Go forth and save, y'all, but remember that the Moto X is almost a year old at this point, and so it's due for a hardware refresh soon.

Moto Maker via Motorola Twitter

Michael Crider
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  • Hsanchez957

    This must be to clear stock. Depending on Moto X+1 (or whatever the successor is called) I might switch over to Motorola. I've been looking for something a little smaller than this Note 3 that'll get a ton of community dev loving.

    • james fuston

      Rumors are that the x+1 is going to be significantly larger than the original, which is too bad. The speed of the average phone has reached the point where my only concerns are that a phone be palmable and have good battery life.

      • Matt

        I haven't heard those rumors. Do you by chance have a link to the source?

        • james fuston

          Width and height difference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PognS_2NGlI

          It's bigger than a Nexus 5, which is just about as big as I'm comfortable with. The 4.7 screen on the Moto X was perfect.

          • Hsanchez957

            The Nexus 5 is about as big as I want a phone to get. I don't understand when bigger = better. I blame Samsung for that. If their screen size doesn't change between releases people consider it a failure.

      • Hsanchez957

        "The speed of the average phone has reached the point where my only
        concerns are that a phone be palmable and have good battery life."

        You just summed up my EXACT disappointments with the state of phones right now. I admit I bought into the phablet lifestyle and this Note 3 has served me really well but I'm looking to go back into the 5" area and just use it one handed with no issues. Even the HTC One M8 was unnecessarily bulky and I was looking forward to opting out of this for that. I don't wanna get a Nexus 5 now months before it becomes obsolete either.

        • ProductFRED

          On top of that, as a current Note 3 owner, if you go with the Nexus 5, you're going to go running back to the Note 3 within a day or two just because of the battery life. I've also owned pretty much ever major Samsung device since the Galaxy Nexus, but I'm getting tired of Samsung in general

          • Hsanchez957

            This was my first Samsung device. I gotta admit the battery life is a huge plus. I'm rooted running CM right now and idk how I'd get through a normal day's usage (which is pretty heavy) on normal phones with 1,000mah less. Maybe the screens being smaller would offset it but like you said the N5 doesn't hold a candle to the Note 3.

        • james fuston

          My Nexus 5 easily gets me through a day. The only times I have to worry about battery is when some app goes rogue and chews through 30%, and that's largely because I'm using ART. I expect the battery will be even better with Android L, as some people are reporting 1-1.5 additional hours of screen-on time with the L preview.

          To me, battery life really only matters in day increments. If I have to charge my phone halfway through the second day, I'm just going to charge it the night of the first day instead. So, 1 day is the minimum, 2 days is great, and 3 days is fantastic. I could easily make it Friday-Sunday with my Moto X. I really hope they don't compromise on that for the X+1 in order to appease spec junkies. I'm absolutely okay with a 4.7" 720p panel, the Moto X's was just a little too dim. 50 nits more (and camera OIS, if I'm being picky) and it would have been a perfect phone for me. I'm actually considering getting one now and switching to Verizon's ALLSET plans to cut costs.

        • NBMTX

          I think the only way the Nexus 5 would be obsolete is if the next Nexus device had something like an SD810 or even 808 which I believe are 64-bit and using big.LITTLE... but I don't think those are expected this year. (Hopefully I'm wrong about the release.)

          Otherwise, the updates the Nexus 5 has received and will receive seem like they're only making it better, in both features and experience.
          It's good to know, since by comparison, iOS updates are often detrimental to experience, even with missing features, and Galaxy device updates are often times accompanied by a number of bugs.

      • dude

        Nah. I heard from someguy who know someguy who is testing the Moto X+1, it is 5.2" but with slim bezel, so I guess it won't be bigger than LG G2. It will have a better camera with hardware OIS, with a silver rim around, I guess like the Nexus 5 and can be use with those external magnetic lens. Snapdragon 800 based, 3GB of ram. $450 unlocked, not attractive as the original Moto X.

        The new Verizon Droid will have 4gb ram. The Moto 360 have a feature that let you glance at it to display notifications.

        Take all these with a grain of salt.

    • Matt

      It's certainly not definitive, but all these recent promos certainly suggest pretty strongly that the new Moto X is around the corner (especially if you consider that virtually every smartphone company now has the same 1-year turnaround time for new variants and early August is coming up). It would be nice if the carrier versions were bootloader-unlockable though. Pretty sure the original Moto X is still locked.

      • Sam Hollis

        The Dev versions on the carriers are unlocked!

        I also think that there are a few unlock tools, but it's been a while since I've checked.

        • Matt

          Yeah but then you're still paying full price. I'm basically planning to switch to Mobile Share on AT&T (works out better for the family based on usage) but have two contract renewals coming up this fall and want to take advantage before making the switch.

        • dude

          There are no thirdparty tools that can unlocked the Moto bootloader, Qualcomm make sure its extra hard to do so. You'll have to use the code provided by Motorola, there is also a Chinese man that illegally gotten access to unlock codes for ATT Moto X phones and reselling them.

      • dude

        All phones on ATT and Verizon will be bootloader locked by default unless you buy the developer edition, it's just the nature with these restrictive carrier. Also Moto phones have lots of security features by default. you'll just have to shell out for the unlocked version or dev edition.

  • Daniel Marcus

    I hope that it's preparing for a permanent price drop, not clearing stock or being discontinued. The Moto X is one of the best phones in its size class. Quite frankly, despite being a year old, I still think it is one of the very best phones on the market. I personally would take the X over an SGS5 any day. For Verizon customers looking for a phone with an unlockable bootloader, it's also a steal at this price. The fact that Moto's warranty covers unlocked devices is an added bonus over the competition.

    • dude

      Right now I'm kind of blown away by the camera quality of the OnePlus's Exmor sensor, if the Moto X+1 camera is 95% as good as this it'll be enough. I'm going to get it regardless, unless they disappoint the in the design and size.

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    After 8 months of owning my Nexus 5. I'm pretty confident I would have been happier with the Moto X, had the initial pricing not been so awful.

    There are some times when I make use of the N5's power advantage, but I'm pretty much constantly envious of the Moto X's battery life, active notifications, and design/ergonomics. My GF has had her Moto X since a month after it's release, so I'm not just speculating that the everyday user experience [of the X] would be better... She's even able to use her navigation or Waze apps without plugging it in to charge along the way.

    • krudl3rx

      The worst thing they did with that Moto X launch was tying the availability of the 32GB version to Moto Maker. I ended up with a Nexus 5 on Sprint simply because i couldn't stomach getting a 16GB. But my wife has one, and i think it is definitely a better device.

      • NBMTX

        I think the carrier (/oem) driven price was the worst thing... that and the softened or limited marketing push so as not to offend Samsung (and maybe other OEMs, but mostly Samsung). I was sold for $400-450 at release. Not at nearly-or-over-$600 though.

        Since the black and white versions of the current version are cheap (Moto G prices), I might still buy a Moto X to hold me over until the real next gen SD808/810 stuff comes out in 2015. I'm just so tired of charging my phone all the time.

  • Mezzum

    With the closing of the Texas Plant that puts these together in Dec, I expect this to drop even more. I remember when the Nexus 4 dropped to $199, I bought two of them.

    • dude

      I can see the Nexus 5 going $249 and $299 as fire sale soon, but I don't think the Moto X will go $199. The Moto G LTe is $220 right now, Moto X is overall very good quality, it won't go cheaper than the G.

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  • conniemhooper

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  • mgamerz

    Seriously why can't you just set that as the normal price Moto. Sales nonstop are not sales.

  • Guest

    Don't let the door hit you in the as on the way out ;-)

  • Cuvis

    Meaning the X+1 will be announced August 8.

  • MaroonRaccoon

    Jeez...just drop the price until the thing either sells out for good or until the day the X+1 comes out. Every time they do one of these sales they always extend it, and for some reason I doubt it's due to how successful the sales are. I'm still expecting some kind of end of summer fire sale at this point like the Nexus 4 had before the N5 came out.

  • AGoodM8

    I wouldn't call it a sale until the 16 GB model dips below $300.

  • dude

    The bamboo back is out of stock now. I think they're really clearing it out for the last time.