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HTC's Butterfly series is an interesting one. While this particular range of models rarely makes its way outside of Asia, HTC often uses it as a testbed for new technology and features, and some of the highlights of these phones make it into the primary international lines on the next go-round. The latest version of the J Butterfly, which will launch exclusively on Japanese carrier KDDI next month, has some additions to the basic One design that might be worth watching.


First of all, the body is designed differently, with what looks like high-quality polycarbonate (read: plastic, but nice plastic) instead of the metal we've become used to with the One family. That comes with two advantages: one, the screen design does away with the metal "double bezel" that's been standard since the original One, and two, the J Butterfly is water-resistant to IPX7 specifications. If you look closely, you can see that the dual front-facing speakers are still present.

The other big design change is the Duo camera. Where the One M8 uses a "4-ultrapixel sensor" and a standard 2MP sensor in a dual configuration, the J Butterfly swaps out the main sensor for a more conventional 13MP camera. Since the ultrapixel camera got lackluster results for the last two years running, that might be preferable for some customers. Then again, this might just be a cost-saving measure.

The rest of the phone shares its specs with the One M8 for the most part, including a 5-inch 1080p screen, a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The J Butterfly will also get its own Dot View case.

Source: KDDI via Engadget

Michael Crider
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  • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

    It does away with the "double bezel" but replaces it by one huge bezel.
    The "double bezel" looked better in my opinion.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Huh? The Double bezel is still there.

      • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

        There's no more black bar with 'HTC' on it, above the lower speaker which didn't even feature capacitive buttons anymore and was therefore seen as useless to people who can't stop complaining about bezels.

        • andrewjwilliam

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        • DonEmu

          Well the cause of the double bezel was them needing room to fit the internals. So it's all just design choices.

    • Daniel Collins

      Yeah, but at least there is no huge HTC logo. I just wish the bezels were only the speakers. And the top bezel is annoyingly big too...

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    So I guess the "J" in the name implies that it will always be Japan-exclusive?

    • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

      "While this particular range of models rarely makes its way outside of Asia, HTC often uses it as a testbed for new technology and features, and some of the highlights of these phones make it into the primary international lines on the next go-round"

      So the phone itself, yeah.
      Technology, probably not Japan-exclusive ;)

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        well technology obviously, it would be strange to limit that to a certain market when you can use that worldwide and appeal to people who need a waterproff phone but can only go either for latest Xperias or Galaxies or some kind of a tank-phone like Kyoceras

    • Cael

      They did this before with the first butterfly. It was Japan, then came to the US as the DNA and i think they released it in China too?

  • Konstantinos Pap

    The wallpapers remind me of Project Ara. :o

  • Cesar

    I like how it's exclusive to Japan, yet the available colors are red, white, and blue.

    • Daniel Collins

      Ha. That's true.

    • daz

      HTC must like French colours. ;)

  • andrewjwilliam

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  • Lirodon

    Do I smell an HTC DNAx? Won't be under a Droid name because that's exclusive to Motorola now.

  • Daniel Collins

    Aw, hell yes! Now I can listen to music like a boss underwater!

  • Daniel Collins

    I really like the white one...

  • Ann Lazebna

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  • Guest
  • rovielran

    oh my those bezels.. i wish android focus more on fixing the navigation buttons capacitive or non.. how it looked on android L erm looks like it was neglected compared to how the notification adopts with the apps sigh... its like Double bezel all the way