Developer Headup Games welcomes players to journey through the peculiar world of Asposia in its newly released point-and-click adventure game, The Inner World. With hand-drawn graphics (presented in non-stereoscopic 2D), humorous voice-overs, and an over-abundance of charm, this game looks posed to deliver all the warm fuzzies a mobile gamer can handle (maybe even a little more). After winning high praises over on Apple's mobile platform, it's time for Android fans to get to experience this amusement firsthand.

The world of Asposia is a massive hollow space surrounded, deliberately unbelivably, by an infinite expanse of earth. People are able to breathe thanks to the air that comes from three wind fountains, but as these start failing one after another, we suddenly have cause for adventure and enough justification to sustain a game. And what an amusing one it should be.

Screenshot 2014-08-01 at 9.40.34 AM Screenshot 2014-08-01 at 9.40.53 AM

The Inner World, which is available entirely in English or German, goes for $4.99. This upfront cost gets you the entire game, as there are no in-app purchases to fret about afterwards. Just like the trailer, this too leaves a happy feeling in our hearts.

Source: The Inner World

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • I ain’t even mad

    Takes almost a year to release on Android and then they almost double the price compared to the Apple Store?


    Going to pirate this on my iPad.

    • Endolog

      It needed to be programmed entirely new for android.. Hate persons like you

      • nxtiak

        Well they made the game first and made money from iOS release, why did they have to charge even more on Android. Makes no sense.

        • Leth

          Because iOS first was prices higher as well.

          • Régis Knechtel

            It's $2.99 in the app store, while it's $4.99 in Google Play.

          • Leth

            I said "first". Aside from a introduction discount period, iOS was priced higher as well during the first months of its release.

          • Régis Knechtel

            Yeah, except it was a new game, by the time. Now it's just a late port :/

          • Tes

            Still the full game and new on Android. Everyone should decide if he wants to pay for a full game without inapp purchases on his/ her favorite platform or not.
            Don't like this "port = should be cheap" thinking.
            Just saying.

          • Régis Knechtel

            I understand your point, but if this was a PS4 game and it was released to Xbox One a year later with the original price, everyone would be mad. I just don't get why Android users are happy with this "iOS first" thing. Most developers don't give a shit about us and we should not support the ones who do this.

          • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

            Totally there with you. That's why I didn't buy The Room on Android. I will never support developers coming to Android only when their revenue stream from iOS has dried out. "No one is buying my app on ios anymore. Oh well, let me milk those android users now".

          • DrakeTungsten

            I've seen that happen with a couple games, one of the Mass Effect ones, I think. I didn't like it there either.

      • Adrian

        If they don't release apps for Android, people complain. When they release them, they complain. Not a shock that some developers don't bother. Every single time a game is released, someone has to complain about the time/it's not free/IAP/the sky is blue.

        It makes sense that a game that has to run on a ridiculous number of phones with varying screen sizes, storage, processors/operating systems would take longer to come out than one that has one or two configurations to deal with. I've had fun enjoying some great games that came out for iOS first, you know after the bugs were squashed. Would it be nice to get them at the same time? Absolutely. but it's just stupid to skip a good game because I'm butt hurt that iOS users got it first.

        If it's a small development team, it's insanity to expect them to use their resources dealing with the infinite configuration issues of Android when they can actually make money and pay their mortgages or you know, survive. With all of the bitching over games and apps that cost more than 99 cents that goes on here at the Android sites, I'm amazed that most developers even bother with Android. People walk around with a $600 phone and complain about pocket change for games that people bust their asses creating. I'll never understand the entitlement.

        • Régis Knechtel

          PC games are as complex as Android games (if not more), but I don't see games being released a year before on OSX, even from small developers. This is just an excuse.

          • Adrian

            and most PC games aren't developed by one or two people. Apples and oranges. I'm a PC gamer and notice that a lot of games are going console only because.... there are one or two formats to program for and... wait for it... (those people spend a lot of money on games).

            It's not an excuse. It's reality.

            A programmer or developer would need to be a moron not to first tap the money stream that will bring the highest return on investment. I own no Apple products anymore but even with the saturation of Android powered devices, Apple is still leading in app sales... Their users spend money which is what any successful commercial developer is going to need to stay afloat. People go to work to make money.

          • Régis Knechtel

            "and most PC games aren't developed by one or two people". Wrong! Most PC games aren't AAA titles anymore. Actually, a good number of them are multi plataform, developed by small developers and aren't delayed for PC, unlike Android games. I can give you a good number of examples just looking at my Steam account.

          • Adrian

            Vote with your wallet and don't buy the games. And when you don't buy the games and they can say "Our games don't sell on Android" no one will care about the why. They'll just keep developing for iOS and Android users will keep complaining.

            Boycott games that didn't come out at the same time. I'll keep playing damn great games and enjoying them. You're cutting off your nose to spite your face. If everyone avoided any game that came for iOS first, I doubt that will make any developers jump to do more for Android.

          • DrakeTungsten

            I don't think boycotting the games was the point, I think it's more at that price. I'd be inclined to wait for a sale in this type of situation.

            If one were to boycott anything, it should be the iOS version, which I automatically do regardless by not having any iOS devices.

            That's the trouble with simply voting with one's wallet, though; the reason for the lack of sale can be misinterpreted.

            It's a bit like the problem of not buying a console because it doesn't have games, but games aren't coming out for it because the console isn't selling.

          • Adrian

            Absolutely. Sales have to happen or nobody will bother. I'm all for games coming out at the same time and prefer that they did. As I said, my last apple device was ipod with click wheel. As much as we love Android, right now it is seen as the other OS because releasing apps on iOS sell. It can't be a sentimental thing. It's business.

            I disagree on the fact that it should be discounted because it was released for iOS first. It's still a new game to Android and if what I've read at the Android and Apple sites, programming for Android is more of a pain in the ass because there are more configurations and less people buying. Why would anyone take less money for more work? If they charged more for Android I might get upset but the reality is that people are cheap. Most apps cost less than a cup coffee or a burger and to me their hard work is worth that and more. I guess I come from a different time when PC games were 50 bucks and up. Crying about 5 bucks smacks of entitlement but I guess people got used to free with ads. I'd rather just pay, but I'm weird. Go figure.

          • DrakeTungsten

            Yeah, I pretty much agree. I'm definitely less upset at a $5 mobile game not being discounted than a $60 console game. I bought Monument Valley, for example. I just know that there are certain apps that I would be upset about it, and the amount of delay vs the price would factor. Even with Monument Valley, why couldn't they have waited a month and released them at the same time, rather than treating me as second class?

            I remember when angry birds came out for Android, I was expecting it to be $5 ad free, and was willing to pay it. But I've gotten used to and spoiled by lower pricing that now I balk at a $5 game. Maybe that's better for me in the long run, suppressing impulse purchases, but I still have this odd discrepancy where I'd pay $10-15 for a game on a console where $5 seems expensive on Android, even for the same game sometimes. I don't think it's just that the touchscreen interface is an inferior experience, it feels like there's more to it than that.

            Though we do have SquareEnix pricing that's more on Android than on PSN.

  • Derek B

    The world of Asposia is a massive hollow space surrounded, deliberately "unbelivably", by an infinite expanse of earth.

    Should be unbelievably.

  • Vair

    This game looks good, really good. I'll get this soon, hopefully they'll lower the price.