It's never a bad thing when phones get the latest version of Android software, and Motorola seems committed to sending it to their devices sooner rather than later. After the usual Verizon soak test a couple of weeks ago, the updated ROMs are ready and apparently flying out to both the high-end Moto X and Verizon's customized CDMA Moto G. If you don't see the update alert in your notification bar, you should sometime over the next few days.


The jump from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 is sizeable, but that last bump to 4.4.4 is just a couple of security patches. You can read about them here and here. Verizon says that the updated software includes improved photo results in fluorescent lighting and the ability to pause video recording on the Moto X, as well as an adjusted dialer. (If it's similar to the 4.4.4 build on my DROID MAXX, it's not the Nexus-style dialer.) The Moto G gets the same improvements plus a built-in copy of Motorola Alert, according to this Motorola support page.

Those who have rooted their phones may have trouble upgrading and/or lose root - check your favorite user forum for advice on advancing to the latest build. That's where you'll probably find the ZIP files for a manual flash as well.

Source: Verizon support - thanks, Cory Berg!

Michael Crider
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  • Chris

    Moto X also gets access to Motorola Alert after the update.

    • AbbyZFresh

      and what about the phone dialer and business search?

      • Chris

        New phone dialer, but it doesn't have business search still.

        • Kevin

          Do Nav keys light up when you raise the volume when watching a video? Not sure if you understand what I'm saying?

          • Chris

            The soft nav keys don't show themselves when hidden watching a full screen video and adjusting volume. The toast window for the volume level still shows.

          • Kevin

            Yes. Thank you. I wasn't worrying about the toast volume just the nav keys and status bar when they pop up when you raise the volume.

      • dude

        Only Nexus phones get the Google Dialer with locales search, it's exclusive.

  • TheRunner024

    I keep getting an app has unexpected content error and it aborts the installation.

    • Alan Rivaldo

      Your downloaded file is probably corrupted. Download again and retry installation.

  • Gregory

    Nothing yet on developer edition

  • Rook HD

    very impressed with Motorola. I bought a Verizon moto G for $50 at best buy a while ago. I thought I would stuck with 4.4.2, but a few days ago I was surprised I got a OTA update to 4.4.4. Kudos to Motorola! now I can expect this phone gets bumped to android L in the future.

  • Branden James

    How about the Nexus 7 2013 LTE Verizon and Google?!? Still on 4.4.3 and that was 3 weeks late....

    • http://usamaisawake.wordpress.com usamaisawake

      I hate to be defending Verizon but I think this one is all on Google. The Factory Images for Nexus devices page doesn't have 4.4.4 for the N7 (2013) LTE model which means officially it doesn't exist for that model. :-( https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images

  • Nick Yarosz

    Looks like AT&T is last to show at the update party :(

    • http://usamaisawake.wordpress.com usamaisawake

      Yeah seriously. I thought we'd always beat Verizon to it but looks like 4.4 was a fluke since 4.4.2 and now 4.4.4 Verizon has been on the ball.

  • Ankur

    3-4 days old news.

    • vzwuser76

      You're talking about the soak test. This is the full release they're talking about.

      • Ankur
        • vzwuser76

          My mistake. I tend to read my news on tech sites, I can't stand social media, especially when they try to force it on me like google+.

          • Ankur

            Okay. Btw news was up even on many tech sites.

          • vzwuser76

            Okay, apparently not the ones I go to. Are we done now? At what point will you take an apology and be done with this?

  • tlingitsoldier

    This also allows Google Camera to take HDR pictures. At least in mine. I thought I read some people in the soak test didn't see that option.

  • godutch

    Still nothing for the n7 2013 lte and mobile data is still completely broken for us vodafone nl users since updating to 4.4.3

  • Toni

    Happy to have a 4.4.4 on Moto G sad for a 4.4.3 on Nexus 7LTE.
    But still after the update, my Moto G seems keeping that bad habit on losing drastically battery with no reason. I hoped it was just software, now I'm thinking it's something more...

  • TBolt

    I just realized that my Verizon moto x is on 4.4.2. Did Verizon skip 4.4.3 or did I miss an update?

  • http://kickball.com Johnny LeHane

    Inbound text messaging broke with my update to 4.4.4 on motox. Anyone else experience this or have a fix besides factory reset (Verizon suggested fix)

    • Justin

      This happened to me and it's still broke, did you have to do a factory reset?

      • http://kickball.com Johnny LeHane

        Yes,factory reset without backup restore works. Except now my Google Voice notifications are broken.

  • googler
    • MotoD

      How you got 4.4.4????

  • mjku

    I've actually had this update now for at least a couple weeks. Moto X on Verizon here, and yes, I received it OTA.