ZOMG! Volantis? Is it time for Volantis? You know you were thinking that, but we just don't know what's going on. All we can say for certain is that Google's Play Store in the US has no stock of the WiFi N7 or the LTE versions with AT&T or T-Mobile SIMs. The only version you can get is the "GSM Networks" LTE tablet.

 2014-07-31 09_27_47-Nexus 7 (16GB, Black, Wi-Fi only) - Devices on Google Play

There are various degrees of "unavailable" on the Play Store, but this time the message reads, "We are out of inventory. Please check back soon." That could mean that more stock is on the way, but the device is over a year old at this point. I'd be surprised if it was still being manufactured at all. It might be gone for good.

Last we heard, Google was planning a new HTC-made Nexus tablet codenamed Volantis to launch this fall with Android L. Perhaps we're looking at a few months where Google isn't selling a tablet. Or the N7 could come back into stock after a shipment arrives. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    I say it's time for Nexus 10v2 more than Volantis. Shield Tablet is basically Volantis on steroids

  • EowynCarter

    Nexus 10 out of stock in france as well.Nexus 7 still in stock though.

  • Matthew Brown

    Nexus 7 and 10 out of stock in the UK also

    • MrSonicBoom

      The 10 has been out of stock for a while now :(

    • trickytree1984

      When was the 10 in stock Ffs. God I want a 10 inch nexus

      • Matthew Brown

        Guessing this is what everyone else thought too, explains why it's out of stock :)

  • Hagger

    Is this our version of "The Apple Store is Down" ?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Yes, except it may last months. :(

      • EowynCarter

        And nexus 5 (black), now out of stock in the french play store.

  • Touitter

    Nexus 10 and Wifi N7 16Gb out of stock in France

  • brararsh

    Nexu7 and 10 both are out of stock in Canada but LTE N7 is still there.

  • thakrisp

    Meh, just bought the 2013 N7 from woot yesterday... $400 for volantis seems a little much. if its a little cheaper plan on selling this one for that "Beast".

  • Skip Flem

    My N7 is 1Year Old today...Oh... what a YEAR!!!

  • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

    1 year old? Oh, it's considered ancient now, isn't it?

    • Skip Flem

      I run CM Daily... and I don't even have a short list of things for the NEXT model,
      except front facing speakers, and an FM radio. And a SD slot.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      in the world of mobile technology...yes

  • turdbogls

    I see some price drops in the near future....IMO, this is still THE best 7" tablet out there...and its a year old. well done Google/asus.

    still using mine every day and enjoying every minute of it. I though for sure I would have sold it by now in preperation for the next one...but I just dont see that happening.

    • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick

      There have already been quite a few price drops in recent weeks. Seen the Ebay daily deals lately? It's been posted here. That said, I'm not surprised at all about the N7 being discontinued. At a year old, it's hit its shelf life.

      On the other hand, I completely agree about it still being the best 7" tablet out there. I still use mine almost every day, and I love it. It's still fast, feels great in the hand, the screen is stellar, battery life is great, so overall, there's really not a whole lot to complain about. Even when Volantis comes out, I can see myself skipping that generation because the N7 is just that good.

  • Nathan Fletcher

    So a quick question to everyone here. I have an n7 2012. I also have 300 dollars. I want to buy the shield tablet, but am unsure whether or not I should wait until next gen tegra. The n7 is slow butbuseable. Any ideas?

    • Matt

      If you're on the fence and have a usable tablet, just wait. Your $300 isn't going anywhere (hopefully) and, if the Shield tablet still looks good to you after a month or two (maybe post new Nexus tablet release), you can still buy it. If the N7's getting really slow, try a factory reset. Supposedly that helps a lot with the TRIM stuff. You can also try switching the file system to F2FS. http://pocketnow.com/2014/03/18/speed-up-the-nexus-7

      • Nathan Fletcher

        I have tried the f2fs, but interestingly it became much slower over the cost of the week. The factory data reset hasn't helped, but I believe there is an occasional program in memory that locks up. Chrome is where our suffers because I use a lot of tabs and that does the thing down a lot. Also, mine creaks a ton, which is probably actually my top reason for getting a new tablet, it is just really annoying to have it make noise nonstop.

        As a side note, I probably would have bought the shield tablet already had I not have gotten a bad taste from the tegra 3. From what I can tell they didn't overstate the power of the chip, but it still worries me because Kotaku mentioned frame rate drops in hl2, a game designed for the tegra 4.

        • Matt

          Hmmm well if that information makes you question the Shield, I would still recommend waiting a bit after this specific news. If everything's "sold out" on the Play Store, I imagine a new Nexus tablet is around the corner. Even if it's not a sure thing, it's not going to kill you to wait a week to see if anything changes.

          If the new Nexus does arrive, you can be almost assured that a lot of reviewers will be comparing the Shield with the Nexus (since they both just came out). So you'll at least have a pretty good idea of which way to go.

          • Nathan Fletcher

            Good discussion, thanks for the help!

          • Matt

            No problem:P

    • Paul_Werner

      Same thing here though I have like $415 in Amazon Credit thanks to my job and Bing Rewards. I'm tempted with the great review it got on this site but still feel like I should wait to see how this year's Nexus Tablet will be. That and I really want to hold onto funds for the Moto 360 and (further down the road) a project Ara phablet

      • Neo

        shameful plugging of Bing rewards in an almost Google fanboi site :P lol.. you got some nervers (jk)

        • Paul_Werner

          Hey at least I know how to use the rewards... by not buying any M$ items. ;-)

          • Neo

            Touche... ;)

    • Blake

      Give it time to shake out and save some extra money for the larger storage and the controller. That said, you can always wait for the next one - sometimes it's about doing what works for you now. If you're really interested in the features the shield offers those won't be duplicated on another tablet until the next shield. Personally I wouldn't want another year with the 2012 N7 (I had once but since moved on and it was just bad) and I'd opt for the Shield Tablet now. Good luck!

  • markgbe

    I'm still very happy with my Nexus 7. Usually i get antsy around with my devices at around the one year mark.

  • evilgod

    In Spain 16 gb is out of stock 34 is not.

  • Stanley C.

    Nexus 7 2013 is a fine 7" tablet! And like N5 it aged very well! Now wih the Android L commin.

    Im proud of buying my N7 in january.:-)

    • AOSPrevails

      Bought mine(32gb wifi) last August, loved every second of owning it. If Volantis is 4:3(Shield Tablet is already out b/c its brightness and color calibration are subpar at best) I am going to hang onto mine for another year+.

  • bozs13

    Hopefully someone will finally buy my 32gb LTE (like-new) one then :). My wife and I just don't need to have two of them in the house anymore.

  • Jax Spade

    I call shenanigans!! How am I suppose to get my fire sale Nexus 7 NOW!! This better be a temporary thing because I have been waiting for that sale to upgrade my 2012 version.

    • Mike Reid

      Check Ebay or other vendors in a few weeks. Some companies buy up fire sale stock en masse to resell, as happened with the Z Ultra GPE.

  • Big Tony

    I'm jonesing for Volantis to go on sale. I can't take it anymore, lol.