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Featured App


Android Police coverage: Looking For A Quick And Easy Way To Share Files? ZeoSpace Could Be The Answer [Sponsored Post]

Today's roundup is brought to you by ZeoSpace. ZeoSpace is a lightning-fast way to share files between friends and co-workers, on mobile devices and full-sized computers, with a permanent backup in the cloud. ZeoSpace supports simple shares like URLs and text, more rich content like photos, videos, and music, and entire folders. The service includes a whopping 10GB of storage for free, with subscription options for more storage, and even a completely custom storage option at $.09 per gigabyte per month, as much or as little as you need.


ZeoSpace is a free cloud service for sharing, backup, and synchronization. Quickly copy the URL for sharing to email, chat, Twitter, etc., or share your files directly to other apps. Your backups and other files are safe in your ZeoSpace even if your mobile phone or tablet gets lost or broken. Save your files to ZeoSpace and they will be automatically synced throughout all of your devices.

• Share photos, videos and any other files.
• Share groups of files, entire folders and even groups of folders.
• Share files of any size.
• Keep your files completely safe with Amazon S3 that is used to store all data.
• An option of expanding the account to 10GB by completing the knowledge tour.
• Automatically upload photos and videos from your phone.
• Use ZeoSpace on Mac, Windows, and Web clients.
• Your stuff is always with you, no matter where you are.


Atlas Web Browser (BETA)

Android Police coverage: [New App] Atlas Web Browser Beta Mixes Speed, Advanced Features, And Material Design

It takes a lot for a new Android browser to turn our heads, but Atlas has done it. It combines fast page rendering with an intelligent layout of bookmarks, tabs, and tools. The interface has a focus on devoting as much of the screen as possible to the web, including auto-hiding the URL bar and notification bar. Quick switches allow users to enable desktop view as well as various levels of graphics (including zero). A few of these features will be paid after the beta ends.


Atlas is a web browser that lets you take total control of your mobile web browsing experience: Use AdBlockPlus (EasyList) filters to remove web annoyances, advertising, and tracking. Filtering reduces data usage and dramatically improves performance and battery life when browsing. Use the “Control Panel” slide-out to control site behavior: quickly toggle between desktop and mobile views. Switch between "HI-FI" (full) and "LO-FI" (JavaScript-free) browsing experiences.


Android Police coverage: Clarisketch Is A Super Cool New App That Lets You Annotate Images While Recording A Voiceover, Then Send It To People

Even with basically ubiquitous digital maps and navigation, sometimes you just need to talk through your directions. Clarisketch allows you to draw over an image or a blank page and narrate as you go (John Madden-style "BOOM!" interjections are optional). Once you're done you can share it with anyone, who can then open it in any browser, even without installing the app themselves. That's a very handy little tool.


Creating messages by combining speech, drawing and photos. 1. Take a picture. 2. Talk and draw - your voice is recorded while drawing. 3. Share it. The shared sketch can be played in any browser. Friends and colleagues do not need to install Clarisketch. Mailing, calling and screen-capping are a time-consuming and often ineffective means of communicating complex processes and procedures. With Clarisketch, you can save time and improve the quality of your message using a combination of photographs and annotated commentary.



Bamboo Paper

Android Police coverage: [New App] Bamboo Paper Comes To Android Tablets With Limited Time Free Offer

Wacom, notable for their graphics tools and lately for stylus technology on tablets and phones, is moving into software. The Bamboo Paper app is a basic sketchbook with some powerful tools for drawing and editing. As a promotion for Wacom's Bamboo stylus (which is beneficial, but not required) tools that are in-app purchases on iOS are currently free in the Android version.


Turn your Android tablet into a paper notebook. Bamboo Paper helps you capture your thoughts and ideas. Taking notes, sketching and drawing is as straightforward and as simple as using a real pen and paper. To celebrate the launch of Bamboo Paper for Android tablets, we are making available all premium writing and drawing tools FOR FREE. Download now to get the maximum out of Bamboo Paper.

Digify - Share Files Privately

Android Police coverage: [New App] Digify Wants To Be Snapchat For Sending Files, Even Supports Dropbox

I'm not a big Snapchat user, but as someone who works on the Internet, I can appreciate the hell out of a good file transfer service. Digify aims to make getting files from one place to another safely and privately as easy as possible. It includes Dropbox functionality - a huge plus - and you can see who's viewed your file and when. Best of all, the online locker has a limited lifespan. "This Mp4 will self-destruct in five seconds."


Share great ideas with just the right people. Digify is a free secure and private file sending service that enables you to control your files after sending. Maintain control of docs, presentations, PDFs and images stored on your Dropbox after sharing them via Digify. Files you share via Digify have a limited lifespan and self-destruct when time’s up. Set any viewing limit from one minute to one month. The self-destruct feature helps ensure your vital information doesn’t stay visible forever. And you can unshare files any time.

SecondScreen (Free)

Android Police coverage: [New App] SecondScreen Lets Root Users Adjust A Device's Resolution For Better Chromecasting

Despite the name, SecondScreen does not let you use external screens as extended monitors. No, what it does is manually change the resolution of your phone or tablet to match an external screen via HDMI or Chromecast, thereby giving you the "correct" output for a television or monitor. This little tool has an impressive number of additional features, like automatically changing to a big-screen user interface, but you'll need an AOSP-style device or ROM and root permissions to use it.


SecondScreen is designed to give you the best big screen experience possible by changing your Android device's resolution and density to fit your TV or monitor. You can also enable additional features, such as always-on desktop mode in Chrome, and the ability to turn your device's backlight off. With SecondScreen, you can turn your existing Android device into a set top box, a game console, or even a PC replacement.

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Jink Beta

Android Police coverage: [New App] Jink May Just Take The Annoyance Out Of Sharing Your Location To Meet Up With Others

Jink is a tool that allows you to meet up with another person easily. Sure, you could do that with other location-sharing tools, but the appeal of Jink is that it turns off the sharing function as soon as the two parties meet. It also has a basic chat client built into the app. Unfortunately, the only way to use it is for both parties to install the app, though it does work across Android and iOS.


Share your location in just a couple taps. Location sharing ends automatically when you meet up. Use Jink the next time you:

  • Meet a friend for dinner, coffee, drinks, etc.
  • Find your friends when you get out of class
  • Commute home (and avoid texting while driving.)
  • Pick up your kid from school or relatives at the airport
  • Get together at a party
  • Get lost
  • Meet anyone, anywhere

Jink combines messaging with real-time location sharing to make meeting up fun and stress-free.


Huh. Well, this is awkward. Jink, Pathshare, you two should talk. You seem to have an awful lot in common. The latter seems to be more useful for groups, while the former is tailored for individuals.


Pathshare is a beautiful app that helps you share your path in realtime. It was designed to be simple to use and make realtime location sharing a safe experience. With Pathshare, you can easily setup a session with your friends and share your location for a defined period of time. You and only you are in control of for how long you want to be seen by other participants. And there is more: Pathshare will automatically stop sharing your location when the defined time expires. That’s safe and easy.

Tynker Premium - Learn to code

Android Police coverage: [New App] Kid-Friendly Programming App Tynker Lands On Android Tablets With An Extra Game-Making Mode

Programming is hard, even for adults. (There's a reason some of us prefer working with words for a living.) Teaching it to kids is an ambitious goal, and Tynker seems to be making the best of it. The web service has been adequately translated to a tablet app, teaching kids the basics of programmer thinking, if not actual programming languages. The app includes a suite of lessons and a sandbox "game maker" with plenty of templates and built-in art assets for $5.


Learn to program with puzzles and easily build your own games. Start by solving coding puzzles. Over 200 puzzles included in 4 adventures. Then, easily build your own games using the Tynker Workshop which includes 9 game-kits and hundreds of characters. What do Children learn? Pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, spatial visualization, algorithmic thinking, how to debug programs. Introduces concepts like sequencing, repetition and conditional logic.


Android Police coverage: [New App] ChoreMonster Presents A Way To Make Kids Actually Want To Do Their Chores

The best way to get your kids to do their chores is to assure them that a gigantic monster will eat them if they abstain. ...Wait, that's not what ChoreMonster is? OK, apparently it's more of a game and points system, and the monsters are only there in a friendly Sesame Street style. Man, I would not make a good parent. The app is free and includes systems for parents to schedule chores and for kids to claim their rewards.


ChoreMonster makes chores fun by engaging and rewarding your kids. Kids earn points by completing chores to use towards rewards like an hour of video games or a camping trip. Parents get an easy-to-use tool that takes the tension out of household chores. Kids also earn tickets to the Monster Carnival for each chore completed, where they can win and collect our monsters. With ChoreMonster, your kids will beg to do their chores.

Sprout Now

Android Police coverage: [New App] NBC Universal Releases Sprout Now Android App With Full Episode Streaming, Parents With Small Kids Immediately Download

I could probably identify which of our readers are parents based on whether or not they recognize any of the shows in NBC's new Sprout app. The free download lets you (or more accurately, your kids) stream at least some of the children's programming block to a phone or tablet. Unfortunately you'll need to log in with a US cable subscription, proving that you've paid for the content. Most of the big cable and satellite providers are included in the login system.


Sprout Now is your mobile destination for full episodes of your favorite Sprout shows. Log in with your television provider account and open up a whole new way to enjoy Sprout – anywhere you are.

  • Full episode viewing (when you authenticate with a participating TV provider)
  • Season Pass and Watch List features
  • Program Guide
  • Participating providers include Comcast, Verizon, Cablevision, WatchTVE, Clearleap, Vubiquity, Synacor, WOW, AT&T, Charter, RCN, Cox, DirecTV, TWC, Bright House Networks

Amazon Wallet - Beta

Android Police coverage: [New App] Amazon Releases A Beta Version Of Amazon Wallet On The Play Store And Appstore

The Amazon wallet app came outta left field last week. It's not a payment service like you might expect, since Amazon functions as a payment processor for various online retailers. Nope, it holds your retailer savings cards and gift cards, just like Google Wallet's recent relaunch (and a ton of other apps on the Play Store). The app also allows you to see gift card balances for some retailers. Kindle Fire and Phone owners can get it on the Amazon Appstore.


Use the Amazon Wallet app to simplify your shopping trips, and never lose another gift card or rewards membership number. Scan or type your gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards to your Amazon Wallet to reduce the clutter in your leather wallet or purse. Wherever you are, the information you need is easily available as a barcode, QR code, text or image. For supported merchants, check the balance of your stored gift cards. Information saved in your Amazon Wallet is stored securely in the Amazon cloud.

Microsoft account

Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Account Gives You Easy Access To Two-Factor Authentication For Windows And More

Windows and other Microsoft-branded products offer two-factor authentication, which requires those who enable it to enter a code from an email or text message before logging in. With the new Microsoft Account tool for Android, you can verify a two-factor login without actually having to copy over that little alphabet soup code. Just install the app, log in with your Hotmail or other Microsoft email, and then you can approve new or re-registered devices with a single tap.


Sometimes, Microsoft needs to verify your identity to help make sure that you - and only you - have access to your account. The Microsoft account app makes this easy, and you no longer need to enter security codes from text messages or authenticator apps. Instead, you'll get a notification when you need to verify your identity. Just tap to approve, and you’re done.


Android Police coverage: [New App] With NPR One, Dedicated Listeners Can Finally Stream Without Dealing With An Outdated App

The old National Public Radio app for Android sucked. The new one... well, it's not fantastic, but it's much, much better. A Holo interface, big, finger-friendly buttons, and free streaming are the highlights. The app is focused on the national live feed, but it lets you pause and rewind to a certain degree. NPR One is free to use, but as always, they appreciate a few bucks in donations.


NPR One is the new audio app that connects you to a stream of public radio news and stories curated for you. Great storytelling and rigorous reporting that informs, engages, inspires and surprises—from the ends of the earth to your own city or town—available to you whenever, wherever. It’s public radio made personal.

GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode

GMD has a history of publishing great little tools. The latest lets you activate and use the big-screen Immersive Mode at any time. Even better, it lets you select apps that always trigger the mode, automatically hiding your navigation bar and/or status bar whenever you want. This is perfect for game and video apps that stubbornly keep your navigation buttons around. Unlike a lot of GMD's catalog, Full Screen Immersive Mode doesn't need root, but it does need Android 4.4 or higher.


Full screen immersive mode in any application or game. Root is NOT required. Features:

  • Hide or show navigation bar with simple swipe
  • Hide or show status bar
  • Stock navigation bar
  • Notification widget allows to easily change mode anywhere
  • Shortcut widgets
  • Per application settings
  • Fullscreen anywhere
  • Change trigger size/color/position/transparency or remove trigger completely

KitKat or higher Android version required that supports immersive mode.


Google Now makes a pretty fantastic unit converter, but I've got to admit, Convoto is faster and prettier. (And as a bonus, it doesn't require an active Internet connection.) The simple layout holds your hand through various conversions, up and down the various metric and imperial ('Merican) scales. At the time of writing, the app can convert units of temperature, weight, length, power, energy, speed, area, and volume.


Convoto lets you convert units in a way that is very easy and fast. There are many unit converters but you don’t really enjoy using them. This is mostly because of intrusive ads, buttons, form fields and complex designs. Convoto, on the other hand, is very intuitive, lightweight and colorful conversion calculator.

• Scroll and tap user experience
• Great readability for all ages
• Fun, fast and easy to use
• Intuitive and colorful interface
• Real time conversions in one screen

Been There, Snapped That

If you live in a photogenic city, you know where the hotspots are. If you don't, then maybe you should download Been There, Snapped That to change your mind. The app overlays popular spots recorded by Flickr uploads to tell you where cool stuff to shoot can be found. And based on the screenshots, it also has a surprising amount of coverage for rural areas as well.


Been There, Snapped That: Your guide to great photo locations. Find the highest-rated Flickr photos that were taken around your current location. Love a photo? Get directions there so you can find that same vantage point to that beautiful view. A feature-rich list view and map view allow for multiple ways to check out the best photos near you.

  • See top-rated Flickr photos based on "interestingness"
  • Search for specific travel destinations to plan out where you'd like to go photograph.
  • View all information about the photo on the Photo Details screen.
  • Navigate to where that photo was taken with one tap.
  • On Map View, tap and drag to move to new locations and new Flickr photos from around there will automatically load.

FOX Sports Listen

I've never been a devoted enough fan to enjoy sports radio, but I wish more audio apps had as many features as this one. Not only does Fox Sports Listen give you a free live feed of the national radio network, it lets you stream or download any of the already-run shows, hour by hour if you prefer. It's a surprisingly slick little experience - daily listeners will dig it for catching up on their favorite shows and podcasts. You can even adjust playback speed if you're in a hurry. No account, no sign-in, just listen.


With FOX Sports Listen, you can stream FOX Sports Radio live, and get on-demand access to great FOX Sports radio shows and podcasts. Hear the latest from the most informed and entertaining voices in sports radio:

• The Dan Patrick Show
• Jay Mohr Sports
• J.T. “The Brick”
• FOX Sports Daybreak
• Plus the complete FOX Sports Radio lineup

You also get full access to FOX Sports podcasts:

• The Jay & Dan Podcast
• MMA Roasted
• The Fighter & The Kid
• The Buzz with Jimmy Traina
• Unconventional Wisdom
• And many more

Journey (Journal / Diary)

I'm so glad the blogging revolution is over, and not everyone feels obliged to share extended thoughts with the entire Internet every day. But that doesn't mean that journals don't have individual value, something that Journey understands well. This impressive journal app lets you record your thoughts in a great interface with integrated tools for maps, photos, and calendar entries. The cross-device sync with Google Drive is an inspired addition.


Capture life moments, from everyday thoughts to useful travel logs, Journey helps you to rediscover the joy of journal writing through the warmth and humanity of the interface. Journey presents your life beautifully in calendar, photo and atlas view, allowing you to revisit the greatest moments of your journey anytime, anywhere.

  • Undo / Redo
  • Forward / Backward cursor
  • Markdown shortcuts (Requires In-app Purchase)
  • Word and character count
  • Create photographic entry
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (e.g. CRTL+Z for undo)
  • Night Mode (Requires In-app Purchase)
  • Ad free

LAS: Last App Switcher

Last App Switcher is like a super-fast Alt-Tab for your phone. For you Mac users: it's like a super-fast version of whatever Alt-Tab is for OS X... for your phone. The floating button is handy if you find yourself quickly switching between two (and only two) apps. It's the kind of tool that's very handy for very specific situations and not much else, and even then, only when you really want to avoid the slow Recents menu animations.


Think about the last channel button on your TV remote, which makes switching between two channels as easy as pie. Now think about a button on your mobile/tablet which switches you to the last used application with a single tap. Imagine, you are browsing internet and a message arrives. Normally, you would minimize your browser, open the chatting application, and reply to the message. Then press the recent apps button, find your browser, tap on it, and then continue browsing, huh. Suddenly, another message arrives.


Slate Calendar

There's never a time when we don't appreciate a good-looking calendar. The beta release of Slate Calendar is for those of you who appreciate aesthetics, but still want quite a lot of information on screen at one time. It includes integration with weather, sports schedules, holidays, and even daily quotes. The developers are actively working on adding more of the conventional calendar views as well.


Slate Calendar is a SMART CALENDAR and DAILY ASSISTANT to help you easily manage daily activities.It provides a very unique and intelligent way to access your events, friends birthdays, weather, alarms, tasks and more. We are in the process of adding full calendar support ( month, week view and more ), and translating to other languages. Please do not give us negative reviews for this reason, and understand that these features are coming soon.

Madefire Motion Books & Comics

Do you love motion comics - you know, those sort of advanced slideshows with the awesome DVD sleeves that get your hopes up on Netflix until you realize it isn't a cartoon? Well the people at Madefire love them too. In fact, this app is lousy with motion comics, from DC to... Angry Birds, apparently. In-app purchases let you buy books without leaving the app.


Madefire Motion Books & Comics is a free app that delivers the most innovative reading experience on devices with Motion Books and traditional print comics as it pioneers the next chapter in storytelling. In its purest form – the Madefire app is a free comic book reader with direct in-app purchasing and where traditional print comics coexist with a new digital format to take visual storytelling to the next level.


Weave Networking

Weave is a social network for professionals. What makes it different from LinkedIn? Well, the interface is a lot nicer. It's got a focus on the built-in messenger. And you don't have to make a profile... because the only way to log in is by using LinkedIn. So, yeah, it's got a much heavier emphasis on the "social" part of social networking than its de facto parent site.


Weave helps you meet interesting professionals near you. Whenever you are open to connecting, you can check-in using Weave and review interesting professionals nearby. If they also want to meet you, Weave will connect you both.

1) Weave shows you professionals near you that you might want to know. You can anonymously like or pass on them.
2) If they also want to meet you, Weave makes an introduction. You can chat in-app or arrange to meet face to face.


Do you want a better portrait for Facebook, Twitter, or any one of the innumerable online dating profiles out there? Do you suck at Photoshop? Then Facetune is for you. It's exactly what it sounds like, a simple editor with some powerful tools to smooth out life's little blemishes. Just take it easy on the blur, okay? You don't want to end up right in the middle of the uncanny valley.


Every photo could use a touch up. That's why magazines use expensive, complicated tools like Photoshop to make people look their best. But now, there’s Facetune. Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools (previously reserved only for the pros) to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine. Now you can be sure that all your portraits show only the best version of you - whether you’ll be using them for your professional profile or simply sharing online with friends.


Kodak's MOMENTS HD TABLET APP (including CAPS LOCK and UNNECESSARY DESCRIPTORS) is an on-device version of those album creation kiosks that seem to be ubiquitous in department and drug stores. It lets you do some light editing and placement, pick out some backgrounds, then order old-fashioned physical photos and albums (remember those?) or pick them up at a store. The app can access local photos or grab them from Facebook.


Now it's quick and easy to create custom, high-quality photo books, prints, and enlargements at home or on the go. Choose from multiple photo book, print and enlargement sizes order and pick up the same day. The KODAK MOMENTS HD App. lets you print and mail to your home or pick-up in store. Once you download the app, you can access the store locator to find a Target or Bartell Drugs near you, or visit the Kodak store locator at www.kodak.com/go/findakiosk

Knock (Beta)

Remember Yo? This is like that, with a little less pretention. It's basically an alternate text message service with a few canned responses. The interface is interesting in a speedy sort of way, and Knock integrates with a few services like Google Maps and scheduling. But like most of these services, the Achilles heel is that your friends have to use it for it to be useful.


Knock is a message which acts like a call. When you knock a friend, your friend receives a call, and can see the text written on the screen. You get a response within 60 seconds. Knock is completely free - both to install and use. Knock uses your 3G or WiFi(when available) to communicate with friends.Sending a knock is as simple as sending a message. When you get a knock, you can respond with a single swipe. You can respond with a yes/no/message/call or location. The response is visible in the home screen.

NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet

This is an app that helps you pick players for your Fantasy Football league. That's it - it's not some magical crystal ball that guarantees you'll win, or breaks the virtual legs of the virtual players on the other team. The NFL seems to think that its official logo and a custom player rating system is worth $5. If I was the type to enjoy fantasy sports, I'd probably tell you that the same statistics are available just about anywhere - that's kind of the point of fantasy draft day.


The official fantasy cheat sheet of the National Football League. Featuring NFL content in addition to the latest player news, injury reports, depth charts, IDP, keepers, ADP, AAV and VBD. Calculate rankings based on your league scoring system. The most important day of your fantasy league is draft day. Dominate your draft.

Intellinote: Team Productivity

Intellinote is the latest in a long line of work productivity suites to get an Android app. It's really only useful if your team is already using the web tool in your office (real or virtual), but for those who do, I'm sure it's a godsend. The Android app includes the usual communication tools, document sharing, notes, and industry-specific options like sales, consulting, and HR functions.


Do you work in a team or manage a team? Meet Intellinote, a team productivity platform that helps teams work together easily and accomplish more, everyday. Free for teams with up to 5 people, Intellinote is available over the Web, tablets and smartphones. Sign up today and get started in under a minute. You don’t need a credit card, so feel free to use it forever, or cancel your account anytime.

HTC Sense Input

Android Police coverage: [New App] HTC Publishes Its Sense Keyboard On The Google Play Store

Like Google and other manufacturers, HTC has begun to pop some of its proprietary apps out of its Android builds and onto the Play Store for easy updating without a full over-the-air download. This keyboard can only be installed on phones with HTC Sense 6.


HTC Sense Input speeds up your typing and reduces accidental errors. It learns from your input and selections and offers you more precise word candidates. HTC Sense Input also supports the “trace” feature so you can type more efficiently with one hand.

HTC Clock

Android Police coverage: [New App] HTC Sense 6 Clock App Lands In The Play Store For Easier Updates

Here's the HTC clock app, available under the same conditions as the keyboard. It has most of the same functions as the Android clock app, albeit in a different configuration. Again, an HTC phone running Sense 6 is required.


HTC Clock offers better time management functionalities including World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer. World Clock: Time of current location as well as time of other cities. Alarm: Supports multiple alarm times and sound customization. Stopwatch and Timer: Perfect for different situations such as fitness training or cooking.

nuVue for Plex

NuVue is an unofficial Plex add-on that lets you know when your personal video machine has something new for you to watch. It integrates with Plex's online servers for social support and group notifications. If you're really intense about Plex, you want this app. And if you're not, then you can close the Google tab you just opened, because you don't need this.


nuVue is a companion app for Plex users that displays rich notifications when new items are added. There is nothing additional to install on your Plex servers. Just sign in with your Plex.tv credentials and nuVue does the rest.

• Know when there is something new to watch without opening Plex
• Perfect for cord-cutters who use automated downloads
• Supports multiple Plex servers
• Supports shared libraries from other users
• Automatically handles both local and remote connections

Nabu Utility

Android Police coverage: [New App] Razer Releases A Companion App For The Upcoming Nabu Smart Band

Razer's Nabu activity tracker was one of the strangest things to come out of CES, at least considering that it came from a gaming hardware company. This companion app is necessary to use the Nabu, and allows it to track activity and relay notifications to the integrated LED band. It also allows you to upgrade the firmware without a PC.


Customizing your Nabu smartband is easily done through the Nabu Utility companion app. From notification priorities, display and vibration settings, to which Nabu-compatible apps to download and connect to, and even what activities are logged, Nabu Utility gives you complete control over your smartband.

FreeFlight 3

Android Police coverage: [New App] Parrot Releases FreeFlight 3 Control App For Its Jumping Sumo And Rolling Spider MiniDrones

Parrot's awesome mini-drones from CES 2014 are now on sale, and since they don't come with controllers of their own, that means you'll need to use a smartphone or tablet. The Rolling Spider drone lets you fly with an attached hamster wheel-style frame that can also roll up walls, or pop it off for detached flight. The Jumping Sumo is a two-wheeled ground drone with video recording and the ability to leap over small gaps or grab objects with its arm. This app will control either one.


1 App, 2 Parrot MiniDrones. Get FreeFlight 3, the free and official control app to pilot the Parrot MiniDrones (Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider). SUPER-INTUITIVE – Piloting Parrot drones have never been easier thanks to the adjustable interface, which is able to adapt to the connected drone.
FreeFlight 3 is equipped with an intuitive tactile control interface, adapted for beginners that allows you to jump, fly and roll like a pro within minutes.

Live Wallpapers

Space Cityscape 3D LWP

One of the most amazing SkyFi 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet. Amazing space megapolis environment along with fantastic sunset lighting will give your phone extremely hi tech, but romantic look. Range of additional customizing options is available. Do not rely on screenshots, you have to download it to understand the real 3D impact.

SpinIt FREE Live Wallpaper

Bring your phone or tablet to life with SpinIt Live Wallpaper. This interactive live wallpaper reacts to your touch as well as your device’s movements. With themes that evolve with the time of the day. Tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes. Utilising OpenGL 2.0 for realtime 3D movement. The dynamic backgrounds will brighten up any device.

Fracta Live Wallpaper

A colorful polygonal landscape tilts and moves across your home screen. Every scroll or tilt creates a delightful 3D perspective shift. Choose from 4 built in themes and choose your own colors, or try the Pro version for 20 themes and access to the Randomize feature to create an infinite number of new themes. Fracta Pro even allows you to use pictures from your device as a source for the mosaic of colors.,If you like to change settings a lot, be sure to add the Fracta settings widget to your home screen (Home > Menu > Add > Widgets > Fracta ).

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