In his usual bombastic way, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has written up a recap of T-Mobile last quarter, and it's all good news. Well, he might not tell us the bad news if there was any, but what we do know is that T-Mobile is on a roll with the Uncarrier program.


T-Mobile has continued attracting new customers with its offer to pay ETFs and finance phones with no interest. Here are the numbers straight from the horse's mouth.

  • T-Mobile added 1.5 million new customers this quarter, making this our fifth consecutive quarter of more than 1 million net customer adds.
  • That makes 7.6 million net new customers over the past 15 months.
  • Once again, T-Mobile US topped the entire U.S. wireless industry in postpaid phone adds— bringing in more than the other three major carriers combined.
  • Our total revenue growth this quarter was 8% year over year, topping everyone in the industry!
  • And we took ALL of the growth in the prepaid sector as well, led by our rapid expansion of MetroPCS.

T-Mobile has also passed the 50 million customer threshold by reducing churn (an industry term for people leaving Tmo) to a record low for the company. However, Legere didn't share any numbers on that.

On the network front, Legere again pointed out T-Mobile's LTE is the fastest in the US and they are working to expand it to more places. The Wideband LTE rollout is continuing in existing LTE markets—T-Mobile has 10+10 live in 43 of the top 50 markets, and 26 metro areas should have full 15+15 Wideband by the end of the year. The work also continues to bring 2G areas up to 4G LTE. There's even some 700MHz spectrum going up, even though no T-Mobile devices support it yet. Legere also says T-Mobile is top in customer service according to JD Power, but I don't think you have to do much to beat the other guys.

So T-Mobile is doing well... now about that acquisition.

[T-Mobile Newsroom]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Kesey

    Best of the worst.

    • Dominic Powell

      Also the only one trying to improve.

      They have improved
      -Customer Service
      -Handset Availability

      • Josh Rahn

        Their customer service is really good every time I call in. The bad part is you better have the time and patience to sit down, because you'll likely be transferred 10 or so times before getting the person you need to talk to.

        • Christopher Bement

          I keep calling back until I hear a confident American accent. It's proven to be the only way to get anything done without becoming enraged.

          • Josh Rahn

            I don't ever remember getting a foreign accent, i just remember getting " let me transfer you to the correct department" then you have to start all over with the next person. So frustrating

          • Christopher Bement

            When I bought my Nexus 4 from them, I had to call to complete the number port from Verizon. I got this Indian guy with a thick accent who kept telling me perks on my account, like Jump, were not there, and he was adding and taking away things like crazy. Finally after arguing with me for a half hour, he goes "you first need to purchase a phone compatible with the T-Mobile network". Almost smashed my phone. Since then I've had nothing but good luck with domestic CS, and just avoid the foreign ones altogether. Each time since then, the first person I spoke with has usually been able to get me what I needed.

          • Josh Rahn

            hmm. opposite but equally terrible CS. I never really need to call since my phone got setup correctly (I called to port my number as well)

          • ITalkGood

            gee xenophobic much?
            Accents don't have jack to do with competency, but you knew that already.

          • KlausWillSeeYouNow

            You don't help your own case. Proper English is "I Talk Well."

          • D.I.

            I talk real good:D

          • Justin Dugan

            Hell, I hang up and call back if a Southerner answers.

          • Jillxz

            Why? I'm Southern y'all. From the great State of Georgia USA , and want to know what do you have against a southern accent.

          • Justin Dugan

            Ha! I'm just joshin'.

  • Brad

    If the ETF payments applied to paying off what I owe on my One Up phone... I'd be at T-Mo right now.

    • KingofPing

      Hence the real reason why certain carriers jumped on the device-payment bandwagon after T-Mobile offered to pay off ETF's. Now ETF is separate and people *still* cannot switch without putting down a not small chunk of change.

      It wasn't to compete - it was to keep their strangle-hold on the customers who would otherwise jump ship. Pretty clever. Evil; for sure - but pretty damned clever.

      • Brad

        Yep. Pretty annoying that you still pay the same price for the plan but get no subsidy on your phone. Too bad I'm addicted to technology and NEEDED to get the nexus 5....

        • KingofPing

          Got the Nexus 5 myself. Wished I hadn't (my hatred of the speaker on that thing burns like the fire of a thousand suns).

          Gave it to my son. (He loves it - go figure.)

          I like the HTC One M8 (had the One M7 before the Nexus 5) and like it well enough, but wish they'd released the E8 at the same time...would have been all over that.

          Like the Nexus 7 and 10 well enough, but got burned with dropping WiFi on the 10 and no chance of repair (bought from Wal-Mart...stupid mistake). A little peeved the LTE Nexus 7 didn't get the "L" preview.

          huh...I believe I may have strayed slightly off-topic...

          • Brad

            I'm fine with my N5. It's pretty solid and the only speaker I really use is for the VERY occasional phone call. Otherwise it's bluetoothed into my car or chromecasting to my TV.

  • Matthew Fry

    It's like... offer a pretty good price for a pretty good service, stop treating us like idiots, and stop trying to scam us and we stick around. Bizarre, I know.

    • PhineasJW

      All true. And for some reason this was unheard of 2-3 years ago.

    • Charles Walker

      Just need this logic applied to cable industry.

      • Matt

        That would require competition.

        • Daveon Jackson

          Quietly enjoying his google fiber.

          • https://plus.google.com/+MichaelBond codemonkey85

            I kind of want to upvote and downvote your post at the same time.

          • Daveon Jackson

            Free-ish country you can do so.

          • irmaagregg

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  • Tony

    That woman is doing a pretty good job ;)

    • Chris

      That woman has balls of steel.

  • ChiTownT3x

    As far as customer service goes when dealing with a foreign operator (for any company) all you have to do is say "I want to speak to a representative in the United States." Don't take no for an answer on this. At least in the U.S. any company using foreign reps is required to do this if the customer asks for it. Sometimes it might mean your on hold for another 10 minutes while the call transfers over but it's well worth it. I haven't dealt with a foreign operator in years.

    • Williams Alexander Aguilar

      That is what you think! Most US companies don't have their CS in the US, why? Because it's so freaking cheap to have them elsewhere. I used to work at a call center here in Guatemala and answered a lot of calls from the US and my accent doesn't sound foreign at all, so a lot of time people thought they were speaking to someone in the US. Whenever someone asked for a US representative, we would put someone different with a better accent. That's all!

      • Brian Perez

        Total jerk man

    • h4rr4r

      There is no such requirement. Companies do this for folks like you, but there is no such legal requirement. I know for a fact some companies have no US call centers if you made such a request you would simply be transferred to someone who sounded more American or was a native english speaker.

  • alexcue

    I really, really wish their coverage was better in the Midwest. I spend a lot of time outside of cities in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota. It's all 'partner' networks, which blow. Love their attitude and chutzpah though!

    • enoch861

      haha, Iowa....
      Minnesota is fine though. I'm usually on LTE for a good portion of a trip from Minneapolis to Mankato for example.

    • Cole Raney

      I live in southern Illinois. Their coverage blows here. I think just about the only areas they cover here is the Illinois part of Saint Louis metro, and the Carbondale area. The rest is partner coverage, or area T-mobile doesn't even claim to cover at all.

    • Big Tony

      Ditto! Where I am in the Midwest, T-Mobile does not have the best signal. I'd go with them real quick if I could get above one bar around here.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Does this mean you can tell Sprint/Softbank to go screw themselves and stay independent?

    Also, does it mean that cash will go to flushing out some of the less dense parts of the country where your signal's currently rather poor so I can stop hearing T-Mobile-haters whine about that every time anyone dares talk about how great T-Mobile is (and, also... because sometimes I travel and yeah... it does kind of suck...)?

    • NinoBr0wn

      Unfortunately, T-Mobile US doesn't make the decision to sell or not. But the DOJ may or may not look at this and say the merger would be counter productive. It's amazing what T-Mobile has done in just a couple years after so many bailed, pending the at&t deal. Screw DT.

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      I'm getting the feeling T-Mobile isn't actually making a profit :/ otherwise why would Telekom even want to sell their shares in such an "awesome" company...

    • Mike

      T-Mobile haters? I tried T-Mobile for two months and am currently trying Sprint and the difference is night and day, but in the wrong way.

      With T-Mobile I had no signal at work (I work five minutes outside of Pittsburgh), and I mean no signal not even roaming. With Sprint I don't have the 4-5 bars that Verizon did but I still get 2-3 bars of LTE with 15+Mb download speeds.

      On T-Mobile I was in and out at home, constantly dropping calls on HSPA+. On Sprint I have full bars of 3G which isn't great but it's still better than dropping calls, IMO.

      Where I play hockey (About a half hour outside of Pittsburgh) on T-Mobile I had either no service or one bar of 2G, having to walk around a bit before getting a signal. On Sprint I have full LTE throughout the area.

      As you can see, my experience throughout Pittsburgh was not a good one. I wanted to like T-Mobile and even bought an off contract Nexus 5 as my test device but just couldn't live with the sub par coverage.

      Obviously, each person's location and travel habits are different and this logic can't be applied to everyone, but for me personally T-Mobile was basically worthless while Sprint can actually deliver. Does this all make me a T-Mobile hater? Oh and sadly in all these places I get full 4G LTE on Verizon but I can't sell my soul to the devil just to get constant 4G....

      • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

        No, that doesn't make you a hater. If you showed up in every thread and told people who like T-Mobile how much it sucks, and how their experiences are irrelevant to it sucking, universally, THEN you'd be a hater. And as irrational as such a person sounds, I run into them constantly.

        Every carrier sucks, somewhere, for someone. I had Sprint for years and had surprisingly good experience with them, despite everyone else hating them. I wouldn't touch AT&T or Verizon with a ten-foot pole. People who recognize that difference are fine by me. It's the ones who feel like their experience is universal that drive me nuts.

        BTW, in my home I also had poor signal with T-Mobile, although that's partially because it's a manufactured home, so basically a Faraday cage. Still, after explaining the issue to T-Mobile over the phone, they shipped me a signal booster for free. Now I have 4-5 bars throughout my home.

  • Mass Effect

    what is he, hypomanic?