If you're ready for a heaping helping of stable CyanogenMod, you're in luck, because that's exactly what's available on tonight's all-you-can-flash Sunday buffet. The CM team started pushing the M9 build of CM 11 this evening, which puts this one about a month out from the M8 build. I'm sure you flashaholics are itching to hit the recovery menu, so grab this badboy and get flashing.


This release marks the first ever (non-nightly) release for the Xperia Z2 'sirius', Xperia Z2 Tablets 'castor' and the HTC One 'm8.'

* Themes support for additional UI elements
* Heads Up Notifications – Bug Fixes
* Lockscreen – Allow doubletap to sleep when using secure keyguard
* Torch – Improve performance
* Safe Headset Volume – prompt when interfering with 3rd party device (Jawbone, Square, etc)
* Center clock support
* Quick Settings – respect locale changes on additional tiles
* Proximity Wake-Up support – prevent accidental wake-up of device by checking to see if proximity sensor is blocked (eg. Device is in a bag or pocket).
* Spam notification filtering – Set notifications to auto-ignore based on content (perfect for those pesky games that want you to ‘Save 20% on our new game’). Long-press offending notification to set as ignored; manage in Privacy settings.
* Settings Search – Additional improvements and highlighting
* Data Usage Info – Add support for CDMA devices without sim cards
* Bluetooth – Add additional A2DP profiles
* Bluetooth – Disable AVRCP 1.5 by default (fixes various car unit compatibility)
* Email – Fix saving attachments to storage for POP3 accounts
* Translations (Thanks CM Crowdin Team!)
* Account for Play Services induced wake-locks
* Fix encryption on some LG Devices
* Dialer – add support for Korean and Chinese to smart-dialer

For those who may not be familiar with CyanogenMod's M release cycle, these are essentially stable builds that are designed to be used as daily drivers. All the newest CM features should be baked in, and crashes or other oddities should essentially be non-existent outside of freak accidents.

Head below to find the build for your device.

CyangenMod, CM Blog

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Keyan X

    M9, HTC's next phone

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      HTC Cyan(ogenMod)?

      • turdbogls

        CM's next phone confirmed! :)

        • MrTrunky

          (M)9 / 3 = 3 .... Half Life 3 confirmed!

  • Bariman43

    Ugh, why did I get a phone with a codename so far down the alphabet lol. Thanks for the info, I'll flash it as soon as Toro is up.

    • Brin

      You're gonna be 4th from last. - Toroplus didn't get signed off for it .

      • merman1983

        Ah Toroplus the bastard Nexus ginger stepchild. Best/Worst decision of my life.

  • Sergio Garcia

    Cool. Thanks guys!

  • Anthony Tyson

    Let me guess. Bluetooth will still be broken on the N5.

    • Craig M

      Bluetooth on my Nexus 5 isn't broken.. not completely anyways. I get audio lag when watching Netflix, but that's about it. I'm running PA with Franco Kernel.

      • Anthony Tyson

        Keyword. PA. This is CM.

    • Kenneth

      Works with my Pebble.....what is broken?

      • Anthony Tyson

        Many people have excessive amounts of disconnects. A lot of people have said their pebble is useless on CM. Myself included. It will disconnect, take forever to reconnect if it reconnects at all. Problems with car stereos.

      • derk p

        doesnt work with my pebble. i had to go back to stock with xposed. pebble drops out, and doesnt reconnect on its own. only on CM, stock is fine. way to go cm

    • Brin

      Hammerhead isn't getting a build.

      • Anthony Tyson

        So then the answer is yes. Even though I didn't technically ask a question. Just made a smartass comment.

      • Kenneth


        • Brin

          because someone in the team derped. I'm not gonna mention names.

          • Joshua Garrison

            Can they underp it? lol

          • Brin


      • eg

        Good. They can stick to stock until Google stops updating it.

  • David Soto

    Waiting in CM for the S5, c'mon team I'm hungry for it.

    • Kurama91

      I've done the biggest mistake in my life buy purchasing a 3G S5, there is no Rom for it :(, my only hope is CM Team. hope they can do something about it.

      • Ashish

        Wow life must be pretty good if that is your biggest mistake.

        • Kurama91

          No Kidding, these may be my final days, I am living in a Place Near Iraq, Full of War. I am afraid of leaving my country by force :(. hope you guys pray for me.

          • jac

            I hope you make it out of there

          • Kurama91

            Many thanks brother, Hopefully.


      If you want to use an AOSP rom, then don't buy an Exynos device.

      • haamdi

        In some countries there is only the Exynos models though.

        • silaslenz

          Still, don't buy an Exynos device if you want decent roms. There are other manufacturers.

        • Jesús Cuenca

          What manufacturers you recomend?

          • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

            A device that comes with an unlockable bootloader out of the box as well as a GPe version.

          • Jesús Cuenca

            I usually check for Oficial CM suport, thats enough for me. I think it has Oficial CM also has other custom roms.

          • splityouratoms

            If you want to flash stuff, no better phone than a Nexus. The LG flagships have been good recently, and if you can stand the size, Sony's Z line is pretty good.

  • redragn5

    I would be excited if they didn't stop M builds for the Verizon G2 (vs980) after M4. Pretty sure we'll never be off nightlies

    • Karl Dagenais

      Consider yourself lucky, there are no builds at all for my D803.

  • Jon Leach

    Are they still building for Grouper?

    • Brin


  • KapteinStein

    Cyanogenmod used to be the saving grace for my touchwiz-ridden phone. I would have the newest android and it was quick, pure and stable. I became an avid supporter. But through the years cm developed into a buggy mess with slower updates than the manufacturers. On my previous phone (galaxy s4) I could not even make a successful phone call as the sensors didn't work and the screen went black and never came back on. Had to pull the battery after every call. Seems to me that cm is just getting more cluttered and worse with every release.
    I am genuinely sorry to say that I won't be using cm again. With xposed and Nova launcher I just don't see any good reason why anymore.

    • grumpyfuzz

      they dont have full source for gs4... that's why some bugs like that are present. that's why almost all roms are available for nexus devices.

      • KapteinStein

        I know that. I've read all the reasons for nothing working through the years. But it seems like there are just more and more reasons why it does NOT work. With cm my phone turns to s**t and all I hear are "good" reasons why... And they had the nerve to call it "stable" until recently. It seems like a lot of people on Nexus phones are complaining as well over bluetooth. Since I got the LG g3 with Nova I feel an inner peace I haven't felt since cm was good years ago...

        • dude

          It's not CM fault, they should just stop supporting Samsung devices.

          • KapteinStein

            Sure, cm doesn't owe me anything - quite the opposite. I am grateful, just not been impressed the past two years. And you are right, they should stop supporting phones where cm makes the experience worse. I've had similar problems on other devices as well. I'm tired of being a beta tester for cm for 2 years before I get sick of it and get a new device.

            Custom roms are for advanced users, android fanatics like us. By the time cm becomes usable on my device I have already moved on to something else.

          • someone755

            Get Paranoid Android.
            And ditch Sammy if you want custom source-built ROMs.

          • KapteinStein

            If cm doesn't work properly on the most popular devices and you have to gamble on which phone they might support I might as well get a one plus one... Oh wait, I can't!

          • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

            Come on, everyone that wanted a OPO pretty much has one now. Also with CyanogenMod's transition to a company, a lot of staff left that they took for granted, they're a lot smaller of a unit now and don't particularly have people working in the community like they used to.

          • KapteinStein

            Just no to that. Good luck getting a opo in Norway!

          • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

            It's not about where you are, it's about getting an invite.

          • KapteinStein

            Your are obviously completely wrong. The phone is not available to most of the world. Sweden yes, Norway no! ND don't get me started on the f*****g invite system...

          • someone755

            What I've been saying since the S3 -- every dev should stop dev-ing for Sammy devices.

          • KapteinStein

            Sammy has already been ditched for more than one reason 😉 using the LG g3 with xposed and nova. It's a new world of stability!

          • someone755

            Hoorah for ditching Sammy (for whatever reason that might be)! o/

    • eg

      "With xposed and Nova launcher I just don't see any good reason why anymore."

      How about when you stop getting updates from Google?

      • KapteinStein

        True! But by then I have moved on to some other phone 😕

    • Raj

      Dude that problem sounds like either a hardware issue or that you applied a screen protector without a cutout over the ambient light sensor. This will cause problems when in the middle of a call.

      I have been running CM11 on my Galaxy s4 and have not experience any of those problems.

      • KapteinStein

        No issues whatsoever on stock rom, and no screen protector. Yes, it's been wiped, reflashed etc etc. still not working properly. I had the international version, how about you? Besides, that was just one example out of many on all the devices I've had for the past 2-3 years - the final drop

        • Idle Time

          That happened to me as well when I moved to CM. But really it's a hardware issue (perhaps CM is more sensitive?). Just get a air blower bottle and blow the dusts off your sensor (around the earpiece on the Note). And you should be good to go.

        • sponplat

          This is a known hardware issue for the S4, dust penetrates the phone and gets all over the proximity sensor, I've had mine in for repair for this twice, and it's still not good.

          Samsung keeps tweaking the values in their firmwares for when the screen should turn back on to counter this design flaw. CM and other AOSP roms uses the default AOSP values, and as such is more prone to black screen while in a call. Not really CMs fault since it's samsungs shitty design that's the culprit.

          For more info, just google galaxy s4 dust proximity sensor.

          • KapteinStein

            Thanks for the info! That is good to know. New laws in Norway gives me the right to get a new phone rather than a repair from the store I got it!

          • sponplat

            I also live in Norway and you are mistaken regarding rights to a new device. There is a misconception that you can choose between getting your device repaired or given a new device, as that's only valid if those two options bear the same cost on the sellers behalf. As I'm sure you understand, getting the device repaired is a lot cheaper for the seller than giving you a new device. As such, the seller has the right to try and repair one specific problem up to two times, if the same problem is encountered three times, you can demand your money back and then purchase another device.

          • KapteinStein

            There are new laws in place from july 1st giving the consumer more power, but I might have missunderstood the article? (http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/ny-kjoepslov-fra-1-juli/a/3755584/). Good to hear from some fellow Norwegians in here! Skål!

        • Raj

          I have the international version too. I guess you might have been unlucky. The snapshot builds have become more stable then before. I was gonna get rid of my S4 because of the bloat and touchwiz but CM11 changed my mind completely. Will be hanging on to it til it fails. All in all this may be my last Samsung mobile device.

          • KapteinStein

            I am glad to hear that! The S4 was my last Samsung as well and I've had every flagship since the Samsung omnia with windows phone :P

  • Ike

    No Z2?

    • Tom Kowalski

      look for sirus device name that's your z2

  • old

    That bootloader animation is long gone

    • someone755

      Bootloader animation?
      I don't even --

  • Shannon Bishop

    Noob question, which one is for the Galaxy S3? Thanks.

    • http://www.kawingli.com Ka Wing Li

      S3 intl. version no LTE = i9300

      • Shannon Bishop

        Thanks, I figured it out. I have the US AT&T version. Looks like it's not available for my device yet.

        • Chris

          I believe about 6 months back, S3's for US carriers started to do a unified build, so look for d2lte.

          • Shannon Bishop

            I did, and it still shows M8 as the latest stable build.

          • Arsalan Afzal

            Probably just not compiled yet, it should be there in the morning

          • Shannon Bishop

            OK, thanks!

          • Chris

            Actually, looks like d2lte is not on the list of supported devices for the M9 build. But nightlies are still available I believe. Good luck (I actually have had my S3 for 2 years now and just bought a G2 to help me wait until the 810 processor comes out in 2015).

          • Shannon Bishop

            Great, so no M9 for the S3 ever?

          • Chris

            Well, the phone is over two years old at this point, so the fact that it still has nightlies and has some dev support is pretty rare for a phone this old. But yes, I wouldn't count on the M9 being on the S3 (looks like no one is talking about it on the CM11 nightly thread either on XDA).

          • Shannon Bishop

            Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Guess now I have motivation to check out some other ROMs.

          • SkEvo

            I don't know what you're talking about... I updates my s3 to m9 yesterday (i9300)

  • Torin

    Nexus 4 and 5 are both not getting builds. That's a little weird....

    • yochanan

      They don't usually upload every build all at the same time. Mako is up: http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?device=mako&type=snapshot. No Hammerhead yet, though.

      • Jason Bourne

        Yeah, I'm waiting on Hammerhead as well.

        • Dave

          No M9 on Hammerhead as the maintainer left for Bacon

          • ianken

            Brilliant. Just....brilliant.

          • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

            Wow, so the most developer friendly device (and poster child for the dev community) isn't getting a build. That's kinda... ridiculous.

          • Jason Bourne

            M9 is now on Hammerhead.

  • http://pierre-alexandre.me/ Pierre Alexandre

    Still waiting for CM for my Moto G ...

    • Guest

      It has the ROM. It's just unified with other Moto G phones.The codename should be called falcon.But if you meant that Moto G didn't have the newest M builds quite a while, then it's up to CyanogenMod.

    • knizmi

      That´s gonna be one long wait, since dhacker had quit maitaining devices for CM...

  • Adil Tajgeer

    odd that the quintessential CM device, bacon has no m9 snapshot yet... (oneplus one)

  • Anonymous

    This is their buggiest build yet. Utter shit. Stable? No way.

  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    Flashing it on my S2 i9100
    EDIT: http://i.imgur.com/6SL6E9A.png

    • Segroukin


  • Segroukin

    Really appreciate the effort but I feel CM ROMs should be compiled for devices OEMs have given up on and stopped receiving updates.

    It done more harm than good in recent times.

  • fanSte

    Where is the M9 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (n9005 / hlte) ??

    • modflute

      Yes, I'm waiting

  • KERR

    Been on the Nightly bandwagon for a while, I notice the clock sometimes disappears off the lock screen... anyone else having lockscreen issues? Anyways hope this will help.

  • mohcine

    I'm on cm11 nightly , do I need new gapps to install m9 on my device

    • aluk4rd

      no you dont have to reflash the gapps :) but be carefull, as the M) is build from the 27th nighty, so if your nighty is newer, you have to do a fullwipe whlye flashing the M9 ;)

      • SkEvo

        Mine previous was NOT a nightly, it was M8. I updated to this M9 using the updater in cm settings, and after the flash, my Google apps crash left right and centre, and also WhisperPush crashes, and I can't swipe letters to enter text, peck only. Not sure why, and it's annoying.

        S3 Intl. By the way i9300

  • Toddyskates

    anyone running m9 on toro? if so, anyone having issues with mms via hangouts still? i havent been able to get mms for the longest time, and im not sure why. cm is the only rom i have this problem with :(

    • derk p

      CM for toro has been a complete disaster. try slimkat. there is NO good stable kit kat from for any galaxy nexus that i am aware of. slimkat has been the best, but still awful. data drops when driving and comes back when stopped... no matter what kit kat rom

  • someone755

    Did not know the Z2 was Sirius.

  • Ivo Cardoso

    I have CM11 M8 on my nexus 4, do I have to flash M9 manually or will it auto update ?

    • Jason Bourne

      You will need to flash it.

    • turdbogls

      just use the built in updater....it SHOULD prompt you that there is a new snapshot available when its up, but if not

      Settins>about phon>CyanogenMod updates>

  • Mlibbey

    I'm confused, wheres nexus 5?

  • Cookie Monster

    I've been getting these "Google Search has stopped working" and I have to reboot device before I can get rid of the popup error. Because it just keeps re-apearing if I try closing it.
    All up to M8, just upgraded to M9.. I dont have my hopes up.. Also my camera tends to stop working in snapchat for video and some times stopps working so I need reboot.
    Anyone know if I can get this issue fixed? I have the S3 int 9300


    this build is so stable. clean flashed M9 on my tf300t and now wifi is grayed out. other people on xda say the same and they said the nightly build which is supposed to be unstable is working normally.

    i intend to use my tablet offline mode only

  • http://www.droid-life.com/ Steve B

    Okay, BACON can drop any time now....

  • Jonathan Daggar

    Working fine on my verizon htc one m8. (with s-off, bootloader unlock and root).

    Looks like there is no separate vzw rom for this phone.

  • Anan27

    Can this day just get any better!? I just ordered the HTC M9 and I come across to reading this! I gotta put my hopes up and safely root it to CM11 once it arrives!!

  • Berat Alp Erbil

    What is "Account for Play Services induced wake-locks"?

  • http://black-light-studio.deviantart.com/ Ørjan Lønningen

    Well now system sounds, vibration and haptic feedback don't work on my Galaxy SIII
    alarms and app driven sounds still work fine

  • http://www.youtube.com/FaserF11 FaserF

    Are there any other people with the same problem?
    I have a Galaxy S3 with CM 11 M8 and I wanted to upgrade to M9 I could download it and start to install in the Recovery but same seconds later a red sign is there and my phone is booting and I have M8 again.
    I had the same problem with upgrading from M7 to M8 but after half an month it worked?
    Is there a way to install M9 now on my phone?
    I got CM 11 M7 from the Installer.

  • De5str0yer.

    Paranoid Android.

  • Martin Perez

    I updated to M9 from M8 on my GS4 and my notification drawer and home button were not working. Anyone know why this happened?

  • Lee

    I heard the CM11 M9 is very bad on the GS4, with many major bugs and issues?

  • Mindaugas Gel

    Last update destroyed my phone (sgs2). Wouldnt recommend this crap to anyone

  • http://xaxvi.com Bakar Lomsadze

    From my view, CM M5 is working much better and faster then CM M9 on my Galaxy Nexus (Maguro)

    did you notice that also?

  • Netwern

    Cameron Summerson posted an old CyanogenMod boot logo. From this we know that he's not a CM user.