We provided some details a few days ago about a device that may very well be a Motorola Nexus phone, with the telling codename "Shamu" (because it's really big). Today The Information says it has independent confirmation from three sources that the device exists and that it is indeed a Nexus phablet. As for Android Silver? Well, that's looking a bit less certain.


According to The Information, Google began working with Motorola on a Nexus device shortly after the sale to Lenovo was announced. But why only do a Motorola Nexus now when the Lenovo deal is happening? The Information has some sources with specifics on the project.

Separately, Motorola is also getting a boost from working on an undisclosed phone-tablet project with Google—the type of initiative which, ironically, it could not pursue as a Google subsidiary due to concerns about favoring the house-owned Android vendor over others


After Lenovo agreed to buy Motorola, Google’s Android unit began working with Motorola to develop a co-branded “Nexus” phone that’s considered to be a “phablet,” or phone-tablet, because of its large screen size, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

Emphasis added above. Apparently, Google wanted to have Motorola working on the Nexus phone so it could use technologies like Active Display and Touchless Control, both hallmarks of the Moto X. There's no new information on the size, but calling it a phablet makes that 5.9-inch rumor plausible.

The word in the rumor mill earlier this year was that the Nexus program was going to be replaced with Android Silver. Google was so set on that course that an LG Nexus phone was allegedly scrapped. Silver was to be led by Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, who is now on his way out of the company. Without Arora, Silver might not happen, according to The Information's sources.

Some in [Arora's] camp wanted Silver to supersede the Nexus phone program. But with Mr. Arora’s absence, there are questions about how much firepower Google will give to the Silver program.

It really sounds like there's some scrambling going on inside Google to find a way forward. In the last year, Google might have cancelled Nexus and started Silver, then killed Silver and restarted Nexus. It could be quite a mess, but all signs are now pointing to a Motorola-made Nexus phablet later this year. Oh, and David will have to pie himself (again) if that happens.

[The Information]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock


    *starts looking into lemon meringue prices*

    • abhisahara

      This one's gonna be epic :P large one

    • RyanWhitwam

      Or we could attempt to create the world's first lollipop pie.

      • Arthur

        Stranger things have happened.

        • FF Fan

          I know

      • Christopher Bement

        Make them out of Tootsie Pops. They're heavy and will hurt more on impact.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        It must hurt as much as possible. Come on, Google, Lollipop or GTFO.

        • Alexei Watson

          Lamington! Think of the delicious bugdroids!

      • HoboJerk

        Lupus pie, sorry.

    • Christopher Robert

      Was kinda hoping they would candy co brand again with "Lifesavers"

      Would have been great pun material.

      "Wow project volta is such a lifesaver!"


    • Dhaiwat

      What about Lemon Squares? Lemon Bars?

      • Santiago Gomez

        Lemon Drops

  • Ryan

    Too bad I won't buy it. But it is nice to see the first Motorola nexus device though. So good for them. But 5.9" screen.. yeah, I'd rather be able to use one hand to work a device, not hold a tablet to my ear.

    • Lucas Laws

      As a guy who finally bought a Nexus 5 just a few months ago... I'm still happy with my choice.

      Not because of the screen size, just cuz the N5 is still a great phone.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

    Whoa. This Shamu story is getting interesting. No Android Silver you say? As an avid fan of the Nexus program, it makes me happy to hear it probably won't be killed. As a general fan of Android though, I have to wonder if Silver does end up on the cutting room floor, what could've been.

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      I think the real point here is that Android Silver is under consideration right now. With the head of the initiative leaving, the exact approach Google takes with Silver is up in the air. So I think it will still manifest in some form, but it may not be the all-encompassing effort it was originally rumored to be.

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

        Hmmm. Good point.

  • SilverNexus?

    Ok, let's call this the nexus 6 (because of the screen)

    I really hope for a Nexus 5 (2014) :(

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

      Agreed. I'm happy the Nexus program will continue, but I'm really not into the idea of buying a 6 inch Nexus, either.

      • Taylor

        Maybe they want a device at every screen size. I'm guessing a Nexus 5 2015 edition, Nexus 6 (Motorola phablet), Nexus 7, that new HTC Nexus 8, and maybe a weird Nexus 9 to fill the gap before the Nexus 10. If they ever refresh that last one.

        • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

          I'd be 100% cool with that!

    • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

      Still not big enough, I'll wait for next year's Nexus 7.
      Oh wait-

      • vyktorsouza

        I think you mean Nexus 5 (II) or Nexus 6 (II) just like they did to Nexus 7

    • morteum

      That would be good, a refreshed Nexus 5, a Nexus 6, and a Nexus 8/9. Though I have to say, its weird they would kill off two tablets to replace them with one, but then add a phone that suits a small market. The Nexus 7 makes way more sense as a product to me.

      • Justin Merithew

        Phablet have been growing in popularity, and this was before Android Wear. Now that you can have a watch to deal with notifications and texts, having a giant phone when you need it for media consumption would be pretty great.

        • SilverNexus?

          yes "Phablet" are popular, but I remain convinced that the majority prefer around 5"

          • Justin Merithew

            Fixed it to "phablets", SwiftKey is being wonky today. Nexus aren't meant to be flagships that attract the majority. They're reference devices for the development team, that we're lucky enough to be able to buy. With phablets gaining steam it would sense for Google to have one as a reference device to make it easier to implement phablet friendly features into stock Android.

          • vyktorsouza

            this, phablets are becoming popular amongst geeks and giants, but it would never reach the masses, shorter, discreet, woman, kids, professional, lots of people will forever prefer smaller screens, not to mention people are still getting used to anything over 4.7"
            Google should not be pushing it

          • Cuvis

            I recall reading somewhere that the Galaxy Note is most successful with women. Hardly "geeks and giants" (well, I suppose they can be geeks, but not in the numbers Samsung has been getting them).

          • Marko Paavilinna

            Phablets are actually (most?) popular with women. Kids are hardly market for flagship priced devices in the first place. Phablet don't need to reach "masses", they just need to sell enough and it's great marketing buzzword, companies gotta have new things going.

            I don't understand this pessimistic attitude towards phablets and this Shamu project in specific. I'm guessing it is because Nexus phones are popular and important to people here.

          • CoreRooted

            Sales of phablet devices disagree with your point though.

          • ClickFire_

            Actually Women are the ones driving the Phablet sales up. If they are not using a iphone they are more than likely rocking a 5.5 + Android phone 8 out of 10 times.

            My wife sold her Galaxy S4 because she wanted the Note 3. She tells me all the time that my Nexus 5 is tiny....:(

          • KojiroAK

            Nexus 5, that's how she calls it?

          • EowynCarter

            Women have handbags anyway. (we can't fit anything in our clothes's pocket)

            I use my phone mostly for browsing and app. So phablets are fine with me :)

          • CoreRooted

            Unfortunately, phablet sales disagree with you. People ARE buying the larger, 5.5+" devices and using them.

        • morteum

          That's a good point actually. Wear would definitely alleviate some of the concerns.

      • ClickFire_

        I owned the Nexus 7 2013 ended up selling it because The screen has to be more than 2 inches bigger than my phone to be worth using it 8.9 is perfect size not too big not too small.

        • morteum

          I agree. My Nexus 7 is just a little bit too small. I also think anywhere from 8" to 9" is a great size. I'll probably pick up the next Nexus tablet if it really is that size.

          • ClickFire_

            Although I was going to get the nexus 6 after hearing its 5.9 inches I will save my money for the Nexus 8/9 and just keep my Nexus 5.

    • Cory S

      This means the debate on if Nexus phones are named by revision or screen size will never be settled.

      • a Guy


        Nexus 7 and Nexus 7(2013) made it prety clear

        • Cory S

          Wasn't aware the nexus 7 was a phone. Also wasn't aware the Nexus One had a one inch screen.

          • Theromz

            Clearly it started with the Nexus 4, not like you can get a S sized display, or a galaxy display. But since the Nexus 4 we have had Nexus device that have numbers that match their respective screen size, Nexus 4 (4.7"), Nexus 5 (4.95"), Nexus 7 (7"), Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 10. Guessing you get the picture.

          • Cory S

            By that logic both the Nexus 4 and 5 would had been named the Nexus 5 as that is what they would both round up to.

          • guest……..

            Not if use use int values.

      • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

        It's pretty obvious that they decide on a device-by-device basis. Why do people suddenly want to cling to the idea that there's some sort of defined system for naming these things?

      • abobobilly

        Was there a debate based on these arguments? Really? I never heard any news about it :S

        Still, the Nexus 7 carries "7" as a brand name to advertise it, because it indeed "is" a 7 inch device. Now that doesn't mean Nexus 5 is called 5 because its "5" inch. Nope.

        • Zargh

          "The best of Google, now in three sizes"

      • Christopher Bement

        Because the Nexus One had a 1" screen, amirite? Nexus S had an S" screen?

        • Cory S

          The only nexus phones to not have a number were Samsung's. They gotta have their brand on everything.

  • morteum

    So if a Nexus device is now allowed to have additional features like touch less controls and active display, doesn't that make the Moto X an unofficial Nexus device?

    • Trent

      Not at all. All your question suggests is that a Nexus device with these capabilities might exist. The article doesn't mention these features, so they may seem obvious, you're just grasping at thin air.

      If the capabilities you're suggesting do exist in this hypothetical (unconfirmed) device, it would simply be using Google's latest hotword feature (from any screen) and using a certain type of screen. That doesn't make it a quasi-Nexus, nor would it deviate from stock Android because of those features.

      • Trent

        *so while they may seem obvious

      • morteum

        2 things.

        1. From the article: "Apparently, Google wanted to have Motorola working on the Nexus phone so it could use technologies like Active Display and Touchless Control, both hallmarks of the Moto X."

        2. You seem like you're kind of a douche.

        • MindFever

          Why is he a douche????
          . Maybe he disagreed with the article? I kind of do.

  • George

    I'm in for 1 if they do a package deal with the Moto 360~

    • morteum

      I would expect that more from the refreshed Moto X.

    • Christopher Bement

      I'm financing mine through T-Mo, and I believe they said they'll be financing Android Wear (which we can hope includes the new moto).

    • ClickFire_

      I am actually starting to think the Moto X +1 is exactly that "+1" referring to an extra item as well as spec bump.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

    So, Google runs out of codenames from fishes?

    • O’s Fan91

      Isn't Shamu a wale at Sea World?

      • Guest

        No. But I am certain Shamu is a whale at Sea World. : P

        • O’s Fan91

          I'm gonna go wail in the corner.

          • Christopher Bement

            Just don't whale in Wales.

  • http://androidintvfilm.tumblr.com/ wade_county

    I really really really hope this rumor isn't true.

    Here's a comparison of a Nexus 5 to a 5.9" LG G Pro 2

    • Tom Harman

      I agree, it's just 2 large (not what she said, lol), i have times when i find my N5 slips out of my pocket, there's no way i could keep that in my pants. :P

      • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

        "there's no way i could keep that in my pants."
        Haha. Nice.

        • Tom Harman

          That's right, now Shamu would be plopping out, lol.

          • senor_heisenberg

            Shamu is a much better dickname than Johnson or Willy & the twins.

          • Santiago Gomez

            Would you like to meet "shamu the whale from Sea World"? ^_~

      • Connor Mason

        That's what he said

      • Stas

        I can easily keep N7 in my pants, so Put in this shamu a big good battery, active display etc subsidise it to bring down the price to adequate and I'm buying it to replace my N5 and n7 at same time )

    • TheScientists

      Yeah. Do not want.


    • Stanley C.
    • senor_heisenberg

      5.5" is my limit, but if it's the only Nexus phone this year, I'd have to deal with it.

      • ClickFire_

        I love Stock and Nexus more than anything but battery is still a big problem for me.

        • Neji

          simply for this reason I chose the OnePlus One instead off the next nexus. Nexus devices usually skimp on camera and battery.

      • http://www.twitter.com/b_boogey_xl b_boogey_xl

        That's kind of how I feel, but I will hold all judgment until I see the phone.

      • ddpacino

        I'd be looking long and hard and a Moto X successor before settling with 5.5".

    • Grayson

      The Nexus 5 is aging incredibly well so far. Even though it's been out for 9 months now, it still outperforms every new flagship that is coming out. Maybe Google figured the Nexus 5 doesn't need a replacement this year, so they decided to make a Nexus that targets a different audience, the phablet lovers.

      • MrTrunky

        Good point!

      • MindFever

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Nexus 5 and N7 2013 aged very well. Both have great design,great specs,materials are good and I'm satisfied with the camera. Your conclusion why they wouldn't replace it this year at least,makes sense to me.

        • Lisandro O Oocks

          My Nexus 4 is still better looking

          • tanjiajun34

            Nexus 4 the power button kept spoiling for me.... But the glass back is beautiful and the performance is awesome at its time!

          • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick

            Yeah, I must agree with the power button. Mine's been a pain in the ass for several months now. Still works, but it's way too sensitive, except when I use it with the Seidio Convert case.

            I've heard so many stories about the back glass breaking, but it hasn't been an issue for me. I'd also be so inclined to say the back of the N4 is still, to this day, one of the best looking designs I've seen on any phone.

            Also, the overall shape and size has been perfect to comfortably hold, whereas I find the N5 to be quite sharp feeling.

            I am certainly in need of a new phone, however, and while I've been waiting to get my hands on a OnePlus One, I'd be happy to remain with Nexus if this new phone turns out to be a reality.

          • Luke

            Well my back glass broke on my 4, but $20 on eBay later and I have a brand new looking phone again. It actually took me longer to search how to replace the back cover than it took to do it.

            On point, lg g3 is what I hoped the nexus 6 would be based off of. That screen to body size ratio! One plus one would be nice though. 5.9" is just too much for me.

          • EvaKJones

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          • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

            100% this. The N5 is not a bad phone by any means, but the N4 felt much better and more premium to me. Just wish it had had Euro LTE support.

          • MindFever

            I have both,Nexus 4 does look amazing yeah. I wasn't talking about that however. Looks like you're competing ,which I find amusing :)

        • tanjiajun34

          OIS camera... I really love it! No more blur shots! Now all my future phone need to have it!

          • MindFever

            I know right ! I tried making a few video clips with my retired S3 and N4...and man does it show that it doesn't have OIS. Videos are so shaky where as on the N5 ,even when I zoom in ,the picture is much much more steady. When it isn't zoomed it's like having the phone perfectly still on a tripod or something. I was impressed with that.

        • ChrisM40

          We will have to disagree on that. I think the N5 is awful, but each to his own.

          • MindFever

            Yeah,that's fine. I don't mind reading a different opinion of my own

      • YNB

        Screen is better. Man i have the iPhone 5s and my nexus 5 side by side now and i can tell you the iPhone screen even with lower resolution is 1000x better than the nexus in color and details.

        • Just_Some_Nobody

          That's where Apple spent the extra $300.00US during design/production.

          • impulse101

            LOL that's why they make 60% margins on their phones. the phone doesn't even cost $300 make. Its a POS.

        • Arthur Dent


          "The end result is easy to sum up, however – Nexus 5 has the best calibrated display I’ve seen so far in any Android handset."

          Not to mention 5s and N5 are very close in every category. 1000x better. LOL!


          • Theromz

            Anytime someone makes claims like 1000x you know its just fanboy hyperbole.

          • ChrisM40

            Colours yes, but blacks are poor and washout due to the backlight is absolutely horrible. Its an awful screen.

          • Grayson

            Blacks on the Nexus 5 are just as good as every iPhone when viewing the phone head on. See below. The washout is only noticeable when viewing the phone off axis from corner angles, and it's caused by a subpar polarizer and possibly a poorly insulated backlight.


          • ChrisM40

            The problem being that the washout starts just a few degrees off dead central. When i had mine it was actually impossible to have the whole screen at the right angle for the effect to disappear across the entire screen unless you held it about 3 feet away. It was like one of those really bad TN panels on laptops.

            That is just unacceptable to me. Id rather the screen was slightly less dark, but capable of displaying a uniform brightness. The screen was unusable at anything other than perfectly square to your face, and even then the edges were starting to washout.

            Not only was that a problem, but the blacks were also crushed, meaning detail in black areas was poor, it couldn't distinguish between dark colours close to each other.

            The end result was like someone had tried to calibrate a really poor panel. You cant get it all right with such a panel, so the colours were decent, but contrast and blacks were poor. They had to make a huge compromise because the panel was cheap.

        • niuguy

          I'll defend you a little here. I LOVE my N5 and I feel the screen is solid but not amazing. Apple does have a wonderful screen. I also love Samsung's amoled screens. Still, N5's screen is solid.

          • Grayson

            Agreed. The N5 screen isn't perfect. The gamma is calibrated closer to 2.0 than the standard 2.2, so colors don't pop quite as much, the screen washes out some when viewed off axis from corner angles, and peak brightness isn't earth shattering.

            However, no screen is perfect. I can see pixels on iPhone screens due to the lower resolution, and the colors change somewhat when viewing iPhones from certain angles. The Galaxy S5 screen is pretty great as well, but even it has flaws. The pentile subpixel arrangement is noticeable to some, including me, whites have a bit of a green tint to them, and color calibration could be better, even in cinema mode. The screen on the One M8 looks good subjectively, but HTC clearly calibrated it for a cool look with punchy colors, so its color temp is too cool and colors are pretty wildly inaccurate.

            So, there is no perfect screen, but I would say the Nexus 5 is certainly up there with the best of them.

        • tanjiajun34

          Only agree with the colours. They are better looking on the iPhone. However for the details, no for me. After using the S4 and Nexus 5, now the iPhone retina display is a bit of blur to me. The text isn't as sharp as Nexus 5 and S4.

        • impulse101

          LOL sure. I am looking at both now and the N5 is killing it. I also have modified my color saturation etc... like most normal people do that own a Nexus.

      • whispy_snippet

        The Nexus 5 has definitely aged well. It's the first Android device to genuinely maintain its performance over time. There's still no lag, no stutter, no jank. Apps open quickly, multitasking is instantaneous. The combination of the S800, 2GB RAM and a lean, mean version of Android seems to have finally cracked the lag code for Google. It's an absolutely stellar performer.

        And it's only going to get better in a couple of months or so! :D

        • $/G/R !

          First Android device to genuinely age well would be Nexus 4

          • whispy_snippet

            Well that's something I can't really comment on seeing I've never owned a Nexus 4. Is it smoother in its older days than the 2013 Nexus 7? I own this tablet and while it's still very enjoyable to use, it's not as silky as the N5. As far as I'm aware the N7 2013 and N4 have close to identical internals.

          • Adam

            I'd say it's pretty comparable to the N7 2013, but perhaps slightly faster.

            Think the internals are the same, but the N4's resolution is lower which might make it slightly faster.

          • whispy_snippet

            Fair comment.

          • http://www.daverobertson.me Dave Robertson

            The N7 2013's SoC is actually closer to a Snapdragon 600 IIRC.

          • AGoodM8

            Yeah, it has the exact same internals as the N4 - Snapdragon S4 Pro, Quad Core 1.5 GHz CPU, Krait 200, packed with the Adreno 320 (400 MHz) GPU. So more or less like an underclocked Snapdragon 600 .. translation: it is no longer cutting edge but it still runs very smoothly on stock Android.

          • AGoodM8

            At any rate, I'm sure most people to this day would be very satisfied with the performance of a N4 or later; similarly for the current N7 onwards. Apart from a few things like the camera, the battery and the storage, the N4 is still a strong device by 2014 standards - that's impressive considering its age.

            Edit: and the lack of officially supported LTE for some, although I'd say that's a less prominent deficiency.

          • Firmino

            "There's still no lag, no stutter, no jank. Apps open quickly, multitasking is instantaneous."

            This hapens with my N4 to.

          • whispy_snippet

            Well then I happily stand corrected. :)

          • JLM

            I have the N4 and it's running well unlike my 2012 N7. It had two major problems, lack of storage and 4g. Someone got the 4G working, but I still wish it had more than 16 Gigs of storage

        • MindFever

          ^^^ this

      • Capt. Crunch

        Not to mention how well it's holding its resale value on swappa. The average going price is $296!

      • bearballz

        I don't know about "outperforming" a S5, M8 or G3. But I think the N5 its still a very competitive alternative.

      • Deckard_Cain

        The Nexus 5 needs a better battery and a better camera. In that aspect it didn't age well.

      • Trysta

        Yep these are my thoughts exactly. I wasn't planning on purchasing a nexus phone this year anyway so I don't mind waiting. And to be honest if google can bring a nexus phablet out at competitive prices it might be an awesome secondary device.

    • james fuston

      Huge phones are synonymous with Lenovo, iirc.

    • abobobilly
    • Ihavenewnike

      I actually love huge phones, given I'm a huge guy. It works for me. That is why I have a Note 3. Tried a Mega, but it was just to slow for me. Liked the size though. I would buy a 5.9" phone. Heck maybe even a 5.9' phone. /s

    • Gary Graf

      If true, I hope there's more than one nexus phone

    • dude

      Yeah but it come with this nice commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAMsggz7Oco

    • Hsanchez957

      Yea I have a Note 3 and I'm looking to get back into a N5 sized phone. These rumors are not making me feel any better about the new Nexus.

    • Trysta

      To be fair the good thing about this rumor (if you don't want permanently gigantic devices) is that this is explicitly being labeled a "phablet" which is very different from for example LG bringing out a 5.5" G3 which they have positioned as their flagship with absolutely no mention of "phablet" in marketing.

      My point is maybe Google/Motorola are intentionally making a pseudo tablet device because they've never had one before but by labeling it "phablet" (and giving it the huge 5.9" screen) they realize this is too big for the mainstream and their lineup will eventually need a smaller flagship device. I would be much more worried if the rumors were for a 5.3" phone because that would probably be the one and only flagship Nexus phone and the chances of decreased screen size in the 2015 Nexus would be very slim.

      Just trying to see the glass half full :-)

      • gg555

        I hope you're right. But it's still annoying to have to wait even longer for and update to the regular sized flagship Nexus. Unless they're going to announce two devices, but there seem to be no rumors of that. I suspect they're going to try to market the Nexus 5 as the "regular" Nexus and the Nexus 6 as the phablet (since as people have noted in the comments the performance is still pretty competitive on the Nexus 5).

  • Arthur

    Nexus as a brand is finally catching on with those outside the tech community. I never understood why they would scrap it and start fresh with Android Silver or whatever else they choose to call it other than Nexus.

    I probably won't be buying this phone but if the Moto X successor is anything like its predecessor as far as how vanilla its flavor of Android is, then I will be getting that if this will be the only Nexus release this year.

    • Qwerty

      I've also noticed that Nexus devices are catching on more now. You'd think Google would be willing to shell out the money and promote the Nexus brand name as opposed to scrapping it and implementing a program like Android Silver. A Nexus device has just as much, if not more, going for it than a premium Android handset running stock would--priority OS updates, competitive price tag, great specs, fluidity of stock Android and so on. Developers can continue to use it as their experimental phone and the average Joe has more than functional phone.

  • vyktorsouza

    off-topic: am I the only one who sees boobs on Motorola's logo?

    • chrisLE

      i see boobs everywhere

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com/ Aj Meadows

      Cannot unsee.

    • Connor Mason

      Madonna with Cone Bra

      • vyktorsouza


  • VicRooLoo

    Owner of one of the first waves of N5's.
    I think its time to search for a replacement. I sure hope I like what I see when they announce this.

    • Connor Mason

      Why is that? It's only been like 9 months.

      • VicRooLoo

        I like having new things, the best things, and my N5 is actually very beat up.

    • MindFever

      Is it possible that you feel this way because of some impulse buyer instinct? As someone else said,it's barely been 9 or 10 months :) I'm not judging you,if you feel that way and you can afford it ,go for it man

      • VicRooLoo

        "Is it possible that you feel this way because of some impulse buyer instinct?"
        Yes. I'm a weak person D:

        • MindFever

          LoL,okay...admitting it is the hardest thing :D I'm just kidding though,I don't think you're weak

  • WORPspeed

    I don't really want a phone with such a large screen, but it's MOTOROLA and it's a NEXUS!
    Meaning it will be CRAZY AWESOME! Money is being set aside.....I think I like the anticipation more than I like the actual phone if I decide to buy it.

    I am going to be broke by the end of the year I think. Moto 360, Shamu, need a new computer and going for a wiiU and possibly a tv for the wiiU O_o
    Have mercy on my soul!

    • MindFever

      You lost me at Wii U...that's possibly the biggest waste of money :D

      • Zephaniah Bethea

        The Wii U is a great buy.

      • jtc276

        Dude, have you played Mario Kart 8? And the new Smash Bros is enough of a reason to buy one on its own.

        • MindFever

          I don't think that's a reason to buy a console. A game every couple of months and still Mario...I'm a bit tired of their IPs after two decades.

      • WORPspeed

        with Super Smash bros Wii U coming later this year, Mario Kart 8 already out, Hyrule Warriors on it's way, Xenoblade Chronicles X coming along nicely AND Zelda wiiU coming eventually, I think that the wiiU will be the best investment out of all those items I listed (assuming I buy all these games as well, which is a very safe assumption :P)

  • shadlom

    Awesome, my next!

  • Matthew Fry

    Might I suggest one of those giant 18" or so Costco pies?

  • Serge Cebrian

    I hope the normal nexus is nexus 6 and the shamu gets XL por similar...

  • mlj11

    Warning, opinion piece ahead:


    The news of this collaboration between Google and Moto might be the best indicator yet that Google's relationship with Samsung might be at an all-time low.

    "Why?" I hear you ask.

    If you've been following Android news, you've probably read about how Google's been more than a little upset with Samsung's customizations to Android, especially with the totally non-Android-like "magazine style" UI that Sammy favours on its tablets. Not only that, Sammy's forays into Tizen - which has seen it gone so far as to totally replace Android with it as the OS on some of its smartwatches - is reported to have really rubbed Google's Top Men the wrong way.

    There's therefore been some speculation that the lack of recent Sammy-made Nexus products (since the Nexus 10 two years ago), plus the huge Galaxy S5-sized hole in the Google Play Edition range of products, counts as evidence that the Google-Samsung (dare I say it... Yup. Goosung) relationship is a little frosty right now. And that's not even counting the recent development of Google imposing a new requirement on all OEMs to flash a "powered by ANDROID" branding title in all their new products' bootup screens, which was supposedly a counter-measure to Sammy's overzealous UI skinning.

    So what bearing does this latest Shamu Nexus phablet have on Goosung?

    Well, we can all agree that Sammy basically owns the "phablet" space with its super successful range of Note products... It is therefore my humble opinion that Google's decision to hook-up with Moto instead of market leader Sammy to produce a pure Android phablet must at least be seen as a cold-shoulder snub of Sammy, or, in the worst-case scenario (accounting for the fact that Google's opening up a development platform for devs that will allow OEM competitors to more directly compete with the Sammy's Note line), a slap in Sammy's face.

    How long till Sammy starts to pour more advertising dollars into its Tizen products than Android ones? Let's see...


    • Justin Merithew

      Definitely a really interesting, educated opinion. But what's your opinion on Samsung sharing Knox with Google for Android L? That would imply that their relationship is pretty solid at this point.

      As for this Nexus Phablet. Google has never heavily marketed the Nexus line, people who don't like OEM/Carrier bloat just tend to flock to them. They're meant to be a reference device for the dev team. With phablet sale increasing, and the possibility of them selling even more due to Android wear, it would make sense for Google to have a phablet reference to optimize the stock Android experience for a device of that size.

      I'm not saying your scenario isn't possible, but the Knox thing makes me think Goosung is ok.

      • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

        Yea, that was the only shocking thing I watched at the I/O keynote. When that was announce, I was like - wait, isn't Google and Samsung on a break up right now?

      • mlj11

        Haha +1 just for repeating Goosung :D

        Hmm, yes. Knox is a very interesting counter-point. I can't really say how much stock we can put into that though, because 1) I don't imagine that Knox is really one of Sammy's money-spinning features, and 2) sharing Knox code with the core AOSP team is also of benefit to Sammy in the long-run too, because it would help improve Android in terms of security (if not inherently from a coding perspective, then at least it might help Android's poor image in the media as far as malware resistance is concerned).

        I also see your point about having a reference AOSP phablet. I just feel that we've come a long way since the days when Sammy produced two Nexus products in a row, and when Sammy was seen as Google's go-to partner for everything.

        • Justin Merithew

          I think Google is trying to spread the love with Nexus, each OEM except for Motorola have made a previous Nexus device. And while Knox may not be a money making feature, keeping it to themselves would give them somewhat of a marketing edge over non-Samsung Android phones if Knox makes theirs more secure. Another indication of the Google-Samsung relationship smoothing out is the delays on Samsungs Tizen phone. This could be their way of quietly killing it because they're just going to stick with Android.

          • KojiroAK

            Not each by far. (Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Acer would still be missing)
            But it seems Google follows a 2 Device each pattern.
            HTC G1, Nexus One
            Samsung Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus
            LG Nexus 4, Nexus 5

            So, maybe we will see 2 Motorolas and then 2 Sony or Huawei.

          • Justin Merithew

            I was referring mostly to the brands that have a strong US presence. This could be a factor due to Google being a US company and the US being one of the primary markets for the Nexus. I've seen phones from Huawei and ZTE, but they're all budget phones. As for Sony, they make a great phone but their US strategy leaves a sour taste in my mouth. They need to release on all 4 big carriers, and not delay the US launch so much.

    • ClickFire_

      Good I am ready for samsung to leave Android. HTC and LG have improved their phones by leaps and bounds and are having a Good year sales are higher than they have been in awhile for both of them and they are slowly becoming successful again.

      I'm tired of Samsung Making up the majority of Android's marketshare LG, HTC, Motorola and other OEMs will fill the void.

    • Blake

      You raise some interesting points. The stuff with Galaxy Gear and TouchWiz certainly have credibility. That said it appears as if their relationship is actually improving as of late. Google offering legal support/payment and Samsung offering Knox being things counter to your point.

      I wouldn't take lack of nexus devices as any sign - HTC hasn't had one since the Nexus One and that was 4 years ago. While HTC is rumored to be making a Nexus tablet, it could be close to 5 years between goes for them - Samsung could put something out next year. Further still what does that say for companies like Sony who've never made a Nexus product?

      With regard to lack of the GPE S5, again other manufacturer's are missing, not just Samsung. Take that as more of an issue with GPE than anything.

      With them going for Motorola over Samsung - I can see your point but I don't think it has to be viewed as malicious. There's plenty of possibilities why they went with Motorola over Samsung that have nothing to do with it being an intentional snub. Maybe Samsung couldn't get the cost down - have you see what a Note III goes for? Maybe Google want's Motorola's tech (touchless controls, active notification, etc). Maybe Google's wanted to work with Motorola for a long time and it's just their turn at the rotation. Maybe Google didn't want to just have a modified Note IV and wanted something different, something Motorola was able to deliver (LG pretty much delivered modified versions of their flagship phones as the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, as did Samsung in years prior). There's plenty of valid reasons that don't have to amount to an intentional snub.

      Given their working together recently I just don't see the malicious intent in it. It's a little surprising maybe, but just because Samsung's note line is king of the crop now doesn't meant they offered the best device/partnership. Market leader doesn't always mean best.

      • mlj11

        All valid points.

        However, I believe you think that I'm suggesting that the Google-Samsung relationship is simply bad, which isn't really the case. My comment was more about how the relationship appears to be at its lowest point now, relative to how good it was before.

        It's all just my speculation, of course :)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      That's strange. I didn't intend to search for "dude furiously fellating himself with his own internet comment." How'd I end up here?

      • mlj11


        I'm an average Android & Nexus fan, and I just had some thoughts about this article which I felt were interesting enough to share. I did so in a manner that I hoped would be interesting to read through, since it turned out that there was quite a lot I wanted to say.

        Even if you didn't think the content of my comment was worth your time to weigh in with your own views, I don't get why you still felt compelled enough to leave an intentionally hurtful remark?

        Seriously, what is wrong with you?

        And to think I really liked you as a writer too.

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      I actually still don't buy that the Google/Samsung discussion that supposedly took place around CES was as heated or contentious as rumors would suggest. The story of their talks was constructed from very little information in my view.

      I also don't really see Google's entering a new form factor (one that's rising in popularity) as a move against anyone, but more a move for itself.

      Google IS exploring more ways to guide manufacturers and keep the reins on Android, but I don't think the approach is as austere as it seems.

      As for Samsung's marketing efforts with Tizen, I wouldn't count on the onslaught starting soon, considering that the first Tizen phone has been indefinitely delayed (http://gigaom.com/2014/07/28/samsung-indefinitely-delays-the-release-of-its-first-tizen-smartphone/).

      • mlj11

        You're probably right. I think the media took the slight hints of discontent and basically ran (amok) with it.

  • rmkilc

    I would prefer a Nexus 5 (2014) made by Motorola.

    • Connor Mason

      I think a lot of people would agree with you. Not because LG did anything wrong at all, but Motorola is doing some great stuff

    • Michael

      That would be amazing. If that happens would it have Active Display and Touchless Controls?

      • morteum

        The article says it might, but its all speculation.

    • JG

      To borrow from Shakespeare "A Nexus by any other name..."

      Moto X+1 is rumored to be about the right size for a Nexus 5 (either 5.1 or 5.2 inches), and Moto has been keeping the X updated very closely to the Nexus update schedule. Plus it ships with near AOSP stock Android - with the addition of Active Display and Touch-less Always Listening controls, etc...

      Close enough for me - and the closest I'll probably ever get on Verizon...

  • AOSPrevails

    I wouldn't mind a Nexus phablet being avaliable, I would just prefer to have a Nexus phone released alongside it as well(maybe built on the Moto X+1 chasis).

  • Hotte_K

    Kinda smart of El Goog to kill the Nexus 7 this year to replace it with an N8/N9, so the Nexus 7 branding is free for next year's Nexus 7 _phone_.

  • chris125

    What happened to the devices Google was supposed to be working with Verizon on for launch this year?

  • deltatux

    hmmm, not a fan of a phablet phones. Phones have only really increased in screen size and not much else....

  • https://google.com/+LateefAlabiOki Lateef Alabi-Oki

    Being the Nexus whore that I am, I'm going the buy the device regardless of the screen size, even though I'm not sure I want a phablet.

    • MindFever

      That's kind of excessive :)

  • Salvador Paniagua

    I wonder if Google changed their mind about the Nexus program just to watch David pie himself again.

  • david coffey

    I just don't really understand it. The nexus phone line is kind of a niche market. Why make it more niche-y with a phablet.

  • Santiago Gomez

    OMG please I WISH there was the two phones coming out, one that is NOT so gigantic that won't even fit on my jean pocket...-_- I am saving up for a nexus phone but if that piece of flat panini comes out I will not get it, Nexus 5 it will be


  • Evriviadis

    I will believe only when I see it. Many rumors proven wrong lately. As for the size I believe its too big. A 5.2 inch with thin bezels would be perfect. Also I hope they will not go with a QHD display as they proven to consume too much energy and Nexus line never had good battery life. It will be perfect if they focus more on battery life and good calibrated colors for the display. I will judge Nexus 6 only when I see. Maybe it will be nice after all.

    • Lars Jeppesen

      5.9 inches need a QHD display, imho....

  • Gentle soul


  • Ichi Bear

    5.9 inch display!? Really!? How are you supposed to use that one handed!?
    That's just ridiculous! I hope that the rumours are wrong about the size.

  • Daniel Marcus

    As much as I want this, I don't want this. More specifically, I want a Motorola made Nexus that is LESS THAN 5.1 INCHES. I'm just barely OK with the 5.0 inches on the Nexus 5, and I could deal with it being a little on the large side of my taste for the fact that it's a Nexus. That said, I simply can NOT deal with a 5.9" phone, not even a Motorola Nexus.

  • http://www.pytt.nl Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    Anyone else thinking it's gonna be all Motorola with MotoMaker where you can choose what screensize you want, including this Phablet size, the original Moto X (maybe rebranded under the Moto G name) and the Moto X 5.2"?

    • br_hermon

      I might be able to buy into that. I'd love to see what they'd do with it.

  • Marko Paavilinna

    Is it necessary to keep complaining about the size of this? Nobody has said there won't be Nexus 5 II, nobody has said for certain this will be with 5.9" display either.

    • MindFever

      I think people are saying that IF 5.9" is true,then it would be too huge...IF,you see...I also advise people to wait and see before making a conclusion, so I agree

  • Mystery Man

    This will replace my Note 3 if battery life is good.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Should be interesting. I think a 5.5" display would have been better all around. No real need for a Nexus phablet. I mean, Vanilla Android doesn't even have any software features to utilize such a screen size. You're basically gonna have a huge screen that you can't really take advantage of. Unless you're watching a video or something... Lol

    • MindFever

      Hybrid UI rings any bells? Of course it utilises the screen...the tablet UI however,I could agree it's less than optimal. Nexus 7 2013 uses a hybrid ui and works very well.

    • Justin Merithew

      It's funny because where you say there's no need for a Nexus phablet you explain perfectly why their should be one. The Nexus line is a reference device for Google's programmers, so this would give them a baseline to add some nice phablet friendly features into stock Android.

  • Drew

    This would be awesome, but I remain skeptical as the news surrounding the Nexus and Moto X+1 have been full of false reports.

  • http://www.ellianth.com Ellianth

    Nice! Maybe I'll be able to start considering Nexus devices again, since it wouldn't be an LG device!

  • Badouken

    Ugh... wait for this (and pray it works on Verizon) or upgrade to the LG G3 on Friday!? Hmmmm.....

  • Daniel Collins


  • Adil Tajgeer

    if they can keep it no bigger than the oneplus one's dimensions, i might consider it, esp if they drop an sd 805 or something crazy in there (64bit tegra soc?) but if it doesn't fit inside my jeans pocket completely i'm out.

    • Ryan

      Same. My Moto X is just skinny enough to fit in my back pocket. I've got about an inch of clearance to be able to grip my phone and get it out of my pocket. I'm a skinny guy, and I don't always like having a holster case on my belt loop or something just to have my phone on me. If I can put it in my pocket, I'd rather that most of the time now. Just one of the reasons I prefer anything under 5" screens.

      Though I guess 2 years from now, it won't matter. The smallest screen size then for a flag ship will probably be 6" with less than stellar specs for anything under that, much like what it is today with the sub 4.5" phones.

      • Adil Tajgeer

        i wouldn't be caught dead with a phone holster, too many bad images of people with blackberry's ;)

        i've been able to pocket everything but a lumia 1520 in my jeans (not baggy, but not skinny either, like straight cut) and it really bothered me that the 1520 didn't fit in my pocket. the g3 and oneplus one are really pushing the limits of what i'm okay with

  • ClickFire_

    5.2 even 5.5 is fine but 5.9 no thanks. It would have to be almost bezeless just to be the same size as the note 3 which is still too big.

    I will either keep my Nexus 5 or considering Switching to the Moto X2(+1) or HTC One M8 because battery life on the N5 is just not cutting it anymore.

    I would of been happy with a simple spec bump on the battery, camera and screen size.

    Hopefully the Screen size is wrong or Google releases 2 phones this year.

  • Joe Menard

    I want!!

  • scuttlefield

    5.9" seems a bit too big to me for a phone, but a Moto Nexus (particularly, if there's not othe Nexus option)?...I'm still buying it!

  • Elliot Kotis

    There better be a normal size nexus..

    • Justin Merithew

      If there's not a smaller Nexus, there's always the X+1. Unless Motorola really changes things it should be a stock experience.

      • Richard Sullivant

        Motorola always changes things. Ask any modder that devs for AOSP ROMs (eg. several Xposed modules) and the gross incompatibilities that result when trying to apply AOSP modifications to so-called 'stock Android' Moto ROMs. They're as adversely changed as TouchWiz or Sense under the hood. They just look prettier.

        This is really something I wish Android news sites would finally understand.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Silver is android one, maybe?

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    I guess that would make it the "Nexus 6". If your one to believe that the number represents the size...

    • tim242

      6 would be for 6th Nexus. Numbers only represent size on tablets.

      • http://volumeboy-man.bandcamp.com/ VBM

        Although, true, this would be the 6th Nexus phone.

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        "If your one to believe that the number represents the size..."

        I guess you're not...

        • tim242

          If people believe the silly notion that the number is the size, here's another contradiction to that. The people that believe that the Nexus 4 got its number from it's 4.7" display now believe that the Nexus 6 would refer to its 5.9" display. You can't change the rules from roundinding down, to rounding up.

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            Just because I bring it up doesn't in any way imply I believe it. Admittedly, though, there is some ambiguity surrounding the naming scheme.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Eh why is this a sticky post? It's a rumor...

  • Richard Sullivant

    It strikes me that some of this is just inching (albeit transparently enough) to connect the dots of rumors past. I trust Dave Burke, who pretty much stated that the Nexus line will always serve as the flagbearer:

    "It is a statement, almost a statement of purity in some respects. I don’t see why we would ever turn away from that, it wouldn’t make sense."

    I can buy that tentative plans for a third LG manufactured Nexus may have been scrapped, but this article, like most articles on the subject, continue to insist that Silver was just about to bump the line altogether.

    • Richard Sullivant

      Apologies for prosperity: I meant to write that this article, like most articles, continues to - suggest- that the Nexus line may have been momentarily in danger, not 'insisted' , as I had erroneously written.

      That said, I'll still repeat that Burke's statement still strongly hints that the 'Nexus line in danger' was never actually real, and we should really just stop reporting it in future discussions/articles as if there was ever a single shred of merit to it, other than a couple inaccurate evleaks tweets. Or you may as well bring up the Nexus Yeti while you're at it, you know?

  • Vijay

    If the 5.9 inch phablet is the only nexus phone releasing this year, Google must be insane and out of touch with the users.. The weekend poll by AP clearly shows most people wouldn't want a 5.9 inch phone.. I hope this isn't true

    • mangus

      Maybe you are not the intended user or neither the AP poll guys...you cant sell a phone in china less then 5.5 and maybe you re not the intended market.

  • JG

    Hmmm.... I'm kind of hoping this wild speculation might be true...

    Google wants Motorola to have a shot at making a Nexus, but can't because it'd piss off the other OEMs by playing favorites...

    So Google sales Moto to Lenevo (for a fourth of what they paid)... After a few months "Hey check out Android Silver"... A few months later "Silver is going to replace Nexus. So sorry LG we won't need that phone after all"... a few months later "Oh, maybe we will keep the Nexus line around after all"... A few months later "Moto is apparently a few months shy of releasing a - surprise - Nexus device"...

    If Moto's Nexus does come out in November, I'm kind of hoping say around March the US Government (or one of the others who have to sign off on it) says "After reviewing the material, we have decided to deny the sale - Moto will remain a Google Company"...

  • EowynCarter

    A nexus phablet with active display ?? Seriously ?? -> That would be my dream phone coming true :)

  • rr93

    You know, Moto is famous for jamming bigger screen in smaller bodies. We'll just have to wait and see how this turns out!

  • X-47B

    And it will sell full 33,000 units..

  • pickaname

    Or this could be just the first Android Silver phone.

  • Konstigt2
  • http://volumeboy-man.bandcamp.com/ VBM

    So, it's almost August... Where's the new N7?! I'm holding on the 2012 eagerly waiting to upgrade. Is it just me?

  • Hsanchez957

    I saw Nexus is coming back: YEA!

    I saw it was a 5.9" phablet: Awww...

  • Bart Cunningham

    I went from a Samsung Galaxy Note II to the Nexus 5 and I really miss the bigger screen. I would love to have a 5'9" screen!!! A bigger screen also leaves more room for a bigger battery, hopefully much bigger! Bigger is better right?

  • thelionk

    Maybe this is good, have a Nexus 6, a Nexus 8, a Nexus 10 and a Nexus 5 2nd Generation

  • Steve Freeman

    I would LOVE a Motorola Nexus...their build quality and radios are outstanding (the 720p screens though, not so much). However...my One M8 is already bordering on too large, and while granted a 1/2" isn't a huge size increase, it would put it over the edge for me.


    I would love a Nexus Phablet and would run out and buy one on day 1 if it wasn't for 1 reason.
    Nexus refuses to put in SD slots. This is a deal breaker for me and why I will not throw my money at them. I have a 64gb Micro SD that is full and I cannot delete anything off it, so unless they made a 128gb version, this would never work for me.
    Guess it's wait until Sept for the Note 4 for me.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    I thought AP was above using that stupid term.

  • Derek Rose

    I dunno. I like the idea of the 5.9" screen. I really like both of my N7's (2012 & 2013) and I still very much enjoy the performance of my N4. A cross between the two may actually be a nice companion to Android Wear.

  • Randa Hafza

    does that mean no new nexus this year ?

  • Noob

    No point of the Volantis to even come out now.

  • lucke1310

    Jerry over at Android Central brought up some great points on this and why it *may* not be a nexus device (reference device for developers). That being said, I'll withhold any judgement until something is actually announced.


  • Stan

    I guess I'm a minority around here, but I actually want a bigger nexus for my next phone :) so keep on trucking google :)

  • Trysta

    So happy I have my Nexus 5 to tide me over while Google figures things out!

  • Ruben Alvarez

    Wil be great if the next Nexus was project Ara related... just so it could swap the screen for a smaller one!

  • Jadephyre

    A Nexus Phablet... why, gorammit? Does every phone these days have to be the size of a fucking Brick to sell in any relevant Numbers? The Nexus 5 was the perfect maximum size. What are Motorola and Google thinking? That everyone has King Kong Hands???

  • TransMaroBird

    I've had N5 since week 1 and have no plans at all in replacing it.

  • Maximus

    I was really looking forward to the next Nexus phone. This is going to be very disappointing if it they only put out a phablet. Google has to understand that the people who like these huge phones are in the minority. Again, it would be very disappointing. What they should do is make a 5.9 in. and a 5.2 in version. That would make everyone happy.

  • Luvthymetal

    I really doubt this is true

  • gg555

    Phablet. Blech. I hate phablets. Why is every flagship Android phone a phablet now? 5.2" is the limit, to me, for a reasonable size. Ironically, even though Apple has lagged way behind on screen size, suddenly they'll be the only one to offer a flagship phone in a reasonable 4.7" size, plus a separate phablet. It's so obvious that flasghip phones should come in two sizes like that. Android has had the jump on Apple with screen size for years. Yet in the end the Android handset makers are going to let Apple do the best job anyway. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    I predict that as soon as there's a 4.7" iPhone available and flagship Android phones only come in phablet sizes, sales will start flocking back to Apple. All those people who left Apple only because of screen size will go running back. And then a lot of Android users fed up with the phablet dominating screen size race will jump ship too.

    Yes lots of people like phablets. But lots of people don't.

  • The Calm Critic

    Still gonna definitely buy if it's:-
    1. Truly Android L 64 ready

    2. Optimal batt capacity to go with the heft

    3. Finally put my "added tablet anxiety" to rest...sry HTC Volantis bad ass or not I'm against devices' redundancy.

    These 3 reasons alone at least imo presents a fairly excellent long term user ROI. So much so that it'll be worth it to go full Ahab on this.

  • Jose

    I hope the Nexus Phablet rumors are accurate. 5.9" OLED and pure google? Yes please! I'll sell my Note 3 right now!

  • Ross Sage

    Only thing about the nexus phones is the sound quality in all areas let it down imo. I probably listen to a lot more music than most though. But the loud speaker on all has been abysmal
    Its something that could do with being worked on and the nexus phones would be awesome

  • r0fl

    I played with the new Nexus today. it looks like a giant Moto X I can't wait till i have one of my own

    • BMBvideo

      Where? How? More details please... Do you know when it's coming out?

      • r0fl

        No idea when but the pics that surfaced today are correct tho the one I saw had a Motorola logo not the "fingerprint scanner"

  • Android

    Excuseme I just want to now if the NEXUS 6 will have the FINGERPRINT SCANNER and DUST/WATERPROOF CERTIFICATION. Please answer me because I m going crazy.