Okay, we had an app sales post earlier today, but something just popped up that we felt was worthy of its own emergency sales post in case we don't get another full sales roundup ready before it's gone. Monument Valley, easily one of the coolest games to grace Android in... well, ever... is on sale for $2.49. Update: It's $1.99 now. Are you buying it?

2014-05-14 19.02.59 2014-05-14 19.05.50 2014-05-14 20.07.36

This game is usually $3.99, so it's not like you're going to save a boatload of cash, but this is one of those rare games that feels seriously underpriced. The unique level design and clever "Escher-style" visual puzzles are amazing, and the soundtrack is killer. In fact, the soundtrack on its own costs $11, and you can get the whole game for $2.49 right now.

2014-05-14 23.26.05 2014-05-14 23.54.17 2014-05-14 23.28.15

2014-05-14 23.35.05 2014-05-14 18.57.57 2014-05-14 23.21.11

You should definitely use this sale as an excuse to pick up Monument Valley. It might be the most enchanting, polished mobile game I've ever played. You wouldn't regret the purchase at $3.99, and you certainly won't at $2.49. Heck, it would still be worth it if they doubled the price.

[+Artem Russakovskii]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Santiago Gomez

    This game was worth the regular price regardless :)

  • http://twitter.com/_vinr vinothr

    Got this for $0.99 beta price. I'll pay $9.99 for this anyday.

  • gffdgfd


  • gffdgfd
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  • Stanley C.

    This is how a game is made. Simply and good!

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    So, does this mean they are preparing for the release of new levels?

    • http://androidintvfilm.tumblr.com/ wade_county

      Just bought it, took a couple of hours to finish.
      New levels coming in October/November

      ustwo is now spending some of its unexpected MV windfall on building out some new levels. There’s no confirmation on exactly how many it will build yet — although Gray says the aim is to roughly double the gameplay time with a sequence of ‘lost scenes’. (Average gameplay time worked out at around 90 minutes.)

      There’s also no firm release date but they’re loosely working to an October/November release target. “We don’t mind pushing things out,” adds Gray. “We don’t want to lock ourselves in.”


  • Spasillium

    Already bought it on Amazon. Buying it again on Google Play right now, solely for getting achievements in this version.

    • CoreRooted

      Finally something worth using all those coins on!!! LOL

      • epps720

        I opted to "pay" full price on Amazon just to use my coins.

  • Matthew Arnold

    It was 1.99 for me on Canadian Google Play.

    • Vivek

      1.99$ in India Google Play too.

  • Leonardo Farage Freitas

    O Echochrome! where art thou?

    Monument Valley is an awesome game as well :D well worth your money!

  • Alvin Lim

    I hope this dev make more games.

  • mesh4
  • DKT70

    Every time I see this game I think of Crystal Castles.

  • Rob Forbes

    £1.25 in the UK

  • Ilya Potekhin

    Still only 10 levels. Meh...

  • Roberto Virga

    Nice game, but way too short. I was hoping the developer would add more levels, but a lot of time has passed and I'm not hopeful anymore. Probably worth the discounted price, not worth IMHO the regular price.

  • Daniel

    After hearing of their progress on new levels I bought it last weekend with some of my Google rewards credit. Now I'm kicking myself.

    • Charles Walker

      Over $1.50?

  • SladeNoctis

    Looks like it half off now

  • mattdonders

    $1.99 now - hurry, hurry!

  • Pratik Holla

    If they upped the level count, I'd be willing to pay triple A title $$ for this. Such a beautiful game!

    • Sundeep Vallabhajosyula

      Others have mentioned that more levels are coming to the game...

  • Pilz

    Its actually 1.99not 2.49

    • Sorian

      Just bought it for $1.99, so price is still good.

      • Blue Sun

        As did I. Thanks for the heads up Ryan!

    • Rahul Nebhnani

      how'd you get that navigation bar :o??

      • pilz

        Do you mean the soft keys on the bottom? If yes, then here is the link to them on XDA. Keep in mind they only work on the LG G2/G3/Flex from what I understand. Thats from my G3.


        • Rahul Nebhnani

          Oh bad luck for me
          PS they look great mate =)

          • axel

            Well, if you are rooted then download an app called "Softkeyz" it has a large library of different buttons yo choose from. Those might even be there, I use it on my Nexus 4

          • Rahul Nebhnani

            thanks man!
            I'll check it out

  • Mathew Colburn

    Looks like I'll be spending some of my Google Play credits on this this morning!

  • Asimoalex

    Is it bad that I think some of these screenshots would make good wallpapers?? 😀

    • Andrew Aiello

      Hence why the game has a screen shot tool built in.

  • Yagueitor

    Careful, it's not fully compatible with art runtime.

    • dude

      But it's it partially compatible at least?

      • Yagueitor


  • CasperTFG

    Wouldn't mind some Monument Valley wallpapers. Developer?

  • kpjimmy

    I had coins in my Amazon account to buy it :).

  • firesoul453

    If this was on sale in the amazon app store my credit would go towards it !

  • firesoul453

    Also the game appears to be $1.99 right now

  • Chris

    I didn't think this looked good but I think you just convinced me to buy it...does it sync over devices via google play?

    • miri

      Do you mean cloud save? I don't think so, but it's pretty short so it doesn't really matter.

      • Chris

        Ah then it's a no go for me. I like my games to sync across devices. I don't like restarting a game every time I switch to my tablet...

    • David

      it does. you have to play the very first level every time you install it on a new device, but once you sign into google play, it syncs your saves

      • David

        (i have it installed on both my m8 and my nexus 7)

      • miri

        You have to play the first level? Maybe that's why I didn't notice...

      • Chris

        Good to know, thanks!

  • Daniel Marcus

    It's a fun game, and looks wonderful, even on tablets. Looks sharp and clear on the N7 2013, for example.

  • Adrian

    Gorgeous. Instant purchase.

  • remister

    My Google Survey monies went to something good.

    • shonangreg

      $2 is a lot easier to pay than the 123MB the game requires . . .

  • http://mekakiwi.blogspot.com.br/ ED-Z が あらわれた!

    Holy Echochrome Batman!

  • DeadSOL

    AU $2.50. (>_>)

  • black

    Is this game worth it? I was thinking of donating the money to charity so an African child can live another day, but you guys got me thinking...

  • rolo143

    Thanks, I'm spending my Google gift card coins on this brilliant game. Can't miss this opportunity to buy at half the price!! :D

    I love you Android Police! :3

  • Cesar

    Decided to pick this up with the funds from my survey rewards. Best way I've ever spent free money.

    • RashedaCoulameto

      My last p­ay ch­eck w­as $9­500 wo­rking 12 h­ours a we­ek on­l­in­e. My ne­ighbour's sister has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out.,,,//

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  • Austin Haggerty

    Does anybody know how to get this working on ART?

    • tehboogieman

      Works for me on ART with the exception of achievements. But I managed to complete the game

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    Good game. It's very polished and the levels are pretty well designed. The devs say they are making more levels so that's good because only 10 isn't enough. The game makes you want more.

  • Rovindra Singh

    Sucks that I paid $2.49 for it......YESTERDAY!

  • RBI411

    Bought it at full price on the Amazon app store with some credit on 7/30. Credit expired the next day so I don't feel too bad about it, but still.

  • Abdurhman Yousef

    its only have 10 levels so i may not buy it :/

    • Aaron Hafitz

      Great game but yeah 10 levels - prob takes about an hour to beat the game

      • rolo143

        Yeah but the game is great, and the dev said there would be an update with more levels :D

        • Aaron Hafitz

          Yeah its def a great game ...love the optical illusions. Happy to hear it will be updated

  • Ixil

    Use those coins!

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    I bet no new levels are on the way.. just a new app

  • Renan Lazarotto

    Bought. I love those sales!

  • Brad

    beat this rather quickly... but it was fun!

  • ather akber

    finally something to use my 288 coins on :)

  • John Smith

    The Google Play initial sign-in UI is so jarring compared to the beautifully elegant UI of the game.