One issue preventing a bunch of people from viewing Google Maps as the navigation godsend that many others see it as is its limited availability in certain parts of the globe. Well, Google is working to change that. The company has rolled out support for navigation in the countries of El Salvador, Libya, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Tunisia.

Here are screenshots of the feature enabled in Paraguay, where an Android Police reader has noticed it for the first time.

Paraguay1 Paraguay2

For users who are new to navigation mode, here's our look at the latest features introduced into Google Maps, such as a very sensitive voice mode that lets speakers issue commands and ask questions.

And if for whatever reason you don't have Maps installed, here's a link.

Source: Google

Thanks, Ruben Lopez.

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  • Thomas Gatt

    What about Malta?

  • black

    Will Maps show the Ebola infested areas people should avoid?

    • Adriano

      Will maps show your mom location?

      • U_MAD

        An angry infected Nigerian Prince right there.

  • sykosoft

    Would've come in handy when we spent a year in Nicaragua. Though truthfully, I can't imagine it's all that effective there, as some (most) roads don't have names.

  • hmmmm
    • ax

      tunisia too.

      • Besbes Souhaieb

        i've been mad at google since i read that article
        and three days ago i noticed the thing working in my country (tunisia) and i was like hooray
        but then i was wondering whos to blame for deceiving me?