Most of us approach Amazon as consumers. Whether it's a physical product or some digital goodie, we want to buy everything we can get our hands on. The site loves this about us, so it's made itself so compelling to use that the thought of shopping elsewhere is often proceeded by "Meh, I'll check Amazon first." The thing is, Amazon's selection wouldn't be nearly as comprehensive without the many merchants who also use the site to sell their wares. For them, a new Amazon Seller app is available in the Play Store.

The usefulness of this app is pretty self-explanatory. Sellers can use it to see a shrunken down version of the information they would normally sign in on their PCs to take in. It lets them manage inventory, respond to customers, and estimate how much they will be able to make from sales.

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The vast majority of us have no use for this piece of software, but hey, at least it's there for those that do. Particularly those who don't have time to linger around their computer all day. Like this guy.


Now excuse me as I scoot off to ponder what to buy.

Image credit: Resident Evil Wiki

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