The IDC has released a snapshot of the state of the industry following the end of the second quarter, and as always, some players are doing better than others. In this case, Chinese manufacturers are the biggest winners, benefiting both from growth at home and increasing success abroad.

Despite offering a bajillion different types of devices, Samsung saw its market share drop seven full percentage points down to 25.2% of the market. This means it shipped a fourth of all units sold in spring 2014 versus a third of all units moved in the same quarter last year. The company is still first by a long shot, having more than double Apple's 11% share. Nevertheless, this is uncomfortable news considering that the spring season was when the company released its latest Galaxy S flagship, traditional the company's best-selling phone of the year.

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Huawei saw great success at home with its 4G LTE-capable flagship handset the Ascend P7, as China's three national carriers all made big pushes to move more consumers up from 3G. Globally, the company made inroads by moving large numbers of lower-end devices. In the end, it nearly doubled its shipments from a year ago and exited the second quarter at third place with 6.9% of global market share, putting it above the likes of LG, HTC, and Sony.

Lenovo, the fourth place vendor, had a record quarter at home despite growing competition, and it managed to increase sales internationally as well. Even though less than 5% of its sales occurred outside of China, it managed to snag 5.4% of the global market.

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Altogether, 295.3 million devices were shipped in the second quarter of this year, a record high. The smartphone market as a whole grew by 23.1% since last spring. With much of that growth concentrated in China, we can likely expect the current trend to continue for quarters to come.

Source: IDC

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Android Developer

    So LG , Apple and Samsung got less market share than previous year?
    Apple and Samsung probably make sense, but why LG ?
    I thought they are making a good progress...
    And what's with Sony and HTC not being listed?
    40% for "other" is quite a large piece...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      LG barely broke even on its smartphone division last quarter. It had previously not been profitable at all. LG sells a lot of phones, but not nearly as many as I think people tend to believe. I'm pretty sure they're on the way up this year, though - the G3 could be their breakout device.

      • Android Developer

        But I thought that the G2 and Nexus series were also fine, no?

      • Thomas’

        Well, 20% more sales YOY is a pretty decent growth.

      • neo905

        This charts doesn't make any sense. "Other" occupies 45.8%. That is almost half the entire market share unaccounted for. "Other" should a negligible inconsequential number which this isn't.

        • Justin W

          Well, the inconsequential part is the 50+ manufacturers that make up that "other" section. Anything down there is inconsequential (while it does make up half the market, it's not significant enough to show much on this chart when we're looking at the "top dogs" compared to each other).

          • neo905

            Ok. But LG is only 4.9% and 3rd and 4th place is 5.4% and 6.9% respectively. There really isn't much difference there either. I am assuming HTC and Sony are next at what 3-4%. They are on major carriers worldwide. They aren't in the obscure never heard of category. Neither is Motorola. I suppose there arbritrary 4.9% cuttoff doesn't really make sense. We are still talking 135 million phones unaccounted for in the 4th quarter. A bit more clarity and some not all would be nice.

    • Mike Reid

      Perhaps Huawei sponsored this report.

      And stats by total DOLLAR sales would be very different.

  • Tony Byatt

    People are happy with their S4's, Note 3's, and G2's, so I expect a further decline in the up coming quarters...Huawei has stepped up its game this year though...

  • nagi

    Why is the pic named NexusAE0? Did I miss out a Huawei Nexus?

  • tmcb82

    I wonder if Lenovo's numbers include Motorola devices?

    • Justin W

      The deal isn't complete yet, so they wouldn't. And AFAIK, Moto will be operated separately (under the Motorola brand still, at least in the U.S.) for the forseeable future, so they would be listed separately.

  • Crispin Swickard

    Coincidentally for whatever reason Huawei added me on G+ for no apparent reason earlier today. I mean if they want to send me a free phone I would give it a go, or at least use it as a backup. lol

  • Ann Lazebna